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Hello bookish people!

Somehow, I convinced myself that attempting to reread the entire A Song of Ice and Fire series is a splendid and spectacular idea, so here I am! I asked around if anyone would be interested in joining and the people have spoken, so I present to you:

A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE READALONG (the first book, at least 😂)

Are you as excited as I am to read thousands of pages? No? AWESOME! I have to say, I’m doing this for two reasons: to prove to myself that I can do it again, because I read these books a few years ago and everything is hazy and I lowkey think I read them in a dream, and, reason number two, I’m hoping that by rereading them, my sweet friend George will publish the Winds of Winter faster (by faster, I mean in this lifetime). Who said bookish black magic can’t/won’t work?

Aaaaanyway, how are we doing this? Well, I thought forcing people to commit to the entire series is cruel, so for now, we’re reading the first book, A Game of Thrones! If, after we’re done with it, people still want to go on (😂😂😂), I’ll set reading dates for the next books as well 😊

The readalong will start on April 1st! Strap on your reading glasses, tuck yourselves in, because Winter is coming! (or so they say…) I might host some discussion posts as we read along, to discuss theories and opinions and fangirl together, because that’s the entire point of a readalong. I’ll make sure to announce them beforehand 😊 

I’m allowing 3 weeks for A Game of Thrones, so the aim is to finish it by April 23rd. However, the timeframe is only for the sake of orientation, you can read as fast or as slowly as you’re comfortable with 😊

I encourage you to post photos, quotes, opinions, questions, edits, discuss at length, because there’s plenty to choose from! Use the tag #asoiafreadalong, so everyone can find each other 😊

And, most importantly, HAVE FUN! 💖

P.S. It’d be hella awesome if you spread the word about this 😊

Aaron Sorkin is only just now finding out Hollywood has a diversity problem

Nobody wants to be the last person in the room to get the joke, and neither should you want to be the last person in the room to realise that Hollywood isn’t some magical gender- and race-blind meritocracy.

Despite having worked in the industry for over 20 years, Aaron Sorkin has only just now realised that people who aren’t white dudes may have something of a harder time in the filmmaking business.

It’s apparently an issue he barely knew anything about until he attended the Writers Guild Festival over the weekend; when he asked the painfully obvious question (via Variety), “Are you saying that women and minorities have a more difficult time getting their stuff read than white men and you’re also saying that [white men] get to make mediocre movies and can continue on?”

In a discussion panel hosted by radio host and film critic Elvis Mitchell, Sorkin was apparently in total disbelief that the situation could be anything other than, as he asserted, a complete meritocracy. Mitchell teased, “You may be confusing meritocracy with meretricious, happens all the time.”

The panel then tried to move discussion on to another topic, but Sorkin was still fixated; later asking, “You’re saying that if you are a woman or a person of colour, you have to hit it out of the park in order to get another chance?”

The story, at least, has something of a happy ending, as Sorkin’s great revelation was swiftly followed by an offer of assistance. “What can I do [to help]?” Sorkin said. “I do want to understand what someone like me can do … but my thing has always been: ‘If you write it, they will come.’”

An infuriating moment for any non-white male member of the panel’s audience, surely, but if these kinds of cringe-inducing moments of education are what it takes to get Hollywood to wake up a little - well, we can just all do our best to suppress the sighs and eye-rolling.

Alec supporting Magnus with warlock things, though.

• Alec taking an interest in the potions Magnus makes, and volunteering to get ingredients when necessary.

• Alec doing things like chores by hand, so that Magnus doesn’t have to waste magic on “things that don’t need a magic spell to do them.”

• Alec taking care of Magnus when he over-exerts himself, lending his strength where he needs to.

And on the flip side, Magnus supporting Alec with Shadowhunter things, too.

• Magnus staying up late when Alec has patrols, even accompanying him sometimes.

• Magnus sparring with Alec- something that doesn’t last long, since Alec doesn’t think it’s fair, and that maybe he should stick to fighting people that don’t have centuries of practice and magic powers on their side.

• Magnus healing Alec’s injuries, all the while trying not to make his concerns too obvious- after all, if Alec knew, it might affect how he did his job, and his job is a part of him that Magnus accepted a long time ago.

