t rice

best friend!seonho
  • feeds you all the time
  • asks you to go on errands with him
  • but usually it’s just to get food bc he’s hungry
  • “do you want to help me get a new shirt for my friend’s birthday?”
  • “sure”
  • *ends up finding nothing and y’all just eat instead*
  • takes a nap on ur lap
  • movie nights with pizza
  • eats mosts of the pizza before you even start the movie
  • good thing y’all ordered two large pizzas amirite
  • lol sike he still will eat a lot
  • falls asleep mid movie due to a food coma
  • matching phone cases
  • trying out new recipes you found online and failing
  • always buys the biggest popcorn at the movie theater 
  • but it’s okay bc he actually finishes them
  • breaks into song while walking in the streets
  • you have to move away from him because it gets embarrassing
  • but he chases after you
  • also really clingy
  • always has an arm around your shoulder
  • or has his arm interlocked with yours
  • and he drags you into stores but he never gets anything inside
  • bc all he ever spends his money on is food
  • bear hugs
  • oh it’s you’re birthday?? get ready to be smothered with a huge bear hug every five minutes while he sings happy birthday to you
  • copies your homework when he forgets about it (which is often)
  • probably the type to hold your bag for you on the way home from school just for fun
  • will share his snacks with you even if he doesn’t really want to share but because ur his bffl he will share snacks with you
  • always there to finish your sentences
  • and to back you up in arguments
  • when y’all get into a fight he gives you the silent treatment for a whole day before coming to your door with food
  • “you know one day, food won’t suffice as an apology.”
  • “i know but today it does, so let’s eat!!”
  • everyone thinks your dating by how much he clings onto you
  • and ur like ??¿?¿¿??¿? he is a child?¿?¿????/ no dating when child?¿??
  • distracts you while studying
  • has a lot of one liners
  • “you can’t fail the test if you don’t take it”
  • “actually seonho, you do fail if you don’t take it”
  • “…”

hansol: don’t you just hate it when you don’t eat enough rice throughout the meal and then you have leftover rice but nothing to eat it with

hansol: or like when you eat your rice too recklessly and then you have too many side dishes and not enough rice

seungcheol: ,,,,,,

seungcheol: can’t we just have a normal meal for once

The headcanons that is now canon

- Tweek baking and is good at it (like he’s 10 i can’t even make rice at that age)

- Craig trying to calm Tweek down

- Tweek on a stage

- Tweek is a musical bitch

- Spaceman Craig

- Craig losing control of his emotions (fanfic writers rolling in)

- Tweek bothering Craig early in the morning (because my poor child have anxiety)

- Pet names

- Tweek’s “I’m freaking out and i need you Craig”

- Craig sings (horribly but still)

- Tweek’s beautiful voice cuz he’s a fucking bird

- Healthy wholesome relationship

 Thank you all for your great contributions and ideas. Bet Matt and Trey read lots of it in order to make this episode,

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*a furry user glomps you down and nuzzles you, he looks at your blog* OWO what's this??

((this is somehow simultaneously the best and the worst ask i have ever received i fell out of my chair holy shi,t

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What really makes me wanna cry about the rice cake thing is that when he first says he doesn't like rice cakes, Jimin's face drops a lil and he gets ready to say something but then yoongs is just like basically, "you're an exception" and Jimin just smiles so big! They are just too much sometimes I love them 🤧. They don't even have to do much but still we /see/ and I love that about them~

right the whole vibe of this was so good their eye contact was wild it literally felt like the entire room was on pause

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When Yoongi said that he don't really likes rice cakes, Jimin seems a little sad becouse (maybe) he thibk that Yoongi didn't cach that he was talking about himself, but after Yoongi said that manggae tteok aren't bad, our little mochi smiled 😏

sometimes yoongi jokingly shuts him down like that which is still funny but this time he actually Went There i love them

ABC Soup/Stew

External image

Forgive my rambling but bit of nostalgia. This is the only soup recipe I pried off my mother because it’s my favourite, easy enough for me, refrigerates well and lasts several meals. Honestly I eat the entire pot myself over the course of a week. As for the name, we don’t really know what it’s called but used to joke that it’s because it contains Anions, Botatoes and Carrots. I add so much ingredients it should be called a stew.

The ingredients and cook time is all extremely forgiving. Alter the numbers as you see fit, until it fits a flavour of your own. I use more potatoes because I don’t have rice when I have it as a meal. Most of these ingredients are ‘asian’ so the flavour profile might differ, unless you shop at an asian grocer, of course. Recipes online generally include sweetcorn, but I heavily dislike the taste, and swap it out for a special ingredient.


  1. 3-4 large waxy potatoes, it needs to hold shape.
  2. 2 medium carrots for flavour because I don’t eat em, but you can.
  3. 2-3 med-small of your favourite ripe tomatoes, the redder the better.
  4. 2-3 med-small red onions - yellow is acceptable but won’t have the same sweetness.
  5. 1 medium to large zha cai, or spicy preserved mustard root. They’re bulbous green ugly things, marinaded with salt and chilli, usually sold in vaccuum packs or 'fresh’ in a tray.
  6. 500g cubed pork neck, flavourful stock and melt-in-mouth tender meat.

  7. 'Handful’ of dried gutted anchovy - there are probably a dozen types but they should be flat and white. The ones with guts will bitter the soup.
  8. White pepper, powdered.


I like my soup chunkier, so when I say cube, I mean the pieces are about 1-2 inches. It’s not that important to keep them the same size since it’s almost impossible to overcook this soup.

  1. Wash mustard root, cube, then put in a bowl with clean water to draw out some of the salt. Wash and clean the cubed pork of bone shards and such, if required.
  2. Prepare large stockpot and fill with water halfway and set to boil.
  3. Prep all the veg - peel the potatoes, onions and carrots, cube them and quarter the tomatoes with skin on. Set all in large colander for easy adding later.
  4. Water should be boiling by now. Drain mustard root and add to pot with the pork, toss in handful of anchovies. At this point we used to throw in a muslin bag of cracked white pepper but I’ve found that to be troublesome, so skip ahead.
  5. Add rest of the ingredients slowly to prevent splashing esp if you’re like me and the pot is brimming at this point. Bring back up to a boil.
  6. Turn heat to low, lid on, and forget about it for 2-3 hours. I like to leave the house for breakfast at this point and return to a delicious wafting aroma.
  7. Taste test. The mustard root and dried anchovy should provide enough salt to flavour everything in the soup to its core. If it’s too salty, add water. If it’s not salty enough(generally never the case), add salt. Add generous amounts of white pepper.

Be sure to have it room temperature before refrigerating. I ladle cold it out of the pot and simply microwave each meal individually. It gets saltier overnight so adding water to an individual portion also stretches it out.

You all wanna know what Viktor de Lioncourt’s existence means to me?

it means my OTP can now canonically engage in sexy times—so, c'mon Anne, why isn’t this series just blatant erotica, yet?