The 12 Signs as Dinosaurs
  • Aries:Spinosaurus
  • Taurus:Brachiosaurus
  • Gemini:Velociraptor
  • Cancer:Triceratops
  • Leo:Tyrannosaurus
  • Virgo:Iguanodon
  • Libra:Compsognathus
  • Scorpio:Troodon
  • Sagittarius:Chris Pratt
  • Capricorn:Stegosaurus
  • Aquarius:Pterodactyl
  • Pisces:Plesiosauria
The signs as Jurassic World’s Dinosaurs

Indominous Rex ( Awesome one ): Sagittarius & Leo

Tyrannosaurus Rex ( Flare chasing one ): Aries & Taurus

Velociraptor ( Chris Pratt loving one ): Gemini & Capricorn

Pteranodon ( Flying one ): Aquarius & Pisces

Ankylosaurus ( Indominous fighting one ): Virgo & Scorpio

Mosasaurus ( Big water one ): Cancer & Libra

It occurred to me that the T-rex (we really need an official name for her) from the original Jurassic Park only killed one human in the movie, and it was that shitty lawyer who abandoned the kids anyway, so he had it coming. She wasn’t in the second or third film as those took place on the other island. She was, however, in Jurassic World where (spoilers) she saved everyone’s asses, JUST like she did at the end of the first film. So let’s do a tally here.

Humans Killed: 1

Humans Saved: 8 + 1 velociraptor

In conclusion the T-rex is the real protagonist of the series thank you.