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Author: mintsoda



Me: So, are you going to send me a selca now or not?

Jimin is getting a little impatient now. He needs that picture, and he needs it now.

Me: hyung hyung hyung

Me: pretty please?

Yoongi hyung: Later, Jimin. I’m still at work and I really want to continue earning money by talking about sex toys on the phone with you

Yoongi hyung: And I have a feeling you enjoy those conversations as well.”

Yoongi is working for an online sex toy shop hotline. Jimin is calling said hotline. Many many times.

Comments: This is rated, but how is it so cute?

warwinterwolf  asked:

*Opens Spotify and my many Tony Stark Playlist* Here we go *Inhales* Polarize - Twenty One Pilots | Game - Mating Ritual | Crazy=Genius - Panic! ATD | Over - Seafret | Save me - BTS | Unstable - Zak Abel | Icarus - Bastille | Lionhearted - Porter Robinson | Sail away - The Rasmus | Nicotine - Panic! ATD | Houdini - Foster the People | The Scientist - Coldplay | Your Bones - Of Monsters and Men | Iron - Woodkid | Papaoutai - Stromae | Desire - Years & Years (I would put more but im not in home <3

!!! a full Tony Stark Song playlist oh my goodness!!! also, you can’t just casually rec the scientist as a tony stark song i’m going to cry oh my gosh,,,,

Spirk Fic Rec List: 16 Spirk FanFics I Enjoyed

Most of them are based on the AOS universe, and the ones that are based on the TOS universe can be read as AOS universe. Make sure to read the summary and author’s notes before reading!

AU - Different first meetings

Kirk and Spock meet because Spock’s phone number gets written on a toilet cubicle wall in Starfleet Academy and Kirk starts sending him text messages!! This was so cute to read.

Ok so Spock wants to stop his Starfleet carreer and go back to Vulcan, until he meets Kirk and gets the BIGGEST crush on him.

Basically to keep the Enterprise, Kirk has to have a fake relationship with someone to show Starfleet that he is actually capable of being in a serious relationship. (It’s better explained in the fic where it actually makes sense.)

Warning: At first Jim is against the idea of him being gay because he’s so convinced that he’s straight. But throughout the fic he finds himself beginning to understand that he’s actually bisexual. It may look like a ‘straight with an exception’ fic at first but it’s really not! He just takes his time discovering his bisexuality.

Canon compliant

This fic totally fits in the AOS canon timeline, now Kirk is just sercretly a astrophysics genius who publishes under a pseudonym (Dr. Kirkpatrick I MEAN) and Spock has the HUGEST crush on him. This was so fucking fun to read. Spock is SO obvious in this fic.

After the mind meld with Spock Prime, Kirk starts to feel cold. It’s like he can’t live without melding with Spock… this was so good.

Spock and Kirk are together but Spock doesn’t really touch Kirk’s hands. So immediately Jim thinks he’s doing something wrong but the reality is that Spock gets SUPER horny from touching hands.

Basically they swap bodies and end up fucking each other like that… this was oddly good.

Spock is REALLY good at giving back rubs. You know how this is gonna end.

Again ‘Spock is REALLY good at giving massages. You know how this is gonna end.’ because? Spock is just amazing at massages apparently.

Kirk gives Spock a kitten and Spock with a kitten is just the cutest shit in the whole universe. 

It’s cold on the Enterprise and Kirk starts standing closer and closer next to Spock. For body heat of course.

Spock can’t contain his feelings for his captain anymore and starts stealing Vulcan kisses.

Warning: Some can consider this dub/con since Spock basically gives Kirk Vulcan kisses without asking him first.

On a hive mind planet (like in Beyond) the crew ends up sharing their thoughts and memories for a night.

Warning: Mentions of Chekov and Bones being in love.

Spock and Kirk are imprisoned and basically Kirk ends up almost dying. SO MUCH ANGST.

Warning: Mentions of torture.

They end up on a planet inhabited by a nudist colony. Kirk has no problem adjusting to their lifestyle. Also pubic hair gets dyed.

Warning: Might be a little OOC since I have no idea if Kirk would actually go totally nude just because the colony on the planet does it. Also Uhura might seem a bit OOC as well since she ends up going nude as well (though not as extreme as Kirk).

Spock starts asking Kirk about his previous sexual encounters with men. Spock is very insecure and just wants Kirk to love him ok??

