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Ain’t Nobody In The World But You

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Plus Sized!Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark (mentioned)

Warnings: Insecure reader, swearing, virgin!reader, unprotected sex (don’t be silly wrap your willy)

Summary: Based off of a request.

Word Count: 3130

A/N: So I used some pretty harsh words in this one, this is just what I feel when I’m having a bad day… Hopefully those words don’t trigger you. Please send warnings I’ve missed into my ask box. I also listened to ‘You & I’ by John Legend while writing the smut.

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Pause - One Shot

Summary: Bucky interrupts your day to relax so you play a small joke on him and he retaliates in the fluffiest way possible.

Warnings: swearing, FLUUUUFFFFF

Word Count: 1267

A/N: This is a little gift for @denialanderror because you’re a dumdum and didn’t take the day for yourself like you should have! Since YOU wouldn’t do anything spontaneous and fun I wrote a silly little surprise one-shot for you. So there! You get at least one unexpected thing today. Also this is completely unedited, so try not to judge me if it’s terrible.

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Lying half swallowed into the couch cushions, you had firmly planted yourself in front of the TV for a much-needed day of Netflix and nothing. It had been an incredibly long week and you wanted nothing more than to melt into the couch and forget everything about it with a Harry Potter marathon.

Nothing and no one would be permitted to drag you away or divert your attention back to the myriad of things on your to-do list. Which is exactly why you didn’t even bother to move to allow Bucky space to sit when he entered the room and tossed a Reese’s at you, motioning for you to make room for him. When you didn’t budge or look away from the movie, he haphazardly flopped down on the couch at your feet with his arm spread over the back cushions in your direction.

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I was mostly having trouble with drawing these because it’s Ha R d t O.  dRa w w He N yoUr ha nd.  Is shaking frOm hYSTerical l.  aughtEr WHEEEEeEeEEEeEzE-



* Alexander Hamilton x Reader
* Modern College AU
* 204: Is there a special reason as you why you’re wearing my shirt?

A/N: So here’s a random idea I had when someone decided to mess with my laundry while I was off in classes. As for two stories in one day, yay! I had very little homework but this weekend I’m going on a cleaning spree. Plus I haven’t looked at my request recently so I don’t have any real pressing or even good ideas right now. But I digress. I hope y’all enjoy this silly little, fluffy story.

Word Count: 2,134


Co-ed dorms weren’t the best. True, it was more calm than the freshman dorm, but now you had you had to deal with guys all the time. The worst was the laundry room. Guys clothes were everywhere. They spread out as if it was their laundry room at home and they didn’t have to share it with a building of other people.

You walked into the room, your basket balanced on your hip. You winced at all the clothes on the floor that must have missed when getting tossed into the machine. You hoisted your basket up onto a machine and started sorting and loading your clothes. You started the machine and and headed back to your room and hoping your laundry wouldn’t be messed with.

You delved into some homework.You wrote a couple of papers, pausing only to switch your clothes over to the dryer. You finally went to go retrieve you now dry clothes. You grabbed the basket without a second thought and carried it back to your room. You started folding your clothes and putting them away. You furrowed your brow when you found a pair of jeans that were clearly not yours. They looked like they’d be a bit baggy on you but not too long. They were mens pants, judging by the appearance and deep pockets.

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No Makeup

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Featuring: Jay Park

Genre: Fluffy/Slightly Comedic 

Request:  Anonymous sent: Hi! Can we have a Jay Park scenario where you sleep at his house with him for the 1st time and your worried he see you without makeup ^^? #something really fluff#

A/N: I changed it slightly. Extremely sorry on how late this request is  (╥﹏╥)

You were regretting coming on this overnight trip with your boyfriend. No nothing was wrong, in fact everything was perfect. Your boyfriend had thought about every single detail and made this the best get away trip. With that being said you couldn’t help but feeling silly about yourself. You were in the bathroom, you had washed up after a long day out but you just couldn’t bring yourself to step out of the bathroom.  Even though you and Jay had been dating for several months, you still hadn’t come around to show him your bare face. For some, this might seem ridiculous but for you it was such a big step, you hadn’t exactly noticed when your makeup had become so embedded to your persona; it was as if it  was now part of your identity. You felt a different type of confidence all doll-up, it was like mask you felt you needed  to face the world. Without it you felt an odd sense of vulnerability, almost as if you were exposed.

Wrapped in your white bathrobe, you rummaged through your bag. Maybe a bit of tinted moisturizer, would be ok; it wouldn’t be too obvious, would it? Or filling in your eyebrows a little bit. Suddenly you found yourself picking out item after item out of your makeup bag. ‘This is ridiculous.’ You thought to yourself as you took a cotton pad and wiped your eyebrows clean.        

“Hey babe, you ok in there?” Jay inquired from the other side of the door.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Almost done.”  

“Okay just wondering if you need anything, just ask.”  

You had realized you had spent too much time in the bathroom, you had to come out eventually. Jay had to see your bare face at some point. You took a deep breath, ‘let’s just it over with.’ you reminded yourself.  You took hold of the doorknob and slowly  pushed the door open and walked out.

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Keep Holding On:Confrontations(NSFW)

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This is the second part of a series which is written for @sdavid09​ TaleTeller’s Winter Writing Days Challenge. I had to have a winter theme and set it in a Mechanic AU with the song Keep Holding On-Avril Lavigne. This part is also for another challenge - @impalaimagining​ 600 Follower Celebration with the prompt-Please don’t let me go.

Characters: Y/n, Dean, Mary, John, Sam, Jess

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Smut, bareback, unprotected sex, fingering, cuteness, silly sex, angst, family drama, mentions of cheating, Jess being a bitch, arguing, angst, regretful Sam.

Word Count: 3541

Summary: Dean runs out to find Y/n, finding him in the snow, cold and shivering. Once they get back home, Y/n sees the true Jess. 

A/N: Part two of this series. Not sure how many more parts, at least 3 more. It’s a lot of angst and drama basically. The song Keep Holding On will be a theme all throughout the series, so u know, hold on and stay strong through the problems and stuff. That kind of thing. Hope u liked it.

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Keep Holding On Masterlist

Dean was held back by John, struggling against his dad as he tried his hardest to surge forward and beat his brother senseless.

“Dean Winchester! Calm down!”

Mary’s shrill voice stopped Dean in his tracks, knowing he shouldn’t be testing her right now.

John made sure his son wasn’t about to make any move towards Sam and let him go, standing beside both of them, just in case.

“Sam, is it true?”

Both Sam and Jess avoided everyone’s eyes, embarrassed and ashamed and nodded.

“You dated my fucking boyfriend? Then cheated on him, for that?” Dean spat, pointing at Jess and looking at her in disgust.

“Hey! Don’t talk about her like that”

“Like what? Like she’s trash? A whore? Just like you, I guess!”

Sam had to hold himself back, knowing Dean was taunting him.

“Dean. Stop.”

Dean took a deep breath, running his hand down his face and turned to comfort y/n.


Dean looked around the kitchen, realizing he wasn’t in there with them.

