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You want dinosaurs? Here you go, here’s their T-Rex collection. Some of these are casts prepared off of original skeletons, but these are some of the best T-Rexes in the world. When you look at the closely zoomed skulls, the yellow or lighter material is plaster to hold the skull in place, the dark brown on those is real bone. The full sized one isn’t quite as big as sue, but still is monstrous. Again, found in Montana - currently nicknamed Montana’s T-Rex.

See the series of skulls in a row in 2 shots? A lot of the work at this museum is currently aimed at understanding how these organisms grew. Some of the techniques include putting skeletons in order, as seen here. In the T-rex section, using both real fossils and casts, they have a mockup of the T-Rex growth sequence in the skulls. It’s really better than it looks - a half dozen T-Rex skulls in line.


Footprints by Lee Acaster
Via Flickr: