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can i please have you? as my personal squip? becase i did pay for the money, and i drank the mtn dew, and took the pill and everything. for real. but i don't see my squip anywhere in my mind. i want a refound.

One does not “see” their SQUIP, a host and its SQUIP will telepathically coordinate and communicate. I’d advise the standard waiting period of 12 to 120 hours.

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I love your OtaYuri post! I just wanted to add, though, that the booklet for blu-ray 6 officially stated that, as of the GPF, Yuri is 16 and Otabek is 18. So their age gap is even smaller than some people seem to think.

Thank you lovely! I am honestly so tired of these mean antis :( 

And oh, really? I haven’t seen that anywhere..so I will believe it when I see it. No offense! I just get a lot of fake info given to me regarding otayuri and wttm XD 

But that is awesome if it’s true!



Ever since I got this jacket, EVERYONE has been asking me where I got it and where they can find it. I bought it at a store in San Francisco called Outfit in the Castro. BUT I cannot find it anywhere online. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find this jacket for purchase on the internet. I’ve checked the Outfit store and many many websites but can’t find it anywhere. Let’s see if we can find this thing!

(also they have different colors of this jacket so if anyone finds it lemme know cause hot damn I want this in blue)

To everybody who can’t go and see Harry, just remember that he isn’t going anywhere. He will be touring and making music for a long time. This is only the beginning. You WILL see Harry live. You WILL be able to go to a future tour. Don’t let this get you down too much. Harry is a legend and you will get your chance to be there with him some day.


Nightengale Needles has Split TWO FLAG Pride scarves!

Fall under two different pride flags? Want to showcase your pride in your gender identity as well as your sexual/romantic identity? These split scarves are just the accessory you need!

With 13 flags available there’s plenty of options for you! 

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An Etsy Exclusive, you won’t find these unique scarves anywhere you see us in person!

Bye Bye Anti

So I’ve noticed that Antis are having a bit of trouble with Shaladin shipping. If you don’t like any of those ships and don’t want see it anywhere on your tumblr then just follow this easy four step guide. 1) If you know for sure a certain user has any Shaladin material (fics, art, or blogs) then get as far away as possible. Leave. (This also includes our tumblr so as soon as you’re done reading gtfo) 2) See that search bar up there?? Don’t type any ships that include Shiro and other paladins. (Sheith, Shance, Shidge, Shatt, Shallura, and Shunk.) Basically don’t type in SH and the rest of any other memeber of team Voltron or an Altean Princess’s name. See it’s simple!! 3) Don’t tag any other your hate, rants, or any thing as a certain ship. It’ll end bad for everyone because you don’t wanna look for your hate in that tag and we don’t wanna see it. 4) Our last step!! Dont go searching for people who ship anything that you deem inappropriate. Stay on things YOU ship and every one is Happy. So remember when you see something like what’s doown below you better #Go. Bye Bye Anti have a nice day!!

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Kimberly Heart wearing her (girl)friend’s beanie is my aesthetic

Can you imagine Kim slowly starting to add bits of yellow to her outfits and Trini adding pink to hers? *sobs in lesbian language*

This idea came from reading this amazing cute fic  by @thecousinsdangereux (and apparently this concept  was suggested by @dearsheroozle so kudos to them, even if tumblr wont let me TAG THEIR USERNAME WHY)

SEE ALSO: Trini Wearing Kim’s Sweater
Please Don’t Repost Anywhere Else :)

@ everyone sending messages asking to repost my art

allow me to i refer you to…

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and if somehow that isn’t clear enough…

please look at my sidebar, which on mobile is the first thing you see; please look at my artwork, which you are so eager to repost.

no really, look:

i don’t know how to be any more clear. 

please stop asking, and don’t repost my stuff.

[and as always, if you see my stuff reposted anywhere (save for a few on philsterman10’s yt), it was without permission. please tell me so i can report it.]

Marichat May: The Baton




Perhaps it was a bit of karma, payback for all the times she wound up hitting Chat’s head with her yo-yo, but Marinette had quite a start when a silver baton came flying out of nowhere, smacking her head and giving her a bruise.

