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I was mostly having trouble with drawing these because it’s Ha R d t O.  dRa w w He N yoUr ha nd.  Is shaking frOm hYSTerical l.  aughtEr WHEEEEeEeEEEeEzE-


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Hey mom! I have some really close friends (we r a group of 3) n the other day I came out to them as lesbian and learned that they are BOTH bi hi and I'm really happy! Just wanted to share! I know that you are really busy, sorry for taking your time with such a silly thing!!! Have a lovely day!!

My dear lgbt+ child, 

Don’t be sorry - happy stories are always appreciated, they bring a smile to my face and I know many of my followers feel the same way! 

I’m so happy for you and very proud of you. I know coming out brings a lot of worry and nervousness with it but you faced that and I’m so happy that it went so well! *big mommy hug*

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom   

Compliments - Jay x Reader

Compliments [Requested by @noneoftheabove9998

6 “Danggg you look hot in that shirt—I mean is it cold in here? Wait what cold? I meant hot. Holy crap you look amazing.”

(Y/N) was never one of the princesses who was showered with attention and compliments. Not like Audrey. She wished she was though, she wished she had someone to compliment her on how she looked, even if she was wearing shorts or something un-princess-like. When the four kids from the Isle came to Auradon Prep, (Y/N) had her suspicions but she had never been one to judge too quickly. That was something she had unfortunately developed from her mother, Snow White, you know, the princess who took the apple from a stranger not knowing it was her evil stepmother in disguise. Evie, that was the only one that would have to work hard for her trust, prove to her she wasn’t her mother and wasn’t going to poison her the first chance she got.

Fortunately, the VKs pulled through, in the end, rendering Maleficent to a tiny lizard and saving Auradon for at least a little while until the next problem came up. Unfortunately for (Y/N), she was still lonely and complimentless. Evie was getting lots of attention for her clothing she was making, and Mal was getting lots of attention from girls to get their hair done.

(Y/N) had nothing against the girls, after proving they weren’t their parents she actually took to approached the group of four and introducing herself. “Hi, I don’t think I ever introduced myself to you guys. I’m (Y/N) White, Snow White’s daughter,” she turned to Evie, giving her a bright smile, “I adored the dress you wore at Ben’s Coronation. Do you think you could give me some tips?” Evie was obviously stunned at her reaction, seeing as Mal hadn’t had the best experience with her hero counterpart. “Yeah, sure. You can swing by our dorm anytime.”

(Y/N) had nothing against the boys either, for that matter. She thought of Carlos as her little brother, since she didn’t have any siblings, younger or older, to talk with. Jay, well he was a different story.

(Y/N) could see Jay being the guy she got compliments from. The one that told her she looked amazing without makeup, or she looked normal in a t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes. Of course, that was a silly little fantasy that (Y/N) could end up dreaming about for days if she wanted to.

She was a cheerleader. She thought that would get people to compliment her more, but Audrey was Cheer Captain and the other girls, including her, were soon forgotten. It did give (Y/N) an excuse to be at Tourney practices and games to see Jay, even if it was a little stalker-esque.

Cheerleaders always crowded Jay before and after games, giving (Y/N) no time to talk to him or a chance to let him see the new dress Evie had made her. To show him he was accepting of his friends and she was a relatively nice girl to get along with.

She realized soon enough she’d never get the time of day from the former Isle thief. From the boy who stole her heart without him even knowing it. She was tragically in love with this boy who’d she’d never even spoken to, to the boy she imagined compliments to come by the dozen from.

Why couldn’t she just go up to him? What was stopping her? She really didn’t know, she had never had any problems going up to a stranger before. Maybe it was the fact she knew them know, they weren’t exactly strangers to her, and she would like to say she was good friends with Mal, Evie, and Carlos, she just couldn’t call herself a friend of Jay’s.

She had just changed back from her cheer uniform when she caught sight of Jay walking in her direction. At first, she thought nothing of it, there were seven other cheerleaders in the same vicinity as her.

She started walking back to her dorm, fully content with the idea she could change out of the stiff dress into a comfy pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. “(Y/N)! Wait up!” Jay called out behind her, causing her to halt in her steps as she turned to look at him.

“You need something, Jay?” She asked in the sweetest, calmest voice she could muster up at the moment. He nodded his head.

“I need you to teach me how to talk to girls. Like how to compliment them and tell them you like them and stuff,” he rubbed the back of his neck in a nervous manner as if she was going to reject the idea.

“I don’t see why not. Come on, I was going to my dorm anyway, you can join me,” Jay fell into step beside her and traveled with her as she headed to the dorm room she shared with Rapunzel’s daughter, Ruby.

“I’m going to change really fast so you just stay right here,” she sat him on her bed, “and I’ll be back.” She grabbed the first t-shirt on top of the pile and a pair of sweatpants and walked into the bathroom. After changing she tied up her hair in a messy bun and walked back into the bedroom area. Jay sat on her bed where she left him, except he was on his phone now, scrolling through his multiple social media apps.

She stepped in front of him with her hands on her hips waiting until he looked up from his phone. It didn’t take long for him to notice the girl standing in front of him, and he almost seemed a little taken back.

“What? You thought I was gonna change into another dress or something?” (Y/N) giggled at the look on his face that obviously said he did think that. “Okay, you wanted to know how to compliment a girl, right?” Jay nodded. “Well, lesson one. Compliment my appearance. Girls like to know they look nice in anything.”

“Okay, let’s give this a go,” Jay cleared his throat, “Danggg you look hot in that shirt—I mean is it cold in here? Wait what cold? I meant hot. Holy crap you look amazing.” (Y/N) giggled at his attempt.

“We’ll keep working on that.”

They met twice a week for a month, (Y/N) giving Jay tips on how to compliment girls and how to express he liked them. Although, she couldn’t help but feel her heart break a little each time she got a practice compliment, knowing Jay would use the compliments she so desperately wished to hear go to another girl.

When Jay mastered the art of compliments the first thing (Y/N) did was stop talking to Jay. If she knew one thing about the princesses at Auradon Prep was that they wore their jealousy like a new dress.

Jay, however, was confused on why she had just stopped talking to him, even going as far as to get Evie and Carlos to ask her what was wrong. She wouldn’t give either of them a straight answer, making up a different excuse each time they asked. Then one day (Y/N)  got ready for school and was immediately bombarded by Lonnie who gave her a single rose and a note with a compliment on it.

She got them all day, getting two dozen roses in total before she saw Jay approach her. “Why are you avoiding me?” he asked, looking a little heartbroken.

“We finished your lessons, and Auradon girls get quite jealous these days. I didn’t want to interfere when you got a girlfriend,” she shrugged her shoulders as if it was the most obvious thing ever.

And Jay laughed. “I like you!” he told her. “Why do you think I had people give you roses and compliments all day. I’ve liked you since you made the effort to talk to us, even if Evie is your mother’s sworn enemies’ daughter.”

And as the days went on, a day never went by where Jay didn’t compliment her, even for the smallest of things. And she loved it.


Harry Y/N

What do you call a guy with a rubber toe?



I don’t think you’re supposed give away the punchline so easily H

You took too long to reply

I was sleeping

Did you hear about the kidnapping at a school yesterday?

No, That’s awful

It’s ok though, she woke up

Haha you’re a shit™

I try my best

I have a question about Australia

Go on

Can a kangaroo jump higher than a house?

Doubt it

Houses can’t jump, Silly

Oh My God


You’re not funny

A book just fell on my head

I’ve got only myshelf to blame

Shut it Styles

You’ll be single in a minute

Sorry Y/L/N

Y/L/N Just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

That’s ok, we’ll make you a Styles one day

Not if you keep making jokes like those

TFLN #1, TFLN #2 TFLN #3 TFLN #4  TFLN #5

When You’re Stressed (BTS)

Jimin: Jimin would give you comforting hugs all the time to calm you down. He would make sure to calm you down and help you relax, by telling you jokes and performing aegyo. He would also hold your hand and give it reassuring squeezes random times throughout the day. Jimin would try to put a smile on your face every day and make you laugh. He would act silly to cheer you up, especially when you were about to crack.

“Look at me, Y/N! Am I making you happy?”

Jungkook: Jungkook wouldn’t have any idea of what to do, but he would try his best to soothe you as he hated to see you overworked. He would do little things to make you relaxed when you’re telling him your problems, like holding your hand, rubbing your shoulders, or murmuring reassuring words to you. Jungkook would let you rant to him and he would listen quietly before offering up solutions. He would make you feel understood. He would try to get you to unleash your anger out before he would hug you, making sure to calm you down.

“It’s okay, jagi.”

V:  Taehyung would be kind and supportive. He would help you with your homework or project. He would also buy you gifts to try to cheer you up. Taehyung would hold your hand and cuddle you in an attempt to relax you. He would let you rant to him while he worried about you. 

“Do you need help, jagiya?”

Jin: Jin would be quietly supportive. He would make sure you’re getting enough sleep and eating enough. He would cook your favourite meal and buy you some comfort food, such as junk food or ice cream. Jin would also let you rant to him and he would rub your back. He would also force you to take a break when you needed it. After you were done with your work, Jin would pamper you with everything you wanted.

“I swear, I’m going to talk to your manager.”

Rap Monster: Namjoon would worry more about you than your work. He would make sure to coach and tutor you on the problems. When you were sleeping, Namjoon would try to help you do all of it, this one time only. He would make sure you’re resting and eating enough. He would worry 24/7, hating the bags under your eyes and how you were cooped up in your room. Namjoon would also make sure you got enough peace and quiet, telling the members to be quiet if they were too loud. Before your work was due, you’ll be stressed, thinking you had more work to do, but when you saw all the papers done, neatly stacked on your desk, you’ll gape at the pile, especially where Namjoon was sitting, almost napping on the desk.

“Hey, Y/N, don’t worry about your work. I’m going to take a nap, okay?”

Suga: Yoongi would definitely understand the stress, as he faced it almost every day himself. At first, he would feel awkward but would try his best to comfort you. You would feel so bad about complaining to him as he had work, just like you, and you wanted to appear strong. Yoongi would help you with your paperwork as you relaxed because he loves you that much. He would stay up late to do all your work the day before it’s due, even though he would be tired and had so many things to do. He would focus, and get through it by thinking about the happiness on your face as you’ll realize what he did. The next morning, Yoongi would stand in the doorway, arms folded, tired, but a cocky-ass smirk on his face as he’ll watch your shock.

“Yoongi … you did all this for me?”

J-Hope: When you’re stressed, Hoseok would perform aegyo. He would try his best to make you laugh and make you less stressed. He would be over the top, 110%, pulling out all the stops. His cuteness and enthusiasm couldn’t help but make you laugh. Hoseok would tell all of his jokes until you were rolling on the floor, clutching your sides. 

“Laughing is good for you, jagi! Or . . . something like that.”

would u guys still love me if you found out that I have an appalachian dialect and use words like “yinz, feller, nibby, feller,” and “victuals” (pronounced viddles). Bc…. I’m mountain folk. Do u know how long it took my to figure out “kin” didn’t mean that someone thought of sauske as their brother? The other day someth good happened and I literally said “yee haw” out loud. 

Appalachian dialect is weird bc it comes in 3 flavors: Pittsburgh, S O U T H E R N, and standard-except-for-their-ridiculous-padded-vocab.

I have a mix of one and three!

Dating Madelaine Petsch would include



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Originally posted by madelainesource

  • Cuddles
  • So much cuddling!!
  • Waking up all tangled together
  • legs over each other, arms on each others waists
  • All day every time
  • She would definitely try to turn you vegan!
  • or at least vegetarian
  • And if you are already vegan/vegetarian she would be so happy about it
  • “Yay (y/n/n) we’re basically saving the planet”
  • Sleepovers!
  • Watching funny movies and laughing together
  • Laughing hysterically!
  • You would have so many silly pictures of her on your phone
  • Her phone would also be full of pictures of you
  • You would have videos of her just being her own cute self 
  • like, a video of her sleeping on your legs
  • Or a video you had taken of her while she was laughing at a movie
  • You would be her +one to all events
  • Comforting each other if you were upset
  • I don’t think she’s the jealous type?
  • But if someone were flirting she would maybe wrap her arm around you
  • Just to give them a hint that you were in a happy relationship
  • Being friends with the rest of the Riverdale cast
  • Sleepovers with Mads, Lili and Cami
  • Watching bad cliche movies
  • “That is so cheesy and cliche”
  • “Yeah, but its kind of cute though”
  • Giving each other little gifts
  • like a teddybear or a bouquet of flowers
  • Looooong warm hugs
  • Extra long if you haven’t seen each other in a long time
  • Face time when she’s away filming
  • Cuddle nights were you just lay tangled together on the cough stealing lobby kisses from each other talking about nothing and everything
  • Calling her “Ariel” or “Merida” because of her hair, just to tease her
  • But normally just calling her “Mads” or “Babe” or “Honey” or something like that

Thats it! Hope you liked it!

what they'd want in a girl ♡ preference

–requested by anon

eth ⇒ Ethan would want a girl who is adventurous, so he could hit you up at anytime and you’d be up for anything. He’d want someone who could understand his sarcasm, since he is REALLY sarcastic. He’d also want someone who would laugh at his jokes, and accept his weirdness. He’d want a girl who would give him lots of attention and someone as equally as crazy as him. He’d want a girl who doesn’t care about what others think, and a girl who can eat (because we all know ethan loves his food.)

gray ⇒ Grayson would want a girl who is funny and someone he could make jokes with all the time without it being weird. He’d want someone who could be wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt one day and a nice dress with cute sandals the next. He’d want a girl who he could just kick it with, ya know? He’d like to have a girl who he could trust, and talk about anything with so you guys could just have random deep conversations. He’d also like a girl who could cheer him up whenever he’s sad and a girl who smiles all the time. And someone he could dance and be silly with.

a/n – LOVED this request yo. keep em coming :) working on some prompts now!

Insecure // Conor Maynard

Written by the lovely @b-uttercreamsquad and reuested by anon - Y/N and Conor have a silly argument because he refuses to unfollow a few girls on instagram, and Y/N leaves and ends up going clubbing with her friends and gets caught on Snapchat Y/N talking to some guy

The events of the day kept replaying in your head. You were currently at your best friend’s house after a fight that broke out between Conor and you. “I just don’t understand why he’s making such a big deal out of it.. I asked him one thing and he got mad.” You spoke quietly, your friend rubbed your back and sighed.”It’s gonna be okay (Y/N), he’ll come around. It was just some random Instagram girl anyway, he loves you.” You wiped your stray tears away and mumbled “All I asked was if he could unfollow her. She’s way prettier and I was just insecure.”

After moping around for an hour your friend came up with the idea to go out tonight so you could get your mind off of the fight. You agreed and texted the rest of your friend group. As soon as everyone agreed on where to go and when to be there you started getting ready. When you were done showering you did your hair and put on your favourite outfit. Your friend then did your makeup and soon enough you were ready to get out.

Once you arrived at the club with your friends all of you started out your fun night with some drinks and dancing. Meanwhile at home Conor was worried. He didn’t know where you were and you weren’t picking up your phone. He kept calling and texting without success, regretting the fight more and more with every minute that passed.

You were dancing with your friends when you suddenly spotted your cousin a few feet away from you. You walked over to him and hugged him tightly, not knowing one of your friends was snapchatting the whole thing. “It’s been too long! What have you been up to?” Your cousin yelled over the music. “Are you still together with that Conor guy?” he asked, making your heart drop. “I’m still working the same job. And yeah, I’m still with Conor.” You answered with a sad smile.

