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Since people have been sending me unpopular opinions recently, I now want to say some of my own!

-I think the anime version of Luffy and Coby at the beginning of the story is better than the manga

-The music for the anime is extremely underrated 

-I actually hate anything to do with the Davy Back Fight (save for Afro Luffy)

-Sky Island was not a pointless arc

-Reiju has not been redeemed at all and while I love her as a character, it seems everyone has forgotten how incredibly selfish and flawed she is

-Pudding isn’t that bad of a character

-I wanted more of a flashback for Big Mom. I felt it was way too short and I would have loved to see HOW she built her enormous family and where it started

-Some aspects of the 4kids dub are actually good

-It irks me to no end when people refer to Hancock as ‘Boa’

-I think the Arlong Arc is one of the best arcs in the series

-While I enjoy the little references Oda does with his chapters, I would much rather prefer better pacing than references (looking at you Dressrosa)

-I don’t hate the look of Gear Fourth nor do I think it looks stupid

-Gear third is incredibly underwhelming 

-I get incredibly frustrated when I’m reminded of Chopper’s bounty

-Injuries have no meaning in the story and it bothers me

-The anime doesn’t have to be passed onto another anime company for it to be good. Toei has produced good stuff, they just need to get their asses into gear again (they’ve been doing it with DBS, they can do it with OP)

-The cartoon style of early OP never bothered me and I don’t understand why the artistic style should determine how good the story is 

-People in the fandom don’t understand the difference between bad animation and bad art and it annoys me with a passion


Hello Hiroshima! (02/13)

Thanks to Sophia (@aseria) for editing 。・゚・(ノ∀`)・゚・。

Visual Board Tour Event:

Sendai | Sapporo | Hiroshima

Mitsuki: Let’s begin todays IDOLISH7’s web program…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~!

Sougo: This web program is presented by the seven members of IDOLISH7. It takes place the same time as our tour to seven different cities, “Visual Board Tour.”

Yamato: People of Sapporo, did you have fun~? This might be sudden but, make a promise to Onii-san. Please be sure to choose how spicy you would like your curry soup to be. (Don’t order it like Sou bc it’s inedible.)

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Heyy!! Yayy! Free time! How about some jealous!Male!Pudding watching Luffy and Sanjina from afar that are laughing and having a great time?

Sorry for the late reply…..

Pudding wouldn’t say anything since Luffy’s Sanjina’s crew and captain, but deep down Pudding REALLY wants to hang, drown, AND quarter the Straw Hat’s limbs and dick… if it is the last thing he can do.

Does anyone else have the fear that all along your friends have been making fun of you and they don’t want you around 

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Hey I don't think Pudding's jealousy is an obstacle for Sana. This kind of scene already happen during Sanji with Viola. In the end, Oda use Sanji mention Nami's name during he want to go to Sunny Go to save Nami & others. Viola realised he already has other woman by mentioning Nami's name. It's the same with this case, Oda use Sanji catch Nami and smiling together just to makes Pudding realised that he already has other woman and that is Nami. I know u lunami fans use Pudding jealousy poor u :p

hey but your are the same bad person who send the same question to all luna shipper! Are you afraid for your ship? xD I know some Sana are not sooo crazy like you. You can enjoy this moment but personally you are causing problem for nothing. 

I will explain more the bad comparison you just made above. Viola isn’t pudding, pudding isn’t viola.  and it’s still about a shonen not about a shojo, Oda will not make a fuss with a love triangle in his story. Already complex with all the intrigue which just start. 

We are shipper, but we all have to honestly accept something that some of us forget: it’s called “the coherence in the story” After all sanji’s behavior, all sanji/pudding interaction If Oda really forcast to make sanjixNami happened then it’s definitely not logic regarding the main plot, which first is focus on sanji’s past and then on defeated big mom the yonkou. The wedding between sanji and pudding was supposedly being an “ arranged mariage” if he was in love with another girl, in what hell could he accept pudding as her wife? (when he doesn’t know her true intention) even after her true character revealed he continue his chilvary toward her like nami doesn’t exist? 

you are a sana, you can’t denied sanji’s character toward woman, but can’t denied how kind and loyal he can be toward his friends.

and saying “ Oda use sanji mention nami’s name to make viola realize, he already has other woman” is out of context and completely empty/dead of logic. If this relationship was admitted by the crew, then the following chapter and all the event happen don’t match this way of vision for sanji and nami… And how could you explain nami and sanji development’s character in the main story? It’s (again) illogical and  incoherent for sanji’s character development, and nami’s too! 

Sanji isn’t a promiscuous man and don’t pass from pudding to nami so easily. He trait all woman with due respect, if he has to save his friends he will. And this scene wasn’t  to make sana happen, because, if you  concentrate on the main story line about pudding’s character developement with sanji (lola’s memories, her tears because of her third eyes and sanji’s compliment, her sad past, her fear about big mom, and the true words of sanji about her feeling) 

her being jealous and started to make realize her feeling can save the day for the alliance. regarding their desperate situation and the unknow power of pudding, her introduction was here for a purpose and not for your fanfiction for namixsanji to happen.  I have nothing against this ship, you can really love this, it’s sweet and tasty as a couple, but your behavior really make sana community bad. because you send the same provocation to all Luna shipper I assume “to hurt their feeling” 

but don’t deny pudding’s big role in this arc, and upcoming event! If Oda show us many panel in which she hesitates and feel bad, it’s not for nothing! Nami smiling to sanji while he took her, just next to a panel with her trembling isn’t just a  decoration. 

