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hi, here’s a quick sketch of call and aaron because calron is my life :D

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VANITY FAIR’s coverage of the Avengers’ OUR TOWN reading in Atlanta:

The Avengers, and friends, assembled in Atlanta on Monday night, though without their usual armor, shields, and superpowers. The event, dreamed up by Scarlett Johansson, brought together some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest stars—all in town filming Avengers: Infinity War at Atlanta’s Pinewood Studios—for a stage reading of Thornton Wilder’s theater classic Our Town, a benefit for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.

As he is on screen as Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. was front and center as the play’s Stage Manager, serving as the audience’s guide to the world of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire, in the early 20th century. It was Johansson, though, who introduced the evening, having come up with the idea for the reading in partnership with the John Gore Organization, recruited her co-stars, and persuaded Disney to foot the bill for the minimal set design. “Our Town is almost this kind of warrior cry to remind us of the fragility of life,” Johansson told the crowd. “It reminds us to be present and to live moment to moment with one another and to look at each other, to really see one another. It’s about community, helping other people, being compassionate, reaching across lines to lift somebody out of a tragic situation. It’s all about human connectivity, and theater is all about human connectivity.”

As the play began, the cast, who have been making movies together for nearly a decade now, seemed committed to a straight reading. The antics began quickly, though, with Chris Evans, who played Mr. Webb, the father to Johansson’s Emily. When Evans missed a cue and had to be prompted by the rest of the company, it turned out he was missing page 12 of his script. “As the Stage Manager, I couldn’t have had anything to do with that,” quipped Downey Jr., calling to mind the rivalry of Iron Man and Captain America in the Marvel movies.

There was another dueling dynamic between Jeremy Renner (a.k.a. Hawkeye), reading as young George Gibbs, and Mark Ruffalo (a.k.a. Hulk), as his father, Dr. Gibbs. When asked for his age, Renner answered as scripted, “I’m 16, almost 17,” then mockingly added an impromptu address of “Dad!” to stress the absurdity of a man not knowing how old his son is. Renner then made faces whenever Ruffalo had something to say about George. He also commented on his own character’s line about watching Emily through her window at night, joking, “There’s nothing creepy about that.”

Other dated bits of dialogue from Our Town elicited chuckles from the crowd. If there were many Thornton Wilder fanboys in attendance, they weren’t as evident as the Marvel faithful with their Captain America shield T-shirts and, in at least one case, Iron Man armor.

Brittany Inge received individual cheers for her more sincerely expressive performance as George’s mother. The other M.C.U. players included Frank Grillo and Maximiliano Hernandez, who respectively portray the villain Crossbones and S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Agent Sitwell in the franchise. There were a handful of non-Marvel cast members too, including local Atlanta actress Tess Malis Kincaid, who earned a number of laughs while reading the part of Mrs. Webb.

Renner continued to provide most of the night’s improvisation, regularly ad-libbing and gesturing for the amusement of the audience. He even blurted out “shit” at one point, and during the wedding scene in Act II, when George is asked if he takes Emily to be his bride, he shouted, “Hell yes!” In another moment, when Evans as Mr. Webb asked George how he was doing, Renner replied, teasingly, “Fine, fine, fine … I have page 12.”

George’s part is dialogue-free in the third act, so Renner’s clowning ceased as Johansson took the play into its sentimental conclusion. She appeared to cry her way through Emily’s famous posthumous monologue about the under-appreciated beauty of the world, giving what was truly one of her best performances in years. Those final moments, concluded with Downey Jr.’s final narration, brought a sober reminder of why everyone was there: to provide aid to people affected by a disaster.

The event, which included a post-reading meet-and-greet with the cast, raised $500,000 for the Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund at the Center for Popular Democracy.

CORRECTION: Though Danai Gurira had been scheduled to play George’s mother in the November 7 stage reading, she was unable to attend. The role was played by Brittany Inge. The credit has been updated accordingly.

i still like you

request:  heeyyyy, could u make a peter parjer x reader fic based of hero by sterling knight, maybe about how he and reader are friends but they fell in love, while he was Spider-Man and now he’s nervous that she’ll stop liking him when he reveals who he is?

word count: 1443

warnings: none

a/n: hope you like it love :)

You hadn’t always been in love with Peter Parker, though sometimes it was hard to believe. You had always liked him, to some extent. He was the first person you’d ever spoken to at Midtown without them being assigned to you like a babysitter.