*Conors POV*

“Jack I don’t know what to do. I made a huge mistake, and now she won’t talk to me. What if she won’t come back to me?” I asked my brother, trying to stop my voice from cracking. “I’m sure it’s okay

don’t worry about it, she’s just with a friend. Relax Con.” He said, scrolling through his phone.

I kept texting her, hoping for an answer. “Uhh, Conor, take a look at this.” Jack said, holding his phone so I could see it. I couldn’t believe my eyes, (Y/N) was hugging another guy. In the club. I looked up at Jack, not knowing what to say. “Maybe he’s just a friend.” He said softly. I asked him for advice on what to do and after a while, I was out the door.

*(Y/N)’s POV*

After dancing and drinking you were ready to go home, so you said goodbye to your friends and started making your way outside. The cold air hit you as soon as you left the club and you bumped into someone. “Sorry.” You mumbled, too tired to look up at the person. “(Y/N) I’m so happy I found you.” The person you bumped into spoke. You finally looked up and saw that Conor was stood right in front of you. Unable to speak you just stared at him, waiting for him to speak.

“You’re cold, I’ll take you home.” He said, somehow looking hurt. You nodded your head and grabbed his hand, walking back toward his car together. Both of you got into the car together and he turned to look at you. “Did you have a good time with that guy?” He asked, suddenly angry. “What guy?” You thought about tonight and you weren’t with anyone except your cousin. Then it clicked. You unlocked your phone and checked your own snapchat story.

You chuckled before grabbing Conor’s hand. “That was my cousin, we barely see each other and that’s why I was so happy to see him.” Conor’s expression changed from angry to embarrassed. “I should’ve known it was nothing.” He mumbled. You just kissed his cheek and told him it was okay.

“I’m sorry for acting up today. I didn’t know you cared so much about me following girls on Instagram.” Your heart was beating faster and you finally said what you wanted to say all along. “That’s

not it Conor.. I felt insecure because she’s prettier than I am. She’s the kind of girl you deserve.. not me.” You spoke quickly. After what seemed like an eternity you finally made eye contact with the boy next to you.

Conor looked at you in shock. “No girl in this entire world is prettier than you are, you’re the best thing that’s happened to me and I’d never even think of being with someone else.” He put his hand on your cheek and pulled you in for a kiss. “I’m sorry love, I promise we’ll never fight again.” He said. And you two shared another sweet kiss.


"You don`t love him!" Yandere 2P England/Oliver Kirkland

Oliver smiled and sighed dreamily when he saw his dream girl walking his way.There was only one problem with it though. She was walking towards him while holding another boy`s hand, This simple gesture enraged him, only he should be allowed to hold her hand, His Poppet was to pure to be together with such a filthy, waste of oxygen. He despised that boy more then anything, everything was his fault.

“Hey Ollie! How are you?”

(Y/N) said with her usual gentle smile, Her tone was soft and motherly like, and her beautiful (E/C) orbs sparkled with happiness and innocence, He felt as if he could stare into those beautiful eyes the whole day. He smiled at her and ignored the filthy boy besides him as much as he could.

“Hello Poppet! I am doing just fine, How are you?”

(Y/N) giggled softly and smiled, squueszing the boy`s hand infront of him, giving his cheek a small kiss.

“I am Great Ollie! Me and (B/N) have had the most awesomest day ever, (B/N) made me laugh so hard that I fell of my chair, It was so silly, but I just can`t stay mad at him.”
Oliver flinched when he saw that, He wanted this boy dead, but he had to calm himself down, before he would snap, He had a plan after all, and he couldn`t let himself to ruin it, so for now he just continued smiling.

“Oh that`s great to hear Poppet! I am just glad you aren`t hurt, but since school is over, Would you mind coming over to help me out a little?”

(Y/N) nodded and smiled, but then her smile flattered slighlty, as if she remebered something.

“I`m sorry Oliver, I don`t know if I can come, Me and (B/N) had something already in mind, Maybe some other time?”

Oliver made his puppy dog eyes, and looked at her pleadingly, Those eyes worked with everyone, If it even worked with Francois, then she stood no change.