“Dean”, Mary pointed to the open back door, Dean realizing he’d gone off on his own.


He ran out, not caring that he was going to get cold, only caring about finding y/n right now

“Y/n! Y/n!” he yelled, running out of the yard and into the street, wondering which way to go.

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If You Love Me, Come Clean

Request: I have one! It’s kinda silly though. Maybe the reader and Bucky have been dating in secret and one day during a meeting at SHIELD one agents starts flirting and Bucky gets super angry, fluff ensues when someone asks him “why can’t she date whoever she wants” something like that he loses it and tells everyone everything

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 1,677

A/N: Thank you to the anon who requested! I hope it’s what you were looking for. Send me requests/feedback here. The name of this was inspired by this song!

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It was Christmas morning, and you found yourself alone. Your long time boyfriend Tom was in another country filming. You were brought out of your thoughts by the buzzing of your phone.

You lazily grabbed your phone, it was Tom. “Tom?”

“Merry Christmas love.”

“Merry Christmas”

“Have you went downstairs to open your gifts?”

“No, I don’t wanna open them till you’re home.”

He chuckled, “That’s still not for another two weeks thought.”

“I know.”

“Y/n, stop being silly. Go downstairs and open your gifts.”

“Fine,” you grumbled.

“Good, now listen. I’ve got to go, but I’ll call you later.”

“Do you have to go?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. Have a good day. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

You continued to lay in bed, must you really go downstairs? Would he know. He probably somehow would. You got up, pull a robe on. You stomped your way down the stairs, and that’s when the smell of coffee hit you. Was someone here? Maybe Tom’s mom decided to come by, she did have a key and mentioned stopping by.

You walked into the living room where the tree was. You did not see Tom’s mom like you had thought, but Tom himself. He had a big grin on his face as he stood in front of the tree. “Merry Christmas.”

“Tom,” you yelled as you jumped into his open arms. “I thought you couldn’t make it.”

“I took a last minute flight yesterday. I wanted to surprise you.”

“I’m so happy you’re here.”

He kissed the top of your head, “I’m happy I’m here too.”

Just A Bit Annoyed || Calum Hood

If you don’t know the post, click here << 

I M A G I N E 

“Calum, get out of there right now!” You yelled at the guest bedroom, banging on it violently. “I’m tired of this, Calum! Now come on out of there!” 

“I’m on the toilet, Y/N!” Calum claims, making you grin and shake your head at the silly boy. 

“Calum, you idiot, there’s no bathroom in the guest bedroom!” You point on, having the  conversation enter an awkward silence. Calum was wrong and he had no comeback or response. It’s been 2 days since you’ve had a decent conversation with Calum. He either avoided you or held small talk before weaving his way out of it somehow. You were only able to put up with it for 2 days until it got to you. You wanted answers and Calum was going to give them to you. 

“I… fine,” Calum gave in, opening the door to reveal a scowled-face, Maori boy. You pout, watching as he trotted over to the bed and took a seat. You joined him, sitting in a pretzel as you stared at him. “Did you need anything?”

“No, actually,” you say sarcastically. “I was just yelling and banging at the door like a mad man just for the sheer fun and joy of punishing some wood.” You rolled your eyes, having Calum roll his as well. 

“So what do you want?” Calum said dully, looking down at his lock screen. It was a picture of you and Calum kissing at the beach, making you smile fondly at the memory. But you then look back up at Calum and notice how upset he seemed. 

“What’s wrong?” You began, your sarcastic turn transforming itself into genuine concern. “You’ve been ignoring me and using excuses to talk to me as little as possible when I confront you in conversation. Calum, I’m your girlfriend, you can tell me what’s up.”

“No, I can’t,” Calum said with a sigh. 

“And why not?” You ask with a puzzled expression. 

“Because I’m upset at you over something dumb,” Calum slightly admitted, refusing to meet your eye as he looked distant to the floor. You sigh, giving Calum a gentle nudge so he can elaborate. “It was just… you and Luke that day on the couch.” You try recalling what he was on about, but it didn’t come to your head. Immediately, though, you remembered cuddling with Luke a bit and Calum walking away at some point. 

“Oh!” You exclaimed as the gears finally began to move in your mind. “You were jealous, weren’t you?” You ask, having Calum scoff as his cheeks tinted themselves a hue of pink. “Oh my god, you were!” 

“I was not jealous!” Calum tries to defend, finally having his chocolate eyes meet yours. “I was just a tad bit annoyed.” You giggle at Calum’s stubborn state. His cheeks were puffed out to indicate how upset he was, but it wasn’t working. He was just too cute to seem mad. 

“Baby, I’m sorry that it got you a bit upset,” you apologize genuinely as you go and take him into your arms. “I swear Luke and I are just friends. C’mere, let me make up for it with kisses and cuddles. How does that sound?” You push your face on Calum’s cheeking, causing him to chuckle a bit before agreeing. 

“Only ‘cause you offered and I want your love,” Calum mumbled as he went to lay down. You giggle, joining him as he takes you into his arms to be the big spoon. “You’re mine, you got that?” Calum growled in your ear, having you smile widely. 

“Got it,” you confirm with a small giggle. 


Summary: (So I asked you all random words and will be writing occasional drabbles based on those words) This one was by @re2d2 (my love!). Hope you enjoy!



extreme unwillingness to spend money or use resources.

Word Count: 1,130

A/N: This is all for fun, and silliness. And yes, two oneshots in one day. I’m on a roll. 

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As soon as you get to know Bucky, you give him a new nickname: Parsimony. Why? Because he’s stingy as hell and despite having more than enough money, is always looking for the cheap stuff in stores. Always. And that means often finding the cheap versions of your favorite foods instead of the brand you enjoy. Which is why you’re now chewing on a knock-off brand of chocolate chip cookies that aren’t Chips Ahoy.

“What’s got you looking all sour?” Clint asks with a grin as he steps into the kitchen. He reaches for a mug and dumps half of the decanter’s coffee into it. He sighs in bliss as he chugs down a gulp.

“Parsimony went shopping again.”

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Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry

Requested by @lovemydean-o-saur: Dean says something way over the line during a fight, then wins the reader back by doing something embarrassing.

Word Count: 1900ish

Warning: a bit of relationship drama

A/N: I wrote something without smut. WHAT???? This is silly. Enjoy anyway.

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Cheaters (an EXO-K scenario)

I was wondering if you could maybe do a detailed written exo-k reaction to you finding out that they cheated on you? If that makes sense to you, sorry I have no other idea how to word this. Thank you~ I really love your blog and the dedication that you put into it <3 Keep doing what you’re doing! ◕‿◕

A/N: this might not be the best work I have produced, because today has been a terrible day, and also because this post just broke my heart by writing it. Some angst here. I hope you guys enjoy it though <3


You had called him to tell him you’d gotten off work early, and would be passing by his apartment to take him medicine, since he had called off your date tonight because he wasn’t feeling well. He awkwardly refused, and tried to convince you to stay away, claiming he might get you sick too, but you told him not to be silly, because you always enjoyed taking care of him.

You were far too happy to be able to see him to notice the nervousness in his voice, and how crisp and clear it sounded for someone who was supposed to be sick. You hummed your way up the stairs to his apartment, skipping every other step to try to get to his door faster.

You rang the bell, and waited patiently for your boyfriend to let you in. He opened the door, for you with a tense smile on his face, and his shirt stuck to his body from the sweat, which you assumed was caused by the sickness.

“I brought you medicine!” You happily exclaimed, holding up the bag of medicine you had just purchased for him. He forced a smile onto his lips, and thanked you for it.

“Do you need me to fix you anything to eat? Do you want soup? “You asked him, making your way over to the kitchen, pulling out ingredients from the fridge, and setting up a big pot to prepare soup for your boyfriend. He coughed a little, and you looked at him with pity, the poor thing was being so overworked by the company he had fallen prey to sickness.

While the water boiled, you took Suho’s hand, and walked him over to the living-room, helping him down onto the sofa, and telling him to stay there and wait for you to be done cooking his dinner, he smiled at you, but guilt clouded his thoughts.

That’s when you saw it, thrown across the room, was a pair of ripped, red lacy panties that you knew didn’t belong to you. Your mouth opened in the shape of an ‘o’. You turned to look at Suho, your eyes begging him to make up some explanation as to why those panties were there, but he remained silent, staring at you with eyes full of shame. You felt the tears stinging your eyes.

“Suho…” You choked his name out, tears now rolling down your cheeks. He felt his heart ache at the sight of you in pain, because although he had just committed the biggest stupidity of his life, and had enjoyed every second of it, he still had feelings for you, and couldn’t stand seeing you sad. He looked away in shame and guilt, unable to meet your pure and innocent gaze.

“Why?” You asked him, and he still couldn’t look you in the eyes. All you wanted to know was why. If he didn’t love you anymore, he should have told you so in the first place, instead of going behind your back and hurting you like this.

“I don’t know,” He muttered, staring at his hands on his lap. But he did know, he knew your relationship had become monotonous, and he looked for the thrill of new adventures, of change, and he knew his feelings for you had changed. He still loved you dearly, but he was no longer in love with you. You wiped your tears away with the back of your hand, before going over to the boiling water, and turning the stove off. You felt the flame of your love finally turn off with the click of the button.

Your heart felt a thousand times heavier than it had ever felt before, and it ached so much it was unbearable, but still, you stopped at Suho’s front door, and before walking out of his apartment, and in consequence, out of his life forever, you turned to him with a weak smile and said:

“Please don’t ever talk to me again. Let me forget you. Be happy” And walked away, your heart heavy with sorrow, but you had no regrets, and no bitterness. After all, all good things have to come to an end.


You noticed him distance himself from you, but you worked hard to convince yourself it was just the preparation for the new promo. It hurt you, more than you cared to say. You missed the old Baekhyun, the one from the start of your relationship, the one you fell in love with, the one who gifted you with roses just because it was Wednesday, the one who always tried to make you laugh, and sent you endless pictures and text messages in a day to make you smile and check up on you. Instead, right now, you had this cold hearted boyfriend, who didn’t care to call you for days, and when you called, would answer with short sentences, and a tone so flat Sehun would be jealous.

You had begun blaming yourself, maybe you were too boring, too ugly, too stupid, maybe you were too clingy, or maybe you expected too much from a relationship, and should learn to let go a little. You stared at yourself in the mirror trying to find flaws in yourself, trying to find what could possibly be pushing away your boyfriend like this.

Chanyeol noticed your suffering, and like the cute, sensitive puppy he is, he began to feel your pain too. He would observe you as you examined your face with a displeased expression on your face. He noticed how hurt and disappointed you were the day you showed up for practice, to bring Baekhyun his lunch, and he dismissed you coldly. He couldn’t take your pain anymore.

You see, Chanyeol is Baekhyun’s best friend, and he would kill and die for him, but what he was doing was wrong, incredibly wrong, and you deserved to know the truth, even if he had to tell you himself. The thing is, Chanyeol had started developing feelings for you way before Baekhyun had even thought of asking you out, but since you and Baekhyun seemed so happy, he couldn’t bring himself to take his two most loved persons’ happiness away.

Your pain hurt him, someone needed to put an end to it, give some sort of Euthanasia to your heart. So he called you over to the dorm one night he knew the guys would be out, and since you trusted him with your life, you didn’t think anything suspicious could happen. He led you through the door and sat you down on the sofa, dropping his body beside you heavily.

He sighed, he knew it was very likely that you wouldn’t want to talk to him either after he told you the truth, because he had been the one to break your heart, but he decided to be selfless, and go ahead with his plan anyway. He took both of your hands in his, and looked you straight in the eyes.

“Baekhyun is cheating on you” he spoke firmly, not breaking the eye contact. You gasped, although a part of you already expected this. Your hands began shaking, and on instinct Chanyeol gripped them tighter.

“Is that true?” You asked him, tears rolling down your cheeks, shattering on the ground the same your heart just had done. Chanyeol nodded, and you could see the pain and pity in the back of his eyes, and oddly enough, that hurt you more.

“I’m sorry… I just thought it would be fair to let you know….” He stuttered out, unsure now of his decisions, but you shook your head, your hands balling into fists, your knuckles turning white.

“It’s okay… Baek is your best friend, it must have taken a lot for you to tell me… I’m very thankful… You are a true friend Chanyeol” you choked out, trying to give him a smile through your tears, but you just looked like a wounded puppy. He felt his heart break, at the pain you were feeling. He leaned closer to you and hesitated, before wrapping his arms around you, holding you closer to him.

As soon as his skin came into contact with yours, something clicked inside you, and you began bawling, harsh sobs shaking your body, as your tears soaked his shirt. He wanted to take your pain for you, take it away, transfer it to himself, he didn’t care what, but he wanted it to be away from you.

You felt your heart shatter into a million pieces, you had been so stupid not to have noticed earlier. You held onto Chanyeol’s shirt with all your strength, desperately trying to hold onto something solid before you lost your mind. He held you close, a pair of silent tears sliding down the bridge of his nose, as he held your shaking frame.

You cried until you had no more tears to shed, and thanking Chanyeol once more, you took the necklace with the heart pendant Baekhyun had given you on Valentine’s day to represent you holding his heart forever, and handed it to Chanyeol.

“ Just give this back to him for me, yeah? Tell him I don’t want his lies anymore. Thanks for everything Chan, I’ll see you soon yeah?” you told him with a bitter smile, before walking out the door, hoping to never see Baekhyun again.


He waited nervously in his room at the dorm, hands fiddling with each other, twisting and turning on his lap, time slowly ticking by, making every second he waited for the doorbell to ring drag longer and longer.

He stared at the new, clean sheets on his bed, and remembered the ripped, burnt ones he had thrown away this morning in a frenzy of anger. He felt sick at the memory of them, physically sick, and he wished he could punch himself, beat himself up for being such an idiot, but the damage was already done, and there was nothing he could do to take it back.

