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Small children Pale and Template? :3 (Sorry for bad English)

Took me long enough, but sure!! Have two smols!

This is basically their character

Template: blep.

Pale: *exists*

I miss summer and all my friends from work.

Im so glad I’ll be back again

Lightning Thief Musical BEST LINES/T Shirt Ideas?


-stay ahead and stay alive

-i swear that i’m a good kid

-I’m sure that’s irrelevant


-Really ‘cause I think that seems kinda nuts….





-most girls don’t win by being polite

-the entirety of  put you in your place

-do you have any josh groban? we will…eventually


-what belongs to the sea will always return. IT’S A SEASHELL




-back next summer back next summer back next summer

-Half Bloods smell like Micky D’s



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unconventional advice for your first year of high school

(by a jaded 23 year-old who’s speaking from her own experience to all the young’uns out there about to start their freshman/grade 9 years)

  • never underestimate the ridiculous things your classmates will do on a dare because grade 9s have the maturity of small chihuahuas. don’t let them get you involved (but appreciate from afar so you’ve got good stories to tell)
  • don’t stop in the middle of the hallway!!! if you’re lost step off to the side to figure out where you are. i can’t stress this enough, the only thing that we would complain about with niners/freshmen was that they would block the hallway and by senior year you just lack the patience for that
  • do not let other kids make you feel bad for being passionate, excited, or vocal about the things you love. being a nerd is a good thing despite what a lot of people will say or think. 
  • the only people i knew who ended up in lockers got in there voluntarily- never once did i hear or see of anyone getting shoved into a locker. 
  • exams are terrifying the first time, but study hard and stick to what works for you. you study best in silence at your desk? cool. listening to classical music and lounging on your bed? cool. spreading your notes all over the floor while binge-watching Friends? (that one was definitely me. might sound un-productive, but i spent all 4 years on the honour roll so) there is no perfect way to study: only the way that works for you.
  • don’t let that kid in math class throw your pencil sharpener out the window, no matter how cute/tall he is. he’s actually kind of a jerk and you can do way better.
  • your friends and you might drift apart. it will suck, but it’ll be worth it in the end when you find the people that are truly your people.
  • it is downright terrifying to find a seat at lunch, but it gets easier the more you go for it. (also there is nothing wrong with eating lunch by yourself. sometimes you’ve gotta be your own bff.)
  • take cool classes in addition to the ones you need. philosophy, yearbook, media arts, photography, ancient history, and law had nothing to do with my career choices, but they were fun and interesting.
  • there are teachers who are downright mean for no reason. all you can do is keep your head down and survive. try to bond with others in the class who can help you out and you can commiserate together. and remember: it’s not permanent. 
  • it’s okay to skip freshman activities day. school often doesn’t understand that not everyone thinks messy and loud relay races are a good time. you gotta do you sometimes. (don’t skip orientation though. it honestly helps.)
  • for uterus-havers, always store pads or tampons in your locker. ALWAYS. (pun intended.) other essentials to keep in the locker: deodorant, chapstick, an extra t-shirt, lined paper, and pencils. 
  • breathe. smile. laugh a lot. get to know your teachers. join clubs. take cool field trips when you can. be patient with yourself. high school is confusing and terrifying with moments of happiness mixed in with it!! you will get through it and you’ll come out the other side with a sense of self and some great stories. 
Band Au
  • Lance, Hunk and Pidge are apart of a band called Garrison
    • Lance is lead vocals and guitar
      • damn that boy can sing
      • He likes to run around the stage during parts he doesn’t need to sing
        • he slips A LOT
      • He takes his music v serious but loves to fool around with his fans and band mates
      • he head bangs A LOT
        • He one fell on stage while getting too into their set
      • Some shows his tapes things to the back of his guitar and flips it over his head to show the crowd
        • “Lance, my buddy, my pal, why in the world did you think it was a good idea to tape ‘I’m a furry’ to your guitar?”  “I DIDN’T THINK EVERYONE WOULD TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AND I HAD NO CLUE THAT THE TAPE WOULD COME OFF THIS TIME”