“Please (Y/N), I actually need (B/N) help to, please it won`t take long at all ! Pretty please!”

(Y/N)  rolled her eyes and laughed softly, She nodded and started already walking towards his house.

“Oh alright Ollie, Let`s go then, We have no time to waste!”

Oliver smiled brightly and ran after his love, He knew it would work, No-one could resist him when he was like that, His plan was falling together perfectly, and soon he would be rid of him, and then he and his sweet Poppet could be finally together.

After about ten minutes they made it to his house, Oliver excitedly entered his house, humming happily as he skipped over to the kitchen, grabbing two cupcakes, He had made prior to his quests arrival, He turned around to face his Poppet, smiling brightly,  but once again he ignored the waste of air besides her.

“Poppet and (B/M) please try thses new cupcakes I made! Their my new recipe and I want you two to be the first ones to try them!”

She nodded and let go of his hand, taking the cupcake in her hand biting into it, The boy followed the draft and did the same, She giggled once she finished eating her cupcake, She licked her pale red lips as she smiled up at Oliver.

“This was Really good Ollie, but I really think that we need-”

She couldn`t even finish her sentence until she started feeling dizzy, She looked over at her boyfriend only to see him on the kitchen floor unconcious, She looked over at Oliver only to shiver when she saw his dark grin, She tried to run, but her legs gave up and soon she was on the floor, unconcious as well.

Oliver giggled darkly as she looked at her on the ground, Her sleeping form was so beautiful, And her silky (H/C) hair seemed so soft to touch, He reached out to touch it, but stopped before he could, No he couldn`t do it now, Those drugs would wear out soon so he had no time to lose.

He raised his shirt sleeves up and grinned slightly.

“Well let`s get to work.”


~After fifteen minutes he was done with everything, He had the boy tightly tied up to a chair with a gag in his mouth and his little cupcake was also tied up, but a lot more gentler then with him, but still tight enough so she couldn`t escape, His poppet slowly opened her beautiful (E/C) eyes.

It took her few moments to understand that she was tied up, and once she did, She started desperately trying to wiggle out of her bindings, He chuckled and walked over to and kneeling infront of her.

“Poppet, Please don`t wiggle so much, You`ll only end up hurting yourself if you do.”

Her eyes went wide with fear when she saw him, Oliver giggled and ruffled her soft hair, finally, He longed for this.

“O-Oliver? W-What`s going o-on? W-Why am I tied up?”

She looked around the basement and her eyes widened even more when she saw her boyfriend, She looked up at him, Her body was shaking all over with fear.

“W-Why is (B/M) tied u-up? P-Please let us go!”

Oliver giggled and stood up, He walked over to a table and picked up a large, sharp butcher knife, He walked back to her while playing with it, He grinned down at her.

“No can do Poppet, There is something I want you to do to me.”

She raised her eyebrow and gulped slightly.

“A-And what would that b-be?”

His grin widened as he pointed towards the boy with the sharp knife.

“I want you to kill (B/M).”

Her (E/C) orbs widened with horror and she shook her head vigorously.

“N-No, I-I can`t do that! I-I would never d-do that, and espescially not to someone I-I love!”

His eyes darkened and he frowned, He felt himself finally snap at those words.


Tears started streaming down her (S/C) cheeks and she whimpered in fear, trying to move further away from him.

Oliver took deep breaths and a small grin made its way onto his lips, He giggled quietly.

“I`m sorry Poppet, but think of it this way, Either you will kill him, or I will go and kill your family, Which one sounds better now?”

She cried and was shaking uncontollably on the floor, Oliver smiled and kissed her cheek, gently.

“Poppet, I need to know your decision, Which one will it be? Him or your family? There`s no way out of this, so just choose one.”

She was practically choking on her tears as she looked up at him with tear filled eyes, She spoke up quietly, voice barely above a whisper.

“(B/N) I-I`ll k-kill h-h-him.”

Oliver`s eyes sparkled with eyes, He cut the ropes and helped her stand up, before handing her the knife, but he himself already had two knives in his hands, and the door was locked securely, so there was no way out.

“Come on cupcake! Do it!”

She choked on her tears as she brought the knife down on his head, He screamed in pain into his gag, She closed her eyes tightly as she cried, She continued stabbing his head over and over and over, She eventually opened her eyes and let the knife drop down on the floor, while her clothes were soaked with blood.

Oliver squealed with delight, He hugged the female infront of her tightly while pestering kisses all over her face.

“I love you Poppet! I love you so much! We can finally be together forever now.”

She laid still in his arms, tears still streaming down her cheeks, but besides her constant whimpering, She didn`t say anything.

Oliver picked her up and started carrying her out of the basement and to his room.

“I knew you didn`t love him Cupcake, and now that he`s gone there is nothing to keep us apart, I love you an`d I know you love me to, and after tonight we`ll be together both in body and soul.”

The only thing that could be heard from his bedroom were pleased moans and painful whimpers.

With Love, Jared

My good friend Linsday aka @rookerstash-after-dark commissioned me to write some reader x Jared Svenning from Mallrats. You’re a janitor who comes into work one day to find someone has left you a gift. Who could this secret admirer be?

Never in your life had someone sent you flowers and you have accepted that fact. It was a nice, silly, romantic dream to have. That was what it was for a while, just a dream. But one day, you opened up your locker at work to find a huge bouquet of red roses. When you audibly gasped, your co-workers gathered around to see. It was a beautiful bouquet with baby’s breath and a huge pink bow wrapped around it.

“Wow, those are gorgeous! Who are they from Y/N?” Someone asked.

“Odd, I don’t see a note,” You sniffed the flowers, “They smell lovely though.”

The flowers were just the beginning. The next day, you found a box of Godiva chocolates waiting for you. The box was massive so you decided to share it with your co-workers. While you were sweeping up in the hallway, you spotted Jared. Smiling, you waved him over.

“Jared, care for a chocolate?” You asked, reaching into your pocket.

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Translations of the Re:vale interviews in the August 2016 issue of B’s Log! Many thanks to @sumptus/Denego for providing me with the pictures! Also many thanks to @seigyokus for kindly proof-reading and offering suggestions on my translations!

Here are some more Q&As from Re:vale.

Idol Profiles
Here’s a close-up of these two heart-throbbing idols’ charm points! The more you learn about them, the more you’ll fall in love! ☆

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anonymous asked:

Here's something silly, innocent camper!reader asked David and Gwen "Where do babies come from?"

*david felt the blood rush to his face

* “I, um… you see” he couldn’t figure out what to say

* Gwen cut him off

* “why don’t you ask your parents on parent’s day?”

*you shook your head no

* david seemed to be growing more uncomfortable by the second

* “well, Y/N,” he starts like he’s going to be honest

*gwen looks horrified

*david finishes with something weak and vague like “babies come from the love in our hearts,”

*you don’t believe it, but if you want an answer you’ll have to ask someone else

(it was really fun to write something silly before bed )

Imagine 2: Josh Ramsay

Can you please do an imagine with Josh Ramsay? I love him, and it would be nice… I don’t care what it’s about, I just love him… It’s ok if you can’t, it would be nice though!

(I went a little overboard on this one… sorry. @Y/T/N means Your Twitter Name and all the URLs I’m using are all made up, but sorry if they’re actually not and I don’t mean to insult anyone if you have that URL (and I have no idea if Amanda has twitter and I’m not trying to make her sound like a dick, I’m sure she’s a very lovely lady, I just needed someone for the story). xx)

 Y/N’s outfit:

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Winner Of The Night (2/2)

Title: Winner Of The Night

Pairing: Ryan Hawley/Danny Miller

Rating: M

Word Count: ~2.5k

Warnings: none for the second chapter really

Summary:  It’s the day after the TV Choice Awards

(Read on AO3

Chapter 1

A/N:  Apparently I wasn’t done with this yet, so have some silly day after fic :D (Also apparently you can make yourself grumpy by thinking of a character being grumpy :P)

“Make it stop!” Danny groans burying his face in Ryan’s chest. The alarm was blaring at him loudly after what felt like only 5 minutes of sleep.

