t max 100


cabin on the lake by Erik Drost
Via Flickr:
Nisramont, Belgium Hasselblad 500cm Planar 80/2.8 Kodak TMax 100 in D74 1+9


She never forgets a slight, real or imagined. She takes caution for cowardice and dissent for defiance. And she is greedy. Greedy for power, for honour, for love.


double exposure on Kodak T Max 100 with Sinar Largeformat.Self-developed.

Film is alive!!!

Post No. 100

Did you guys know that bisexuals exist?

Why is everyone getting so mad that they gave you an option to kiss Warren. Why. That’s why it was a choice and not forced. If you don’t want to kiss Warren, don’t kiss Warren. If you do, that doesn’t 100% prove Max is straight. Bisexuals exist. Pansexuals exist. 

Why the fuck is everyone making a big deal about this holy shit just becausE YOU KISS SOMEONE OF THE OPPOSITE SEX DOES NOT!!! MEAN YOU ARE STRAIGHT.

Together, We Are Stranger

This shot was inspired by my Korean tumblr fellow, ‘doduria’ who is  talented analog photographer, especially to take a framing. His works are full of ‘Something’ between voids and lights. I can’t say words exactly about this ‘Something’, maybe ‘Subtlety’, but I have to say this is a piece of Korean emotional feelings.
(this shot was taken at same place, with same framing of doduria’s work)

Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 80mm/f2.8 + Kiev88CM + Kodak T-Max 100(120 film) @Sam-Chung dong, Seoul