t pot

Charlottesville put police double standards and racial bias in plain site.

White men in the South are the most fragile people in the world. You can’t handle the melting pot you signed up for when you came to this country? You need to hide your insecurities behind guns and hate?

Your whiteness is going to vanish? But you want others to vanish, too? Seems hypocritical and nonsensical. You are fighting for an impossible outcome. It’s purely existential. Grow up.

Imagine 2D finds his old photos from before the accident. His mouth full of teeth, his eyes clear of fractures and blood. Even a few shots of before his hair went blue.

There’s a mix of emotions, but mostly it’s disgust. This person is Stuart Pot, and that’s not who he is any more.

He burns the eyes out of the photos, sharpies his hair blue and colours in his teeth. He wants to erase who he used to be because he can’t remember who Stuart Pot was, and it hurts too much to think that there was a life before Gorillaz. It hurts to think that he was forced to become 2D, so by destroying the photos - in some morbid way - it feels like he actually made the choice.

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Jin: But I’m not experiencing any unrequited love though… now if you excuse me I’m gonna go play some Mario Kart with JK over here