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It’s the year 2376. The world is in ruin. Mindless drones wander the streets. Mankind exhausted itself to the point of near extinction. But there is one man who can still save them. One man who hasn’t been tainted by the curse. One man who still holds hope. He is… The Only Guy Who Hasn’t Played Skyrim Yet

as one of the dying breed who hasn’t played some edition of skyrim i’m starting to worry todd howard may be targeting me deliberately and at the end of my life he will appear like the grim reaper and press the latest edition into my hands, having got me at last

My E3 2017 Highlights and thoughts

As you may know Pixelboy initially revolved around video games, so let’s talk about the games shown at E3 2017!

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Like the first one Battlefront II looks amazing, but I’m still skeptical about the content of the game. If you know the original Battlefront games, you know what I mean. Give me huge space battles, lots of creative maps and planets and a solid story mode. Damn you literally have a whole universe you can build on!

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (Switch)

It’s known for a while that Nintendo Switch gets his own version of TES: Skyrim and I’m kind of “meh” about it. It was a good game but it is nearly 6 years old and the only noticeable addition for Switch is amiibo compatibility. Surprise, Zelda themed weapons and clothes for the price of an amiibo? So, 15$ DLC for skins? O.o

If you didn’t play Skyrim until now, maybe it’s worth it for Switch, but if there aren’t any new additions or mod support, I recommend the PC version.

Assassins Creed: Origins

The series is kinda dead for me since AC3, but this looks like a setting I’d like to explore. Egypt offers a lot of cool mystical stuff, tombs and beautiful landscapes. If done correctly, this could be one of the best games of the franchise.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

I… I don’t know…
To be honest, I thought Rabbids were dead for quite some time. I loved the party games for Wii back then, ok… I still love them, but I’ve never thought they would mix them with Mario and friends.

Based on the teaser image we got a few days ago, I thought this would be something like Super Smash Bros., oh boy was I wrong. This game is a mix of exploration and tactics game, like Disgaea, Final Fantasy Tactics and so on. 

The first minutes of gameplay looked intriguing. The characters and their animations look lively and fit perfectly together. Rabbid silliness meets Mario charm. You can also find this in the environment.

I’ll definitely keep an eye on that one! :3

Skull & Bones


Finally Ubisoft made something with Assassins Creed: Black Flag.

First thing they’ve done right: Removing the Assassins Creed label from the game.

Second: Expanding on sailing.

Also it looks like that this game uses a more realistic attempt on sailing mechanics, but I hope it’s not just sailing but also some raiding on land.

Give me more Ubisoft!

Beyond Good and Evil 2

All we got was a cinematic trailer, but I’m glad they’re reviving the franchise. So yeah, I’m hyped but there isn’t really much to say about it.^^

Shadow of the Colossus PS4

Phew, what a relieve. I always thought that I have to buy a PS3 or get the original for PS2 somewhere.

For anyone who didn’t play it, DO IT NOW (or in future)!

Super Mario Odyssey


Gameplay: Solid 3D Mario style, like good ol’ days. I’m looking at you Super Mario 64!

Looks and feel: Nintendo is trying hard with mixing different themes lately. Rabbids + Mario, Breath of the Wild has “technology” and now Odyssey with its mix of realistic designed and cartooney worlds. Why the heck does it fit so well?

I saw some guys tests on Mario with Unreal Engine 4 (funny Nintendo also used it for Odyssey) and seeing Mario running around in this apartment felt kinda odd. But now, photo-realistic Jungle, T-Rex, no problem at all?

I’m confused and hyped. I want more… I want it soooo bad! (TT^TT)

Metroid 2: Return of Samus Remake (3DS)

Yeah now it’s clear they used Federation Force as “bait”. I mean they could have waited for this remake to revive the franchise, but they wanted to give Metroid Prime some attention, so the used old gameplay in a spin-off with a teaser ending.

Back to topic: Metroid 2 was my first game of the series and it was hard. No map, similar looking hallways and lots of backtracking, but I beat it! (Ò_Ó)

So, see this classic in new shining armor is fantastic! They seemed to use some action elements from Other M, like the counter attack and some cool new special moves, but they also reworked some enemy, especially the Metroids.

Back on Gameboy all the Metroids did was flying and shooting, all of them and you had to hit their weak-point. Now they all have different attacks and movements and boy, that makes me want to beat them all over again.

The planet itself got also much love. As I said, there was no chance you could build such an environment on Gameboy back then, so everything looked kinda the same, but know, for the first time, we can imagine how SR388 looked like. I think the 3D feature makes the animated background even more lively than it is now.

Honorable mentions:

Rocket League (Switch): About time and f#uck yeah, cross-play features!

Breath of the Wild DLC: Part 1 looked good, new challenges are always good! >:3

Yoshi: I’m not sure why they stick to the wooley style, cause it takes away some characterisitcs from the original Yoshi, but the game itself looked good and kinda reminded me on the 2.5D style of Yoshi’s Story

Kirby: I hope this game features local multiplayer. I enjoyed the last installments, but I hated that every player needed a cartridge.

Metroid Prime 4: 40 seconds of logo, so there’s not much to say. I hope Nintendo releases more infos soon.

PokéMon (Switch): Also just teased… god dammit Nintendo, GIVE US MORE INFORMATION!

So yeah, that’s all I caught about E3 2017.In my opinion, the best E3 in years, with lots of interesting games. 

Thanks for reading!


Pix ;*

imagine if this was your first playthrough of dragon age: inquisition and you were faced with this

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Who would side with the Imperials and who would side with the Stormcloaks? (Skyrim) also, i love you! Have good day and drink plenty of water!

Sorry Dear, I didn’t play Skyrim and have no idea about these words…Have a great day too, take care 💞

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sooo... since there was an anime ask, what video games do the mods like?

Persona 5 (though I can’t play it myself), Overwatch, Skyrim, Dragon Nest, Flight Rising (does that even count lol).

~Mod Ash

favorites i can think of right now are all the persona games, nier: automata, danganronpa and ace attorney series

-mod ruby

I’m a huge fan of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series! I also love rhythm games; my current favourite is Aquatrax’s Zyon(I think you have to pay for it now unfortunately). Sometimes Sunshine and I play Diep.io together, but I guess that doesn’t really count…


Some of the games i didn’t actually play, mainly because i’m too poor.

Mass Effect 1-3, Starbound, Don’t Starve, Elsword, Persona, Nier series, Drakengard Series, The Legend of Zelda Series, Pokemon, Undertale.

- mod lune

I haven’t actually gotten to play Skyrim (or anything, for that matter) since before I moved in March, because my xbox has been broken… But I’m staying at my parents’ for the weekend while they’re out of town so obviously this is what I’m going to be doing until tomorrow night. 

Purely for research purposes, of course… Gathering my own reference images for specific locations to try and use in my vivs… of course. 

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Saw Far Cry 5 first art, got super hyped, remembered my pc is a potato, got super sad.

I remembered when i had a bad pc. Couldn’t play skyrim x'c
But now this is not a problem anymore

ondolemar replied to your post: the male sole survivor spends the entire intro…

I mean, they’re definitely an unreliable narrator. Everyone with a speaking role in any Bethesda game is unreliable. Anyone who trusts Bethesda NPCs after Skyrim’s so hamfistedly forced most players to hate the Thalmor is a fool for doing so.

not sure why you felt the need to stan for the thalmor on a post about fallout, but ok

also, I haven’t played a lot of skyrim, but here’s a thought: the thalmor, the empire and the stormcloaks are all equally shitty. argonians and khajiit inherit tamriel. elder scrolls is over