t ross

i’m so shocked at the number of posts i see about how friends would be a better show if ross wasn’t on it like you don’t have to like him as a person but PLEASE look me in the eye and tell me that your life would be enhanced if you had never seen ross come tearing out of his kitchen holding a plate of fajitas without oven mitts

Strange Shit That Has Happened On Game Grumps And Isn’t Even Discussed
  • Barristan Selmy from Game of Thrones opens a random episode for no apparent reason and with no explanation
  • Arin scream-sings Circle of Life in a public place
  • The fucking ads are the stuff of nightmares
  • Rob Schneider comes on Game Grumps after Arin completely rips apart his tv show for a full episode
  • Arin opened a set of 10 or so episodes with monologues about following his twitter, cooking your own food, that he’s really a bat portraying the character of Arin Hanson, that his editor is too handsome, he wants to sell out to Wendy’s, and then hits himself as hard as he can with a plastic bat. This is giffed but not commented on.
  • Chris Pratt likes the Super Mario Galaxy playthrough, confirms he is a melon with his name written on it.
  • Arin assembles what looks like a several hundred person mob to go to a random Wendy’s in Ohio, because he wants to sell out to them but they won’t return his tweets. 
  • They’ve got a fucking TV show coming out with the guys from Rick and Morty? Why is this not mentioned more?
  • L o v e l y  d a y  f o r  c r i c k e t 
  • Arin and Ross abused the ‘give a free ride get a free ride’ code on Uber by sending theirs out to 3.5 million people. Reportedly, Arin now has over 800 free rides.
  • Ross and Barry sold their pokemon fanart in an art gallery.
  • Seriously the fucking ads? In one of them Barry is turned upside down while Arin growls in a corner and then time-lapse punches Barry into a wall, and this is an advert for Lootcrate
  • Dan repeatedly hit a two pound gummy bear against a table to try and remove its head
  • A professor of theoretical physics quit his fucking job to do the show
2017 episode of friends

Rachel and Phoebe are getting pedicures. Monica discovers someone is catfishing people with Joey’s picture. she and Joey create a fake account and talk to him. Ross buys a fedora and then gets arrested after someone in a similar fedora robs a convenience store. he calls Rachel to bail him out. Monica falls in love with the catfish and tells him she knows the truth but wants to meet him anyway. Ross won’t tell Rachel and Phoebe what he was doing at the time of the robbery. They refuse to bail him out until he does. He admits that he was writing Indiana Jones fanfiction. The police overhear this and release him. Monica shows up at the coffee shop and waits for her catfish. It was Chandler all along. They laugh. Phoebe does a dramatic reading of Ross’s Indiana Jones fanfiction. Ross dies of influenza because Mrs. Gellar was an anti-vaxxer.