The day was seared into your memory, vivid and precise. You’d worn an old Star Wars t-shirt, one of your favorites. The iron-on design was faded and cracked. The navy fabric beneath it showed through in inconvenient places, but rather than retire the garment, you wore it almost ironically, arguing that the holes in the seam of the right armpit gave it character. Nobody would have noticed the holes anyway. You didn’t raise your hand, choosing instead to sit quietly in your seat next to Liz. She was kind to you; she showed you around without condescending rudeness, and answered your questions earnestly.

Quickly, Liz had recognized that you were a shy character, and after several failed attempts to stir up a conversation, she sat you next to one Peter Parker in your chemistry class.

“Hey, Peter!” Liz called him to attention. At that time, Peter had an infatuation with the senior, and stuttered a muted hello. Liz introduced you to him, saying you were new and that he might get on well with you.

Peter nodded meekly, tapping his pencil on his notebook. He watched as you sat down next to him, noticing your shirt. Immediately, you were embarrassed. Sure, you liked it, but what if this was a super preppy place? What if holes and faded designs weren’t characterizing features? What if they were instead signs of shabby unkemptness?

“I like your shirt,” Peter complimented. A knot in your chest unwound.

“Thanks,” you breathed.

Peter nodded. “I have the same one at home.”

“Really?” you asked, your voice thin and airy. New people weren’t your strong suit, but – in an oddly comforting way – they weren’t Peter’s either.

“Yeah, I—it’s one of my favorites.”

You smiled, relieved. “Mine too.”

Peter hadn’t always been in love with you, either. For a good long while before he’d met you, his focus had been elsewhere. He didn’t immediately fall out of obsession the moment he saw your face. Rather than diving straight from a hot tub to a swimming pool, he subconsciously gave himself time to adjust.

It was gradual. Little by little, Peter noticed her less and you more. Instead of staring at Liz all through lunch, he admired your laugh as Ned told the two of you a story. He substituted desperately trying to wind up on the same P.E volleyball team as her for talking nonchalantly with you, leaned against the rubber pads on the walls. He eased himself out of the hot water, beginning to eye the alternative.

You spent a weekend together binge-watching Parks and Recreation, which you’d learned he’d never seen. He came to your house bearing bags of fast food and your favorite candy when you got your first F on a calculus test. He held you as you cried the day Flash wouldn’t leave you alone. You brought him on a family camping trip upstate, where he slept next to you, pushing your hair back from your face after you’d fallen asleep.

He began to wade into the pool.

The week before winter finals, you sat on his bedroom floor, notes spread out around your legs. You felt his eyes on you, and met his gaze. You laughed at the strange sobriety in his stare. Peter smiled at the sound. Your eyes glinted ethereally in the orange light of the fading day, and you bit your lip as you grinned. He couldn’t shake the feeling; it was all-encompassing now. He was neck deep in water – neck deep in loving you.

That was the first time he kissed you.

But Peter wasn’t always the skinny boy from your chemistry class. He wasn’t always that Peter, your Peter.

He grew a half a foot in the span of a few weeks. Sweaters which typically hung off his body like a towel on a rack now clung to his skin. He outgrew everything, and soon the only thing that fit was a red and blue spandex suit. He couldn’t show that to you though. All you saw was the Star Wars shirt – the same one you had – go from the top of the pile in his dresser to the donation bag in the living room.

Peter’s free time began to dwindle as well. He landed an internship with a billionaire in a big fancy tower, leaving you to spend your nights on the ground level alone. Soon it wasn’t just his free time. Soon he was missing school, making feeble excuses about being ‘tired’ or ‘sick’.

You noticed the changes. At first they were subtle; Peter might miss school here and there or cancel plans once or twice, but it was never pathological – until it was. Casual conversations became stuttering lies about where Peter disappeared to every day. He skipped the midnight showing of the latest Star Wars, and didn’t study with you for the final exams at the end of the year.

Peter became a ghost. You still loved him, and he still loved you, but it was quickly clear that it’s much harder to love a ghost than a person.

Your strain didn’t go unnoticed. Peter saw the hurt in your eyes every time he pecked you on the lips before turning to run the other way to become some sort of superhero. He heard the disappointment laced in your words each time he told you he wouldn’t be able to make it to dinner. In a way, it hurt him more than you, because he knew he could put a stop to it all. He could bring you out of the dark, be rid of all the lies, but he didn’t.

He could hardly explain it to himself. Every change you’d observed, he saw too. In fact, he realized more than anyone else that he was nowhere near the same person you’d fallen in love with. He watched the gentleness of his old self dissipate as he grew stronger. It wasn’t a trait he carried over into his ‘normal’ life, he feared that once you knew he was capable of possessing it – of being something other than the kind, happy teenager – you would see him in a less adoring light.

