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Wow, it literally happened just a few minutes ago… HOW?! I literally don’t know what to say anymore… this happened so fast since early February just… guys, thank you so much! C:

I know I haven’t been very active recently, some stuff got in the way a bit, but I’m working on more projects, don’t worry! Hopefully I’ll get to animate this next GIFset soon (should be a good one hehe). So that’s coming, I promise! :) If I’ll be able to pull it off that is, because this is a kind of project I’ve never done before.

But I digress, sorry. Let me say it once again, to every follower I have - THANK you so much for following me! You’re the best! <3 :)

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Melly - what are your thoughts about a potential Zustin collab? It would be a very smart business hoe move, and I don't understand why Justin would post the SGT cover art if a project wasn't coming? Also, news sites won't stop talking about it. I'd just like to hear your thoughts. :3


 It would depend on the track for sure (I’m guessing it would sound like Still Got Time, if anything), but I mean, numbers-wise it would be a smart Business Hoe move for sure. It looks like the Biebs is getting back to making music for a new album, too. 

The Biebs doesn’t really promote other artists’ music very often - I went and looked on his Instagram (my #sacrifice) and the last time he did that was with Chance the Rapper several months back, and the Biebs has worked with him twice.  Its been been picked up pretty much everywhere, too:

And Zayn liked the Biebs’ post, so that’s pretty much like they’re practically dating, in social media world. I would give it like a 65/40 in Melly Maths™ that it would happen. 

We’ll see though? I side eye anything that comes from The Sun, but 

I crave a story where Victor and Yuuri’s child realizes that they don’t like skating all that much, even though they show potential. Victor and Yuuri are incredibly supportive and don’t project their own passions onto their child. Instead, they sign up their child to participate in a multitude of after-school activities and helps them realize their passion for the sciences.

That child later goes on to become the most awarded physicist in history. 

After receiving their Nobel Prize in physics, their child thanks Victor and Yuuri (who are both really old and still ridiculously in love) in the acceptance speech for always staying by their side and being the best and most encouraging dads ever. 


Ummm…. I think looks better lineless….but….meh(?

Yep…. I don’t post so much stuff cuz I’m working on a project… an ambitious project tbh…. 
…..this is gonna take a while…


Goth: Nekophy

Upcoming 2017 Retrogrades

Mercury enters retrograde again soon – but so do saturn & pluto. Like all retrogrades, this is a time to reconsider, re-evaluate and rethink things on a deeper level, giving us a period of introspection.

Pluto enters rx in capricorn - capricorn rules authority, law, etc. pluto is transformation and regeneration.
Saturn enters rx in sagittarius - sagittarius rules foreign affairs/lands, higher knowledge & education. saturn is karma, structure, responsibility.

Saturn rx: going back and re-evaluating commitments made, our boundaries, projects started/our responsibilities, past negotiations. it’s also important we don’t begin new projects during this time & we only focus on the ones from the past. we must re-evaluate our choices.

Pluto rx: reflective period for themes of power & control. take a step back & think of who/what is controlling you, and why. inner problems and power struggles may arise during this period as people are reaching deeper, & pluto brings the (sometimes) unwanted to the surface.

during this pluto rx, pluto will be square jupiter (also in rx). there can be a desire to take short cuts to get your way, or excessive pride, overestimating yourself & resources may be a reoccurring theme during this time.

Luckily, saturn will be making a trine to uranus during this time; good time & opportunity to make structure and stability out of left over chaos and rebellion. Jupiter rules religion and belief systems; religious conflicts may be more prominent during this time. we cannot be single minded.

These are all important things to note when looking at our current U.S. government situation, I’m anticipating what will happen during this time

Bénitier-Jardin , fragrances de tiare et bêches en nacres.

It’s been a while ! i’m currently working on a project with the awesome director  Romain Barriaux on a dope project. Can’t really tell much about it yet but i’m super thrilled and also busy !

Peu de temps pour poster grand chose en ce moment, plein de projets et de tff qui s’entrecroisent, bien stimulant mais prenant :) . https://vimeo.com/user7249715 ( le réal pour qui je travaille en ce moment sur un projet un peu secret :) )

PS : That image is not related to the collaboration with Romain, juste personal stuff , not sure it was clear ;)