He couldn’t remember anything from the previous night, he remembered taking a drink Sehun had handed him, and after that, his memory was black. All he knew was that the moment he opened his eyes in the morning, and stared at the stranger beside him, in his bed, he wanted to kill himself.  

He woke her up immediately, and asked her to leave, without even looking at her face, he wanted nothing to do with this woman. He hated himself right now. He could feel the bile creeping up his throat at the memory of her alone.

He considered the thought of keeping quiet, and never telling you about this, because what you didn’t know, couldn’t possibly hurt you, and the last thing he wanted was to lose you over a stupid mistake. But he knew that was wrong, and couldn’t take the guilt any longer, so he called you and asked you to come over.

You had no idea why your boyfriend was calling you at 8 am asking you to come to his dorm, but his tone told you it was urgent, and he was in distress, so you put your clothes on quickly, and as soon as you slipped your shoes on, you were on your way.

You unlocked the door with the spare key Chanyeol had given you a while back, and quickly made your way to his room, making as little noise as possible, knowing the other guys would probably still be asleep from their night out.

Chanyeol sat on his bed, his gaze glued to his lap until he noticed your presence in the room with his peripheral vision, and looked up at you with those precious puppy eyes glazed over with regret.

“I have something to confess” He told you abruptly, so you sat down next to him, and patiently waited for him to proceed. He took a deep breath.

“Last night, Sehun gave me a drink. I don’t remember anything that happened after, I promise. It is all a blank space no matter how hard I try to remember. But this morning, I woke up with a girl beside me, on my bed. I don’t know who she is. I didn’t even look at her face while she was here. I want you to know that I am incredibly sorry for having betrayed your trust like this, and I hate myself more than you could possibly imagine. I understand if you don’t want to forgive me, and leave to never come back, but I just wanted to confess to you, because I couldn’t keep this inside” He confessed, trying to get as many words in as fast as he could.

It took you by surprise, and you couldn’t deny you were hurt, disappointed and heart broken. You felt your heart break in half, and roll off your chest straight onto the floor. You shed a single salty tear, before looking up at him.

“I forgive you” You told him simply, with a smile. His eyes opened wide.

“What? Are you sure?” He asked you, not believing he deserved to be forgiven. You nodded.

“Why? I don’t deserve it” He spoke sincerely. It shattered your soul.

“Because I love you, and you confessed straight away. I know you feel sorry, so I forgive you. But please don’t do it again.”  You told him, and you tried to smile, but the tears had already started cascading down your face. He felt as if someone had punched him straight in the chest. He knew right then and there that you were too good for him, and he would never deserve anyone as good as you. But if you had forgiven him, he would make sure to never let you down again, no matter what.


The world had collapsed around you, crumbling down to pieces, leaving very few bits that could be salvaged.

You had just walked back home to the apartment you shared with your boyfriend D.O after a day of catching up with the girls. Unfortunately, one of them had received a call from her ex, who was supposed to be in charge of their child for the weekend, telling her the baby boy was in hospital, so your date with the girls had to be cut short.

You stared at the shoes on the door, and were surprised, D.O had told you he would be at the studio until late, so what was he doing back so early? You checked your phone for messages, but you had received none from him telling you he would be back any time soon. Something gave you a bad feeling, and you began bracing yourself.

You walked through your apartment, making as little sound as possible, until you reached your bedroom door. You could hear soft moaning coming from behind the door. The moaning of two different people. Your hand shot up towards your face, covering your mouth as you stood there, behind the closed door, completely horrified.

You extended your arm to get to the door knob, preparing yourself mentally for what you were going to see once you went into your room. As you turned the knob, you noticed your hands begin to shake. You closed your eyes tightly before entering your room. You heard a loud gasp, and your eyes shot open.

There he was, the man you had given over three years of your life to, hovering over some stupid girl’s body, staring at you like a deer caught in the headlights. The girl looked completely mortified, and you knew right away D.O hadn’t even told her about your existence. You felt anger boiling up inside you, because not only had he betrayed you the worst way a man can betray his girlfriend, but he had also lied to the poor girl underneath you to get her in bed.

“Y/N! You were supposed to be with the girls…” He said, still panting. Your eyes narrowed at him.

“And you were supposed to be at work. But I see you are a little busy here.” You sneered, pointing towards his awkward position on top of the girl, who sensing the awkwardness, decided to leave. She pushed D.O away angrily, and covered herself as best as she could while she picked her clothes up from the floor, and left the room, apologizing directly to you.

“Is that seriously all you have to say to me?” You asked him angrily, crossing your arms over your chest. You would deal with the heart break, and all the suppressed sadness you were feeling later, right now, you were livid.

“What do you want me to say? That I’m sorry?” he spat back, and it tore at your heart. You were surprised, shocked, confused. He had never been like this to you before, it was like suddenly he had turned into a whole different person, where was your cute, shy, adorable little boyfriend? What happened to that man?

“There isn’t anything left to say Kyungsoo. What I saw was pretty clear.” You replied coldly, before reaching under your bed and grabbing a large suitcase. He watched you open it, and begin filling it with as many of your belongings as you could, a panic expression flashing across his face.

“Wait Y/N! What are you doing? Why are you packing, you don’t need to leave!” He exclaimed, his hand reaching over to stop yours from packing. You forcefully drew your hand back, and glared at him.

“No, but I want to. I don’t think I can stay in this house any longer. I will be staying at a friend’s for a while. Don’t come to look for me, I don’t want to see your face ever again, and don’t bother apologizing, because I’m honestly never going to forgive you” You growled at him, zipping the suitcase up, and dragging it off the bed. You stared at him, his eyes open wide as he looked at you, the realization of what he had done suddenly dawning on him.

“No… Y/N…” he softly called your name, his hand grabbing your arm trying desperately to pull you back. You turned to look at him with daggers in your eyes, and pulled the promise ring he had gifted you on your first anniversary. You looked at it for a second, suddenly three years worth of relationship flashed across your eyes, and you realized you wasted your time. You gripped it tightly in the palm of your hand, before throwing it at him.

“I won’t be needing this anymore” You hissed, your voice breaking slowly as the tears finally began to fall. He called your name, but you had already walked out the door.  You got into your car, and began hitting the steering wheel as you let out a heart breaking cry, tears falling fast. You grabbed your phone as quickly as you could, and dialed the number of the one person you know would help you, and take you in, at least until you could find your own place.

“Baek-Baekhyun? I need you….”


You were curled up on your sofa, a small ball of self-pity and pain, crying your eyes out, while you clutched your phone tightly in your hands, your knuckles turning white. Your phone was open on twitter, and on your screen was a picture of your boyfriend Kai, kissing another girl. The picture wasn’t of the highest quality, but it was unmistakable, their bodies tightly held together, eyes closed, and lips linked to each other.

You felt as if someone had ripped your heart out of your chest, and smashed it against the floor, breaking into a million tiny pieces, to then stamp all over them. You couldn’t breathe, your chest felt constricted, and the tears wouldn’t stop flowing. You’d never felt so much pain in your life. You had to admit you were fascinated by the human body, and how it could transfer the grief you felt in your heart, to actual physical pain. You felt like you were dying.

