t max 100 kodak


cabin on the lake by Erik Drost
Via Flickr:
Nisramont, Belgium Hasselblad 500cm Planar 80/2.8 Kodak TMax 100 in D74 1+9


double exposure on Kodak T Max 100 with Sinar Largeformat.Self-developed.

Film is alive!!!

Post No. 100

Together, We Are Stranger

This shot was inspired by my Korean tumblr fellow, ‘doduria’ who is  talented analog photographer, especially to take a framing. His works are full of ‘Something’ between voids and lights. I can’t say words exactly about this ‘Something’, maybe ‘Subtlety’, but I have to say this is a piece of Korean emotional feelings.
(this shot was taken at same place, with same framing of doduria’s work)

Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 80mm/f2.8 + Kiev88CM + Kodak T-Max 100(120 film) @Sam-Chung dong, Seoul


Untitled by richardhwc