t rex hates

  • Me: so do you like Jurassic Park?
  • Them: no, it's a really dumb franchise and concept.
  • Me: *shoving breadsticks in my raptor's mouth* I gotta go *rides off on T.-Rex*

Miny random vent

I’m going to be honest, I hate T-Rex. I am so sick a tired of T-Rex always being one of the faces of popular dinos. It always over shadows cooler and much more interesting dinos.

I will admit that yes T-Rex was one of Earth’s most powerful predators. For once I would like other theropod dinosaurs get some attention. And was a major importance in the fossil wars.

T-Rex has the same problem as the great white. Were the moment you mention dinosaurs T-Rex is usally the first one people of. Just like how when people bring up sharks, everyone thinks of the great white. And every movie with theropod dinosaurs always has to have a T-Rex. It seriously piss me off that other dinos don’t get a chance to shine.

I want to see people list s dino thst idn’t popular and deserve some attention.