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cordeliataras  asked:

So I'm curious what your Buffyverse sexuality headcanons are because I feel you'd have great ones.

okok let’s see what i’ve got !!!

  • tara, willow, faith, and kennedy are lesbians!! 
  • (i see a lot of evidence for compulsory heterosexuality in faith and while i’m fine with bi faith i personally see her as a lesbian!!) 
  • i’m a little unsure about kendra but i really love the idea of her being a lesbian too!!! especially considering she didn’t really have strong relationships with people before meeting buffy, and then this beautiful blonde girl comes into her life challenging that…. i’d fall in love with buffy too …
  • buffy, faith, fred, drusilla, darla, and anya are bisexual!! 
  • i think it would’ve been really cool if (in an au where faith is in the later seasons instead of spike), anya had slept with faith after her breakup with xander 
  • with buffy, i like to think that as she matures she realises that her relationships with girls are a little stronger, so she mostly dates women
  • fred starts realising she’s bi a little after willow’s visit,, wink wonk. also, evidence that she’s a wlw? she dies :))
  • cordy is kind of a puzzle for me, because while she does date boys and girls, a lot of her relationships with boys are .. kind of lacking, and done on her part for status. ultimately i love the bi cordelia hc, but i’m 100% down for lesbian cordy too!!
  • jenny?? bisexual mentor to a lovely troop of wlw who look up to her
  • i’m also really really attached to the idea of dawn being a lesbian. there’s no way she wouldn’t have a crush on at least one of the slayerettes. (i’m ignoring the dawn/xander thing bc that’s… a disaster)
  • uhhh glory is gay and thought that buffy was hot checkmate