t playing skyrim

So, I had a dream last night, that was a weird combination of Ed Edd, n Eddy, skyrim, and Steven universe. Basically what happened was that Double d was a Mage, Ed was a warrior, and Eddy was a thief. They were traveling around skyrim and they were looking for something “important”, I don’t remember much in between but they ended up fighting malachite in riften and the important thing was mashed potatoes, and it ended with carry on my wayward son playing in the background. I still don’t know why this happened because I haven’t watched Steven universe in a couple of days, haven’t played skyrim in the last few weeks, and haven’t seen Edd, Ed, n Eddy in the a couple of years

A story I wanted to share

So, recently I decided to pick up where I left off on my Skyrim game since I haven’t played it in quite a while. I have the new special edition of Skyrim for my Xbox One, so I’ve got a few mods in my game just for fun. This will come into play later.

While I was out adventuring in the game, I was trying to remember what the button to sprint was on my controller (again, I haven’t played Skyrim in a while). I knew in my head that I was one of the bumpers, so as I’m walking through a busy street in Whiterun, I decide to test out the right bumper to see if I start running. Big mistake.

Instantly, the sound of Shia Labeouf’s voice screaming “JUST DO IT” fills the air and knocks over at least three different people. Turns out, I’d forgotten that 1) right bumper was the Shout button and 2) I had a mod in my game that made my Unrelenting Force shout sound like Shia Labeouf saying just do it.

Now, guards are running after me for “attacking” people in the city, and I’m able to quickly figure out the left bumper is the sprint button, so I’m booking it out of the city.

Needless to say, I’ve never been more terrified to hear Shia Labeouf’s voice in my life. It almost got me killed.

blog update !! ♥♥

so i’ve been struggling with elise for a number of reasons, mostly because i haven’t played skyrim in literally like nearly a year. and i’ve been messing about with ideas for how to re-invent her and revive this blog i really really really don’t want to make a new blog, because this has all my followers, all my threads – it’s my baby! so what i’m going to be doing is making this no-longer a skyrim oc but rather just a ‘fantasy’ oc in general. i have ideas in my mind, and i found some amazing artwork (like the one above!) which has really inspired my new ideas. 

thank youu for sticking around!

I’d say the worst part about having a super old laptop is that I can’t play Skyrim anymore. I follow tons of Skyrim blogs so I get to see the sceneries again but it’s just not the same thing. I want to hear about Skyrim. Do some of you play that game? Send me a message about your Dragonborn. Or about Astrid, or Brynjolf, or Vex, or the Companions, or anyone at all. I just miss the game so much I wanna hear your stories.