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I dare you to do the “All About Me” Challenge

Single or Taken: Taken

Crushing: On my man

Height : 5'2 with shoes

Favorite Color: blue.

Want Kids: One and done

Snapchat: No

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Last drank: Tea

Cat or Dog: Cat

Evil or Good: -Adjust halo so it fits on the horns better-

Favorite Sport: Baseball and football

Favorite Animal: Dog

Weird: Random thought: Does he talk in his sleep?

Do you have haters?: Really don’t care

Funny or Nahh: Sarcastic

Apple or Android: either

Batman or Superman: Batman

anonymous asked:

I'm always thrown off by people who want guns because the government could become a dictatorship. You are completely right that that is why the founding father created the 2nd amendment but that was in the 1700s when a rebellion could have been successful. Now you would stand absolutely no chance. If it came to firepower what would you do against drones and tanks and our intelligence agencies? Just admit you want a gun because it gives you the illusion your more manly.

You are completely right that that is why the founding father created the 2nd amendment but that was in the 1700s when a rebellion could have been successful.

Vietnam pulled it off, they beat us out of the country, Afghanistan did it Russia.

If the worlds 2 (at the time) superpowers could get beaten by farmers I think that the people of the US would do alright.  Also do you actually think that every member of the military would stick around and support a tyrannical government?

and nahh don’t have any guns and I don’t totally want one, fired a total of 3-4 in my life and that was in the 80′s.  I just don’t want the bill of rights to be trampled, slippery slope teaches us that if they find out they can restrict or suspend one right you know that they’re gonna keep going till they have them all.

anonymous asked:

(I really love to bother you with wierd scholar asks, dont I? Sorry if I'm annoying) So what if you scholars were stuck in a crane game. (Either they shrunk or it's just a really big crane game, idk) What would their reaction be??

nahh don’t worry these are so fun for me :’>

raph’s claustrophobia™ is kicking in, nath would be like “¯\_(ツ)_/¯ at least there are stuffed animals” and zohar would just sit there and think: how in the fuck

preference #16: the cute picture you tweet of him


@Y/T/N: Kian being silly while we’re trying to film this weeks video

@kianlawley: seriously….@Y/T/N people do not need to know what I do while filming xD 

@Y/T/N: @kianlawley course they do ;3 

@KianLawley: No…..-.- let’s get back to filming @Y/T/N


@Y/T/N: @sampottorff making silly faces when we cuddle :3

@sampottorff: @Y/T/N you know you love them…

@Y/T/N: Course I do now what do you say to some more cuddling ;)

@sampottorff: @Y/T/N: I say yes <3


@Y/T/N: Hello from Trevie!!! @TrevorMoran 

@TrevorMoran: Hola sexy bitchezz #YouCanCallMeQueenB

@Y/T/N: This is why I love you….<3 @TrevorMoran.

@TrevorMoran: ily beautiful <3


@Y/T/N: @ConnorFranta Look at him! #Cutest 

@ConnorFranta: Thanks @Y/T/N…No more looking at this take it off. 

@Y/T/N: Don’t act like you don’t want everyone to see it…just come cuddle with me @ConnorFranta. 

@ConnorFranta: @Y/T/N fine….<3 ily


@Y/T/N: Look at this queen!….who’s supposed to be making dinner by the way…@RickyPDillon 

@RickyPDillon: You aren’t even helping me like you said and besides. I’m a better queen then you even dream to be. #QueenProbs @Y/T/N

@Y/T/N: Well you start and I’ll help! I’m not doing it by myself AGAIN and you’re little queen ass will be in time out young man @RickyPDillon 

@RickyPDillon: @Y/T/N fine….


@Y/T/N: caught this cutie with a rubberduckie @jccaylen 

@jccaylen: Take this ooooffffff @Y/T/N

@Y/T/N: Nahh….:3

@jccaylen: well everyone’s seen it now…#LuckyILoveYou @Y/T/N

~Neevie xx

Too Late Pt.2

Y/T/U/N= Your Twitter Username (If you don’t have one then just think of a name :) )

Too Late Pt.1


“Jungkook oppa, I better go now. I forgot to do something” you forced a smile.

“Aww! Ok just get home safely!” You nodded and left.


You opened and slammed the door behind you. You were exhausted. You couldn’t take the pain so you ran upstairs and into your room.

You just stayed there on your bed, crying your life out. ‘Why does fate have to be so cruel?

Riiiiiing! Riiiiiiiing!

“H-hello?” You picked it up even though it was an unknown number because it might be an emergency.

“Hello is this the- wait are you crying miss?” You heard a deep voice.


“You definitely are. But uhmm is this the principal of Seoul University?”

“No, but I can give you the number of the principal” you tried so hard to hold back your sobs.



Call ended

The unknown voice saved your number as “Miss cry baby”.

You opened your app twitter and felt the need to express your feelings in it.

“Why can’t I have someone I love? 😭😩”, “Love is painful 💔”, “I love someone but he loves another girl 😕☹️😭 sad” you tweeted

After a few minutes a notification popped up. You suddenly tensed up.

“@jungkxxk replied to your tweet” ‘shit, shit, shit!!’ You tapped the notification.

“@jungkxxk: you love someone? Why don’t I know this?” ’…… What am I going to reply to this’

“@Y/T/U/N: I don’t have any. That was just a quote :P”

“@jungkxxk: but what about the third tweet? It says ‘I love someone but he loves another girl’ so you do love someone”

'Fucking hell’

“@Y/T/U/N: nahh that was just because some people can relate so I tweeted it. And go away stalker :P”

“@jungkxxk: I don’t believe you”

“Y/T/U/N: then don’t” you were frustrated. You didn’t mean for him to see that; In fact you forgot that he was following you on twitter. 

When Jungkook and Maggie started dating he wasn’t talking to you anymore. It had been a week when they started dating, a week of ignoring you. You were really pissed off.

At your homeroom

“Class, we heave a new student. Please introduce yourself” you weren’t really looking forward to who it is because you were doodling until that is-

“Hello~ My name is Kim Taehyung~ and I’m glad I’m finally here at Seoul University” ’wait- that voice sounds familiar..’ You thought.

You looked up to see a handsome and cute looking guy. ’Why is his voice so deep? And familiar?

“Oh, Taehyung please take a seat beside Y/N” 

He nodded and walked towards my seat.

“Hello~” ’it’s really familiar. Hmm..

“Hi!” You showed him a smile.

“Your voice sounds familiar… Wait.. Are you the one who were crying on the phone?” He said it a 'little’ loud. Your eyes wide open in shock.

“Y/N, Taehyung can you two please keep it down” the professor said. Everyone, as in everyone looked even Jungkook.

“Sorry sir..” Your cheeks growing red because of embarrasment.

“So you are the girl on the phone”

“I wasn’t crying that time!” You whispered. Jungkook’s eyes was still on you two.


“I am not!”

“Yes you are. I can hear your sobs”

“Urghh! Fine! I was!” There was this smirk on his face.

“But… Why were you crying?” He sounded a bit.. Concerned?

“It’s none of your business”

“It is because I’m your friend”

“You are just my acquaintance. We barely know each other. Plus I just wanted to cry that time”

“Alright..” He gave you a box smile which you found cute. You returned the smile.

His heart was beating so fast and butterflies flew in his stomach. Could it be that he fell in love with you when you two just met?