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Someone really tried to grill me last night for my path, saying it was incorrect and even lesser than “other people’s.” Besides the fact that I just don’t want to be recon, my approach is also largely formed by my spoonie status and my I’m-not-comfortable-spending-that-kind-of-money status. Apparently that makes me uneducated and lazy. Apparently the result is “not actually” hellenic polytheism. I know what I value for myself and MY path, but it still hurts to deal with. That’s where I’m at today, and pretty out of it, any validation and good vibes are appreciated. Sorry to whine and pander at y'all ❤️

“Welcome Home!” FF:60

Finn stood up on his tippy toes, in attempt to look over the heads of the people in front of him. One year had passed by since Rey’s deployment- and today was finally the day she would return. Looking around him at the handful of people reunited with their family or lovers.

Feeling anxious he kept looking and looking, did he somehow get the wrong time? No way- he couldn’t have, he reconized the battlation members and their names. Biting his lip, Finn pushed foward through the crowd scanning his eyes over the Air Force members not seeing Rey.

Suddenly feeling tapping at his shoulder, he turned around to see Rey, a big smile on her face and her arms wide. “Rey! Rey babygirl I missed you!” Finn said in a suprised voice evloping her in a tight and protective hug buring his head into the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent he had longed for..

Rey pressed herself into his body, sighing happily as she was at last in her husbands arms once again..


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or when e*o fans says that e*o and smt doesn't need western reconization but smt out there sending albums to jeff from billboard lmao and why does smt suddenly made twt accs for their artists and groups AFTER bts was nominate for billboard award? yeah doesn't want western reconization my ASS

this is all facts!! also exols had this whole project where they requested monster to us radio stations trying to get it played hgghjf,,, and the time exos producer spammed western artists on twitter pretending to be a fan with the link to the love me right youtube video lmao

So, I decided to draw Spinel Gem War form. Well, if you saw my eariel Spinel draws, you will notice a picture where I draw her first-time fusion. I said that at the beginig she wasn’t a stabile fusion, and her character was only a one big mix of disadvantages of her components. And her look change literally after all regeneration, so all her forms look diferent. By the way, during the war, Spinel was a cold, heartless person, who was focused only on survive. It was war, after all. But her attitude is the result  of that fact, that she had a serious problems with understanding who she really was. But after war, and after fev calm years, she finally understand that she don’t have to meet any standarts, and just have to be herself. But her war herself was the reason why any homeworld gem don’t reconize her. Because she has nothing similiar with this cold, cruel warrior that sje used to be. But this isn’t bad, because through her actions, after Rose Quartz, she is the most  wanted war criminal. And one more fact about her. She don’t have one scecific weapon, because her component, Scolecite, also don’t have it. Why? Because every Scolecite have  aspecific ability, which consists in that they can summon EVERY kind of weapon they know, but they do it mostly for they shows. You know, to make they owner laught and keep in good mood. So Spinel and Scolecite can summon every weapon that they know, but Spinel prefer sword, shield, spear and knuckle-duster (wich is a Purple Sapphire weapon. Fire Opal’s weapon is her pirokinesis).