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Erik’s ( @otabckaltyn) 3K follower Yuuri!! on Ice giveaway!

Hello all and thank you for following! In honor of reaching 3000 followers, I will be doing a giveaway! There will be one winner chosen from those who enter. The winner can choose either a Yuuri!! on Ice-related phone case (iPhone and Galaxy available) or t-shirt from Redbubble. I’ve included a few images of various options. Feel free to find an option you like best, even if it is not shown on this post. 

You will receive an extra entry if you follow any of my other blogs: @avrenfaie, @eichenschilcl, or @bvrnsides. You will only receive one extra entry, even if you are following all three.

The giveaway ends 15 January 2017!

Some phone options: Galaxy Viktor Stay Close to Me, Galaxy Makkachin, iPhone Stay Close to Me, iPhone YurioGalaxy Yuuri Stay Close to Me, Galaxy Yurio, Galaxy Yuuri Free Skate, Galaxy Yurio Agape, iPhone Makkachin, iPhone Yuuri Free Skate, iPhone Viktor, iPhone Viktor Stay Close to Me, iPhone Yurio Agape, iPhone Yuuri Stay Close to Me

Some t-shirt options: Eros t-shirt, Pork Cutlet Bowl t-shirt, Yurio t-shirt, Logo t-shirt, Yurio Tiger t-shirt, JJ Style t-shirt, Born to Make History t-shirt, Viktor and Makkachin t-shirt, Viktor Stay Close to Me t-shirt, Yuuri Stay Close to Me t-shirt, Agape t-shirt


  1. The price must be $35 (USD) or under before shipping
  2. This giveaway is available worldwide; if the shipping is over $10 to your country, this rule will be voided (sorry, I’m a college student so I need to watch my money)
  3. You must be following my YOI blog @otabckaltyn​ to enter
  4. If you are under 18, you must have parent permission to enter
  5. You must reblog to enter and please only reblog once; likes do not count
  6. Do not reblog to a giveaway blog; your entry will be voided if you do
  7. Your choice of phone case or t-shirt must be related to Yuuri!! on Ice and from Redbubble
  8. Your askbox must be open so I can contact you, you must be willing to give me your address, and you must respond within 48 hours of me contacting you in order to accept this giveaway; please have your choice of t-shirt or phone case chosen beforehand

St. Patrick’s Day “Drunk Lives Matter” T-shirt is offensive on multiple levels

  • PubCrawls.com, which organizes pub crawls across America for various occasions, from Albany to San Jose and beyond, is advertising this offensive T-shirt.
  • Priced at $19.95, this wearable way to “Explore this year’s New York City St. Paddy’s Pub Crawl in Style!” is far from stylish, on all accounts.
  • Not only is the phrase a horrifying co-opting of the Black Lives Matter movement, which advocates for freedom and justice for all black lives, the font and style of the St. Patrick’s Day knock-off is reminiscent of many preexisting BLM T-shirts and logos used to support the movement.
  • This parody delegitimizes the Black Lives Matter slogan by altering it to encourage a day of debauchery and binge drinking, and the shirt also implies that the main point of St. Patrick’s Day is to get drunk. Read more (3/13/17 11:36 AM)

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Not really a "Fuck Customers", More just a ???

Backstory: I woke up this morning to the sounds of my boyfriend and his mom screaming. Apparently they saw a mouse make its way to my bathroom, so they were freaking out together. I decided to stop by Home Depot to buy some mouse traps, just so they could have some peace in mind. Keep in mind, I just got off work, so I’m still in full uniform (which is a grey T-shirt with my company logo, black slacks, black non-slips, and a black apron with a yellow buffalo on it.)

The instant I walk in, I start looking at the signs to see where I could possibly find mouse traps. I’m immediately stopped by a lady with a thick Chinese accent. She’s asking me about the location of something, but I can’t understand her. I just shake my head and say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand you.”

I turn away to continue searching, but I’m, again, immediately stopped by a tall man, who walked into the store almost the same time I did. Which means, while this whole situation with this lady was going on, he was just standing there waiting… for me. Once I make eye contact, he goes, “Hey, where’s the restroom?”. I must’ve made a face when I responded, “No”, because he immediately retorted with, “I don’t like your attitude. Let me talk to your manager.“ 

I’m slightly annoyed and irritated at this point, so I decide to just ask for help from a sales associate. While the SA is explaining directions to me, another lady decides to come up to us and goes, "When you guys are done gossiping, can you show me where the screws are?” and crosses her arms at us. The SA explained to the lady that 1) I didn’t work there, 2) I was a paying customer like she was, and 3) The SA would help her after she’s done helping me.

tl;dr: Go to Home Depot after work. People saw that I was wearing an apron so they assume I work there(?). Had to explain to multiple people that I didn’t. I wasn’t even wearing anything remotely orange???

30-year-old Demarkis Stansberry believed that he served God through his music. He performed on stage locally, rapping under the name “Righzous.”
Demarkis was shy and quiet, but lit up in the studio around his musical equipment. He carried a notebook around with him to jot down lyrics. He also kept drawings: detailed renderings of R&B singer Aaliyah, 3-D flowers and anime characters. He also painted T-shirts and designed logos for record labels and entertainment companies he hoped to own in the future.

Demarkis always wore a hat, along with jeans and a button down. He worked at a Taco Bell, but his passion was hearty Italian food — especially pasta and meatballs — which he learned to cook himself by watching Food Network.

Demarkis was shy, but lit up around friends. He often teased loved ones by giving them nicknames. He would tell his friends, “My goal is to get on your nerves at least once a day.”

Demarkis was shot in the head by a friend’s brother on Feb. 27. The shooter turned himself in to police, saying he thought the weapon was empty at the time. 

The Unerased project is a database of every known trans person who has been killed in recent years.

Nametags by Beginte

Rating: Teen

Word Count: 7,924

Summary:  In which Cas the writer fills in for Charlie who works at a coffee shop, and he wears her coffee-shop-logo t-shirt… with her nametag. Enter Dean, a smoking hot fireman searching for a perfect coffee. Dean instantly is attracted to the handsome, dark-haired, blue-eyed Charlie and cannot forgive himself for failing to get his number. When he comes back the next day, however, Charlie somehow is a redhead girl, and no one seems to know anything about the blue-eyed wet dream…

‘Beware of ascribing human feelings to aliens,’ Jack said. ‘It’s a classic mistake. They don’t think like us, they don’t feel like us, they don’t react like us. It’s hard enough working out what a cat is thinking, let alone something from another planet. Anthropomorphise at your peril.’
‘That should be our motto,’ Owen said. ‘I’ll get some T-shirts made up.

Slow Decay by Andy Lane (Torchwood Novels #3)

T-shirts… with the Torchwood logo on. ;)