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He isn’t breathing when the music stops and he hears their laughter, bright and trilling, against the backdrop of silence.

A woman’s laughter. Magnus’s laughter.

And Alec, standing on the wrong side of the door, feeling miles away and not allowed any closer.

The apology sits heavy on his tongue, warring with the fear in his veins as his hand trembles when he reaches for the doorknob. He knows Magnus wouldn’t, he just wouldn’t, but Alec is still terrified of what he’ll see on the other side, scared the sight will rip his heart in two. I’m sorry, he wants to say. I’m sorry I put them first, I’m sorry it seemed like I didn’t love you enough, I’m sorry I’m even thinking what I’m thinking right now. But he doesn’t open the door, he doesn’t say those words, because Magnus is in there with someone else, and somehow, it’s almost okay because he’s seems happy, happier than he’s been in too long.

Without warning, the door swings open, and Dorothea Rollins appears before him, pretty in a pink dress, eyes wide and wet.

“Alec Lightwood,” she says, mouth open wide.

His nails dig hard into the flesh of his palms as he stares at her, beautiful and immortal and everything he isn’t.

She smiles, lips pressed tightly together, and looks up at Alec. “Don’t think it,” she says. “Nothing happened. Nothing happened because he told me there’s a boy he’s in love with.”

Alec swallows, heart pounding.

“Be better to him,” Dot says, voice strangled. “He deserves… Magnus deserves better.”

And she’s gone before he can say anything.

I know, he should have told her. I know he does.

He walks into the loft quietly, eyes landing on Magnus’s back as he leans against the railing of the balcony, gracing Brooklyn with his presence. Alec drinks in the sight of him, the broadness of his shoulders, the careless elegance in how he stands, the shine of light off his jewelry.

I would do anything for you, Alec realizes with startling clarity as he nears. I would do anything for you and I didn’t even know.

It grows inside him as he draws closer, until he can feel it bubbling out of his skin, overwhelming him in its unexpected intensity. He’s close enough to touch Magnus’s waist, or the sharpness of his knuckles, the soft skin of his cheek.

“Magnus,” he breathes.

And then Magnus turns around, meeting Alec’s eyes with nervous hesitation, and Alec reaches forward, slow but sure, with open arms and his heart burning bright in the palms of his hands.

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11 with whatever ship you want 💕

thanks francy!!! <3333

“Are you- are you flirting with me?”

Magnus flopped onto Alec’s bed and stared at him intensely. Alec didn’t seem to notice Magnus had even come in. He had his headphones on, blasting music into his ears and he was completely immersed in whatever assignment he was working on.

Magnus loved that about his best friend. He was so intelligent, so determined, so everything that Magnus looked for in a boyfriend. Except that Alec was completely oblivious to Magnus’ extremely obvious crush on him. They had been best friends since fifth grade when Magnus came to school wearing sparkly purple nail polish and some little asshole with no front teeth had laughed at him, telling him nail polish was for girls. Alec, who hated confrontation but wasn’t going to stand for this, went to their teacher and told them that the punk had been copying his homework for 4 months. In the end, the kid never spoke to Magnus again, and Alec had shyly asked Magnus if he would paint his nails sparkly black because it was his favorite color. They had inseparable ever since.

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Magnus Bane, balcony scene analysis

Magnus is still on the balcony, perhaps he feels too exposed in lights of his apartment, preferring to be surrounded by darkness. Or maybe he likes the sensation of the cool breeze on his skin, as it helps to ground himself in the present.

I wonder if he tried to distract himself from his thoughts by watching the city below- focusing on the tiny silhouettes of people rushing around, and the neon lights and lingering music of the nightclubs.

Magnus doesn’t react to Alec’s presence until he hears him call his name, which suggests Magnus is lost in deep thought. Whatever he was thinking about, doesn’t appear to be very pleasant from the way Magnus is nervously scratching his ring with his finger.

Magnus turns to Alec, silently watching him and letting him talk. When Alec says I love you, Magnus is taken back, you can see him blink in shock and gulp as tears fill his eyes.  Which not only reveals how emotional Magnus is below his calm exterior, but also that he is still in complete disbelief that Alexander Lightwood is in love with him.

Magnus gives Alec a brief smile, but he quickly drops it as his emotions overwhelm him. He was on the verge of crying here, I think his lips are even wobbling. But he still doesn’t feel ready to open up to Alec. 

So instead he quickly composes himself and puts a reassuring hand on the side of Alec’s face as he tells him he loves him too. A smile naturally forming on his face now because it’s true. He is so in love, and so grateful and overwhelmed that he has someone like Alec to support him through this.

Then he pulls Alec into a kiss that conveys all Magnus wants to say.  It’s a thank you, it’s acceptance, it’s forgiveness, and it’s I love you all in one.  

Me: People need to lighten up with all the LazyTown headcanons. It’s just a show.

