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This is my new strategy for white people who ask "Do you work here?"

I can’t tell you how many nice (and not-so-nice) white women have walked up to me in a store to ask me where something is, how much something costs, or to otherwise find out information she should be getting from an employee who MUST BE ME because I am a brown person nearby on the salesfloor.  Nevermind whether I have on an overcoat, I’m wearing headphones, or I have a complete lack of nametag, apron, or company t-shirt, I still get asked all the time “Do you work here?”

Before, my standard response was to pause for just enough beats to make her uncomfortable and then say, “No I don’t.  What about me made you think I work here?  And please be specific.”  Face crack.  Every single time.

Thanks to a friend’s comment thread on the Internet, I have a new tactic.

Pretend you do work there!!  It’s brilliant.  Observe.

White Woman:  How much is this shirt?
Me:  The sign is right there.  Can you not read it?
White Woman:  I was just making sure to see if it was on sale.  No need to be rude.
Me: No need to be stupid.  The sign has the price.  The tag has the same price.  Therefore, that’s the price.  Why are you bothering me with this?
White Woman:  Well I never!  I need to speak to the manager!
Me:  Fine, so do I.  I don’t even like this store.
[we march to customer service]
White Woman:  I’d like you to fire this employee immediately.  He was SO RUDE and I’m going to take my business elsewhere unless he is fired right now!
Manager:  I don’t think –
White Woman:  [”I was told by Applecare” voice] YOU DON’T THINK!?  I’M CALLING CORPORATE!
Me:  And say what?  That a perfect stranger with no nametag, apron, company ID, or any other sign of being an employee was mean to you in a store?  Susan I don’t even work here.  I just felt like making you look like the ass you clearly are.  Have a nice day.

Like…I’m finna go shopping RIGHT NOW just to test it out.  I’ma put on my big obnoxious hipster headphones just so there’s no reason whatsoever someone would think I’d be on the clock, and I’ma casually walk through a store and just wait.  And I happen to be wearing black jeans and a black jacket, which is the unofficial NYC uniform of fast-fashion retail.  And H&M is like three blocks away too…


Sooo, remember a year ago when I drew up this T-shirt design? With @personeh ‘s help, the updated version is now complete! I contemplated if I should try to FULLY update it but realized that’s really hard. Plus I’d have to keep doing it. And I’m running out of space. And they keep fucking updating lol. 

I want to sell this design as a T-shirt but I don’t want to just resort to Redbubble so I’m going to see if I can find another T-shirt company that will be willing to take this design and print it well and it’ll be advertised well and all that. I did have one company approach me but the price they offered was super low. Like rude kinda low. :\ I worked really hard on this and I’m really happy with it so I’d like it to be …known? You know what I mean lol. If I can’t find a company, then I’ll just put it up on RedBubble. Below you can see an example of what it’d be like on a T-shirt.

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Something Stupid (Like I Love You)

Title: Something Stupid (Like I Love You)

Summary: Dean didn’t think he could ever be jealous over someone who’s not his. He was wrong.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester (mentioned), OMC.

Word count: 2014

Warnings: Not much. Tiny bit of fluff, some angst and a whole lot of language (because we all know that Dean and the f-word go together). Jealous Dean, I guess?

Author’s Notes: This is my sumbission for @death2thevirgin “Cassie Classic Challenge”. Cassie, congratulations on your milestone and thank you for letting me participate. I loved working on this one. 

Also, I’d like to thank my amazing twin @ravengirl94 for her insightful comment on part of the dialogue -which was really needed- and some general advices about the beginning. Twin, YOU’RE THE BEST!

Now. My prompt for this was “I wish I knew how to quit you” from Brokeback Mountain and is included in bold in the text below. (This is written entirely from Dean’s POV)

Originally posted by yaelstiel

The tiny bar was crowded, filled with smoke and hundreds of conversations narrated in loud voices, brightened only by some old bar lights. Rock music blasted through the jukebox and people around Dean laughed and danced and talked in an annoying cheerful manner.

And he… Well. He absolutely hated it because there was nothing to be cheerful about.

Swirling the amber liquid in his glass, he let the alcohol burn down his throat, eyes focused on the fascinating girl that was sitting a few tables away from him.

She was beautiful in that old Bad Company T-shirt that had once been his, head thrown back and eyes twinkling as she laughed at something the blue-eyed man next to her had said. She looked happy and engaged in a conversation with a man that wasn’t him and he knew, no matter how much it pained him to admit it, that she wouldn’t be heading back to their table anytime soon.

And part of him realized that it shouldn’t bother him. He realized that he had no right to be jealous and that Y/N was free to do as she pleased but the sight of her so close to another man, laughing at his stupid jokes and looking at him like he was the moon and the stars hurt him. Because only minutes earlier she had been chuckling at his antics, arm brushing up against his and bright, wide smile playing at the corners of her lips ever every time she caught him staring.

And he wasn’t being possessive. Or, at least, not entirely. Surely, he hated the idea of someone else putting their hands on Y/N, abhorred the mere possibility of that asshole kissing her, tracing soft skin and curves with his fingers, doing all the things Dean wished he could but knew he’d be never able to.

And yet, he was aware that she wasn’t his to begin with.

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I work for a t-shirt printing company. A frat dude came in with a design he wanted put on shirts for his brothers.

I recreated his (bad) design and did as he asked

Client: This looks terrible! Why did you do it this way?

Me: Because that’s what you asked me to do? 

Good Little Assistant (M)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Smut

A/N: I wrote this one for Admin Panda, because she is our good little secretary. I was going to do Jimin next but…I didn’t feel like it anymore. (Sorry Admin Kook, I’ll get around to it…soon).

-Admin Moon

Read Previous Works: First Class / The Wounded Heart

I thought this department retreat would be like all the others we’d been forced to attend. A campfire at night, some trust exercises, and food that I wouldn’t feed to my worst enemy. How wrong I was. Two weeks before the retreat, our boss, Min Yoongi had just come it the main office in the United States from the one in Korea. With black hair and brown eyes you could just get lost in, Yoongi immediately made an impact around the office. He had mainly kept to himself since he began, but everyone knew what a room lighting smile he had.

I was his personal assistant so I knew more than others just how charming he could be. Every time he called me into his office, I had NSFW thoughts about what he could want me for. Unfortunately, it was usually just photocopying or some other menial task. The weekend retreat was a chance for all of us to get to know each other outside the confines of the office. Everyone attended them with resent, but this year I was looking forward to it. There was so much I wanted to learn about Yoongi and it would be the perfect opportunity.

The bus pulled into the Red Top Lodge and we all filed out. As we did, we were each handed a bunk assignment like we were back in summer camp. I was sharing a room with four other women, all who were from the accounting department. As soon as the door shut behind us it became immediately apparent that they’d be gossiping about our CFO all weekend. “I heard he had to leave his last job in Korea, because he was being stalked!” Tiffany, the payroll clerk, said excitedly. “She was the filing girl, apparently.”

“No.” Brittany waved her hand to bat away the comment. “I heard he was charged with sexual harassment..” Merissa put in her two cents in next. “I don’t care what he’s done, he’s as gorgeous as sin. Have you seen his hands?” The three of them giggled like schoolgirls before turning to me, expecting my input. Out of us all, I had the most contact with Yoongi. They probably expected some kind of inside information…not that I had any. I shrugged. “He seems nice.”