      • Whenever a fan comes up to him at a meet and greet and proposes he’ll only say yes if they ask with a blue ring pop
      • he also calls out anyone that disrespects the rest of the band
        • there have been many times his stopped a show to get the crowd to call the person to just spit near Pidge a asshat
        • there have also been many twitter feuds between him and various over people because they insulted Hunk, Pidge or a fan of theirs
          • Everyone calls him their big brother
    • Hunk is drums
      • Every show he has something tied around his forehead
        • Every time it’s something new, it could be a sock, tie, t-shirt maybe even a bra who knows?
      • He has a t-shirt line 
        • Most have floral patterns
        • all of them say somewhere “Hunka Hunka Burnin Love”
      • Whenever a fan is brought on stage he gives them a piggy back ride around before the next song
      • most signs held up at concerts say “fuck me hunk”
      • at meet and greets his always the first person to hug their fans
        • he hugs every single one
        • He’s also kisses people one their cheeks a lot
          • Lance drapes his body across the fans in all the pictures he’s in
        • When the group is given gifts he usually gets a tub of chunky monkey ice cream but with the c in chunky scribbled out
    • Pidge is a backup vocalist and on keyboard
      • They have the most dedicated fans out of the three
        • people jump on stage to try and touch them
        • At meet and greets many fans tell them how inspired they are by them and that they saved the fans life
      • All of the bands slow songs have them singing all of it
        • Lance says it sounds better with their voice
      • There are many pictures of Hunk giving them a piggy back ride 
      • and of them slapping the back of lances head
        • There’s a meme where someone takes a picture of it happening then in bold red text they write “LA CHANCLA’D”
        • They like to put some of the better pictures of this on their instagram
      • In between songs when Lance is just talking to the crowd they like to interrupt Lance and say random things
        • “You in back with the blue shirt and purple hair, I see you ;)”
        • “Lance likes to crawl into Hunk’s bunk and sleep with him for the rest of the night” “WHAT THE HELL DUDE”
    • Half of their fans ship Lance and Hunk together
      • The two of them are always calling each other babe and are always draping themself on top of the other
        • Lance once taped “Lunk is real” On the back of his guitar and five people fainted when they saw it
      • In interviews or if they’re asked about it the pretend they have no clue what Lunk is
        • Lance always adds “Not only do we not know what that is, I also so not stay awake at night reading Lunk fanfiction” He then winks at the camera or interviewer
  • Shiro, Allura and Keith are part of the band  “Human Hearts Aliens Parts ”
    • All of the sing
      • Allura the angrier and louder sounds
      • Shiro the more pop-y and light songs
        • When there’s a duet about two lovers Shiro is always one of the parts
      • Keith sings all of the sad and slow songs
        • some of the angry songs have him as lead vocal but not a lot
      • Their most popular songs feature all of them
    • Allura plays drums
      • Between songs she likes to embarrass Shiro and Keith
        • “Hey Keith” “yeah.” “You need to pull your pants up every time I look at you I can practically see London and France.”
        • “Shiro there’s this one girl who every time you sing shouts ‘Shiro is such a daddy!’” “I-I know I heard her every time.” “You should say thank you cause it’s one of the truest thing I’ve heard shouted tonight” 
          • The crowd goes dead silent until Keith decides it’s time to move to the next song
      • She has a cult following many fans dedicated just to her 
          • and her biceps 
        • Any sign held up at their concerts either says “Fuck me Allura” or “Have my babies Allura”
          • She always flexes when asked
            • always.
        • Their fans rioted when they found out she was dating someone
          • they then proceeded to scream in happiness when they found out it was Shiro she was dating
      • She’s always the best dressed out of the three
        • she slays on a day to day basis
        • when asked if she’s tired to get Keith and Shiro to dress better she just sighed and said, “Whenever I try to tell Keith he looks a rejected sad clown he just flips me off and hisses. Like he actually hisses at me like a cat. I’m working on Shiro though.”
    • Keith plays bass
      • He claims he can play guitar too but refuses to back this up
      • their fans often refer to him as “Space child” since he looks like he could be the child of Allura and Shiro who are called “Space parents”