Grunting, she caught it instinctively, frowning as she rubbed the bruised spot, holding up the baton in confusion.

Why did this come flying through the air?

She looked up, raising a brow when she didn’t see Chat anywhere.

Why did he lose this?

She doesn’t think there’s an akuma around… just to be sure she pulled out her cell and checked the Ladyblog.


No akuma.

“What are we going to do about it Marinette?” Tikki asked as she popped out, eyeing the silver baton warily.

“I guess we just hold onto it?” Marinette guessed, waving it about, perking when it slid out and extended into a staff.

Marinette smiled, adjusting her hold on it, feeling it well balanced and natural in her hand.

“Marinette,” Tikki warned.

“I got this Tikki,” she eased, doing a playful thrust with it. Then she slung it over her shoulders, letting her wrist hang over it just as she sees Chat do all the time. She a coy smile, she mimicked, “Hello My Lady, you’re looking purrty meowvelous today.”

She snickered, then stiffened when there was a clap behind her.

“Well done Princess!” Chat called out from behind her, pleased amusement lacing his words, “Couldn’t have said it better myself!”

She turned, seeing the cat hero giving her an amused smile, the baton shrinking back down. With a wild point with it, her face going red, she ordered, “You saw nothing!”

Then blushing, she whipped around and tore off, intent to escape her embarrassment.

Only she forgot to let go of the baton.

Chat yelped, quickly pursuing her, “Ah! Marinette! My baton! Wait! Marinette! I need that please!”


on friday i submitted my work for assessment, which means i’m technically done with university. it all happened so fast!! there’s three zines on that shelf with art i haven’t posted anywhere, so if u wanna come see em, come to my degree show in june 👏

Invisible, Chapter Six

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

word count: ~1550

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Boyf Riends: Heat Wave

The school’s air conditioning wasn’t working and it was the single hottest day of the year. Everyone was suffering, wearing as little as physically possible with the one exception of Michael who was still wearing his red hoodie. During second period Jeremy sat down next to Michael when he noticed his boyfriend sweating like a dog.
“Jesus Christ Michael, it’s like a hundred degrees out, why are you wearing a jacket?”
“My binder, it uh, it broke last night.” Oh, Jeremy thought. He’s covering his chest.
“Don’t you have another one?”
“No, and the one I ordered won’t get here for another week! I tried wearing my old sports bra but it was killing me,” Michael groaned laying his head down on the desk. “It’s so fucking hot.”
Lunch period had finally come around and Jeremy sat down at the lunch table but he didn’t see Michael anywhere.
“You didn’t hear?” Jenna asked. “He passed out in math today, he’s still in the nurse’s office.” Before she said anything else Jeremy was gone.
At the Nurse’s Office:
Jeremy walked in and saw Michael laying down on the couch, his jacket now gone wearing only a black T-shirt making two things a lot more noticeable. The nurse wasn’t anywhere in sight and Jeremy sat down next to his boyfriend.
“Their calling my mom and having her drop off a bra for me,” Michael’s face was a bright red and he couldn’t look up at Jeremy. “I hate this school, they don’t have the decency to just send me home.” Jeremy hugged his boyfriend causing Michael to smile a little.
“We only have two years left, it can’t get any worse.”
“It can always get worse.”

ACOWAR set up

I know there’s a lot of theories about the next books and lots of people think it’s going to be a retelling of Swan Lake. I caught those references too, but why is no one talking about the Children of the Blessed that was rescued by Feyre and Azriel? Ya’ll her name was motherfucking BRIAR! As in Briar rose from Sleeping Beauty! !!
You know this chick is going to be pivotal MAAS goes out of her way to bring this character to foreground.
So I could totally see her being Tamlins redemption. I really think she’s going to help him in some way. I just can’t see her anywhere else but the Spring Court.
Remember Feryes room in ACOWAR, how it was choked with thorns and roses. Utterly destroyed. I mean it’s just like Sleeping Beauty.

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Logan the panty thief?