“That’s all?” Merissa pushed on. “Are you holding out on us, Y/N?”

“Not at all. He keeps to himself, that’s all.” I turned away from the three ladies and started making my bed, hoping that they wouldn’t ask any more questions. Even if I did know something about Yoongi, I wasn’t sure I would share it with them anyway. The lunch bell rang out and we all met back at the dining hall. The lunch consisted of sandwiches, chips and soda. It wasn’t the kind of food we were all used to eating but didn’t have that special camping feel to it. After we ate, groups were assigned and we all split off.

Crossing my fingers finally paid off, because I was allocated to Yoongi’s team. We headed off into the forest to play some trust games. Deep in the woods our group leader, James, paired us off. When it came down to just Yoongi and I, my stomach fluttered. I wanted to get to know my boss better and this weekend was supposed to be all about bonding. We were given a scavenger hunt list that I hoped would split us off from the group. It was meant to force us to act as a team. Given only two hours, we were told to hurry as there was a lot to be gathered. “Should we start at the top?” I suggested meekly. “As good a place as any,” Yoongi replied.

He was wearing black shorts with a blue shirt that highlighted the muscles on his arms. I bet he went to the gym every lunch break when he religiously took his hour off.

We set off and delved further into the woods, the murmurs of all the others disappearing into the distance. We were completely alone in the wilderness and all I could think about was the bonding we were supposed to be doing. “There might be some spider webs in the cave up there,” Yoongi said, pointing to a black hole several feet up the trail. “Who puts spider webs on a scavenger hunt?”

“It’s probably supposed to help us overcome our fear of them.”

“I doubt you’re scared of spiders.” Yoongi shrugged. “I’m not scared of anything.”

“Nothing?” I asked incredulously. He shrugged again and I kind of believed him. The few feet were quickly traversed before we reached the entrance to the cave. It was a lot bigger than I expected it to be, easily fitting us both inside. I searched for a cobweb or two but came up short. When I stood, Yoongi was directly in front of me…looking down at me with an intense gaze. “No cobwebs,” I stuttered out. “No,” he replied, taking a step closer to me. “What a shame.”

His lips were on mine before I could register what was happening. My body melted against his as his tongue lapped at my mouth. I parted my lips and let him in, greedily welcoming him. His right hand cupped my cheek as his thumb caressed the skin there. My knees were weakening just from the kiss. If he didn’t release me soon I was going to be nothing more than a puddle on the floor. We kissed until there was no air left in my lungs. Yoongi pulled back so I could see the fire in his eyes. They burned with desire, a look I hadn’t seen in him before. Out of all the women in the office, it made my stomach flip flop to know he was choosing me.

“I’ve had to stare at your sexy ass for two weeks now,” Yoongi started, “and it’s taken every inch of my control not to slap that sweet pussy of yours.” The pussy that he was referring to came alive with his words. I was never one for office flings but I would gladly make an exception for this exceptional man. His lips pressed upon mine before I could say anything. His hands slid down the curve of my breast to land on my waist and then around to my back. He pulled me closer against him until I was completely encased in his embrace. He pushed a leg between mine so our bodies could get even closer. “Feel that, baby girl?”

His cock pressed into my hips, as hard as a rock. There had been plenty of speculation about the size of our CFO’s penis but I got the feeling everybody had underestimated it. “Mmm,” I moaned. He was making me senseless, all I could think about was that cock and how good it would feel being fucked by it. “Take your clothes off,” he ordered. We were in a cave with the rest of our office wandering around the forest all around us. It didn’t seem the best place to get naked but I could never refuse a direct order from my boss…especially not such a seductive order. “Yes, sir,” I replied. He stood back and watched me with eagle eyes.

I started with my company T-shirt and black shorts. His lips curled into a smirk when he saw my underwear. Despite the boring camp, I had gone out of my way to wear my nicest white lace thong. It made me feel a little bit special when I had to wear such boring clothes. “White, huh?” he said. My cheeks burned slightly, I hadn’t expected anyone to see my panties when I got dressed that morning. There was always the hope, but I never would have expected this. “It’s my favorite color. Now take them off before I tear them from you.” I reached around to unclip my bra and let it fall from my shoulders. I let it hang there as I reached down and stepped out of my panties.

Finally, the white lacy bra fell to the floor. I was completely naked in front of my boss. If it weren’t for his appreciative gaze, I may have found myself quite self conscious. Yoongi’s eyes travelled down from my face, lingering on my chest, and finally resting on the curve of my hips. The bulge in his pants was clearly visible, even in the dimness of the cave. He closed the gap between us and swept me into his arms. His lips met mine again before peppering my neck with little bites. I was left on the cusp of pleasure and laughter, unsure whether to giggle or moan with excitement. I felt like doing both.

His lethal tongue went lower until he reached my breast. His lips sucked on my nipple as his tongue twirled little circles around the sensitive bud. My back arched, pressing my breasts against him. I would do anything so that he could take more of me into his mouth. He laughed, his warm breath feeling exquisite against my naked skin. He gently nibbled on my nipple before finally releasing me. We kissed again as his hand moved lower, making my stomach shudder as he skimmed over it. I gasped as his hand cupped my wet pussy. If he wasn’t already aware of how turned on I was, it would be then.

His fingers tickled along my clit, my hips rocked, making the movement more intense. While Yoongi held me, I reached down and pulled open the zipper on his shorts. My hands slid around his cock, while he stroked my clit in long, luxurious caresses, I rubbed his cock through his trunks. I grew tired of the fabric being between us and dove deep into his underwear. His cock was soaked with precum, making the tip wet and slippery just begging for some action. His hips melted and his whole body temporarily weakened to my touch. My hand pumped up and down his shaft as it grew harder and thicker. It was satisfying to see this powerful man come undone with just a few delectable strokes.

He let me go suddenly and the cold cave air encompassed my body, making me miss his warmth. I stood naked and panting while he quickly removed his clothes. With every item that he peeled away, I grew more excited. His hard abs and ripped muscles proved that he definitely looked after himself. As soon as he was undressed, he tugged me closer. Our bodies entwined and I quickly lost track of where all our limbs were. Yoongi picked me up and took a few steps to the side. I didn’t realize we were outside until the sun peeked through the top of the trees and blinded me.

Yoongi laid me on the ground with his body pressing against mine. I opened my legs to him as he positioned himself between them. I took the weight of his body as our hips connected. His cock rubbed against my clit so our juices mixed together. I should have worried that we were in the forest and out in the open, but I couldn’t think about anything except the sexy man teasing me with his length. “God, you’re sexy,” Yoongi moaned against my skin. He sucked on my nipple, shooting a direct line of pleasure right down to my pussy. My body was a mass of sensations and every nerve tingled with happiness.

“Fuck me,” I begged. His cock had been teasing me for too long. I needed him inside me before I couldn’t stand it anymore. He shifted position and his cock thrust into me with an effortless power. He plunged in while I gasped, finally realizing just how big he really was. Seeing it and feeling it were two different things. A feeling of fullness and completion washed over me as he started bucking his hips. Our naked bodies were exposed to anyone who might have walked by as his cock repeatedly thrust deep into my pussy. With his hand, Yoongi continued to toy with my clit. Our bodies slapped together and mixed with the sounds of the forest. It seemed such a natural thing to do in the lush surroundings. An orgasm quickly rose within me, because of how excited I was. Everything in my body became a tight coil, ready to spring loose and explode.