Also me: If Santa canonically exists in the LazyTown universe then his helper elves must surely exist. Is Sportacus okay with this? Is it one of those things he just pretends doesn’t happen because it’s better not to think about it? Is Santa just one of those people that Sportacus’ magic is weaker than and he can’t beat? Does Magnus expect us to ignore this? Did he really think that he could get away with making his main character an elf and then having said elf meet Santa, whose main source of physical labor is elves? Does Sportacus even know that Santa uses elves to make toys? When Santa appears, Sportacus knows who Santa is and talked to him like he knew him. Since it was the first (and only) time we saw Santa, we are left to assume that Sportacus has had a past experience with Santa. The kids were surprised that he was in town, but were still oddly nonchalant about fucking Santa Claus walking in unexpected. Has Santa met them before? If Santa has met them before and Santa, who would know that Sportacus is not necessarily a Christmas elf but an Icelandic Elf, has become friends with Sportacus, and uses elves to make his toys then Sportacus surely must know because Santa is using slave labor to make children’s toys and that’s something that he should know about as a Hero, and not just slave labor, elf slave labor. What would have happened if a helper elf had been on the sleigh with Santa? There are three possible conclusions to this: Sportacus chooses to ignore this because Santa has magic far more powerful than his, Sportacus genuinely doesn’t know about this, the lore for LazyTown’s Santa was changed just so Magnus wouldn’t have to face the difficult scenario that this episode would have him face theoretically. None of these are very satisfactory and I need actual answers and my answer is to conclude that Santa is actually Mr. Striker that used to own Sportacus and after Sportacus revolted against him, he used magic on Sportacus to make him forget him and all the atrocities that happened and Striker chose to isolate himself so Sportacus would never find him.

I’m gonna actually lose my mind with this fandom one day. 

2x7 was a monstrous fuck up all around as far as malec is concerned. They literally faded to black on their first time just after Magnus expressed a very real concern and vulnerability that was literally pushed aside because Alec really wanted it so Magnus shouldn’t worry- I’m not faulting characters here, this is strictly about writing and editing. 

When LGBTQ fans and genuine allies rightfully called the show out for this- especially the fact that the same episode literally had Jace and a random seelie rolling around half naked in a bed, in Magnus’ loft as a matter of fact- some fans, mostly straight, tried to say all we wanted was to see our faves naked and that we needed to shut up about it. They kissed, we knew they had sex, asking for more was clearly because we were perverts and wanted smut.

But what might actually be worse at this point than straight fans telling us we have no right to be angry and that we’re just perverts is these random few LGBTQ, and also straight, fans who are saying we shouldn’t and won’t have intimate malec scenes because straight girls will fetishize them. First all off, straight fans, shut the fuck up. We don’t need you to explain to us how often and in what ways we are fucking fetishized. We live with it. My fellow LGBTQ fans who have expressed this opinion- what the actual fuck? So because some random straight girls might fetishize it we shouldn’t want, and should stop demanding, intimate scenes between the main LGBTQ canon couple? I really don’t care. We deserve those kinds of scenes. Those scenes should be as normal as het sex scenes and scenes with heterosexual intimacy. 

Like I’m honestly… what the fuck. Like how many different ways do LGBTQ fans need to be silenced when all we’re asking for is equal fucking representation?!

Alec feels afloat; he rests on something soft, his body engulfed in warmth. The air is humid and still; the only sounds getting through the thick layer of sleepiness are the honking of the cars outside and the puffs of someone’s breathing. Alec rubs his cheek against a pillow, at least he thinks it’s a pillow, and sighs softly. He doesn’t want to open his eyes; he is content to stay submerged in this half-awake, half-asleep state. His brow furrows when he realizes that he doesn’t feel Magnus’ frame against his own though; his mind is fuddled and he inches his eyes open to check on his missing boyfriend.

The sight of smooth, tanned canvas of Magnus’ back welcomes him and his mouth curves into a smile; Magnus must have rolled away from him during the night, trying to get away from his body heat. Alec muses sleepily that summertime might be his worst enemy, taking away his cuddling partner, making him sweat through his gear, making him lazy and unfocused. He shuffles across the sheets slowly, his muscles sore and uncooperative. He lines his body up with Magnus’, throwing his arm around his waist, and rests his forehead against the nape of his neck. Much better, he thinks and closes his eyes, intent on going back to sleep.

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34, malec?

“It’s not like I missed you or anything.” (also requested by @anon ❤)

It’s more than an hour after Magnus first stepped out of the portal before Alec has the presence of mind to ask him about his trip. He’s a little embarrassed to be honest, how desperate he’d been as soon as he caught sight of his boyfriend walking into the command center of the institute. But Magnus had suddenly shown up a day early and Alec could swear he had somehow grown even more beautiful in the two weeks he’d been gone.

He couldn’t help himself.

“Well,” Magnus says in response to his question, stretching out languidly on Alec’s sheets like a satisfied cat. “If that’s the welcome home I get, I may need to take international jobs more often.”

Alec knows he’s teasing, but he still hears himself make an embarrassing sound of protest as he snuggles further into Magnus’s chest. It’s not quite as comfortable as it would be at the loft, but there’s something about having Magnus here at the institute that’s oddly gratifying even just from its inherent defiance.

“Do whatever you want,” he replies, aiming for a nonchalance that he knows he’s missing by a mile. He’s too distracted by the soothing thrum of Magnus’s heart beating underneath him. “It’s not like I missed you or anything.”