You and your panties, man. Are you sure someone’s stealing them? Because it sounds like you might just be losing them.

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That was three pairs in two weeks that had gone fucking missing. For the life of you, you couldn’t find them. You had searched your entire room, the laundry room and your bathroom. It was like they disappeared.

“Logan, you wouldn’t have happened to see my panties lying around anywhere would you?” You asked as you boyfriend walked into your room.

“No, why?” He replied nonchalantly flopping on his bed.

“Because I’m missing my favorite pairs.” You turned around huffing and crossing your arms over your chest.

“You mean the black lace ones, the striped ones and the red pair that make your ass look fucking amazing?” He quirked an eyebrow at you.

“Yes! Those exact pairs. How did you know that?” You put hands on your hips, cocking your head at him.

“They’re in my room.” He shrugged.

“Any why would they be in there?” You stalked over to him.

“I like looking at them and thinking about you when you’re gone.” He sat up, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Wouldn’t you rather look at me in them?” You asked running your fingers through his hair.

“Yeah but you were gone so I took them.” He smirked.

“You just like them because they still smell like me.” You bit down on your lip looking at him.

He gripped you tightly, flipping over on the bed so you were underneath him. “Maybe.”


To Make You Proud: Lin-Manuel Miranda X Daughter Reader (ft. Hamilcast)

Prompt: Your high school graduation ceremony is something you wanted your family to attend since you were receiving an important award, but you don’t see your father anywhere in the crowd.

Requested: No

Word Count: 2,343

Warnings: Angst, in a way.

Author’s Note: This is based off of the song “To Make You Proud” by Teresa Jennings which is what I sang for my graduation in middle school.

Your name: submit What is this?

You sat among the dozens of other seniors who were excited to be leaving the stage of high school and move onto college. You, however, were twisting a piece of string about your finger nervously, gazing around at you family and only seeing Vanessa, Sebastian, and your grandparents, your father nowhere in sight, causing you to get more and more upset. You bit your lip, trying to hold back a tear that was trying so hard to slip down your cheek.

You knew your father was a busy man, but he had promised you that he would come to this for you. You see, you were always fearful that your father had a hidden hatred for you since you were a mistake made after a drunk night in high school with your mother, someone who never showed her face. After she had you, she handed you off to your father without a word and went off the face of the Earth. And no matter how often your dad tried to reassure you that he loved you, you still felt a twinge of doubt inside you.

“And now,” You heard the English department supervisor announce. “The senior accepting the writing award for outstanding dedication and phenomenal creativity in every sense of the word is Y/N Miranda!”

You heard the claps and cheers from around you, and that put a little smile on your face as you walked up to the podium to accept your award. You shook the supervisor’s hand and she gave you the certificate. She said something to you, but you were too enthralled in your own thoughts that you didn’t really even catch what she had said to you. You simply nodded and smiled in response to whatever it was she had told you. You took your seat once more as the rest of the high school academic awards were given out.

Just after the valedictorian spoke and the diplomas were given out, the choir members-yourself included- were brought to the stage to sing your final song of high school. It was a simple one, but your choir director thought it had a lot of soul and sentiment to it, and it was called “To Make You Proud.”

You stared off at the gray sky of New York City. It wasn’t the typical gray city skyline, but it was one that told people there was a rainstorm coming very soon. Which, ironically, had happened not even a second after you had this thought.

A rushed movement caught your eye. You saw your father, dressed semi-formally, as if he had been scrambling just to get something good together. You noticed his heavy breathing and sad face when he noticed you and the other members standing tall, your voices blending together. Just seeing your father with that look of regret put you over the edge.

Your eyes became teary when you realized that your idiot of a father only just showed up to one of the biggest nights of your life. But, not wanting to give people the chance to see you cry, you turned your sadness into anger, and the way you sang showed you that. You gazed straight ahead once more, not looking anywhere else in fear that your tears would some barreling out for all the school and everyone’s families to see.

When the caps were thrown and everything was done and done, you had to go and face your family. But in a way you didn’t.