It was only a matter of seconds before I wouldn’t be able to hold back any longer. “Come for me,” Yoongi ordered. He was so used to bossing me around in the office that this seemed like a natural extension of his power. I would happily oblige his directions, I would do whatever he said.

His fingers followed through on the order, rubbing my clit hard so I had no choice but to obey anyway. The spring unwound as the orgasm ripped through me. I moaned Yoongi’s name like it was a prayer and let the tingling feeling of absolute joy barrel through me. Everything felt euphoric, like I was having an out of body experience. “Fuck, Y/N. You feel so good,” Yoongi said as he sped up his pace. “My cock… so,” His closed his eyes as he buried himself in me one last time. We were both awash with ecstasy now, lost in the sea of the orgasm and powerless to do anything about it.

I relaxed every part of me while sinking into oblivion. My legs unwrapped from around him. For the first time, I noticed the leaves underneath me. They were going to stick to my ass when I eventually got up. Yoongi didn’t linger too long, he pulled off me, taking his weight on his arms while his cock slid out of me. “We should get back soon,” he said. “That’s probably smart. Wouldn’t want people to start missing us.” He stalked back to the cave and retrieved our clothes, handing me mine. I wasn’t sure what to say, whether this meant anything to him or if it was just a one time kind of thing.

He was my boss, after all. I still wanted to keep my job at the end of the day. I needed to keep my job. Unemployment didn’t pay the bills and I certainly had a lot of them. I was still paying off my student loans. “That was really fun,” Yoongi said as he dressed. It seemed a shame to cover up all those muscles. At least I finally knew what was under those clothes. “Yeah, it was.”

“It has to remain our secret.” I liked the thought that we shared a secret. “I won’t tell anyone.” “Good.” He kissed me once we were dressed and started heading back to camp. I guessed we weren’t going to actually gather anything on the scavenger hunt. At least we’d bonded, and that was the point, right?

I followed him back and pretended I couldn’t work out why we’d failed so dismally in our hunt. Tiffany and her partner won the game, finding everything on the list in record time. They probably had their clothes on for the entire hunt. When I caught Yoongi’s eye across the lawn, he winked at me. I tried not to read too much into it, but I wanted to. I hoped he was reliving our naked encounter and craving more, just like I was. It wasn’t long before we had to prepare for dinner, we were to eat around the campfire, in true bonding spirit. Yoongi sat across the fire from me, that cheeky sparkle still in his eye every time he glanced my way.

I took an oversized marshmallow and heated it on the flames. It was gooey when I pulled it back and blew on it to cool it down. I noticed Yoongi watching me intently, so I decided to give him a show. Pulling the marshmallow off the stick, I started to lick it off my fingers. It was so gooey it stuck easily and was much harder to remove from my skin. I licked my fingers suggestively, pretending his cock could take their place, if he wanted it to. He shifted on the log he was sitting on. I could imagine his shaft getting hard and uncomfortable in his pants. His mind should be filled with erotic pictures if I was doing a good job.

One of my co-workers sat beside me, plonking down suddenly. “What a huge waste of time this whole team bonding thing has been,” Brittany moaned. “Oh, I don’t know, it seems to make us a bit closer,” I replied as I tore my gaze away from Yoongi. My boss and I had become much closer since arriving at the camp. “You obviously haven’t been listening to Mark and all his friends. It just reminds me what a bunch of assholes we work with.” She started roasting a marshmallow. I stole a glance at Yoongi and saw him staring at me intently. I decided to ignore him for now, he’d had me too easily today. I didn’t want him to think I was completely desperate…even if he did make my pussy wet with just one look.

“Do you know what we’re doing tomorrow?” I asked. Hopefully there would be a chance for some more alone time so I could bond some more with my boss. Merissa shrugged. “Trust exercises or some bullshit like that. I wished I’d thought to bring some alcohol. This weekend would be so much more fun with tequila.” I wasn’t going to argue with her. Our team bonding weekends were notorious for being long and boring. This was the first one I’d actually enjoyed and that was only because I’d been fucked by the boss.

As people started to sing around the campfire, I decided it was time to slip away. I only sang in the shower and only then when I was alone. I didn’t need to spend any more time with my colleagues. There was no sign of Yoongi when I merged into the shadows and walked back to my cabin. I grabbed my wash bag from my overnight bag and headed for the shower block. I had to admit it was nice to see such a clear sky with all its twinkling lights. You didn’t get that kind of view from the city where the artificial lights never dimmed. The camp was in a beautiful spot, I loved it out here.

The shower block was empty when I stepped inside. It was separated between men and women but I couldn’t hear any noise from either side. I slipped into one of the stalls on the female side and stripped off my clothes. The block may have been breezy but at least they had hot water. I let the liquid wash over me and clean away the dirt I had accumulated from the forest floor. Some leaves were still stuck in my hair from rolling around with Yoongi. I heard footsteps approach and waited for another one of the showers to turn on.

When the feet stopped, I turned around and was face to face with Yoongi. He grinned at me. “That was a dirty trick you played on me back there.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I replied innocently. “So you always eat marshmallows off your fingers like that?”

“Always.” A smile tugged at the corners of my mouth. I couldn’t hold it back any longer. “Are you here to punish me, Mr. Min?” His eyes darkened. “Should you be punished, Y/N?”

“I think so.” He pulled his shirt over his head and threw it over the top of the stall. His shorts were gone in less time again. His trunks followed until we were both as naked as the day we were born. “What if someone comes in?” I asked. My breath hitched in my throat with anticipation. “Then you better be quiet or we’ll get caught.” He took a step closer to me. Placing his hands on my waist, he turned me around until I faced the tiled wall of the stall.

Water cascaded down over both of us now. His hands wandered as they moved down my body, my stomach quivered as he tickled my belly. His touch was magical, I couldn’t believe what he made me feel with every little motion. I leaned back against him and let the feel of his skin warm me. The water was hot but his skin burned with fire. My pussy started to throb, desperate for some attention. I wanted his fingers in all the places they shouldn’t be. “You’ve got a sexy body, Y/N. I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first time I laid eyes on you.”

His hands moved up to cup my breast, one in each palm. He massaged them while pleasurable tingles pinged in my pussy. “God, I love your hands.” I moaned as my body melted. I was putty in his hands and he could mold me however he wanted. A groan escaped my lips. I could let him massage me all day long as he rolled my nipples between his fingers. He seemed to know exactly where to touch for the maximum effect. How was it that Yoongi knew his way around my body better than I did? He had skills I’d never seen before. “Bend over, Y/N,” he ordered in barely more than a whisper.

I followed his command and bent forward, when I did his hands left my breast and moved to my hips. He held me in place against him with one palm while the other hand delved between my legs. He cupped my apex, wiggling his fingers through my folds. “Always so wet and willing. You’re in for a raise if you keep this up.”

