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I recently hit my first thousand and I wanted to give back somehow. To say thanks I’ve pulled together an editing g!veaway for my followers >:3c

    - You have to be following me
    - You have to reblog this post
    - Likes aren’t counted as entries


1st place will get to choose 4 of the below.
2nd place will get to choose 3 of the below.
3rd place will get to choose 2 of the below.
4th place will get to choose 1 of the below. 

prizes vary from 1st to 4th place.
 * = 2nd and higher, ! = can be chosen multiple times.
(click the first letters of each prize for refs)

here are all my edits.

     - Character aes/moodboard*
     - Gif set*
     - Header pack (5)!
     - Icon pack (10)!
     - Painting graphic*
     - Simple graphic!*
     - Transparent pack (5)!*
     - Url insp graphic 


All entries will be put in a random generator and 4 winners will be pulled in the middle or end of December.

ill edit just about anything, don’t be afraid to ask. Be respectful if I decline your request based on the series/character that you want me to edit. I refuse to edit m!nor/adult relationships and anything related. 

Thank you! Good luck ✨ 🐣 (10/13)

transparent bands

transparent bands

transparent bands - requested by anon