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TheMysteryShack needs more souvenir shirts to sell to suckers!

Here at TheMysteryShack, there’s a lot of tourists looking to part with their money. These simpletons love t-shirts. So we want to make more t-shirts and give them to them. For money, of course! Submit your best Gravity Falls or Steven Universe shirt design for a chance to have it be made into a licensed product and see it sold across the entire web world wide.

Submission Guidelines

1. Attach your design file in .ai (Adobe Illustrator) format or have the .ai file readily available if picked as a winner.
*EDIT: After Checking with the company specifically for shirts, an .ai file is NOT required like with some of their other products. Files accepted include: .ai, .psd, .jpg, .png. Apologies for any added stress or confusion.
2. Attach the sample shirt design used for voting as a jpg file. If you want to be specific, you can choose the specific color you’d want the shirt to be on. You can also further specify certain design elements be certain sizes, i.e. “the design is 6” across the upper chest"
3. No foul language, obsessive violence, gore, etc. These are children’s shows and the companies will have final approval.
4. No Crossovers. Each design picked is submitted to their respective networks.
5. Include your name (or how you wish to be referred to as) when submitting your artwork to receive proper attribution.
6. Artwork should be designed for a surface area of 15" to 19" at 300 DPI. This is considered the printable surface area of a typical t-shirt.

Email to contest@themysteryofgravityfalls.com with your submission!


1. Submit whatever you want. It can be well placed stock art or something totally original. Keep in mind that Disney/CN will be approving these so try not to submit anything that you know wouldn’t fly on the show. Subversive designs might sneak by them so put on those thinking caps!
2. You must be the artist for any original art submitted or have written permission from the artist to submit. You can submit stock art with added words or phrases.
3. Entries can be submitted until April 30th, 2017. Entries will be divided based on the show it’s from.
4. Winners will be chose in multiple stages TBD. Polls will be used to narrow down potential candidates. There is no limit to the amount of winners.
5. Open to anyone anywhere in the world.


1. Several winners will be chosen. Each selected winner of a design chosen to be submitted for licensee approval will receive a monetary reward of $100 USD.
2. Winners with designs accepted by Disney and CN and made into a shirt will also receive a commission for each shirt sold for the first 6 months of availability.
3. Winners with shirts approved and produced will also receive one shirt of their design in an adult unisex size of their choosing.
4. All selected design winners will also receive small gift packages containing merchandise from either Gravity Falls or Steven Universe.

Things to Keep in Mind

1. Treat your design as if it’s on a adult small sized shirt when specifying sizing and placement.
2. Submit a design that works as a shirt. This is important! Taking a poster type of artwork and slapping it on a shirt is lazy, even if some big companies in malls do it.
3. Submitting a design does not guarantee your design will be made into a shirt. Being chosen as a winning design does not guarantee your design will be made into a shirt. Disney and Cartoon Network have final say.

Two new lines of Ladybug fashion, Guess and Hot Topic. Both look great.

New Ladybug movie (live action) by Lionsgate

Official Ladybug costume from Spirit for Halloween in kids and adult sizes.

New pirate show by Zag. Has a first season and approved for a second season.

Also, they gave everyone at the panel t-shirts. I already bought the contest winning design shirt.

This was my submission to the Uniqlo Nintendo t-shirt design contest last year. I didn’t put too much time into it, as you can clearly see, and I didn’t expect it to win, but I do have to say I was severely disappointed in the winners. There were some artists who worked their asses off drawing insane art and the winners were pretty much all people who just blew up sprites from the games. No offense to any of the winners, but most of them left me scratching my head. Especially considering the rules stated “no official copyrighted images may be used” and the winners almost all had copyrighted sprites ripped straight from NES games in them. It also just helped to make the line not feel very “fan made”. All the winners just looked like the type of official products you already see Nintendo push out into stores everywhere. But, anyway, Here’s my crappy design. I tried to keep it simple as I tried to make it look like a typical t-shirt and not just a piece of gamer merchandise.

Contest Prize Ideas?

We are looking to host a t-shirt design contest for Psych2go in the very near future!  However, we are unsure of what prizes entrants would like to have the opportunity to win.  Do you have any ideas?  Let us know!  

Also, look out for a post soon with more details about the competition if you are interested in participating!

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Virus Infiltration

My entry for the Homestuck T-Shirt contest! It was a bit broader at first but since the design will be uploaded as a square image it’s better this way.

I’m very proud that this came out quite the way I imagined it…the basic idea is that Bac, the virus, is breaking through the computer screen along with the Red Miles. I tried to put all elements, that made Homestuck into an experience with its own Hometuck-ish feelings into one picture: computers, the want to save the world and the dark, looming threat of an undefeatable enemy.

Bec Noir from Homestuck © Andrew | Fanart © verschwendete-kreativitaet.tumblr.com

A Gorgon Has Found Its Prey

So Bungie is having a Bungie Day Destiny T-shirt contest design! my first design (I say first, if I plan to make more) is of the Gorgon. The design also includes six circles encasing the different class symbols to signify a raid team of six! VoG has always been my all-time favorite raid, so why not make a design to commemorate it?

You can vote for the design by liking it here! (to be updated)