“Yes, sir,” I replied. He may or may not have been joking but I would play along gladly. This weekend was about bonding and I was going to make the most of it. There was no relationship more important at work than between me and my boss. He tickled my clit until I squirmed. My belly clenched as I tried to stave off the orgasm for as long as possible. It would be all too easy to succumb early, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to enjoy the sensations for as long as I could. His finger slipped into my entrance with ease. He pumped me a few times before withdrawing, satisfied I was more than ready for him.

Yoongi repositioned himself and nudged my legs wider apart so he could push into me. His cock broke the barrier of my entrance and thrust deep inside me. I gasped as I grabbed onto the shower so I didn’t sink to my knees. Yoogni leaned forward, covered my back with his chest. He brushed aside my hair and kissed my neck. His lips sparking fires everywhere they caressed. Our bodies slapped together as his hips thrust against me. Even over the noise of the running water, I could hear the skin on skin smacking together. We were more lubricated than normal with the water adding to our enjoyment.

We both started grunting as we were lost in the action. It didn’t matter who we were at the moment, only what we were doing. Yoongi’s hand worked hard on my clit. He rubbed my nub, reminding me who was in charge. Just like we were back in the office where Yoongi held all of the power. He could tell me what I had to do and I would obey. Just a few movements of his fingers and I would be forced to experience untold pleasure. “I’m close,” he panted. “My cock is about to explode.”

“I’m close too,” I replied. I could barely get the words out as my stomach coiled into a tight ball. I was so close to release that it was all I could think of. His hips bucked faster as his hand pressed down onto my clit. I couldn’t keep it together any longer. “Fuck!” Yoongi grunted at the same time, summing it up perfectly for both of us. We surged into the orgasm together as our bodies experienced the same untold joy. All my senses dulled as my heartbeat shot into the stratosphere. Yoongi was going to give me a heart attack if he kept up with this kind of action.

All my limbs tingled as he pulled me against him. His cock pulled from my pussy as he spun me around. Our arms went around one another as we held each other close. I could hear his heart beating in his chest as my head rested against it. Water continued to flow down our bodies as we lost ourselves in the moment. I couldn’t think about anything except the wonderful joy zipping through my nerves. Even if someone walked in on us, I don’t think I would have been able to do anything about it.

My feet were rooted to the spot and Yoongi’s embrace was far too nice to move out of. We stood together for a long time. Eventually, Yoongi turned off the faucet and the water stopped. I wondered how many people would be having a cold shower because of us tonight. “Go back to your dorm and sleep,” Yoongi said as he released me from his hold. “We’ll talk again tomorrow. Don’t tell anyone about this.”

“I won’t.” I wouldn’t. Besides being nobody else’s business, I enjoyed having a secret with him. It was something only the two of us shared and that made me feel special. Yoongi took his clothes and left the shower block. I could imagine him getting dressed by moonlight outside. Or maybe he’d walk back to his dorm completely naked so he could find his towel in his room. I wondered what people would think if they saw him. I dried off and put on my pajamas before returning to my own dorm. The sound of a group of my colleagues singing drifted through on the balmy air. I hoped they would continue on for a while so I could have the dorm to myself for a bit longer. Climbing into bed, I stared at the bottom of the bunk above me. The weekend had not turned out as I expected it would. I drifted off to sleep a very satisfied coworker.

In the morning, the camp alarm woke everyone in my dorm simultaneously. I hadn’t heard them come in last night. Each of us grumbled with the early start but none of us wanted to miss out on breakfast so we reluctantly got up and dressed. Yoongi was already in the cafeteria when I reached it. The spot next to him was tempting to take but I didn’t succumb. I sat across from the room from him instead and refused to look his way. Nobody would have the opportunity to put two and two together about us. I would show him that I could be discreet. After eating, we were given more activities to do in pairs. Yoongi immediately chose me and pulled me away from the others. We were behind the shed before he started talking. “I have a proposition for you.” That certainly piqued my curiosity. “I’m listening.”

“I need someone to fulfill a very specialized role in the company. I think you’d be perfect for the position.”

“I appreciate you thinking of me. What is the role?” His gaze flicked around to make sure nobody else was in earshot. We were completely alone, I couldn’t even see anyone else. “I have very active sexual urges. My appetite for women is insatiable, to say the least. Sex is on my mind most of the time and seeing you at your desk just outside my office every day is driving me crazy.”

“Um, sorry…”

“No, you’re not.” He grinned with a cheeky lilt of his lips. “You drive me wild, Y/N. I want you to put the personal in personal assistant.”

“I’m not sure if I completely understand,” I said. Was he talking about what I thought he was talking about? In this kind of situation, I definitely needed some clarification. He leaned in until I could feel his warm breath on my skin. “I want to fuck you, Y/N. Every day. At work. In every way imaginable. Whenever I want it, you will provide it. In exchange, you will receive an assistant to do your work and I’ll triple your salary.”

“You’ll be paying me for sex,” I stated bluntly. It was verging close to prostitution. I didn’t have a problem with that, but it still seemed wrong. “No, I will be paying you to be available to me. You do always have the opportunity to say no. I’m not going to force you into anything but you know what to expect when you turn up to work every day.” His proposal sent a thrill down my spine. I never really liked my job, it was boring and there wasn’t any room for promotion. With triple the salary and an assistant, I could actually live instead of just survive. Plus, the best thing about the deal would be having sex with Yoongi. Honestly, I would gladly fuck him for free but I wasn’t going to tell him that now.

I didn’t care about the details of our arrangement, as long as Yoongi and I were into it, then it didn’t matter. “So?” Yoongi prompted. “Say yes, Y/N. I need to be inside you every day. I need you to be stretched out over my desk as I spank that sexy ass of yours.” Well when he put it that way… “Yes, I’ll do it. I agree.” A smile split his face in two. He held out a hand and I shook it. We’d just made the deal of a lifetime, one where I’d get to be his good little assistant.

The Limits of Terminology

Words: ~5k

Tags: Friends to lovers. Defining the relationship.Slight mention of sex but nothing too graphic guys

Rating: Mature I guess. Cus of the sex.

Summary: Dan has referred to Phil as a lot of things over the years. Best friend. Housemate. Business Partner.

But terminology is limiting, and none of it feels like enough. How can one word encapsulate everything they mean to each other?