And that terrified him.

You were his anchor. If he lost you, he would lose himself. He was sure of it.

When he came home from the deli across the street to find you sitting on his bed, holding his mask in your shaking hands, his chest nearly caved in on itself. He shut the door behind him, mouth agape.

You looked up at him as you heard the lock click. Your face was blank. Shaking the mask gently, confusion broke across your face.

“What is this, Peter?” you whispered, voice hoarse from a prolonged silence.

“I-it’s… my mask,” he stammered. Gingerly, he dropped his backpack to the floor. He walked towards you, but stopped in the center of his room when he saw your lip quiver.

“I know that,” you said, firmer this time. “What is this? You’re keeping secrets from me now? You’re lying to me?”

Peter winced at your indignant tone. “I didn’t…” he stopped his words at his teeth, clenching his jaw in embarrassment. “I thought you wouldn’t like me if you knew.”

You laughed once to compensate for a loss of words, standing to walk slowly to meet him.

“You thought I wouldn’t like you?” you asked incredulously.

Peter scuffed his feet on the floor, nodding his head like a much smaller child. His head stayed down, only rising when you lifted his cheek with your hand. You dropped your mouth open a fraction at the sight of his face. His eyes were rimmed with red.

You brushed your thumb over his lips before standing up on the balls of your feet to reach his face and kiss him. When his arms hung limply at his sides instead of reaching for you, you pulled back to lean your head against his.

“Hey,” you breathed, “I still like you. I might even like like you.”

Peter laughed raspingly against your lips, then knitted his forehead together as he drew his arms tightly around your waist.

“So you don’t hate me?” he mumbled.

“No Peter.” You pecked his lips. “I love you.”

“Good,” he smiled. “I love you too.”

Best Friends ch 2: Dare

Summary : Love is great, love is amazing. But there is something really special about your friends. They have your back no matter what, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Because they already know how to grab it and keep it. 

Sorry It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything! Hope this fluffiness makes up for it and the fact that our hearts are breaking for the manga :)

“Would you turn that shit off!” Natsu pounded on his elder brother’s bedroom door.

The screamo music that Zeref labeled as “art” only screamed louder.

“Some Babysitter,” Gray muttered from his spot on the Dragneel’s cushy couch.

“Babysitter my ass,” Natsu threw himself onto the matching loveseat, “why do I even need a babysitter? I’m 17!”

Natsu and Zeref’s adoptive father had gone to work early this rainy Saturday morning, leaving Zeref in charge of his little brother and little brothers friend.

All he had done was tell them not to destroy the house and locked himself in his room.

Gray shrugged. He twisted open his gum wrapper. He hazily read the saying on the paper. It was a dare. And what a perfect dare it was.

“Hey Natsu, truth or dare.”

“What?” Natsu didn’t stop flipping through the channels, desperate to cure the boredom.

Gray sat up, he actually found something entertaining for them to do rather than watch TV, “Truth or dare.”

“Dare, duh,” Natsu spun around to face his best friend, not that they would ever admit to that.

Gray smirked and held the gum wrapper up for the pink haired boy to see, “Eat ice cream covered in hot sauce.”

Natsu stared blankly at it for a moment. Then his grin grew quite evilly.


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Yesterday, a woman wanted to transfer an image onto a t-shirt, so I took her to the iron-on transfers. 

“What about ones that are not iron-on? Those crack. You put them in the washer once and the shirt is useless.”

“I’m afraid that’s going to be very common with DIY image transfers. They’re best if they’re hand-washed. For something that lasts, I might suggest going to a screen printer.”

“What about vinyl? Do you have vinyl? I’ve heard you can make designs with vinyl.”

“We do, but you wouldn’t be able to print on it. You would basically be making a silhouette of your image, cutting it out, and then ironing it on.”

“I don’t want to iron it on. It will crack.”

“A vinyl piece is less likely to crack, but it is more work.”

“I don’t have that kind of time. What about stickers? Do you have stickers that will go on a shirt?”

“We have adhesive vinyl, but you do have to cut it out first.”

“Is there nothing else!?”

“I’m afraid that those are the choices we can offer.“

A moment’s thought. 

“I’m just going to print out a sticker and put it on the shirt.”

I tried?


here are more headcanons because i am the admin and i can do what i want. and i write my own fanfic so i wanted to test some of these out and who doesn’t like a good headcanon? 

- Ojiro wears ironic t-shirts. No one knows if he does it to be ironic or that he just doesn’t know. 

- The great tea vs coffee debate. 