Warning: Mentions of previous sexual assault and child abuse.

Chaos Theory
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: tessacrowley | Word Count: 102,700 | Rating: M

Summary: Chaos: when the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. One gene varies, one neuron fires, one butterfly flaps its wings, and Draco Malfoy’s life is completely different. Draco has always found a certain comfort in chaos. Perhaps he shouldn’t.

Review: This is… a whole new level of drarry fanfiction, you just have to read it

Draco is a child genius, and get’s sorted into Ravenclaw and there are a lot more changes besides - but Draco’s voice, his mind, his personality, his actions and the relationship he forms with Harry (and how it affects both of them)… they’re all so unique and real and perfectly understood and written by the author.

Despite the difficult content and the length, the writing and flow of the plot makes it so easy to read and devour, with just enough lightness and humour to balance the dark and serious portions. It’s so crazy, and definitely AU right from the beginning of the Harry Potter series, but there’s no feeling of wrongness at all because it’s its own story - like a retelling. 

I promise you that despite how strange and “not-worth-it” it feels to read an AU (at least that’s how I usually feel), this is one fic worth reading. This fic seriously got me good.

Content/Warnings: AU - Canon divergence, Science, Humour, Torture, Violence, Disability, Mentions of rape

Mood Music: Worth The Fight - BROODS

This is the lesson of Russell Westbrook. In a deeply imperfect world — a world where a shooting touch will suddenly abandon you at the worst possible moment, where your teammates might not be good enough to make a win possible, where an economy might suddenly collapse for no apparent reason, where the decency of strangers cannot be presumed — in a world like that, Westbrook’s approach to life might actually be the most rational one. You control the things you can control (family, daily routines, the occasional big choice) and outside that you fling yourself with wild abandon, every day, at every object that seems worthy of pursuit. In the absence of guarantees, in the absence of certainty, in the new American volatility, we can bank on only one thing: total presence, total sincerity, total effort, all the time. That is the sound of one hand clapping.
The Girl In The Kneazle Nightie
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: Saras_Girl | Word Count: 29.8k | Rating: PG-13

Summary: All Luna wants is for her friends to be happy. Harry and Draco aren’t going to make it easy for her, but that’s okay. She has a plan.

Review: So soft and so pure, with such a wonderful aura of positivity and well being and sheer happiness!!! I truly can’t deal with how beautiful and charming this was, as you can tell from all the adjectives I jumble into this review…

This is written through Luna’s perspective, and gosh - this Luna is truly the most darling and strong and wonderful character ever. It’s just so respectful to canon, it took my breath away. You see, Luna has a project to help all her friends get what they really want in their lives. And she goes about getting this done in the most delightfully sneaky, funny and earnest ways. Of course, her pushes directed towards Harry and Draco result in the most wonderful start of their relationship, after all the quiet watching they indulged in before Luna set her sights on them!

This fic is so lighthearted and well intentioned, with the most wonderful details and characters giving a weight to this brilliant story. It will absolutely leave you with the biggest smile on your face in the end. 

Content/Warnings: Alternate POV, Humour, Fluff

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe update your friends with benefits rec? Thank you!

Since I can’t seem to find the post anywhere, I think I’ll just make a brand new rec :)


We Are Young (I’ll Carry You Home Tonight) (femmequixotic)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 68.8k, Summary: Harry and Draco have been falling into bed on and off again since the last election five years ago, much to the amusement - and financial gain - of their circle of friends.

And Back Again (Where You Belong) (@eidheann)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 15.9k, Summary: He thought back on their previous handshakes, and smiled faintly at the fact they always seemed to mean so much more to him than they did to Potter.

Party Of Two (fireflavored)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 13.6k, Summary: Drinking, sex, and a total misreading of the concept of fuck buddies.

Just One Of Those Things (kedavranox)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 14.1k, Summary: Harry and Draco have sex!
Featuring a Muggle curious Draco, a deliciously amused Harry and a strangely perverted Luna. Love’s a pretty scary thing when you find it. Especially when your parents just don’t get it.

Of Love And Treacle Tarts (olimakiella)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 7.6k, Summary: “Why do you keep sneaking out of here when I’m sleeping? Like I’m some one night stand you’re ashamed of?” - Harry has to figure out what he wants before Draco gets sick of waiting.