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Opps……….dick slip. Hey guys this is my new Mobile Auto Mechanic that I found in my local Newspaper Business Servives advertisement Section. Holy Fucking Shit am I ever glad that I took a chance and called him because my friends said it was a bad Idea to use a Auto Mechanic that I found in the local Newspaper Work Wanted ads that was Mobile with No Business Address where he can be tracked down if there is a problem with his work. Well as it turns out his name is Robert and he is a Sexy Hairy Deep Voiced Handsome 44 year Old Single Divorced father of 6 Sons. A white Heterosexual good old Country Boy who is a ASE Certified GM/GMC Truck Mechanic who worked for the same local GMC Dealership since he Graduated College. He was Recently layed off in the past year when the Local GMC Dealer Closed their Doors and went out of Business indefinitely. He was recently Divorced from his wife of 25 years after he caught her in bed with their 19 year Old lawn service guy. She’s a Real Whore Slut hell thay have a son that age for God Sakes.Yes he’s a handsome 6"2" 205 lb naturally sexy hard working country boy with a deep masculine sexy voice and a sexy hairy body down on his luck. What is even better he arrived at my house on time at 7:30 am on a Hot mid July Summer Saturday Morning when the Temp was already 84° with a heat index of 92° so it was Hot as Hell Already. He arrived in a Dark Brown Skin Tight T-shirt showing his perky erect nipples through the Tight Spandex Body Glove T-shirt with his company logo printed on it, a pair of thin tan silky Sheer see through Short Shorts showing off his muscular tan sexy hairy legs and he was wearing no underwear or jockstrap underneath his Shorts not even a privacy inter liner that you find in those thin sheer see through silky Shorts. Absolutely Nothing at all underneath those sexy thin silky sheer see through Shorts and like I said not even the privacy inter liner. He has Obviously and Intentionally removed the privacy inter liner of his tan thin sheer silky see through shorts to make them even more see through, And a pair of Flip Flops showing off his sexy hairy perfect shaped man feet. It took him all of 5 minutes flat before he pulled off his Tight T-Shirt exposing his sexy hairy chest and Abs. He was not a perfectly buff muscle man but he was very Naturally well built and crazy hairy everywhere from the top of his head to the tops of his sexy perfectly shaped hairy man feet and he was Sexy as hell all over!!! Wow that got me instantly excited and so fucking hard in my levies. The first thing that I noticed when he jumped and slid down out of his 6" Lifted Black on Black Ford F-250 4x4 Off Road Power Stroke 6.7 Liter Turbo Diesel Crew Cab Pick-up Truck was how handsome he was and just how Very thin, sheer and totally see through his tan silky short shorts were and how they slid and road all the way up his thick hairy Muscular straight man thighs all the way up to his crotch as he slid down out of his crazy tall lifted truck and as his feet hit the ground he had to instantly pull the legs of his shorts back down out of his crotch and I could now totally see his thick black Pubic Bush and his nicely shaped Circumcised Penis with its Pronounced Corona Rim of the head glands and his Relaxed Low Hanging Testicles through his shorts. Not much there left to the imagination if you know what I meen. It was so hot I thought I was going to just die. Like did that really just happen right in front of me? Is this hot sexy fantasy of a man really my new mechanic? Wow he was a Fucking Perfect Sexy Manly Man from the Word Start. There is Absolutely No doubt in my mind about it . He then introduced himself as Robert of Robert’s Mobile Auto/Truck Mechanic Service. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting me Robert ask if it was ok with me if he took off his shirt? I said sure that was fine with me. He didn’t actually know how fine that it actually was with me. In my mind I was screaming Oh Fucking Hell Yes Robert take it off take it all off you sexy Hairy Stud!!! Holy shit when he pulled his shirt off and exposed his Manly Hairy sexy Tanned well built chest I seriously thought I was going to cum in my pants. He is now basically standing in front of me totally Naked within the first 5 minutes of meeting him. Now with no shirt on, see through sheer short shorts showing me everything God Blessed him with and sexy naked feet in his flip flops. I was thinking to myself dose this guy know that I’m gay because he must know I’m Gay and he wants a huge tip. I felt like I went to bed friday night and woke up in the hottest Gay Porno ever. I thought I Died and woke up on Fantasy Island. I also thought to myself that my Best Friend must be punking me because this shit don’t happen in the real world. At least not to me. Ok guys It’s not that he was the Most Drop Dead Gorgeous
Man or the Most Muscular Perfectly Built Man I’d ever seen in my entire life because he’s not. But he was good looking with his scruffy face and his nicely built sexy softer shaped real man hairy body his sexy thick hairy strong thighs sexy muscular calfs his perfectly shaped hairy feet his fantastic tight Bubble Butt not to metion his hairy pretty circumcised penis and big low hanging hairy Testicles. It was more of how his sexy masculine deep Voice Sounded, the way he spoke, and the Dominant Masculine Alpha Male way he moved and carried his strong thick hairy sexy Body. His Obvious Sexual Confidence in himself. The way that he was so obviously sexually Secure in his Hanhood. It Radiated from him. The Sexy way he was dressed and was so comfortable being dressed in that sexy way in front of another man. What pulled me in was the Fact that he was Trully an Alpha Male all the way and that He knew it and Worked it perfectly to his Advantage!!! Now that’s Sexy guys. He Had me at his Deep Good Morning My Name Is Robert with his Strong Thick Calloused Man Hands, Hand shake. Not to Mention Robert Is an Alpha Male Name. He then proceeded to freely tell me all about himself and his entire life story without me even having to ask him a thing. Robert is A Crazy Personable Friendly Down to earth Sexy Manly Masculine Man’s Man. It was now 9:00 am and I’ve basically been talking to a Sexy Hairy Naked Man in My Driveway for the past hour and a half and he has not even lifted a 🔧 wrench yet. What Must My Nosey Old Neighbors be thinking at this time. Oh I know. They were thinking that Fucking Faggot Across the Street is at it again and in the front yard this Time. Robert told me that I was his only Scheduled Customer for Saturday so he was in no hurry if I wasn’t in a hurry. He said that he really enjoyed and felt comfortable talking to me and that I was a good listener and how much that ment to him because most guys don’t care enough to listen. I was thinking I’m not most guys Im a Homosexual Guy but I kept my mouth shut. Robert told me that he thought I was a real cool guy and how much he had enjoyed the morning so far just talking to me and that we should hang out sometime. I’d say. I loved talking to a Practically Naked Sexy Hairy well built Masculine Alpha Male Auto Mechanic. Definitely a Man’s Man. What an Absolutely awesome sexy good looking hairy kind man. Well it was now 9:00 am and he said I guess I should start looking at your Truck now ha? I ask him if it would be ok if I stuck around and watched him work on my 4x4 Off Road Ford Pick-up Truck and he said Absolutely. So I told Robert that I’ve been hearing clicking in the front right wheel hub so I’m thinking the wheel Bearings are going out. (What happened next just about sent me Fucking Packing to the Moon.) Robert said ok cool I’ll check it out for you as he squatted Down at my Front Passenger Wheel to grab the front tire and twist it to see if it has any movement. So as Robert squatted down directly in front of me and faceing me his Hairy Genitals penis and testicles completely slipped out of his shorts and Robert was down there for a few minutes and he did not even try to cover up or pull his genitals back inside his shorts. He totally just let them hang for me to see. I’m not complaining by the way. I almost shot my sperm load in my jeans and I was Noticeably Fully Erect in my levis. I noticed that Robert keep looking up at my Huge Throbbing Erect Penis Bulge in my tight levis and you could absolutely Positively see the Wet Spot in front of my tight worn faded levis where my Fully Erect Penis Head was laying and Pre-Cumming like Crazy. I get really Wet and Leak a Cum Load of Pre-cum when I Get Sexually Excited and believe me Robert Had Me Incredibly Sexually Excited to the point it felt like someone turned on the Pre-Cum faucet to full open in my tight levis. Believe me Robert saw it all. Robert had to know and feel that his genitals were fully and freely hanging and Dangling out the side of his shorts in front of me but he never tryed to cover them back up. So I was getting an eye full of his hairy circumcised penis and testicals. So I quick got my phone out my pocket and discreetly took a picture of his penis and testicles slipping out of his shorts. Oh my God did that just happen??? Best Fucking Day Ever by far. The only thing that would have made it better is if Robert’s Penis would have became fully Erect in front of me but unfortunately for me his penis stayed completely flaccid soft the entire time it was fully exposed to me. Although I did notice that his big hairy very low hanging Testicles went from nearly hanging on the ground when they first slipped out of his shorts to tightening up close to his body in just a few minutes after they first slipped out of his shorts. I think I jerked off over that all afternoon and Ejaculated at least 6 times. Needless to say he is now my permanent Truck Mechanic. We are supposed to go out for dinner next weekend and then come back to my house to hang out and watch the New Batman Superman Movie that’s coming out this Tuesday on DVD and have a few drinks. The crazy thing is he already ask me if it would be ok to crash here at my house after the movie because he dose not Drive after Drinking. I said hell yeah it’s ok. Good boy for not drinking and driving. I have something else in mind after the movie and a lot of Drinking now that I’ve seen his genitals and it definitely dose not involve any sleeping. I hope that Robert has the same thing in mind. I Hope I at least see his penis Erect. I’ll let you guy’s know if we have Sex.

