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Billy sitting in the diner while Jessie’s Girl plays over the speakers and then Steve walks in looking like a million bucks with his long black coat, white t-shirt and stupid blue jeans. It’s been ten years since he last saw Harrington. And when Steve smiles, clearly flirting his way to get a piece of pie for free, Billy believes he’s looking at the sun and he has been burnt. So he walks up to Steve, clears his throat and “It’s been a while since I saw a pretty boy like you in Hawkins, Harrington.”

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Oh yeah, I didn't put a 'Robot' at the end there, oops! Ah man, thanks again, and just for the record: part 2 was me saying how Skinny Love's idea about the doc teaching Oliver about regular human stuff was exactly what I had in mind as well ;D Just imagine Oli cutting his finger, nothing serious, but freaking out about this red stuff coming out of his skin until Iplier assures him he's not gonna die (Plus: Oliver refusing to take a shower, still thinking he'll short out if he does) -Robot

since i got permission to answer publicly: hopefully skinny love sees this! i imagine dr. iplier has to help poor oli with a lot of things, like how yes, humans need to eat consistently and stay hydrated, no you can’t lift things x4 your weight now, oli yOU CAN’T GO OUT IN BELOW ZERO WEATHER WITH JUST A T-SHIRT AND JEANS!!

I’m going to start off a series analyzing each boy’s personal fashion style! I’m starting with Jungkook. This is because of the trending of #WeloveJungkook. This is how I’m showing how I love Jungkook by giving tribute to his style. <3 

A lot of people probably immediately associate Timberland boots, a white t-shirt, and ripped jeans with Jungkook. However, I think there is more to his style than that look. Let’s try to explore more with his airport/travel looks.

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1. I follow: 94
2. Number of followers: 102
3. Average hours of sleep: 7
4. Lucky number: i don’t have one
5. Instruments: none
6. What are you wearing: skinny jeans, t-shirt
7. Dream job: i don’t have one anymore
8. Dream trip: I’d love to go to UK
9. Significant other: lol I’m a crazy person. Who would ever wanna date me :P
10. Birthday: 30th of August
11. Height: 158 cm
12. Gender/pronouns: Female, she/her.
13.Other blogs: i have just this one
14. Nicknames: Nati, nixie,
15. Star sign: Virgo
16. Time: 11:19
17. Favorite bands: I don’t have favourite. I like a lot of things.
18. Favorite artist: look previous question
19. Song stuck in your head: Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares For Me
20. Last movie you watched: I think Wall-E
21. Last show you watched: I don’t remember :P
22. Why did you make your blog: I wanted to reblog 1D gifs :D
23. What do you post: I mostly reblog Jacksepticeye, sometimes i’m doodling stuff u can chet it out here, please do
24. Last thing you googled: :)
25. AO3: nope
26. Do you ever get asks: sometimes
27. How did you get the idea for your url: i just heard it somewhere and i liked how it sounds :P
28. Favorite food: pierogi :D
29. Last book you read: I starterd reading The Troubled Man by Henning Mankell, the one i read and finished is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
30. Top 3 fictional universes: I can’t think about any, Life Is Strange? I don’t really care about universes, i rather focus on the characters, how they’re dealing with situations they’re in, their emotions…

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man i bet lunch breaks with jacobi where wild like my dude probably rolled up to taco bell with maxwell (who looks like a normal, sane person) wearing a goddard futuristics jump suit covered in like gunpowder and scorch marks with a pair of safety goggles around his neck like “ya can i get a quesarito” and the employees are wondering who these people are