“You’re closest,” Ryan mumbles sleepily. Danny just presses his face into Ryan’s chest further. Everything seemed to hurt and turning around to turn off the alarm seemed like a terrible amount of effort.

“Hurts,” he just groans, hoping Ryan would reach over him to turn the alarm off even though he was closer.

With a lot of grumbling and blind fumbling Ryan finally managed to find Danny’s phone and turn the alarm off, making sure not to snooze it so that they wouldn’t have to go through this trouble again in 5 minutes.

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*He had just finished his archery shot and now it was your turn, but he didn’t notice you beat him and hit the bulls eye because he was too busy being scared by confetti*


*You were against him in the sprint race and just narrowly beat him by half a second*

SH: “I can’t believe you made me come second”


*Your team beat his in the relay walk but you versed him at the end and won*

S: “Well done Y/N, you did well but I will beat you next time”


*He thought he had the long jump in the bag due to his long legs but he was wrong*

CY: What?, how did you jump that far, you’re tiny, this defies all logic”

*Runs away*


BH: “How did she beat me at speed walking, this is wrong, I am the best at speed walking, see these hips move”


*On the outside he looks pleased that you won but on the inside..*


“Well, I’m pretty sure she cheated but that’s none of my business”

*Sips milk*


*The final had come down to you two at the high jump, you had managed to fly over the bar and Tao managed to make it fall down, you came over to jokingly boast to him about your win but he was in denial*

T: “I was just having an off day”


*Is happy for you and gives you a cheer, he secretly knew you were going to win anyway*


*He looks at the leader board to see if you had beaten him at javelin and you had*

K: “Nope, this is silly, I’m out”


*You were against him in the hurdles and when he crossed the finish line he thought he had won, only to find out that you had beaten him by a fraction of a second*

LH: “Yes, I did it!”

Y/N: “You didn’t win, I did, look at the scoreboard”


*He doesn’t care that you beat him but he does wonder how you managed to throw the shot put much farther than everyone especially when you looked like you had no muscle at all*

*None of these GIFS are mine, credit to the owners*


Power Couple (n.m.)

| Requested by bruhitsmaloley: can you do an imagine where y/n and nate are famous and made some collabs together and stuff. and fans and other celebs are talking about how we’re otp and the next power couple 😁


Nate and I were in the studio once again, we never really left actually. We had been writing songs or either recording.

The funny thing is that we’re dating and that people get really excited about us collabing. I usually saw tweets or posts about us telling us how we’re their ‘OTP’ or asking us to ‘adopt them’.

I was really happy about them being so supportive and excited. Nate and I were both pretty well-known, though. “Let’s go home, babe.” Nate said as we finished up our new song All That. He held the CD and smiled.

We said goodbye to Pierre and walked out of the studio, intertwining our hands. We hadn’t been dating too long, like half a year or so.

As I opened the door I saw people with cameras and a lot of lights. “(Y/N)! Nate!” They all yelled.

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Picture Preference #314 - He Tweets A Picture Of You With One Of The Boys


@Harry_Styles: On a road trip with @Y/T/N and @NiallOfficial!! Having loads of fun with two of my favourite people in the world :D


@Louis_Tomlinson: @Y/T/N and I are having a double date with @zaynmalik and his girl :) Now we are waiting to see the beautiful stars in the sky!!


@NiallOfficial: @Y/T/N was too tired to walk so @Louis_Tomlinson offered is back as tranportation :P I love these two!!!


@Real_Liam_Payne: @Y/T/N is always making silly faces and @Harry_Styles never misses an opportunity to take a photo!! These two are the best :P


@zaynmalik: Spending the day off at the beach with @Y/T/N and @Real_Liam_Payne!! Perfect day with perfect people :)

@Y/T/N: Your Twitter Name

Hope you like the new preference!!

Another request made :)

Keep sending me requests!! Your ideas are always the best!!

Love you all <3 <3 <3