You wiped away your tears and put on a fake smile when you walked towards your grandparents, your stepmother, and little brother, completely ignoring your father’s presence.

“Hey!” You smiled, giving your grandmother a hug before moving onto your grandfather. “Gosh, it’s so nice to see you.”

“Y/N, listen-”

“Oh, Vanessa, you look so beautiful in that dress!” You cut him off.

“Y/N, I mean it-”

“Aw and look at little Sebastian in his fancy little clothes!” You spoke, googling over your little brother who giggled in response to you. “You have fun?”

“Yeah!” He nodded vigorously.

You turned back to our grandparents, gave them another hug, and told them, “Gosh, it’s so good to see you guys! Thank you so much for coming!”

“Oh my-”

“And you know I just wanted to say that this really means a lot to me. I mean like so-”

“Y/N Miranda will you just stop talking and listen to me?!” Your father shouted over you, finally having enough of you ignoring him.

You turned slowly and face him. You crossed your arms and raised an eyebrow accusingly. “Listen to you? Listen to you? I don’t need to listen to you! You weren’t here when I asked you to be. End of story.”

“Y/N, you have to understand. There was a problem that needed my attention at today's’ matinee show! Thy couldn’t-”

“Oh, so this is what this is about? Missing my high school graduation, the only one I’ll ever have, for that show? Guess what, dad?! Look at this, dad! I got an award for writing and you weren’t freaking there to see it because of that show! There’s understudies and-and standbys for Alexander Hamilton! He could be played by anyone in that stupid musical! But there’s no standby by for my dad!” You shouted in his face. Tears started to roll down your cheeks. “God, I wish that it never existed!”

At the time, you hadn’t realized just how harsh the words were and how deeply they affected him. You simply left your father and the rest of your family behind you as you walked off, sobbing and wiping away your tears as a sad melody echoed in your head.

You sat at the piano in your room a few hours after the incident, your fingers gently pressing down on the keys to create a nonsensical tune. It didn’t make you forget about what just happened, but it at least calmed you down a little bit. You continued doing this until you heard a knock on the door.

“If you’re dad, piss off. If you’re anyone else, please come in.” You mumbled just loud enough for the person behind the door to hear you.

“First of all,” Vanessa’s voice came to your ears after the door creaked open. “Watch your language. It could’ve been Sebastian for all you know.”

“I’m pretty sure Sebastian can’t knock as well as that.” You sorrowfully laughed.

“And second of all, you really hurt your father.”

You semi-glared at Vanessa when she told you this. A range of emotions and thoughts flowed through you, but you didn’t have enough words in your dictionary or enough time to voice them all then and there. So instead, you just snapped, “Yeah, well he hurt me.”

“I understand that, Y/N, but you told him that you wished Hamilton never existed. And-and you know how hard he worked on that and just how much it means to him. Hearing you say that to him… he really hurts, you know? You should probably apologize to him when you’re ready.”

“Apologize?” You scoffed. “Why should I even consider doing that when he couldn’t even put it off for one day for his only daughter’s high school graduation? This isn’t like some dumb middle school concert or something that’s like, every year or something. This is something he can’t see again. And this has happened before, and you know that. My final Broadway night for choir? Poetry night? Sure, they were all recorded but what’s the point?”

Vanessa sat on your bed, examining you as you looked down at your frail fingers touching the piano keys.

“There’s more to it, isn’t there?” Vanessa questioned.

You didn’t look up at her. Your fingers stop moving and you just stared down at the keys, a solemn look on your face.

“You know, I… I wonder if I really matter to him. Like… am I just a burden to him?” You wondered. You scrunched your eyebrows together in thought pondering these questions that always haunted you for years. “I mean, my mother just left me in his hands and ran. Does he actually see me as his daughter… or just a disturbance that he had to deal with for eighteen years? A-All I want to do is make him proud, but it’s like there are bigger priorities.”

“No, no, no!” Vanessa exclaimed, rushing to her feet. “Now that’s not true. Y/N, you know he loves you! And you know he’s proud of you!”