        • He always laughs and says true whenever her hears that
      • All their fans make fun of his hair
        • if a fan tweets him about it he just replies “This is bullying guys”
      • Everyone knows that he’s gay af and proud af
        • They always know he’d give a leg to meet Gerard Way
      • He has a really soothing voice so that’s why he sings most of the slow songs
      • he writes a lot of their music
      • He also keeps all the fan gifts he gets
        • he always gets really blushy whenever someone at a meet and greet gives him something, hugs him, proposes, or says something sweet
      • has been known to stop shows to make sure a fan is alright
    • Shiro plays guitar
      • EVERYONE calls him dad
        • Once a fan tweeted him asking him to be their father he replied “I am not your legal guardian, now go clean you’re room then we can go play catch.”
      • He gets the most proposals at meet and greets
        • he always says yes then hugs them and kisses their forehead
      • Before the some concerts begin sometimes he’ll go around playing his acoustic guitar in front of the band’s bus
      • His snapchat stories are full of pictures of all the band with bed head
        • Shiro’s is super curly
        • Keith’s is all over the place
        • Allura’s is up in a messy bun which always looks amazing
          • how ???
      • He’s always complimenting his band mates
        • Fan:Omg Allura is so pretty! Shiro: I know right! She has the prettiest smile, and she’s so strong. Don’t even get me started on her hair…
        • Fan: Damn Keith is so cute Shiro: You don’t even know the half of it, he once accidentally called Allura mom! He is such a good person too like once when we found a stray kitten…
      • He blushes SO MUCH
        • if someone compliments him
        • if someone mentions his relationship
        • if someone else is blushing!
          • Allura’s pet name for him is Bashful the seventh dwarf
  • The two bands are really close #squadgoals
    • They tour together all the time
      • When they are on tour they always start up a park war
        • Lance will never again trust Shiro is he says there’s an emergency
        • Kieth will never let Pidge touch a pair scissors again
    • They feature each other in some of their songs
    • So remember how I’d said half of The Garrison’s fans ship Lance and Hunk? Well the other half are die hard klance shippers
      • Fans flip out anytime they see the two of them together
      • Of course there are a few pictures and videos that go around as proof of their relationship
        • A video of when after Keith came on stage to sing a duet (it was a love song) with Lance, a crowd member told Lance to kiss Keith and so Lance just did it
          • the crowd FREAKED OUT
          • So did Keith cause he hadn’t heard what the fan said the fan just Lance say “Alright” Then put his hand on his cheek and kiss him
          • It was totally ten seconds long
        • A picture from Pidge’s snapchat story of the two of them fast asleep, on a couch spooning
          • Keith was the little spoon
          • Lance had his arm wrapped around Keith and his head in the crook of his neck
        • An interview where Keith was asked about Lance and said 
          • “Oh Lance, he’s really funny and super talented but we’re not together. Besides why would I want to date a guy who talks in their sleep?”
            • Once he realized what he’d said he put his head in his hands and was blushing like crazy during the rest of the interview
        • On valentines day one year Lance changed his tweeter bio from “ Bi Pride with a latino side” to “Mullet sexual”
          • He didn’t change it till the next year
        • A photograph that was meant to be of Allura slaying in dress while posing but has Lance and Keith in the background holding hands
    • Any time anyone on twitter makes a rude remark towards Pidge the whole gang starts educated and demolishing that person
      • the level of clapbacks is unreal
      • of course Lance is one of the main people replying
      • But surprising, Shiro is the one you replies first and gets the most aggressive
        • Like his starts insult their whole family
    • Whenever Allura and Shiro kiss in front of the group
      • Pidge, Lance and Keith all shout “My innocent eyes they burn with this sin!”
      • Hunk stand in front of the three and tries to cover their eyes while his says “Don’t ever come near me or my sons again”
    • Whenever Lance and Keith do something couple like
      • Pidge asks when the wedding is
      • Allura asks if she can be the maid of honer
      • Shiro asks if he can walk them both down to the alter
      • Hunk asks if he can be best man
    • Coran is both of the bands vodka aunt managers