You didn’t know what to do, you were in love with Kai, you had been for the past 2 years, how were you supposed to give up on it all? How were you supposed to forget all the things you had done together, everything you had been through? But then again, how could you ever forgive him?

You’d given him all your trust, and he had broken it, just like he had broken your heart. You believed in him, you had handed him your heart wholly, for him to just toy with it like he had done, like it meant nothing to him, like you meant nothing to him. It broke you, in more ways than you wanted to admit.

You felt the vibration of your phone in your hands before the name popped up on the screen, you were receiving a call from Sehun. You deliberated for a second, trying to decide whether to answer or not. On one side, you were not only in complete agony, and didn’t want to see anyone, but you were also embarrassed due to the whole situation, but on the other hand, Sehun was your best friend, your confidant, your better half, and right now you needed him. So you accepted the call.

“Y/N….” He spoke softly, and you knew by his tone he had already seen the pictures, and was calling to make sure you were okay.

“Hey…” you replied with a sniffle, and you heard his breathing stop. You could just imagine the little wrinkles creasing his forehead as he became upset. He hated seeing you sad, he hated seeing you in pain, and he absolutely hated knowing you were upset and he wasn’t there to make you feel better again. Honestly, sometimes you got the impression he cared more about you than Kai ever did.

“Are you alright?” He asked, his tone cautions. You wanted to scoff, how could you be fine? You just got cheated on, and not only that, but the whole world had been witness to your betrayal and humiliation. He took your silence as a negative answer.

“Y/N… is it okay if I come over right now?” He asked, and you agreed, desperate for some comfort. He hung up and quickly drove to your apartment. He let himself in with the spare key you had given him, and walked up to your curled up frame, plopping down next to you on the sofa.

He put his hand on your back, feeling the way your body shook with each sob, and he felt his heart shatter. He threw his body on top of yours, and held you tightly. He felt tears start to build up in his eyes, but he blinked them away, right now he had to be strong for you. You stayed like that for a while, until you felt like you had no more tears to shed.

You sat up, Sehun’s arms around you, and you looked into his eyes. Suddenly, a wave of emotions rushed through you: betrayal, hurt, anger, sadness, and an unquenchable thirst for revenge. You slowly began leaning forward, your face inching closer to Sehun’s and his eyes widened. He stuttered your name out, trying to move back, but you shut him up with your lips on his. You kissed him harshly, hungrily, taking your anger and pain out on Sehun’s lips, who replied just as hungrily and desperately, like he was dreading he was in a dream and was about to wake up.

You were angry, you were sad and you felt hurt, and right now, you just wanted to feel loved, and to get revenge. You knew this was wrong, were you just using Sehun? Did you have hidden feelings for him you never knew about? Were you going to lose your best friend because of this stupid rash decision making?

You didn’t care. You began removing your clothes, with your lips still attached to this, and Sehun wanted to stop you, he really did want to, because he too knew this was wrong, and that you were doing it out of spite, but he couldn’t bring himself to stop you. He had dreamed about this moment so many nights before, and in his heart he believed he truly did deserve you more than Kai ever did. So he gave into you, into your body, into your desires.

You cuddled with him on the sofa after, and you smiled, feeling his bare skin on yours, his body and yours sharing the warmth you produced, until you heard the doorbell. Sehun looked at you questioningly, but you shrugged. The bell rang again, so you unwillingly got up, and threw your clothes back on, before walking towards the door. Sehun slipped his boxers and pants on, before walking behind you.

You opened the door, to see a very flustered and guilty looking Kai. “I can explain” he said quickly. You shook your head at him.

“There is nothing to explain. I saw those pictures. You said you were at the studio. You lied. And you cheated. There is nothing left to explain Jongin. We are over. We were over the minute you put your lips on that girl.” You spat at him with a flat face, in an attempt to show him how you no longer cared about him. Just when he was about to open his mouth to apologize and reason with you, he noticed a shirtless Sehun standing behind you, looking a little guilty, and a little angry at the same time, and his eyes widened. He felt a pang of pain shoot through his heart, and realized that  he got what he deserved. He felt tears begin to prickle his eyes, as his lips shaped into an ‘o’.

“Oh… Okay… I understand… I’m sorry Y/N… I really am.” He spoke, before turning back on his heels and walking away, wiping his face with his sleeve. As soon as he was out of sight, you closed the door and slid your body down it. You sat on the floor, crying your eyes out, but Sehun was there at an instant, holding you close, and kissing the top of your head.

“Thank you for being here Sehun….” You sobbed. He smiled sadly.

“Anything for you Y/N… always”


You lay in bed, messaging your best friend Xiumin, while you waited for your boyfriend to come out of the shower. You could hear the water running, as your boyfriend happily sang one of his band’s songs. You smiled to yourself, before resuming texting Xiumin back.

Xiu-Oppa: You should have come round tonight, it’s pretty boring without you, and Chen’s being a pest
You: I know, I’m sorry I had to cancel, but Sehun decided to have a movie night last minute…
Xiu-Oppa: I know, I know, you two lovebirds want couple time blablabla. But I miss you too you know?
You: Oppaaaa I miss you too and you know it! I promise I will see you very soon too!
Xiu-Oppa: You better! Anyway, I’ll let you enjoy your “Alone time” with Sehunnie.
You: Oppaaa! Stop embarrassing me! I’ll see you soon <3
Xiu-Oppa: See you soon little one

You smiled at the texts, you really had taken a liking to the older boy ever since Sehun introduced you guys. He always treated you kindly, and you loved how he could act both incredibly adorable, and impressively mature. He was always there to help you out and give you advice, and he made sure Sehun never treated you wrong. You had so much in common with the boy, sometimes you felt like you were meant to be friends.

You heard Sehun’s phone begin to vibrate from the bedside table, and although you tried to ignore it the first few times, the messages kept coming through, so you decided it must be something of great importance. You rolled over to his side of the bed, and grabbed the phone, unlocking it with ease, and going straight to his inbox. You had always had Sehun’s code, and he always had yours, it was a matter of trust, and he often had you read him the texts he received from the guys, so you didn’t think it would be any different this time.

You were wrong. You opened the texts to see some very suggestive texts from a girl you recognized as a trainee. You scanned over them, scrolling up to read a few equally flirtatious texts from Sehun. You felt yourself start to break, but it wasn’t until you read something about a kiss that your heart shattered completely. You felt as if you’d just been stabbed in the heart repeatedly with a blunt butter knife. Your heart had been ripped to shreds.

You didn’t notice the water stop running, and Sehun come out of the bathroom covered by only a towel.

“Hey babe… what’s wrong?” He asked you, and you turned to look at him, betrayal and hurt written all over your face.

“What’s this Sehun?” you asked him, showing him his own phone with the texts on the screen. He stared at you with guilt in his eyes.

“I… I can explain.” He stuttered over his own words. You just kept staring, expecting him to continue. He saw a single tear roll down your cheek, and he felt his heart begin to ache.