Get Some (sara_holmes)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 81,220, Summary: Harry is getting rather fed up with everyone treating him differently after the war, and catches hold of the one person who doesn’t seem to care about his hero status.

Five Weddings And A Potions Accident (Anonymous)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 19.5k, Summary: In which Harry thinks he’s a playboy, everyone else knows better, and Hermione will kill Seamus if Ron tries to collect on that bet.

One More Time (Let’s Do It Again) (@huldrejenta)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 5.6k, Summary: Draco preferred his life free from the unforeseen and the uncontrollable. Surely he could handle Potter, though, friends with benefits or not. But since when had anything involving Potter gone according to plan?

I’ve Waited Here For You (Everlong) (AmoretteHD)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 23.4k, Summary: Ever since Ginny started dating Blaise, Harry has had to see a lot of Blaise’s friends as well… and with them comes Malfoy. Everyone’s too focused on rebuilding the world after the war to notice that Malfoy is still a dick, so they don’t seem to mind letting him into their little group. But Harry remembers everything, and when he’s not having nightmares from the war or training to become an Auror, he is doing his best not to let himself become friends with Draco Malfoy. And friends with benefits is not actually friends… is it?

Humbug (A Christmas Tale) (snegurochka)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 30k, Summary: Draco has been taking his casual relationship with Harry for granted. Visits from four key ghosts the night before Christmas just might shake up his priorities in life.

Black Holes And Revelations (femmequixotic)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 38k, Summary: What was meant to be an unexpected one-off in the loo of a Camden bar turns into something rather different, much to Harry and Draco’s surprise.

Running Up That Hill (hazel_wand)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 12.7k, Summary: Harry had spent the first years after the war waiting and trying to fall in love with Ginny and had been unable to. It had turned out all right, sort of. Ginny had settled down with the Harpies’ Seeker and Harry, well, Harry had Draco. Sometimes.

Meaningful Conversation (RurouniHime)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 9.2k, Summary: The best conversations happen at the oddest times. Harry Potter returns to London and finds Draco Malfoy there, ready to pick up where they left off.

Settle In My Slow-Burning Heart (orphan_account)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 10k, Summary: Five years after the war Draco is working a tech developer job in the Auror Office, and it’s all great except this one thing: Harry Potter works there, too. Things only become stranger when Harry starts bringing Draco ugly souvenirs back from his work travels. When Harry then shows up injured in Draco’s flat, Draco considers the possibility that he’s going insane.

Harry Potter Gives A Shit (talithan)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 58k, Summary: “Where are you headed?” “No place special,” Draco fumbled, and flushed further. But then: “I can change that,” said Harry Potter.

One Step At A Time (dracogotgame)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 6.8k, Summary: “I know we’re not in love with each other. But we could be. If you let us. If you gave us, this a chance.” Content/Warnings: MPreg

Not Just When You Want To Be (@gracerene09)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 36.9k, Summary: A little over a year after the end of the war, fate seems intent on pushing Harry and Draco together. Staying together is a different matter entirely. Prequel to Are You Mine

Clear As Mud (scoradh)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 9,8k, Summary: One could be said to have stretched the term ‘friends’ rather far.

An Act of Kindness for One Harry Potter by a Sympathetic Draco Malfoy (0idontknow0)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 15k, Summary: As Draco leaned on the wall to wait for them to get dressed, he could not help feeling like he had done a very kind thing by disrupting them. Someone should give Potter a better rogering than that sorry sod had. The man had saved the bloody world—okay, mostly Europe—the least someone could do was give him a proper shag.

Harry Potter Is A Dirty Exhibitionist (@eidheann)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 13.1k, Summary: The ten times they almost got caught and one time they did.

You First, Loser (zeitgeistic)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 6.3k, Summary: When Harry and Draco’s “not serious” three-year relationship results in a one-in-a-million pregnancy, they decide who will be the unlucky one to tell their families in a very mature and adult fashion that indubitably proves their inherently stellar parenting abilities: with a bet over a (probably rigged, let’s be real; Draco is playing) game of Exploding Snap. Content/Warnings: MPreg

Little Talks (femmequixotic)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 11.3k, Summary: Draco’s been shagging the Head Auror for months now, and he’s sure it’s just a fling. Until Harry asks him to a Quidditch match, that is, and things go horribly wrong.