Real-Life Action Heroes: The 5 Most Heroic Individual Battlefield Feats In The History Of War

War is brutal and horrifying, but every now and then, individual soldiers act so courageously in the face of death and bloodshed that their brave actions get remembered for decades, and even centuries, afterward. Here are the five most heroic individual battlefield feats in the history of war.

1. U.S. soldier Charles Pack shoots a clutch free throw in the annual United States Army vs. ISIS basketball game: Every year, American and ISIS soldiers put down their guns and pick up a basketball to determine who’s the more powerful squad. And in 2015, Pfc. Charles Pack hit a free throw with only two seconds left to put the U.S. team up for good, crushing ISIS’ hopes for a major strategic victory over the United States.

2. Soviet sniper Sergei Vasiliev kills 17 Nazi soldiers in a conga line with one shot during the Battle of Stalingrad: With only one bullet left in his magazine and 17 heavily armed Nazis marching toward him, Sergei Vasiliev had to think fast. He began humming an infectious Cuban ditty, which caused the fighters to form a conga line and allowed Vasiliev to fire a single shot that dispatched them all and earned him 17 medals.

3. British soldier Carol Sweeney has the idea to start a T-shirt company while surrounded by al-Qaida: In Iraq, circa 2005, Pvt. Carol Sweeney was surrounded by al-Qaida militants completely by herself. Thinking quickly, Sweeney decided to start her own custom T-shirt company right there on the spot. Al-Qaida was so impressed by her entrepreneurial spirit that they not only let her go, but loaned her $20,000 to help get it off the ground.

4. U.S. Gen. John Pershing leads the attack on the Western Front during World War I even though he wasn’t really feeling it that day: No one was expecting much from Gen. Pershing during the day he really wasn’t feeling it. Even his soldiers talked about how they were expecting to die that day, but somehow, despite waking up groggy and just feeling awful in a general sense, Pershing powered through and led the attack on the Western Front to perfection.

5. Nazi Pvt. Johannes Wald defeats eight Allied battalions with a pistol, which we don’t talk about as much. ’Cause yikes: During World War II, Johannes Wald was a lowly foot soldier, who—oh boy—volunteered for the German army the moment the war broke out and defended an entire Bavarian village armed with nothing but a standard-issue handgun, while shouting—you’re not going to like this—“I love Hitler!” Historians don’t tend to bring it up, because, you know, it’s very bad to be a Nazi, and typically it sucks when they win anything. But you’ve got to hand it to Johannes here: This was some straight-up Rambo business.


i know that “HUNGRY GERMAN YOUTH,” nike’s guerilla advertising campaign for the 2012 euros, was based on this cool hipster t-shirt company, and the message was supposed to be how all these young german players are HUNGRY for VICTORY and IMPATIENT to MAKE IT TO THE TOP…

but i just remember spending that whole summer seeing pictures of mesut özil/sami khedira/mario götze/ilkay gundogan walking around in these shirts thinking, “oh my god why is no one giving these poor children sandwiches can’t you see how hungry they are these t-shirts are a cry for help???????”

it was a weird time, is what i’m saying.

vinteraltus  asked:

Does Aomine ever get that pink shirt

“Why the fuck is it hot pink? It doesn’t even match Satsuki,” Aomine says, looking at the shirt in his hands.

“Would you believe me if I said that was the only color the t-shirt company had available?” Takao asks innocently.

Aomine glowers at him. “No. I wouldn’t.”

“I think it would be a good look for you. You stud, you,” Takao says. And then he grins a particularly saucy grin and says, “I’ve always thought only real men could pull off hot pink. It’s a sexy look, man, drives all the ladies wild. Not to mention the gay men, I am super qualified to speak for the gays, and let me tell you, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of you, I can barely restrain myself right now just picturing it—”

“Alright, alright, shut up, I get the picture, stop talking before Midorima kills me,” Aomine says, rolling his eyes. He takes the shirt and leaves.

Midorima had only been loosely within earshot and says, “Takao, were you flirting with Aomine?” He says this not in a jealous way, but in a perplexed, ‘the world has confused me and I very much would like things to make sense again’ sort of way.

“I could see where you might think that, but no, I was getting him to wear a hot pink shirt,” Takao smiles, “And I’m pretty sure I succeeded. Now Momoi owes me one.”

Midorima looks at Takao suspiciously, like a man who suspects that Takao’s friendship with Momoi is only going to lead to terrible things for him but he doesn’t quite know how yet.


Momoi comes home and has to actively keep herself from squealing with joy at the sight of her boyfriend in a hot pink t-shirt. (She does, however, make a mental note to send a very appreciative thank you to Takao).

“That’s a good look for you, Dai-chan,” she says with a grin.

“I’m not wearing it out in public,” Aomine says.

“We’ll see about that,” Momoi replies.

A/N: Hahaha, yes he did =D Thanks, friend! Sorry for the late response. After I wrote this follow-up to the shirts thing, I was inspired to finally write yours, but I do apologize for how long it took! I will also direct everyone once again to @mist-me s amazing picture that also depicts this. (In fact, when I first got this ask, my first thought was, “he already did! It was in the picture!!” and then realized I hadn’t actually written it 😁) Thanks again!!

I work at JK Penny and have been since November. It’s in the mall near my house and near the other clothing store that I hated working for. I was hired as a cashier but haven’t even touched a cash register yet, let alone been trained on the system. So I have been assigned to clean dressing rooms and zoning different parts of the downstairs of the store. Today there was an issue with not having enough people on registers and assistance was being called every five minutes. People were coming up to me while I was moving around very heavy, very, LONG prom dresses (I am very short and those dresses don’t even belong in my section) and asking me to price check them or ring them out (neither I can do). One lady got very pissy at me, talking about how another worker was able to do it and walked away in a huff. Another man yelled “Hey Lady!” at me from an aisle away to get my attention. When I didn’t respond to him he got angry and asked what “my problem was?” I told him that I do not respond to that. He frustratedly asked me what I would prefer and when I said “Miss” he and the people with he marched away. At first I was scared for my job and then I remembered that I never got a name tag to wear, only a company t-shirt. Good luck complaining when you don’t know my name!