“Yeah? Well, it’s proven eight times a week that he’s a really good actor.”

Behind your door was a distraught father, one who couldn’t handle the information that had just come out of your mouth. You, a gentle, precious ray of light, believed that you were nothing to him and that he wasn’t proud of you and everything you did. Well, he’d just have to find a way to fix that.

Vanessa had told you that she had to drop something off at the Richard Rodgers Theatre for your dad. She didn’t say what it was, just that it was important to get it there before the show ended. You honestly just wanted to stay in the car, but she dragged you along anyway, telling you she wasn’t going to let you stay in a car alone in New York City.

“Here,” Vanessa handed you a small, light box. “Give this to your dad when he comes off stage Go over and wait for him. I have to go put this in the dressing room.”

“What?” You turned to look back at her and refute, but she was already hurrying for the other hallway backstage. “Fine…”

You stood backstage, the crew members giving you kind smiles. You knew most of them after a coming to the theatre a few different times. They didn’t say anything to you with the show going on, but they simply greeted you with their eyes and a nod to which you returned with a small wave and a small of your own.

You stood a few feet away from the stage with just enough view of it to see Phillipa center stage with your father walking around her as everyone sang the final notes of “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story.” You felt a knot form in your stomach when you heard Phillipa let out a strained gasp when her character saw the audience watching the tale before her. When the lights faded out, and everyone went out for bows, you couldn’t stand to be there anymore.

“Could you give this to my father when he comes off please?” You asked, handing the box to a crew member.

They nodded and took the box from your grip. You spun around on your heels to head back out to the car, but your father’s voice caught you off guard, and kept you from moving forward.

“And one more thing before we all go! I have a something special for my very own Theodosia. My daughter, Y/N.”

You were frozen in your spot. You didn’t know what to do at that time. You could only listen as your father continued to speak to the audience with such cheerfulness, such… love… as he spoke about you. You slowly and hesitantly turned to look back at the stage.

“She just graduated college with honors in the English department. She got accepted into her dream college with a full scholarship… and I just couldn’t be more proud of her. So, to honor that, we will be singing one final song of the night, dedicated to her.” He announced.

You stepped forward, wanting to hear what would happen next. To say the least, you shocked when you heard the piano keys playing your graduation song from just a few nights ago. You gasped slightly, leaving you open-jawed. You watched Renée sing the solo out into the audience before everyone else joined in, your heart swelling with merriment.

“I’ll hear your words,
Here in my heart,
Wherever I go!
To make your proud…”

You felt your knees become weak as you heard the cast sing so beautifully and in such perfect harmony in that one single moment. You put your hand over your mouth to keep the heartfelt sigh at bay. Soon enough you felt more tears falling down your cheeks.

“What should I say? What should I do?
Lessons I’ve learned help me get through,
I can be strong, I can be brave,
Just thinking of you…
To make you proud!”

Your father noticed you and your sobbing self in the wings, smiled, and extended an arm to you. You staggered over, your legs seeming to become jelly as you walked out on stage. You noticed the cast members smiling as they sang when they noticed your form walk over with faltering steps towards your dad. Even the audience audibly gushed at the sight of you when you crashed into your father, going completely limp in his arms as you cried into his shoulder. You felt your dad pet your head soothingly as the song ended, and the audience and cast applauded in joviality.

“I’m sorry…” Your voice came out muffled as you cried into your father’s costume. “I’m so, so sorry. I-I shouldn’t have… I didn’t mean… God, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” He told you softly. He looked back at the audience and bid them a good night before he and the other cast members returned backstage. He looked back at you when you were all away from the stage. “Y/N, I’m so, so, so sorry. I should’ve been there for you…”

“I’m sorry I got so mad… And that I told you I hated the show.”

“It’s alright. You were just upset… But listen to me,” He took your face in his hands so you would look at him. “I love you with all my heart. You will never be a burden to me, and you will always be my precious little girl. No matter what your mother did, you are still my daughter, and you always will be. Don’t ever doubt that.” He kissed your forehead gently.

You shook your head, “I never will again.”