“Clearly,” Magnus agrees facetiously, running a gentle hand up Alec’s bicep, his smile easily evident in his voice. Alec huffs.

“Maybe I missed you a little,” he murmurs. Magnus tugs him up for another kiss and Alec goes easily. He hasn’t felt this relaxed in weeks. Not since the last time he was in Magnus’s arms.

“Okay,” Alec says when they part, “A lot. I missed you a lot.”

Magnus smiles, pressing a gentle kiss to Alec’s cheek that makes him lean into the touch even though there’s barely space between them.

“Well, I’m home now,” Magnus says.

“Not quite home yet,” Alec reminds him, voice tinged with a slight apology. “I definitely remember you telling me that these sheets are at least several hundred thread counts lower than the ones you have at home.”

Magnus’s smile goes soft. He reaches out and places his hand over Alec’s heart.

“This is my home,” he repeats, and Alec feels his heart beat quicken under Magnus’s palm.

“By the angel, I missed you,” Alec breathes out in a rush, pulling Magnus to him and stealing another kiss, the languid movement of their bodies offset by the still pounding beat of his heart.

Alec doesn’t make it to his patrol shift that evening, but he doesn’t spare it more than a passing thought. He’ll take whatever punishment is coming to him gladly if it means even a few more moments with Magnus, tucked away from the rest of the world, finally together again.

Finally home.

(dialogue prompts)

Does she still love you?“ “I don’t think so”, Magnus said dryly. “She wasn’t very pleasant last time I saw her. Of course that could be because I have an eighteen year-old boyfriend with a stamina rune and she doesn’t.” Alec sputtered. “As a person being objectified, I … object to that description to me.
—  Cassandra Clare, City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #5)

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HUG AND FOOD..... OR COMFY/COMFORTABLE???? Idk Shay too many words but why not go for the best ones! OOH OHH WAIT DID SOMEONE ALREADY DO LOVE YET???? I CALL DIBS ON LOVE!!!!!

I know you called dibs on love BUT someone else asked after you so I thought I’d give you food and comfy instead so we get snippets of all of them! <3<3<3


“Also, your food is burning.”


“You don’t think,” Magnus muttered back, getting more comfortable and snuggling in close.

Paparazzi chapter 22 should be posted tomorrow night and I still have a few snippets to do so look out for those! <3

Here’s the thing for me. About those scenes with Merle and “John.”

At the start, I couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed that Clint wasn’t asking different questions. Travis clearly had the same thoughts I did–tactically, Merle was playing it poorly. He gave more information than he needed and asked vague questions that didn’t yield practical intel on how to fight the Hunger. 

If it had been Taako, he’d have asked clever questions and been focused on getting info out of the Hunger, on besting it. If it had been Magnus, he would have straight up asked, “how do we kill you” and likely learned at least something from that. But this wasn’t Taako’s or Magnus’s role to play. 

Merle was approaching parley the way it was meant to be approached. Not as a warrior looking for a way to kill the Hunger, but as a diplomat trying to understand it. He approached it with an open mind. To the point where he was eventually able to ask “are you my friend?” 

He asked that of this nightmare entity, this thing that’s caused so much death and suffering–that’s killed him dozens of times. Maybe he’s just that able to open his heart. Or maybe despite the religious ideals he tries to project as a cleric, he’s someone who–whether the person in question is a human, or a god, or a sinister consuming force—just wants people to like him. 

Whatever the reason, he was able to look at the Hunger and try to reason with it. To talk to it earnestly about the value of life, and hope.

It didn’t listen. And when it didn’t listen, I actually believe Merle was disappointed. That for a moment he had hoped the Hunger could be better. Instead, he told the Hunger off, and said he didn’t want to see him anymore. 

And the Hunger is sad. For the first time in who even can guess how long, the Hunger feels sorrow, and regret. Because for a moment he had a friend, and then he lost that friend. Because of his own actions.

Merle didn’t learn how to kill the Hunger, he didn’t learn any information that could help them slow it down or get to the Light of Creation faster. But what he did hurt it more than any weapon ever could. 

can we just take a moment to appreciate how incredible of an actor harry shum jr is. like you didn’t even have to hear him speak or get any verbal confirmation to know he wasn’t magnus. just by taking one look, you could tell it wasn’t him. harry was able to be a completely different character with completely different mannerisms; he didn’t even look like magnus. magnus’s chemistry with alec was turned on its head and the way he holds himself transformed. harry shum jr ladies and gentlemen.

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Stolen century magnus was gorgeous!*He had a red leather jacket, tight white t shirt with 'magnus' on it, gold chain, sun glasses, jeans and like knee high dark brown leather boots I think?? It was hard to see his boots

i dont think they’re that obscured in this pic

i dont know why i havent seen any pics going around tumblr lmao theyve been all over twitter!

Clint: (Reading an audience question) When did you start to become invested in the story and characters?

Travis, who showed up on day one with three novels about Magnus, a t-shirt with Magnus’s face on it and a tiny handmade Magnus doll he made roll all his dice for him: (Sweating) That’s a great question.