t shaped people

I'm amazed

That I have almost 700 followers who like G/t and just the thought of that blows my mind. 700 followers is bigger than a town that my husband works in. 

This community has gotten to a size of a small town. 

Thank you so much, I’m speechless 


My names Rachel, and I have Bpd
It’d be nice to meet other people with Bpd because I have nobody relatable to talk about .-. I also have resting bitch face

jfictitional  asked:

I hate on things all the time. People are just one frustration. Sometimes it gets to where I just want to lash out. And then I have to stop and realize I'm really hating myself for letting this get to me. I can brood all I want and get stuck in it, or I can prove to myself that I'm stronger than all the little things trying to drag me. Take a moment alone, try to unwind, and realize I can't shape other people's lives, but neither can they shape mine. I'm the one who defines me.