t richardson

Boris Karloff returns to the UK and to the show with T Hayes Hunter’s 1933 THE GHOUL; our first British horror film, and the first film rated H for horror!

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Clara: “- Woohoocking bitch! Never *boff* go near *bam* my family again *wham*!
Sierra: “- Step away from her, Clara, I got her! Call the ambulance, Dave!”
Clara: “- Bjorn? Oh my plumbbob! Bjorn! He’s bleeding! Do something!”
Sierra, to Babs: “ - Just give me a reason…”
Dave: “- The ambulance is on it’s way!”
Clara: “ - She stabbed him! *sobs uncontrollably* Oh Bjorn!
Sierra: “ - He’s strong, you know, a survivor! Come, let’s get you to the hospital”
Sierra: “- I’ll be at the hospital as soon as I can!”