Feel free to add on to this all you like!

Lets talk about clothes..

Manners maketh man, but clothes make a woman.

Clothes relate to your personality. That much has always been true. If you feel timid, you dress timid. If you need to fake it, you put on a bold lip, strut your stuff and hope no one sees your mask slowly slipping.
It’s like that for the girls too.

You have Eun Jae who is so stuck in her innocence that she can’t do anything but wear baggy dresses with t-shirts. It reminds her of her youth. Back in school when she vaguely knew what was happening and she could vaguely deal with it. The progression is minimal. From Ye-Eun dressing her in season one for her Sunbae, to season two where her attempt to be sexy looks more like a doll dressed to the nines. But it suites her. Because as much as she doesn’t want to be, she is timid. She’s timid and vulnerable and those aren’t necessarily bad things. Her oversized dresses and running shoes portray her need for comfort, her need to feel a little familiar in a big unfamiliar world that mostly feels out to get her. But it’s interesting, because everyone always says that those that feel vulnerable or scared cover their wrists, they wear things that protect their hands because that is what they hide behind. Eun Jae’s wrists are almost always seen though. Her short sleeves and strappy dresses show off her arms because she wants to go out into the world and see new things, be a new person. But she also wants to feel at home and safe.

Contrary to this you have Ye-Eun, who used to be all pinks, glitter and short skirts but is now ankle length, hand covering blacks and greys. The trauma that she went through is clearly portrayed in her wardrobe, She hunches inside her big skirts and t-shirts, hoping they will make her invisible to everyone around her. The blame she feels is also very clear. Her statement color, pink, felt like it drew in her attacker. She put herself out into the world, only to be chewed up and spat out, hurt. Pink was no longer the way the go. Pink attracted predators. Pink attracted him. Now she was going to attract no one, she was going to be seen by no one. So she changed her hair, changed her clothes and turned herself into a wall flower. As her confidence grows though, so does the color in her wardrobe. Slowly the pinks come back. In a stripe on her t-shirt, the in the lining of her skirt. Clothes portray who we are and want to be on the inside, on our outer shell. 

Jin Myung went through a development. In the first seasons she wore what was cheapest, comfiest and probably easiest to wash. Now, in a professional setting for the first time she hopes to evoke an aura of ‘I know what I’m doing’. The green tones her suites have portray her want to be recognized but only a certain amount. She wants to be noticed, she wants to belong. Her slightly too big blouses however prove that she is still the woman she attempted to leave behind. Skintight and fitting is not Jin Myung. No. Jin Myung-sshi is still all caution and warning signs. So when shes home she is in sweats with her hair tied up because there is no comfort to be found in her suits and sometimes all you need is a little comfort. 

Eun portrays what conforming to society might look like. She was told all her life that she couldn’t have her hair long, that she was too tall to be a girl - ever mistaken for a boy. If you tell a kid something long enough, eventually they come to believe it. So she wears long shirts, cargo pants and vans. Because if they’re going to think I’m a boy, they I may as well make it convincing. She wants to step out of her shell though - she owns a skirt, she owns brightly colored shorts because Eun is not all timid, she’s not all bark. Sometimes she’s bite too. But she conforms, because doing anything other than that seems like too much work, it could hit too close to home. She could get hurt again. So, she stays in her sneakers and suit pants and hopes that someone will look closely enough to notice that she is trying though. 

The most interesting case is Ji Won, the free spirit who portrays the gypsy ideal. Her kimonos and blue patterned dresses scream ‘look at me’. Putting on new clothes and playing characters is her thing but you can tell towards the end of the season that she is lost. After her encounter at the house something changed. Her clothes, while still long, flowing with bright aspects – changed. That’s because the way she held herself changed. The blacks that she never wore are suddenly very present, the sunglasses that once looked adorkable now seem sad. Because clothes adapt to how a person feels and suddenly everything that Ji Won felt was wrong.   

[A work of 10 minutes but whatevs]