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what do you mean by Dylan changing the first stydia kiss? what did he do :o

Back in season 3 interviews Jeff had said that Dylan and Holland had acted the kiss different than what the script entailed. Long story short, Stiles was supposed to get kissed by Lydia and then realize it wasn’t as magical as he had made it out to be (so basically not like the kiss). But Dylan took the matter into his own hands and the kiss got flipped to basically a realization moment for both Stiles and Lydia (liking the kiss). Jeff said they did it better than the script so they went with that version! I definitely put that in my own words, but that’s the gist of it. So bless up!!! :))

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"Why doesn't magic use Semi Colon? Like instead of "As an additional cost to cast CARDNAME..." Why not just; "Additonal cost: etc etc etc... So much waste of space for... Eminence? Elegance? Ultra Conservative rules manager? I think there's more elegance in simple solutions. Because we already use semicolon as a means to show costs." Just thought I would point out that both of those are colons. ";" is the semicolon.

Oops. Good catch.

cage match

disney fans who live and die by everything the company does and will kill a man for insulting the BATB remake, unironically style their clothes on a daily basis to look like various characters’ outfits regardless of whether or not they’re at a park and are the kind of people who made life hell for that one peter pan performer a few years ago


disney fans who can’t go thirty seconds without distancing themselves from everything the studio has put out since whenever the fuck treasure planet happened, get pissed off whenever a park attraction closes because the company wants to put in something that appeals to newcomers, and makes posts talking about how the live action remakes are killing their childhoods and bringing in filthy casuals who don’t understand “true magic”

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I'm calling out everyone calling me out. You have NOTHING to prove I did those things. I'd like to see you TRY to report me to HR without any proof. And even if you DO have proof, not anymore. Don't underestimate my wizard magics when you put me on public blast. - Sincerely, You should know who I am. I was on TV.

Taako get outta here

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Do you have any tips for building up an audience on DeviantArt (or anywhere for that matter)? I'm struggling with this a little bit and I've found that Warriors fan art isn't getting me particularly far :,0 Thank you in advance!!

Do something that stands out, something people haven’t seen before in regards to warriors maybe. You gotta make something that will catch people’s attention and will make them wanna click on it

But like there’s no right and wrong way to do it, it’s mostly luck and appeal. There isn’t some magical way to suddenly get attention most of the time


So I added tattoos to Lana, since she uses magic and is an ancient species compared to the other cyclopes in Flower Path, why not make her magic form ancient too? The doodles of her here are her tattoos when they aren’t using magic, but they glow when she’s casting magic (which is healing spells and some shields to defend herself, but she’s mainly a healer and nothing else.)


this is Pyke Tel’Calynn, one of the four protags of my game, Heretic! Heretic!

she’s a trans girl fox girl and she is a huge fucking nerd. if she lived in The Modern Day she’d probably be a 14 year old 4channer gamer girl. she collects bullshit figurines and statues and reads too many books about shitty wizards.

she tries to use Sword’s but isn’t good enough at it and her family thinks magic is too Girly so they don’t let her practice magic. 

she’s wracked with Paranoia and doesn’t make friends well because she thinks she’s better than everyone else and has a hard time hiding it.

i hope you all love my beautiful daughter

[art by @mannimarcos]

HpNG Moodboard [13/16] || { Hugo Weasley } + Gryffindor!Caretaker

The boy was mad! -Didn’t like magic? -Preferred muggle studies instead? How absurd! Down right bonkers it was. And the lad insisted he wanted to work with magical creatures…

It was true, Hugo didn’t much prefer magic, much to the distress of countless family members. Mostly his younger cousins. The older relatives were simply perplexed by his distaste (as they put it– In reality Hugo simply didn’t care one way or the other) for magic when he wanted to work with fantastic beasts, particularly those found in Mr. Scamander’s book.

Hugo was the patient sort, though he never revealed to them all of his reasons, he would endeavour to explain his position each and every time he was asked. He wanted to understand the creatures he was to study, scientifically, and magic he felt, had a way of hindering that process. The way muggles took to understanding their creatures was much more, unintrusive, in his opinion. 

What he never told anyone, and barely even admitted to himself, was that magic was harder for him. Not just in his studies, but in any manner of speaking. He wasn’t a squib, and he passed his classes well enough, but it was with an effort. Like a tap that couldn’t quite turn on all the way. Luckily, you didn’t need to have magic to be brave.

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I wrote a story with magic in one of my first workshops and one of the my classmate’s “critique” was literally “I don’t like magic stories so I don’t like this” and the professor agreed with them and i was just like wtf that isn’t a critique. That’s personal preference. Most of the professors I’ve had have tried to steer me away genre fiction saying my work would be stronger i wrote literary/real world, but I don’t want to lol. That’s not what I’m interested in usually.

That reminds me of the time my first creative writing teacher in college (not a professor, mind you) told us we couldn’t write genre fiction–you know the same sad song, it’s not “real” enough, and that was final.
Who are professors who hardly know to say you’d be stronger writing literary fiction when they barely give you a chance to write genre, if at all? What makes it stronger? Some people…