t shirt competition

colorguard problems

- “oh yeah so how’s the flag twirling thing going?”

- people asking if ur in band when u wear the unit/field show shirt

- “so what instrument do you play??? :))))))))”

- getting tagged in the patricia vine constantly by other non-guard people

- mat wrinkles

- “look, i totally respect what you do and all, but i just dont think colorguard is a sport ://///” (followed by literally fighting the person who said this)

- t shirts at competitions that say “you think dance/cheer is hard? try spinning a flag ;))))))”

-constantly being compared to dance/cheer

-the look of surprise on peoples face when you tell them that there is an international winterguard association (and that guard basically exists everywhere else)

- “wait…. you guys have a winter season TOO?????”

- “you guys practice after school? :OOOOO”

-*types colorguard and color guard in the same sentence*


(Make sure you select subtitles under the Closed Caption tab for non-JP viewers.)

With stage 2 of the T-Shirt DLC competition ongoing, we’ve got a new developer diary, this time going through even more of the Spring 2000 TGS build for Biohazard 0 on the Nintendo 64, including more exploration and even shots of the internal menu systems, and even story details. 

For example, originally either Rebecca or Billy could die in the scenario (kinda like the old split path bad-endings of BH1!), and there were even a few more jumpscares that just didn’t make the cut of the final. 

It’s nice to see such clear footage of something that was lost to time and very crappy recordings ages ago.


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I just saw an ad (which triggered a mild migraine) for an asos “tumblr t-shirt competition.”

First of all:

They are claiming the right to feature your design even if you don’t win.

Second of all:

If they decide to sell your design you will get a flat payment of 500 sterling as an e-voucher…and that’s it. Also, their terms and conditions are contradictory - they both say they automatically claim all rights to all submissions and that you give them a royalty-free license to use your image for three years. Including selling non-winners. Oh, and you waive your moral rights too - meaning you don’t get credit and, thus, can’t use the design in your portfolio because you can’t prove it’s yours.

IOW: This is a rights grab. Don’t touch it.

Also, don’t go to their website to look - the same flashing, migraine-and-seizure-triggering image is right there.

Here’s my submission for asoslive tumblr t-shirt competition! :D Wow guys I’m so exited, I really hope I have a shot at winning the grand price of waiving all my legal rights to my design so ASOS can use it for profit!!! Oh wait!- I don’t even need to “win” for them to do that apparently, they still might use the design without paying or crediting the artist at all! Oh man how neat!!!

Wish me luck :))))))))!!!!!


Ok I was sorting through my clothes and found these 3 white t shirts that are too small and thought I’d do a giveaway!?!?!!!!?!!
Unfortunately I can only afford shipping within England but I want them to go to a loving home. You can message me reasons why you want a particular t shirt or you can offer to trade it for something. Otherwise reblog or like it.

Each t shirt is about a small to medium.

One person can win one t shirt.

Reblogs and likes count as long as you follow me.

GOOD LUCK (they will be ironed haha)

Sometimes when I’m writing wayhaught fanfiction, I come up with a line for Nicole and I wonder ‘Would she really say something that cheesy and brazen?’ But then I remember that her first canon words to Waverly were 'I didn’t know Shorty’s had wet t-shirt competitions’, so I go for it.