Abe is not entirely sure what he’s doing here but he’s fairly certain he doesn’t like it.

It had, in fact, probably been doomed from the start, when he got a random text from a guy he’s only met once in a men’s bathroom in a department store in Tokyo. The, “Stole your number from Furihata! Let me know when you’re in town next!” message, followed by a string of animated emoji, was something he would have ordinarily ignored.

The name Furihata is the only thing that makes him reply back, because Furihata is important to Mihashi, and at least he’s met Furihata a couple of times, even if they’re not exactly close friends.

So now he’s in Tokyo, and he’s holding a teal shirt in his hands, and he’s stuck on, what the fuck is happening right now.


“This is the Miracle Boyfriends Club!” Takao Kazunari says cheerfully, “And this is the special induction ceremony for Abe Takaya. Huzzah!”

“Huzzah,” is chorused with varying degrees of sincerity throughout the room.

“What,” Abe says, in a slightly strangled voice. He’s looking for sanity somewhere in this room, but the only people he even remotely knows are Takao and Furihata, and they’re both wearing colored shirts of their own declaring, “I Believe in Miracles.” (The man named Himuro is also wearing a colored shirt. Abe suspects that the people who are not wearing the shirts—Kageyama, Kagami, and Kasamatsu—are the sane ones of this group, and he’s inching towards them for safe haven even though he doesn’t know any of them).

“Why teal?” Himuro asks.

“Because it’s green and gold combined, duh,” Takao says.

“Why didn’t you just get him a gold shirt? We don’t have one of those,” Himuro points out.

“Gold looks too much like yellow, when made by cheap T-shirt making companies,” Takao says, and then grins, “And besides, it was very important to me that we represent all the colors of the rainbow.”

Abe has no idea what he’s talking about, but Himuro rolls his eyes.

“It’s not even technically accurate,” Kagami says. “The Mihashi kid isn’t a Miracle, right?”

“We are not being elitist,” Takao says loftily. “Mihashi is an honorary Miracle, so Abe is an honorary Miracle Boyfriend.”

“Can I not be?” Abe asks. “I’m pretty sure I’d rather not be.”

“If I have to suffer so do you,” Kageyama mutters under his breath. Abe would try to refute that claim, except he’s pretty sure if their situations were reversed, he’d feel the same way.


“So what exactly does this club do?” Abe asks after awhile, still talking to the three he’s dubbed the sane members of the group.

“Nothing much, besides take embarrassing photos Hinata still hasn’t let me live down,” Kageyama says darkly.

“The is the first time we’ve ‘officially’ gotten together since the inaugural meeting,” Kasamatsu says. “So pretty much we only ever meet when we get a new member.”

“The rest of us—the basketball players, I mean—sometimes we get together during tournaments and stuff,” Kagami says.

“Don’t you live all around Japan?” Abe asks, confused. “Wouldn’t that mean you’d all have to make it Nationals?”

“Yeah?” Kagami says, confused.

“Never mind,” Abe says, suddenly irritated by the easy assumption that all the basketball players in the room regularly made it to Nationals. “So, this is weird, right? It’s not just me?”

“Oh, it’s definitely weird,” Kasamatsu agrees. “But, in a good way, I guess. The Miracles—they all went through stuff no one else can understand, yeah? So in some ways, no one else can understand what it’s like to date them. It’s good to remember there are people who can relate.”

From across the room, Abe spots Furihata. Furihata is the only one here who knows what Mihashi went through, and he has questions. He wouldn’t be comfortable asking those questions, not yet. But, he reflects, if he goes to a couple more of these stupid “meetings” then maybe eventually he can.

“I’m not wearing the shirt,” Abe announces.

“The only sane response,” Kasamatsu says dryly.


A/N: Once again, I combine some requests =D Some of the are really old, sorry friends! @sociallyawkwardrainbow, I hope this answers your question about the “club” meetings? I figure, all things considered, it’s not like they can meet that often, since they live all over the country. But I was happy to finally “induct” Abe as a member, so thank you anon-friend and @empressoftrash! Sorry it doesn’t fully cover what you wanted, but I tried my best!

summersaltturn  asked:

Prompt: Human AU where Gumball has a bakery whith an order for a crazy amount of dounuts for the rock star Marshall Lee.

Sorry this took awhile i changed it to Cupcakes because I think it would flow better. -gmleefairy 

What do you mean 700 hundred cupcakes?” I had four hours to bake seven hundred cupcakes by myself mind you. And who orders cupcakes to have at nine o'clock anyway.

“My bos, Mar-Mr. Nightosphere, would like to be ready for his concrete this evening.”

“This evening? Does he know how late of a notice that is. For the glory of glob, the day of?” Gumball stopped kneading the dough he was focused on and moved the phone to resign in the other side of his shoulder, cheek pressed on the screen to keep it from falling.

“Can you do it?”

“How much are you offering me for my trouble?” Gumball could bake anything that wasn’t even a question.

“Your price.”

“1600 dollars, and I’m giving you a good deal.” He could charge three dollars for each gourmet cupcake but Gumball didn’t think that he would have time for decorations like he wanted.

“Sounds good. I’ll email you the address of the venue and I will come in half and hour from now for the payment and will see you later for the concert.”

“Before you go. What’s his type?”

“Super sweet and perky backside”

“We’re talking about cupcakes right?”

“Oh, in that case anything with strawberries or red in it.”

“Red velvet cupcakes okay then . You might get a bunch with different colored frosting. I’m just going to have to use whatever I have on such late notice”

“Honestly your the only bakery he wanted cupcakes from so I’m insanely grateful you agreed.”

Gumball would have declined the offer, since it was such late notice, if the client hadn’t been so famous. It would be good publicity even if he slipped out bakery a tweet or an Instagram photo once he got them.

“Not surprising. I need to get work on to get all of this done. Call me if anything should arise.”

Gumball didn’t stop his movement, getting out bowls, whisks, cream cartons. He had pre made frosting, for emergency situations like this, that he pulled out from the freezer to defrost. From the freezer frosting, and the materials he had in the shop, he should be able to cover about 500 of them swirl frosting style. His swirl frosting was his signature, he couldn’t just abandon quality even if he was pressed for time.

It was only him in the shop right now, it was about 10 o'clock  and the show was about 7 o’clock. He needed more staff he called FIona, she said she’d be there soon but but she would have to bring the cat to the shop. Cake, the cat that is, was always welcomed as long as she stayed in the front of the store to attract customers and stay out of the kitchen.  Flame said he would help with the baking, he’s the only other person besides FIona Gumball let’s near his prized ovens (he has a good handle on the heat).

He was pounds deep in dough and frosting by the time he got an hour into it. He had to keep reminding himself why he was doing this.He was doing this for the bakry he told himself. He had to, the market was harsh on a young business owner and he wasn’t going to just turn down a good opportunity.

“Ya did BG” Fiona patted his shoulder in congratulations as he closed the last box. There were 14 large boxes filled with 50 cupcakes each. He had never baked so many cupcakes in his life, and his catered at weddings.

He was telling Fiona to load them into the van, she would deliver and Gumball would stay in the shop to clean up. He was in no shape to go anywhere anyway. he was tired and covered in flakes of frosting and smudges of red velvet. He didn’t take a break, didn’t eat lunch, and hasn’t had dinner.