  - tea: Aoyama, Ashido, Iida, Ojiro, Koda, Jiro, and Bakugo 

  - coffee: Asui, Kaminari, Sero, Hagurkure, Tokoyami, Todoroki, and Momo

  - other: Uraraka (fruit juices), Kirishima (energy drinks), Sato (chocolate milk), Shoji (almond milk and soy milk he’s lactose intolerant), Midoryia (smoothies) and Mineta (normal milk) 

- Platonic cuddle piles. (look I don’t make the rules but they just love and support each other) 

- Except for Bakugo he’ll like watch from a far giving his own “encouragement” 

- Tokoyami has a dark and brooding and cool aesthetic but he;s a huge klutz. Like he’ll trip over his cape or own two feet. He’ll pretend like it didn’t happen. One time he tripped and Sero tripped too so he wouldn’t be alone. He was both very embarrassed but relieved at the same time. 

- Tokoyami likes the warmth of summer. Some wouldn’t believe it. 

- They play the floor is lava all the time. Todoroki gets the most into it. Even Bakugo will play as long as you don’t record him. 

- Bakugo hums while he cooks. Nothing major just a few scales. 

- Jiro actually plays close attention to her horoscope. She does it for her classmates too. 

this is all i have for now. admin friend! peace! 

But can you imagine Stiles going around asking the pack Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

Everyone gives either a simple response (Scott says Team Cap without hesitation) ignores the question (Jackson just rolls his eyes) or gives a jackass answer (Isaac whispers Hail Hydra).

After screaming “Traitor!” dramatically at Isaac (which is totally mixing his fandoms btw) Stiles turns to Derek and asks him.

Of course he’s expecting a jackass answer from him like Batman or something. What he’s not expecting is for Derek to give a very detailed and elegant response about why both sides make good points but that ultimately he’s Team Cap.

Stiles just gawks at Derek for what feels like forever until he blurts out, “I totally want to kiss you right now.”

Of course Stiles is about to die from embarrassment until Derek smiles and says, “Okay.” And Stiles nearly trips in his haste to jump into Derek’s arms.

They go see the movie together on opening day and Stiles makes Derek wear a Cap t-shirt to contrast his Iron Man one.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a hinny one shot where they get into a fight but then make up at the end? maybe Harry/Ginny forgets an anniversary or something or idk anything really- love your Fics btw

A/N: So I had to try really hard and think of a fight that wouldn’t be too intense and could still have fluffy bits, which I think worked out?  I hope you enjoy (even though this has been a long wait!)

Also available on FF and Ao3!


Harry tentatively licked some of the rather too thin looking sauce from the spoon, eyebrows shooting up in shock when he found the flavor was actually pleasant.  Smiling to himself, take that Kreacher…can’t cook alone my arse, Harry lowered the pot to a simmer and checked the roasting chicken, poking it with a cautious finger when a pop signaled Kreacher’s entrance, “Is Master Harry sure-”

Smirking rather smugly, Harry turned and dipped a clean spoon into his simmering sauce, “Try it.”

The house elf eyed him suspiciously but closed his thin mouth around the wooden spoon, smacking his lips together before delivering a grudging nod of approval then he disappeared with another pop, presumably off to brood about Harry shooing him from the kitchen for the evening.

Normally, he was beyond grateful for Kreacher’s help, but tonight was special and he wanted to be able to tell Ginny he’d done it himself.  Checking the chicken one more time, and pausing to spread the glaze over it with a delicate hand, Harry trotted upstairs to shower and change from his flour covered t-shirt and jeans into something more presentable.

When he returned, Kreacher was waiting with a pair of potholders, his wiry foot tapping impatiently, “Kreacher was giving Master four more minutes before Kreacher took dinner into his own hands.”

Harry rolled his eyes at Kreacher’s refusal to abandon the whole ‘Master’ tradition, accepting the proffered potholders with an appreciative smile, “Maybe you could help me, er- set the table?”

With a snap of his fingers, Kreacher disappeared, presumably to the dining area, while Harry darted about putting the finishing touches on the meal.  He hadn’t gotten a definitive time for Ginny coming back to Grimmauld, but she always came home after a quick shower at the training pitch, and Harry had managed to keep the evening’s menu in sync with his estimate on her arrival time, which was usually around seven-oh-three. 

Huffing at himself, Harry made one final round checking the various dishes before ensuring each would maintain the proper temperature.  Tugging his pocket watch free, he glanced at the smudgy face, quarter of seven, earlyHermione would be proud, he thought with a snicker, before heading into the front sitting room which Ginny would either floo into or pass on her way upstairs, making it the ideal location for lying in wait.