Into My Heart (Anonymous)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 19k, Summary: No strings…easy. Right? Unless you’re Draco Malfoy and you’re having sex with Harry Potter.

Learning To Breathe (okydoky)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 18k, Summary: Draco knew what his life was going to be like, there was never any doubt. He never expected to fall in love especially with someone who wasn’t his wife. But, he did, and somehow, Harry Potter became the thing that kept him breathing. Content/Warnings: Epilogue Compliant, Infidelity

Pub Night (sdk)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 7.1k, Summary: In a cramped loo at The Bitter End, what Harry and Draco do is only about one thing: getting off. …Isn’t it?

Nothing Like The Sun (lomonaaeren)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 144.2k, Summary: Harry finally realizes that he has trouble keeping lovers both because of his looks and because he isn’t very good at sex. He does what he can to alter that, but it seems he’s never going to be good enough to satisfy a wizard lover. When Draco Malfoy offers, Harry thinks a casual relationship with him might be the solution to his problems. But he should have remembered one thing: when it comes to Harry, Malfoy has a problem staying casual.

A Convenient Impracticality (@firethesound)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 38.5k, Summary: Somehow Harry ends up agreeing to a fake relationship with his ex-nemesis-turned-friendly-acquaintance-with-benefits, except for some reason it involves an awful lot of actual dating and, sadly, not much sex. Confused? Harry is too, but when has anything with Draco Malfoy ever been as straightforward as it seems?

So Many Shards Of Crystal (@alpha-exodus)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 3.5k, Summary: Draco doesn’t love Harry, and Harry knows it.

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What are some songs you listen too when you're sad. Songs that are soft and make you cry because they're happy and bring out your emotions?

i actually have two playlists on spotify for this sort of thing - one for sad songs (x) and one that has mellow themes with happier lyrics (x). tbh i usually only cry to very specific songs, and happy songs don’t make me cry, but i’ll see what i can find!

my go-to crying songs:

  • lies - marina and the diamonds
  • bravado - lorde
  • she used to be mine - sara bareilles
  • a beautiful mess - jason mraz
  • landslide - fleetwood mac
  • between two lungs - florence + the machine
  • million years ago - adele
  • liability - lorde (yes this song literally just came out but it’s already made me cry and it’s so emotional)

sad, gentle songs:

  • rivers and roads - the head and the heart
  • explosions - ellie goulding
  • buzzcut season - lorde
  • tracks in the snow - the civil wars
  • bitter and sick - one two
  • dim the lights - creep ft sia
  • god only knows - elizaveta
  • koo koo - oh land
  • dream - imagine dragons
  • devils on our side - jukebox the ghost
  • fear and loathing - marina and the diamonds
  • willow - jasmine thompson

mellow, happier songs:

  • tiger striped sky - roo panes
  • skyway drive-in - shane alexander
  • boardwalks - little may
  • pacific blue - emily zeck
  • on the frame - beta radio
  • bloom - the paper kites
  • sun tomorrow - ira wolf
  • top to toe - fenne lily
  • you and i - ingrid michaelson
  • honeybee - steam powered giraffe
  • hummingbird - miss e
  • you are the moon - the hush sound
One White Lie

One White Lie by komodobits
Rating: T
Word Count: 11,200
Summary: Castiel takes a deep breath and rings the doorbell. He doesn’t need to run through what he’s going to say – he’s already planned and edited and rehearsed it a thousand times. He is going to ask Dean Winchester out to dinner. If it’s not too forward, he’ll say, perfectly charming. You see, I’ve seen you around the neighbourhood and you always seem so earnest and I’d really like to get to know you bette— The door swings open, and Castiel panics.
He intends to excuse himself. He means to apologise and come back some other time. However, in a moment of blind fear, what comes out of his mouth instead are the words, “Could you spare a moment for Jesus Christ?”

OMFG! This fic was freaking hilarious. Crack pure and simple. Castiel’s inner dialog was a thing of disturbed beauty - the poor man. The things that come out of his mouth are at complete odds with what he really wants to say. And he just keeps digging the hole deeper and deeper. I often laugh and move on with fics like this, but this one just demanded to be shared. Don’t drink and read unless you enjoy spitting across the room!

Strangeness and Charm
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: @drarrytrash / FeelsForBreakfast | Word Count: 45.8k | Rating: M

Summary: One November night during his eighth year at Hogwarts, Draco ends up in the forbidden forest. That’s how it starts.

or: If two boys fall in love in a magical forest, does it still make a sound?

