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Meet the Manhattan Schist

Have you ever noticed that the high-rise buildings in New York City cluster into two areas; near Midtown and the Financial District? Turns out the reason for this clustering isn’t just “money”, it’s also bedrock.

Skyscrapers in New York are cheaper and easier to build when there is solid bedrock to support them. There is some topography to the bedrock unit and it pretty well matches where the skyscrapers are. That rock unit underlies much of the island, including a number of outcrops in Central Park. It shows up behind this worker of the NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and is known as the Manhattan Schist.

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i don’t have any money for food this weekend, can anybody help me buy groceries so i can eat while i get ready for my job interview on tuesday? paypal.me/helpmarlive

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Tumblr isn't making money off of any of us. The company isn't profitable. It costs Yahoo more money to run than it makes. They're just trying to keep from having to shut it down.

everyone keeps sending me these messages as if it’s ok for a company to exploit the only reason they can make any money at all just because it’s on the internet and not in a sweat shop or something

concerning that post of mine about wanting a concert revival of Vampyyrien tanssi in Seinäjoki –

I’m not sure you guys know what these productions mean to us Finnish fans. see, these European musicals don’t come to Finland too often. granted, we have had a few runs, like Elisabeth in Turku, Jekyll & Hyde in Turku and Jyväskylä, and Tanssi in 2011 & 2016 (and I think we got revival mostly because of the insane social media attention the original got). but it’s nothing like the German version, that keeps coming back every few years. and Elisabeth and other popular shows have been seeing so many runs on the continent, it’s all very foreign to us in this little land of ours.

these are also non-replica productions. maybe that means the theatres don’t have so much money to spend on the costumes and sets, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have a LOT to give performance-wise. I mean, Seinäjoki Tanssi was this small county theatre, and yet they got this insane cast! it was such a blast from start to finish! and maybe the Helsinki production did not reach that same level in my eyes, but it was still such a thrilling and wonderful thing to witness, and it was so much fun. it was something so different.

I guess what I’m trying to say these productions are few and far in between in Finland, and distances can be expensive to travel in this land. you have absolutely no idea how long you’ll have to wait for that next production, especially if it’s not a really popular show. and if you live hundreds of kilometres away, it’s not easy to get to see the show you love. certain musicals, like cats and grease are already “part of canon”, so to speak, and I feel there is not much more to say about those. of course, a memorable cast like one in Tanssi does make it stick to memory. but the thing is, Finland is a small country. our audiences can be conservative (recently I read an opinion at a local paper, wanting to banish musicals from our local theatre in favour of operettas). but they are not unreasonable. i’ts just a question of doing it right. and you can do it right, as seinäjoki vampires and rocky horror show before them showed. those two productions are still legends in that area.

yeah. that’s about why that one show and that one production means so much in Finland.

Rider Challenge #1: Your Capall Uisce


           “Oi! Goveny! Get over here!”

           I can barely hear Kirkpatrick calling my name over the howling of the wind and the lashing of the rain. The deck tosses violently under my feet, and I stumble, catching myself on the mast. My sealegs have never been quite as steady since I got back from France. But I can see Kirkpatrick and the others struggling to haul in the nets as the ropes strain almost to breaking. If we don’t pull them in quick we’ll lose the catch. Even worse we’ll lose the nets. We don’t have the money to replace them after the poor summer we had, and it would take weeks to weave ourselves new ones, a waste of precious time before the winter sweeps through and grounds us until the spring thaw. And so I throw myself to the side of the boat, seizing the rope and hanging on for dear life.

           “Heave!” someone calls over the storm, and we all haul back on the ropes with gritted teeth and straining muscles. My arms and back scream in protest but I just tighten my grip and pull harder. My hands are slick with rain and seawater, and I can feel the rope starting to slip through my fingers.

           “Come on lads, one more oughta do it! Heave!”

           Putting all of my weight and strength behind the rope, I drag it back. I refuse to be the weak link on this boat. I refuse to allow my position to be one I keep through pity. I refuse to be the reason any families go hungry tonight. Finally, finally the tension on the net goes slack as we pull it up and over the edge. It comes crashing to the deck and even through the driving rain we can all see that this is no ordinary catch.

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What are these Melodious cards you keep talking about? Is that some weak silly archetype used by some nobody anime character that doesn't even have an important role? ;)

DON’T DISS MY MINOR CHARACTERS MAN, Perfomapal and Pals won’t have my money, the Waifus have ALL MY FUCKING MONEY!

…I’m also planing on making a Melodious mug too to satisfy my thirsthy


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Hi! I wanted to know how much the full set of the yuri on ice charms will be approximately, since I might need to save up for them and I REALLY want them.. btw they are really precious!!

@lychee-tae omgosh im like….i’m sobbing..;w; thank you v much!! <33 erm…they’re clear acrylic standees with the base printed (like the pic, so that it’ll look like they’re on ice etc) so they’ll be around $9-10 each? i’ll have to see the final product to judge as well! (: idk if i’ll be making them into charms yet…i-i don’t have enough money to…ahahaha 8′D thank you so much for wanting them!! <33

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I want to (or feel the need to, actually) wear make-up but I don't want my money to go to old greedy men and I don't want to be cruel to animals. Do you or any of your followers know a brand I can check out?

Don’t know tbh. Anybody?

@bluexephos said: someone speculates that they were outbought or something, possibly by rooster teeth or bethesda (the former having attended previously so most likely not them)

I’m not sure why that would make sense, though? It certainly shouldn’t have stopped the Yogs going with Twitch.

I think someone else said basically MCM were mad bc the Yogs don’t charge money for signings, hence MCM get no cut, so are mad about that. Which is freaking ridiculous.

Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.