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Four Months

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Rating: M
Warnings: Violence
Summary: There’s nothing quite like having a companion to share your woes with.
Notes: Once again, I apologize for posting a day late. This week I should be back on schedule! 

This piece is part of the Shiro Big Bang, which can be found on AO3 and at @voltronbigbang

Shiro’s head throbbed. His head hurt so much, even thoughts were painful. Didn’t the Galra keep any painkillers? Shiro looked around his cell. Nearby laid Liara, crumpled over and in the corner. Well, perhaps maybe Liara could help. He crawled over to her and nudged her shoulder. Liara slumped over to one side and would’ve fallen over if Shiro hadn’t caught her. Was she unconscious? He checked to see if she had a pulse. Slow. Slow but still beating. Liara was either very tired or the guards had rendered her unconscious and then tossed her into the cell. Based on the whimper she made when Shiro held her so he could lay her down, it was a nasty mixture of both.

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