“I… She doesn’t mean anything to me. I don’t know what I was thinking. It was all innocent flirting at first, but she kissed me and… I didn’t stop her. I swear nothing more happened. I promise you that’s the only thing that happened. After that, I couldn’t deal with the guilt. I haven’t seen her, or talked to her since. I realized you are my one and only. I know it sounds stupid, and crazy, but please believe me. Please….” He begged, falling to his knees, wrapping his arms around your legs.

You pulled away from him, slightly disgusted.

“Was I not enough for you that you had to flirt with another girl?” You hissed at him, shaking your head as you backed away from him.

“No! I love you Y/N! That meant nothing to me, she means nothing to me. Please believe me! Nothing else happened, it was just a stupid meaningless kiss… Please I beg you…  Please forgive me…” He begged while thick salty tears fell down his face like a waterfall. You wiped your own tears with the tips of your fingers, and shook your head at him.

“I… I think I should go” You speak, before quickly grabbing a small backpack and stuffing a few items of clothing and other important objects in it. Sehun panicked, he rushed to you and grabbed your body forcefully, wrapping you up in his arms tightly, refusing to let go.

“NO! Please don’t go Y/N! Please don’t leave me! Please don’t break up with me, I promise it won’t happen ever again. I promise” He begged, his voice shaky from the fear and pain he was feeling. He began bawling against you, holding you so tight you thought you had stopped breathing. You unwrapped his arms from yourself, and pushed him away, grabbing your backpack.

“I’m not breaking up with you Sehun, but I need some time to think about all of this. To decide whether I can forgive you or not. I’ll be back in a few days, and we can talk about it better.” You told him coldly, because you knew your heart had already forgiven him, I mean, how could you live without him? But your brain hadn’t. Your brain still told you he needed to suffer and pay for what he had done.

“Where are you going to stay?” He choked out, his voice breaking from all the crying. You looked up at him, deciding whether you should tell him or not.

“With Xiumin.” You stated simply, before turning away from him, and walking straight out of the door, leaving a heart broken Sehun crying alone on your bedroom door, regretting everything he had done, and terrified that he might be about to lose you, not only because of his stupid actions, but also he might lose you to his hyung. Deep down, he had always had suspicions that Xiumin’s feelings towards you weren’t only friendly.

boom clap (the sound of my heart)

words: 4.8k
summary: You can learn a lot of things about someone during a thunderstorm. Sometimes even more than you bargained for. (A post-Jackady Ladrien/Adrinette one-shot)

a/n: this is dedicated to @gabzilla-z for inspiring me to write this silly thing and talking through the whole story, to  @matchaball for listening to me geek out over plot details, and @mylady-fangirling for helping me navigate my way through French expressions of surprise! ❤️❤️❤️

AO3 | Fanfiction

When Adrien Agreste learns that Ladybug is none other than Marinette Dupain-Cheng, he feels like he’s been struck by a bolt of lightning—electrified, illuminated, and shocked to the core.

But he doesn’t know that yet.

All he knows is that in the two days that have passed since Ladybug came to the Agreste Mansion to help him save his father from being attacked by Jackady, he’s been replaying the events of the day in his mind over and over again, especially when he’s alone in his room in the evening.

The memories flash into his mind when he least expects them, distracting him from his surroundings completely. So when it happens again on this particular evening, he almost doesn’t even notice that Ladybug is standing on his window ledge, grinning and knocking on the glass.

Luckily, her knocks are loud enough to distract Adrien from his reverie, and he practically runs to the window to help her inside once he realizes that his lady is actually here in the flesh and not just in his imagination.

“Ladybug! It’s—it’s so nice to see you! What are you doing here?”

He hopes his cheeks aren’t as red as they feel.

Salut, Adrien! I, um, just wanted to check up on you, to make sure that you and Monsieur Agreste are doing fine. Just a nightly check-in, since it’s been a few days! You know, hero duty and all. It’s what we do,” says Ladybug in a torrent of words.

She hopes she doesn’t sound as nervous as she feels.

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A/N: This one was very fun to write, I really enjoyed it. If anyone has any requests like this, please do send them in. They aren’t silly, they’re very good ideas and I love writing them.


Anonymous: So I have a small headcanon that Joker has a secret sweet tooth I’m not sure why but imagine the reader is baking something and Joker comes in and they find out about his secret?? I don’t know something fun to make.

Warning(s): Kinky hand placement and ass slap.

Word count: 1,013



Words couldn’t describe how bored you were. You were left at home while your boyfriend, the Joker was out on a heist, taking all his henchmen with him (he said he needed them but it was actually because he didn’t want them to hit on you because if they did, he would definitely kill them, and he needed as many of them as he could get), leaving you with no one to talk to and nothing to do. You would have thought that as the home you shared with him was quite big that there would be tons of things to do and there normally was, but today you just weren’t feeling it. Sometimes, you’d even go out and help the Joker but today you stupidly decided not to. So it was actually your own fault you were so bored.

He’d been gone an hour and you had already cleaned the whole house (even though it wasn’t unclean) and had sorted through yours and the Joker’s paperwork and now you were stuck for things to do. You decided against making dinner as you had no clue as to how long the Joker would be and knew he would just be bringing back some kind of takeaway anyway. So instead you had an idea.

A cake.

Okay so you knew it was stupid since it would make a mess and you knew the Joker wouldn’t bother eating it so you’d just have to eat it yourself, making you feel guilty and fat afterwards but fuck it. You were bored and hadn’t baked anything since you were little. Yeah, let’s bake a cake.

You scanned the cupboards for the things you’d need: flour, eggs, sugar and butter.

“Wow.” You mumbled to yourself, finding that the cupboard was pretty much empty. “We really need to go shopping.”

Eventually you found what you were after and got all the things you needed and began on making the cake. It took you quite a while to measure out the weight of the flour, butter and sugar as you wanted to get it as precise as you could. After everything was measured out, you heard the door open and close, the Joker sweetly calling your name as he did.

“In here!” You yelled back, continuing with mixing the ingredients together. You were still on the first part of mixing when the Joker walked into the kitchen, pressing his torso against your back, his chin on your shoulder and his hand wrapped around your hip and resting on your inner thigh. “That was quick. I thought you were going to be longer.”

“Well what can I say, baby? I get the job done.” He purred seductively in your ear, hoping to get a response from you. Instead, you began to add flour to the bowl of cake mix, ensuring to add in a little at a time. He furrowed his brows looking down at the bowl on the table. “What are you doing?”

“Makin’ a cake.” You simply replied, turning to face him. “Wanna help?”

He thought for a bit, shrugging before agreeing. “What do you want me to do?”

“Just add in some flour for me.” You instructed him with a smile. He held the separate bowl of flour and hovered it close to the main bowl, tipping it upside down and dumping all the flour in at once. You squinted your eyes, looking up at the Joker who had a playful smirk on his face. “How dare you ruin my cake.”