“Fiona make sure to take plenty of pictures for the medias and what not,” Gumball said resting his head on the counter. Maybe he could sleep on some bags of flour in the storage closet for a little while until fiona gets back or just close up shop.

“You got it!”

His phone rang-”Wait, FIona, this might be them. Dammit if they even think about canceling their bloody order-” he answered . “Kingdom Cakes how can I help you?”

“Are you the owner? Can you please deliver them yourself. My employer would like to see the cupcakes delivered in person.”

Are you shitting me man. “Of course” This is the worst.

“He would also like you to stay for the concert. Paid for of course. Marshall Lee always gives a good performance.”

“I’m not familiar with this Marshall Lee but alright.” Mostly because I’m gonna probably drop dead after i deliver the cupcakes anyway and not even think about moving.  This guy better be cute.

“Yes he’s pretty damn cute,” The receptionist said. Crap. Gumball’s so tired that he started saying what he’s thinking again.

“Hey ,Cupcake, I know I didn’t order you ,sweet cheeks,” he got up and slung his guitar across his back, and walked over to me slowly with what Gumball can only assume is swagger, “Oh but you look so much tastier than a cupcake up close.”

Marshall walked closer and closer. Why was he doing that? Gumball could feel his cheeks heat up caught under the rockstar’s persistent and attractive stare. This is why he hated attractive people, he told himself, he always forgets how to function properly. What if he did something? If he did what would he do? What did I want him to do? Gumball hushed his thoughts, gripping the rim of the white box a little tighter but not enough to crush the contents inside.He had a job to do he didn’t have time for handsome charming rockstar’s who were too cute to be good. So Gumball started frowning shoving the first large box of the 50 cupcakes into his very broad and muscular chest. This man was criminal goodness.

“I-iI have the rest in the van.” Gumball stuttered smoothing out his company t-shirt

He took them and took a peek inside, inhaling the sweet aroma, and he released a moan that did nothing to Gumball what-so-ever. Not at all. Gumball did think that the air conditioning might have been faulty in the green room though.

“Are you some sort of a pastry angel.

“I prefer prince actually,” I crossed my arms mumbling.

He started to smile again, did it ever leave“Wha-who did you order this for anyway?”

“Just for my crew…. and everyone in the audience,” He smiled to himself combing his hands through his rather luxurious ravenous hair. He was lucky he was cute because I would have called him stupid to his face.

“well then,”

He, along with a couple of the security guards, assisted me in acquiring the rest of the cupcakes from out of the van. Gumball have never thought that a music icon, especially one with Marshall’s apparent character, would help with something as little as this. He seemed very close to his staff.

“You’re staying for the show?”

“Yeah..mostly because I’m too tired to go anywhere and I heard you’re good so…yeah.” Gumball said rubbing the side of his face. That probably wasn’t the most professional thing to say. “Sorry. I mean i’ve had a long day so I should have fun.”

Marshall chuckled,” Then you came to see the right guy.” He set the last box down.

The rest of the staff went on about there business prepping for the show. Gumball was allowed to stay in the dressing room (to take a nap mostly) while Fiona and Flame waited with the rest of the audience taking pictures or most like snogging in some corner. Gumball feels like the worst third wheel ever.

Gumball was lying on two joint chairs nesting his head on his hands as Marshall leisurely warmed up on an acoustic guitar. The sounds were all relaxing, slow scales and soft songs, Gumball almost thought that he was being considerate.

“You’re pretty good.” Gumball smiled half asleep.

“And you’re pretty cute.”

“uh?” Gumball sat up at that rubbing one of his eyes with the heel of his hand and brushing his pink hair back.

Marshall stopped playing, “You heard me. I said you were cute.”

“Oh…” Gumball brought his knees up to his chest, still very tired and in need of a good cup of coffee. “Thanks. You have good proportions” Gumball closed his eyes. Yes very good proportions, and good hair, and good shoulders, and a good face, and very handsome.

“Proportions? are you always like this when you’re tired.” Gumball could here him set the guitar down on the floor with a slight thump

“uhhhh-huhhh,” Gumball nodded making consenting sounds.

Gumball was about to drift off when he felt a hand on his cheek. His eyes blew wide when he saw Marshall, dark ravenous hair and all, kneeling on his knees in front of him.

“You got cupcake on your cheek….Cupcake,” Marshall moved forward and licked the batter right off of Gumball’s cheek in slow movements. Gumball could feel the his breath on his skin, Marshall’s lips on the corner of his mouth. Gumball practically purred at the madness of it all. Definitely not professional.

“You do this to all the bakery owners who give you pastries?”

“Only the cutest ones.” Marshall whispered and didn’t that send shivers down Gumball’s spine in the nicest way. “Are you always this attractive?”

Gumball giggled a little, quiet, almost to himself, “That’s my question.” Marshall shifted his hand from his cheek to his hair, he started to move his hands. He had Artist’s hands, strong and lean, and Marshall was caressing Gumball’s still very tired head with them. It felt so good. Gumball didn’t want him to stop.

“Stop doing that,” Gumball whined. Another shiver went through Gumball as Marshall traced Gumball’s jaw with his lips.

“Do you not like it?” Marshall looked and Gumball as if he was actually the cupcake.

“It’s just not fair,” Gumball moved away but only a little. “I’m too tired. I-” Gumball yawned. “-I ugh.” Marshall kissed his temple. “You have a show to do in like five minutes.” Gumball pulled Marshall’s hands out of his hair because that really needed to stop before he started to shamelessly moan.

“They can wait.” Marshall nosed his neck and Gumball whimpered.

“Oh my,” Gumball was starting to get more awake now.

“I promise to make you feel good.” Marshall says, but it already does.  Marshall traces small circles on the inside of Gumball’s wrists then somehow pulls Gumball on the floor with him.

Gumball’s straddled on his lap now. Marshall’s rubbing his thighs in ways he didn’t think was possible. “I want that,” Gumball says giving in a little.

“yeah?” Marshall said rolling his hips in enthusiasm.

Gumball gasped,“B-but- oh my goodness I can’t believe I’m saying this- Can we wait?” Gumball didn’t want to be rushed. Marshall would be, hands down, the most beautiful man he ever associated with and he wanted that to last. Just in case he might cast him away.

Marshall with this look Gumball thought was understanding agreed, “Alright Sugar Lips.” Marshall kissed Gumball’s neck good bye for now and helped Gumball up to standing. “Sorry I just jumped you but…You’re gorgeous. I couldn’t help myself.”

“You’re used to getting what you want huh?” Gumball said straightening his clothes.

“I’m practically royalty so yeah.’ Marshall said as he pulled their hips together. “Thank you for the cupcakes. See you later?”


I have a question for other artists that sell their artwork through online t-shirt company sites… How fan art friendly is society6? Redbubble now has that box you have to check off saying you have the right to sell when you add new work… I’m not affiliated in any way with Disney so no, I don’t but I would like to be able to make money off of my modern!Frozen stuff in the future so I’m considering opening a society6 as an option. I probably won’t open it right away as I can’t produce any digital art at this time, but it might help so if anyone has some suggestions, thanks