t refinery

Weapon Refinery Details

Holy crap the weapon refinery is going to shift the meta. I’ll try to list as many as I’ve found, and hopefully people can fill in the rest. (Note: I’m going with the units I have. I don’t have all the units that got upgrades.)


All upgraded staves have a choice between Dazzling or Wrathful Staff’s effect.

Gravity+ affects the target and all foes adjacent to the target.

Pain+ deals it’s effect (10 post-combat damage) to it’s target and all foes in a 2 square radius.

Fear+ gives an ATK -7 effect to the target and all foes in a 2 square radius.

Absorb+ gives 7 HP heal to all Allies withing 2 spaces of target.

The effects of the heal abilities are also changed, but they aren’t in the refinery. I’ll put them in a different post.


Fujin Yumi allows Takumi to walk through forests when HP is greater than 50%, as well as ability to warp to any Ally when above 50%.


All daggers debuff their target and any foes in a 2 square radius.

Deathly Dagger deals 10 post combat damage to target and foes in the 2 square radius, as well as preventing town users from countering.

Smoke Dagger deals a -6 debuff to all stats. (HOLY OP)

Rogue Dagger applies Def/Res debuff/buff of +/- 6 to foes/allies, with the buff affecting all allies in a 2 square radius.


Mystletainn gains Fury 3 in addition to its original effect.

Sol Katti gains Desperation 3 and Brash Assault 3, except the threshold is at 75% instead of 50%.

Zanbato negates horse buffs, in addition to its original effects.

All swords that had an upgraded form (Tyrfing, Durandal, Killing+) now have the upgraded form. So Durandal becomes Blazing Durandal, etc.


Hauteclere has the Wo Dao’s effect (+10 atk on special).

Legion’s Axe applies it’s effect on the target + the 2 square radius.


Siegmund gains Hone Atk 3 with a threshold of 90% and above HP.

Ridersbane negates horse buffs.


Naga, Excalibur, and Aura upgrade to their superior counterpart (Dark versions + Divine Naga).

Keen Wolf tomes have 12 MT and can negate horse buffs.


All breaths target the weaker stat between Def and Res.

Dark Breath’s debuff reaches -7 Atk/Speed, and can trigger on any combat.

Lightning Breath just has better MT, plus the stat targeting.

Light Breath buffs all allies within a 2 square radius Atk/Speed/Def/Res +5 after any combat.

It looks like the stat targeting is only against ranged units, but I’m not sure.

The last weapons that I know got upgraded are the spring weapons that granted +4 HP heals. They now activate on any combat.

Again,I now this isn’t every weapon that got upgraded, but these are the ones I know about. Feel free to add more!