As soon as the words left your mouth, you were met with a face full of flour, the powder seeping through your lips and up your nose, making you choke. The Joker laughed loudly, him finding it so funny he needed to gasp for air.

“Hey,” he chuckled, wiping the flour away from your eyes so you could see him. “You look like me now. We match!”

You just stared blankly at him watching as he composed himself, rolling his eyes at your unhappy face. “Oh come on, Y/N! It was funny.”

“You wait, I’ll get my own back.” You threatened. “Now go away and let me finish my cake.”

After mixing all the contents together, managing to mix the flour in properly after the Joker’s antics, you poured the batter into a cake tin, putting it into the oven and calling for the Joker.

He appeared seconds later, an excited smile on his face. “Is the cake ready?”

You furrowed your brows with a laugh. “No, but I’m done with the spoon and the bowl, you wanna lick it?”

“Why would I want to do that?” He scoffed, folding his arms across his now bare chest.

“Alright then.” You said, putting the bowl on the counter near the sink. “It’s there if you want it.”

Moments later after coming back from the toilet, you see a sight that no one would believe. It was the Joker, licking the spoon covered in cake mix, like a child. He had a satisfied look on his face, little “mmm’s” coming from him now and then. You quietly laughed at the sight, your heart fluttering at how cute he was aside from all the danger and evil he used as a facade. Placing the spoon and bowl back carefully and exactly how it was when you left it, he turned around to see you standing in the doorway with a grin on your face. Busted.

“‘Why would I want to do that’ eh?” You mocked, smiling as the Joker shamefully walked towards you. “Seems like you have a sweet tooth, Mr. J.”

He mumbled a quick “shut up” before walking past you, smacking your ass very harshly on his way, what he would do as a quick form of punishment (if you know what I mean ;)). No need to take revenge for the flour mask now, you and him both knew that you would never let this go.

The Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker, the most dangerous and twisted villain in all of Gotham has a sweet tooth.

Raining Cats and Dogs

In which, Thor and you have recently moved in together and someone tells Thor that it is of good fortune to adopt pets in order to have a happy, long life with your partner. This is pure silliness, don’t take this seriously.

Word Count: 1,130

Warnings: None. 

A/N: Hope you enjoy it, my dear! @it-takes-courage-to-be-you 

Originally posted by leaf-kiid

Moving in with Thor was an adventure. Every day it was something new. Thor was quick to understand everything around him, but it was still amusing to watch him be surprised at how technology worked and often remarking how differently things were done in Asgard. You had grown accustomed to teasing him and often imitated his deep, proper voice, to which Thor responded with a chuckle before lunging at you, his arms wrapping around your waist as you squealed. He’d throw you onto the couch and pin you against his, your laughs turning to breathless gasps as he pressed lips against your own.

Even though you lived in the Avengers Tower, the floor Tony gave the two of you was private. Only a certain amount of people had the code to enter and even then, they called either you or Thor to let you know they were dropping by. It gave you both freedom and privacy to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted.

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summary: Dan moves in to Manchester to study Law at University. Phil is his neighbor who happens to own a flower shop and he likes to flirt with him via flowers. The only frustrating thing is that Dan has to google the meaning of each flower and the boy can’t take a hint.

warnings: ?? none

words:  2k

a/n: i’ll be real this is 1990 words. A short thing, wow. Anyway, this is just a silly, easy read. I think I’m still high off April Fools so this is less serious than other stuff. It’s really just fluff,pure fluff ahaha. haven’t written anything in ages. I forgot how to write. oh, i’m rambling again. thank you for reading. have a great day, you deserve it.

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“Hey, what’s wrong?” You asked as you walked up to Newt, who was leaning up against a wooden frame.

“Nothing really, I guess I’m just having a bad day.” He said and paused as he rubbed his face, “Don’t worry about it.”

“Aww don’t be sad.” You cooed, “I don’t like seeing you like this, it makes me sad.” 

“Sorry.” He mumbled, looking down to the ground.

“Don’t be silly.” You said.

Grabbing his face in your hands, you looked into his eyes and then you started squishing his face around making him do funny facial expression, causing him to crack a smile.

“What would I do without you Y/N?” He asked as he chuckled, taking your hands in his.

“You’d be lost.” You joked before he leant in and place a kiss on your lips.

anonymous asked:

Thanks mama for answering me so fast about the Sam n Cait twittering. Reading the notes I even learned I was spelling twitter wrong. Learn something every day. Like your reply to the anons post too! Silly me, went over to the "dark side" and they are real... I don't have a description that fits their narrative. Anyway, I hope SC are happy tomorrow. My Dad died suddenly on Valentines Day, few years back, so it doesn't hold the same for me just not the same. I always wish love for all around 💕

Aw, (hugs) to you then on this day of sad memories Anon.  Stay on this happy side of the fandom and continue to wish love for all.  You won’t go wrong.

Brown Eyed Girl

Hello My Lovelies,

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Brown Eyed Girl


Hi! I’d just like to say that you’re my favourite blog by far! I was hoping if you’d write a Dean x reader fic where the reader is really self conscious about her brown eyes, to the point where sometimes it really gets her down, and Dean cheers her up about it? I know this might sound silly but my eyes are actually the part of my body I’m most self conscious about, so it would mean a lot! I understand if you don’t have the time though. So much love x ( @superlockreaderinserts-deactiva)

Authors Note:


Y/N watched as Dean hit on yet another blue-eyed blonde. Yesterday it was a green-eyed, brunette. The day before she had grey eyes. Never brown. Not once. She knew why. Brown was ugly. The colour of mud, of dirt of all the stuff a person tries to wash and remove from their body.

Sam told her she was being stupid. That the colour of a person’s eyes didn’t matter. His were brown. But his weren’t just brown, they had flecks of gold in them. Sometimes maybe green. She wasn’t sure. His eyes had no one exact colour. Not like hers.

Average, plain, normal and easy to forget. Mostly because people wanted to. The colour was often pushed into the dark depths of a person’s mind. Not like those stunning blue eyes that captivate a person, or even Dean’s green eyes, ones that haunt you in your sleep.

Y/N knew she was just being self conscious, but she couldn’t help it. Even as a teen she prayed she’d need glasses so she could get contacts and change the colour of her eyes. Even hazel would be better than what she had.

She sighed and swirled the whiskey round in her glass before downing it.

Dean walked over and she could feel him frowning at her before she even looked up.

‘You ok?’

‘Yeah, just tired.’

He looked over to where Sam was hustling pool and then back at Y/N.

‘Want me to take you back to the motel?’

Y/N glanced up at the blue eyed beauty at the bar and shook her head.

‘Looks like you already have plans. I’ll be fine.’

He went to protest when his date came over and snuggled into his side.

‘You’re sure?’ he asked again.

‘Yeah. Go enjoy yourself. I’ll see you tomorrow.’

She took the long walk back to the motel, slowly. Enjoying the fresh air, trying to distract herself with her surroundings. She made it back to the motel and spent the next couple of hours flicking through tv channels, trying to find something to brighten her mood. Another ¼ of a bottle of whiskey later, she managed to find a makeup app that allowed her to change her eye colour.