Review: Such a beautiful story, with a sharp contrast being made between the dreamy quality of Harry and Draco’s explorations of the forbidden forest and the strong and encompassing feelings they develop for each other.

Draco and Harry find themselves lost in their own ways after the war, unable to swing themselves back into normalcy. Both start to get drawn to the Forbidden Forest at night, which is sentient and offers comfort and magic and gentle guidance to the boys towards each other. However, when they start to cross paths in the forest, the lines between reality and the forests creations blur, leaving the two with tangled emotions of longing and confusion and loads of resultant pining and UST. 

The descriptions of the forest, from both Harry and Draco’s eyes are beautiful, as is the gentle yet insistent chemistry between the two of them. This is a sweet, slow paced and romantic fic.

Content/Warnings: 8th Year, Pining, Romance

Mood Music: Capsize - Frenship & Emily Warren

Friday Fic Recs - Sterek Pack Fics

Sterek Pack Fics; canon, future fic and everything in between. Some of these recs cross over from yesterday’s post but eh. 

Lock All The Doors Behind You by entanglednow | 25,960

He has no idea what you’re supposed to say when you find one of your…werewolf acquaintances, completely out of their mind, growling like they’re about to see what your insides taste like. There’s no handbook for this. Stiles is thinking that if he survives he might write one.

Wayward and Down by affectingly | 32.331

That time it took not one, but two separate troll attacks and a malevolent coven of witches for Stiles to figure out how he felt about Derek.

Show Me The Way Back Home Baby by stilinskisparkles | 14,968

In which Lydia and Jackson produce the world’s cutest baby, and the pack goes crazy– the good kind of crazy. Except for Derek, who is afraid of tiny cute babies and Stiles who plans to be the best Uncle ever. Even if Danny called dibs on Godfather.

will to follow through by owlpostagain | 42,411

“It depends entirely on how you look at it, I guess,” Stiles shrugs. “On the one hand, instant healing and the apparently inherited ability to pull off leather at all times. On the other, serious attitude problems and a suspicious disappearance of eyebrows.”

“Even Derek’s?” Danny snorts, “that’s a lot of eyebrow to lose.”

“I know,” Stiles agrees. “You should see, it’s so weird. Every time I want to ask him where they go, except he’d totally eat my face off.”

“There are worse ways to die.”

He’s Not Mine by Sunnee | 68,534

Derek comes home to find an abandoned werebaby on his front porch and Stiles volunteers to help him out. Surprisingly, that is just the beginning of his problems.

Hey There Little Red… by 1lostone | 52,915

Stiles knew that agreeing to meet Lydia in the middle of the damn woods, in the middle of the damn night wasn’t one of his best ideas. Really. He did.

Let us Stray ‘til Break of Day by Loz | 55,507

Derek decides the best way to get Scott to join his pack is to seduce Stiles first. Derek makes terrible decisions.

The Second Coming (of Werewolf Jesus) by lupinus, uraneia | 40,104

Stiles was enjoying his senior year until his crazy English teacher decided he made the best candidate to gestate Derek’s kid. Now Stiles is a seventeen-year-old pregnant dude and he and Derek have to figure their shit out, because in nine months they are going to be tied together for the rest of their lives.

Fly a Little Faster by mirrorkill | 32,058

Everyone knows when you go back in time, you shouldn’t step on an ant, just in case you accidentally kill your own grandparent or something. But what happens when you go back in time and, uh, accidentally interrupt the one event that apparently made the Grumpiest Alpha in Town into a ball of mindless manpain?

Well, if Marty McFly can do it, so can Stiles Stilinski. All he has to do is get Derek and Paige to fall in love before he gets pulled back to his own time. And before he makes anything worse. That’s easy as pie, right? Right?

Stilinski’s Home for Wayward Wolves by owlpostagain | 35,197

In which Stiles Stilinski moves to Beacon Hills for his junior year of high school and accidentally adopts a pack of teenage werewolves.

all you’re giving me is friction by drunktuesdays | 4,707

Stiles is Alpha bait.

The truth about love (comes at 3 AM) by Finduilas | 9,587

When the pack gets locked in at Derek’s new loft during a snowstorm, they play ‘truth or dare’ to pass the time.