I just hope you stop stalking LuNa shipper the way you did. You can enjoying your ship without being childish. respect the other please

Chapter 869

• Barto’s arc right after Cavendish’s arc gives me pleasure |ω・`)
• Oh i can see the Tamatebako, wonder when that’ll come into play (゜▽゜)
• Are they whispering…or like communicating through mind telepathy…? ( ゚∀ ゚)
• Well there’s someone eager to cause the explosion thanks
• Oh no they took Brûlée 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
• Omg Sailor Moon Transformation….HELL YEAH (☆∀☆)
• The Powerangers are back and ready to fight! (ง Ŏ౪Ŏ)ว
• Are they on our side now or…? (个_个)
• Awwww i can’t, their smiles to each other are so cute I can’t (/≧ω\)
• Pudding better do something or she was useless this whole time
• And the box is gone… (┯_┯)
• Goddammit Brook, you and your calmness XD
• Oh ok that’s not good, Bege may actually die 0.0
• Fuuuuuuuu Big Mom is aaaangry….Σ(゚д゚;)
• Oh there’s a break next week, I guess we’ll see what happens in 870 ^^

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Not trying to steal your cookie recipe Sav but my boyfriend invited me to meet his parents for the first time and I really want to impress them!! Hahah somewhere deep in my likes you posted a recipe with pudding mix?? if i'm not mistaken! Would you mind passing on your baking wisdom?!

Here is the one I recommend for beginners/someone looking for an easy CCC recipe. 

PRO TIP: don’t make the pudding and put it in. Just put the pudding mix directly into the dough like its flour. 

Since I’m stuck in the simless limbo between being burnt out on Sims 2 and hating Sims 4, I’m giving The Sims 3 a genuine chance; I bought Seasons two days ago, and I actually enjoy the additions to my lonely base game. It’s kinda pretty with the new weather, I don’t mind the puddings so much anymore, and after seeing how shitty The Sims 4 is, I’ve started to really appreciate the open world and the ability to place lots anywhere.

What do you guys recommend for the next ep? If I keep enjoying the game, I’ll keep buying more whenever I can find them cheap, but for now I’m thinking about Generations, World Adventures, and Ambitions (I remember them as having the least annoying crap, like zombies spawning around your house in Supernatural, or the fame points in Late Night that hindered the shit out of gameplay). Which of these do you guys think add the most to everyday play? Generations adds some appeal to having kids, but I’ve never gotten to really try World Adventures. Is Ambitions the ep where I can have a store? :U

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Ummm ok it just clack in my head ... what if puddings reaction was because she shocked to know that -nami- is important to sanji ?? I think she will definitely vs Nami in upcoming chapters 😱... WHAT DO YOU THINK 💭?

Ever since it was revealed that Lola’s past is linked with Pudding’s, after that flashback, I expect to have a confrontation (not necessarily a fight) between her and Nami. After all, it was heavily highlighted in this arc the importance of Nami and Lola’s friendship (”sworn sisters”).

With the recent events, and Pudding apparently being shocked or surprised to see Sanji and Nami getting along, the possibility of that encounter increased a lot in my opinion. But I am still not sure if we’ll have a fight between the two, with Pudding attacking Nami. Some people suspects that she could be jealous, and if that is confirmed, the fight could be a likely outcome. I still think there isn’t enough development for Pudding to start fighting women over Sanji, though.

However, like you suggested, Pudding might simply attack Nami to show Sanji that he is serious about killing him, and I would really be excited to see his reaction. If somehow Sanji takes a bullet in Nami’s place, it could lead to some amazing scenes and a great fight. But, let’s not get our hopes high as Oda could make things resolved with just talk. ^^


I was reading Fishman Island Arc and I came across this again.
Why am I posting this? Because this is Baratie’s Dessert vessel.
.Person in the Strawhats who’s from the Baratie = Sanji
.Person who we can compare with Sanji and can make dessert = Pudding it’s in the Name
.Pudding was shown for the first time when the Strawhats were in Fishman Island

So anyway, I was wondering what would happen after The Strawhats defeat Big Mom and rescue the Vinsmokes. They obviously wouldn’t just leave Pudding on Whole Cake Island or any of Mama’s territory and Pudding might just be falling in love with Sanji by the end of this arc so maybe Sanji will have her taken to the Baratie where he trusts Zeff and the others to take care of her and she’d be able to work as a patissier at Sister Anko.

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I'm now imagining a Monroe voice loudly saying something like, "What?? You initiated a fight with one of my best friends and now you... is that pudding?? Why are you giving me pudding? I don't want pudding, I want to know why you tried to hurt Mr Jefferson - you have socks now? WHY ARE THERE SOCKS I WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON

Honestly this is pretty accurate. But since James Monroe lost his father at a young age he had the tendency to latch onto older male figures and search for guidance and for role models in them. George Washington was one he found, his uncle Joseph Jones was another and Thomas Jefferson he saw as both an older brother, a father and a mentor. 

P.S. James Monroe loved yellow so yo Mr. Sunshine Serious