At first, it was all serious. The thrill of finally seeing herself with something other than eyes the colour of mud. But as the night wore on and she took more photo’s she found herself amused at how she looked with the stunning blue’s and green’s. It didn’t look like her at all.

And yet she still thought about how much better it looked compared to now.

She woke up, hung over and blearily eyed. Stumbling to the shower and cleaned up before making her way to the boy’s room.

She didn’t bother knocking, she never did. Not if they shared.

‘You look like a you fell into a bottle,’ Dean mumbled, shoving his face into his pillow.

‘What happened to the girl you fell into?’

‘Left her at the bar.’

‘Where’s Sammy?’ Y/N mumbled, caving and climbing into Sam’s bed. She felt like crap.

‘Breakfast run. I hope. He had better be. That and coffee,’ Dean muttered. ‘What was up with you last night?’

‘Nothing, just tired.’

‘Yeah, so tired you went straight back here to sleep.’

‘Piss off, Dean. What I do is my business,’ she snapped and rolled over.

She missed the sad look in Dean’s eyes, the frustration because she wouldn’t talk to him. Dean wanted more than anything for her to open up. To let him in. But every time he tried she blocked him. Put up walls and sunk further back into herself.

He had spent countless hours trying to figure it out. Sam had mentioned she was self conscious. But for the life of him, Dean couldn’t figure out why. Her body had curves that made a guy weak at the knees, her hair always seemed to do what she wanted when she wanted. He couldn’t ever remember her having a bad hair day. Her skin, despite countless years of hunting was always soft. Her lips were always moist and kissable. Not that he ever had, he wanted to but hadn’t. Her teeth were perfect. Her eyes where the window to her soul. He loved them. Her face rarely changed, sure she smiled, frowned, what ever. But this woman could look at you and go through a full range of emotions and the only thing that ever gave it away was her eyes. Her expression always remained neutral. She wasn’t a big talker, so he relied heavily on her eyes to tell him what he wanted to know.

He climbed into Sam’s bed behind her and lent over, brushing her hair from her eyes.


‘Argh, Dean you smell like a bar.’

‘Good, it will take you back to last night and you can tell me what was wrong,’ he grinned.

‘It was nothing, just stupid drunken crappy nothing.’

‘You weren’t drunk. Or I wouldn’t have let you go home alone.’

‘Do you have any idea how bad that you sound?’

Dean went to comment when she started again.

‘Or me sound,’ she frowned.

Dean dropped his head into the curve of her neck in exasperation.

‘That’s not what I meant. You know that. Y/N, talk to me. Please.’

The door handle rattled and Dean moved back, watching sadly and Y/N sat up, moving away from him.

Sam came through the door, watching the two of them, holding coffee and a bag of food.

‘God, please not in my bed.’

‘That won’t happen,’ Y/N sighed, standing, taking one of the cups and waiting for Sam to hand her a breakfast burrito.

‘Drunk dialling again last night?’ Sam asked, as he fished it out the bag.

‘Apparently I was not what you deem drunk,’ she muttered.

‘Y/N,’ Dean sighed.

‘I’ll see you two a bit later. Thanks for brekkie, Sammy. And ah, if you haven’t already don’t open and delete everything I sent you.’

‘Too late, you’re an idiot you know that right.’

She gave him a sad smile and walked out, closing the door behind her.

Dean walked in a short while later as she was finishing off her breakfast.

‘He’s joking right?’

‘Not sure. One of you is. I don’t remember much of last night, so I’m going with you are.’

‘You seriously hate your eyes? That’s what depresses you?’

She blinked at him, her face not changing once but the anger at Sam flared in her eyes. She didn’t need to say a word. Dean had his answer.

‘So while other chicks get upset about their weight, stretch marks, boobs, whatever you are upset over the colour of your eyes.’

‘You should probably leave. I want to shower.’


‘Well, you ain’t watching. Get out, Dean.’

‘Y/N,’ he sighed, walking over. He took her hand and sat her on the bed. Before grabbing a dining chair and pulling it up in front of her. ‘Seriously, your eyes? Why?’

‘Why not?’

Dean watched her and waited. She was in a mood. He knew he had put her there and he felt bad. But this whole thing had just annoyed him. It was stupid. She never spoke, never answered his question. She wouldn’t even look at him.

‘I just want to understand. I really don’t get what you hate about them,’ he prompted.

She still continued to look at everything but him.

He cupped her chin in his thumb and fore finger, forcing her to face him.

‘They are the prettiest eyes I’ve seen,’ he started.

His chest growing tight as she snorted.

‘I’m serious. I could look at them for hours. It’s like staring into a bowl of chocolate. Sweet, comforting, satisfying and turns a person into an addict wanting more.’

She finally raised her eyes to look at him, surprised.

‘And I can’t get enough, not matter how hard I look. Your eyes where what drew me to you in the first place. Do you remember that night we met on that hunt? Where the demon had set fire to that house? I took one look at your eyes and I knew you were going back in. You’d risk everything to save that kid. There was no thinking twice about it. I’d never seen so much strength, fearlessness and selflessness in a person.’

Her face softened slightly and he knew she remembered.

‘I knew then I wanted to get to know you better. As much as you had no interest in me. You made that clear. You didn’t even say anything, it was just that look you gave me as you crossed your arms and raised your eyebrow. I considered it a welcome challenge.’

He watched how her eye’s laughed, but her face didn’t change.

‘I knew you were screwing around, and I’ve spent every day since watching, waiting for proof that you were lying. Using my time to figure you out. You’ve got this whole mysterious persona happening. And my God you are one tough chick to crack.

‘Your eyes tell me everything. Despite the fact that your extremely good at keeping all that away from your face and body. Like now, your face screams blank, nothing, you don’t care. But your eyes, your eyes have softened, there’s a small smile in there, some pain and bit of hotness cos you know you want me,’ he grinned.

He watched as her eyes laughed at him and a slightly, barely noticeable smile appeared on her lips.

‘That’s what I thought,’ he chuckled. ‘They tell me who you are. What matters to you. If I’ve upset you, made you happy, if you’re worried or scared. Your eyes are my favourite part of you. And they are my favourite thing in this whole screwed up world.’

He watched as she bit her lip and tried to look away. He cupped her face in both hands and brought it back so she was looking at him.

‘They are the first and last thing I want to see every day. What I see when I close my eyes.’

‘You suck,’ she muttered.

Dean leaned in and placed a gently soft kiss on each of her eyes.

‘I seen the photo’s and the brown is definitely the way to go. I promise. I made Sam delete the rest. They weren’t you. I couldn’t see anything in those.’

He looked at her and saw defeat. He knew she had listened, that he had got through to her.

‘Now let me start on these lips. Cos I have a few things I want to say to them,’ he grinned, gently kissing her. His heart racing as she kissed him back.

He pulled back slightly and looked at her, grinning as he gently pushed her back onto the bed. Nothing looked hotter than her eyes right now, the desire, the emotions, the wanting. It was heaven.