Harry woke with a start when the latest wireless program ended in a rush of static, neck tight from his awkward sleeping position on the settee.  Blinking blearily, he took a moment to remember why he was fully dressed and asleep somewhere other than his cozy bed at…ten o’clock.

Standing, he strode toward the entry hall, “Ginny?  Gin?”

Taking the stairs two at a time, he soon arrived at her bedroom door, still cracked open, bed made meticulously – meaning Kreacher had done it after she’d left for practice this morning.  Ginny’d always failed to see the value of making the bed when she was just going to muss it up again.

Harry’s reminiscent smile halted on his face as he realized what Ginny’s empty bed meant – she hasn’t come home.  Tamping down his rising panic, he strode toward the stairs to the third floor, hoping she’d snuck into his room thinking he’d be there, but was sorely disappointed and called for Kreacher immediately, “Kreacher put the food away for Master so it wouldn’t spoil.”

Brow furrowing for a moment, Harry shook his head at the frivolous things he’d been concerned with mere hours ago, “Ginny’s not here.”

Kreacher opened his wide slit of a mouth to open but Harry plowed ahead, already formulating a plan of action, “Well we need to call the Weasleys, or at least wake Ron and Hermione-”

“Mistress Weasley isn’t coming home,” Kreacher finally said in a low croak.

“How did you-”

The house elf fiddled with the old locket dangling around his neck, “Mistress flooed while Master Harry was asleep.”

Heartbeat slowing to a more regular pace as the blood stopped thundering through his ears, Harry slumped back against the wall, “She’s ok?”

Kreacher nodded, large bat-like ears flapping with the movement, “She will be staying with the-,” he paused, fighting the internal battle he’d almost overcome in the years since the war, and eventually grunted out, “the Weasleys.”

Harry’s mouth opened and closed a few times in a manner that would’ve been rather comical were his eyes not dark with anger, before he turned on his heel and disappeared behind his bedroom door, closed with just a touch more force then necessary.

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sebastian’s wardrobe

-short sleeve nike hoodie
-short sleeve nike hoodie
-short sleeve nike hoodie
-two pairs of plain white crew cut socks
-20 pairs of black skinny jeans, maybe 3 of which are faux leather, five pairs are jeggings
-has like 10 hair scrunchies but will not be caught dead wearing them unless hes alone 
-multiple pairs of nike sandals
-some black t shirts (unironically has a t shirt of the three wolves howling at the moon, other shirts with wolves on them, maybe some of them juvenile shirts with silly sayings on them “one man wolf pack” etc. maybe ONE “ironic” zazzle t shirt like that one that says “guess who decided to make brownies before checking the fridge for (the word weed is crossed out) eggs” 
-absolutely has at least one pair of fingerless gloves but gets picked on for wearing them
-probably has another pair of arthritis gloves 

Emily Prentiss shirt design that I made, feel free to use (not repost anywhere tho…) to make your own with instead of spending like $20+ on CafePress. Avery brand dark t-shirt iron-ons work like magic ❤️💯🍷


Erin Lindsay3x10 Now I’m God

I miss CamilleI didn’t know that moms could be kind, or brave, or unselfish. She didn’t even like me when you first brought me home - you remember that? She already had her hands full with Justin and I showed up and I just doubled her trouble, we were hellions. I remember this one day I came home, Iron Maiden t-shirt, skirt up to here, you know? She’s just waiting for in the living room, she has a dress from Marshall Fields. She told me that you saw something in me that was worth sacrificing for and so she would too. And she used Christmas money to buy me that dress.”

the signs as random ass things
  • ARIES: flame thrower
  • Taurus: a lone Pickle.
  • Gemini: a chia pet Scooby Doo
  • Cancer: a used tissue wadded up in gradma's purse since 82'
  • Leo: paper plate rendering of the Sydney Opera house
  • Virgo: the shampoo bottle you're read five times through while on the can
  • Libra: a well used sharpie
  • Scorpio: rubber band ball
  • Sagittarius: lost Binky in shopping mall parking lot.
  • Capricorn: Ironic patriotic t shirt no one understands is supposed to be ironic.
  • Aquarius: David Duchovny's winning smile
  • Pisces: Swedish fish.

Che Guevara T-Shirt T-Shirt

The absolute peak of ironic human achievement.

From the Etsy listing:

This t-shirt celebrates one of the most iconic and revolutionary t-shirts of the 20th Century. Although little is known about the man who modelled for the original t-shirt design, the garment is said to have been instrumental in the Cuban revolution.