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Ok we need to talk about the elephant in the room

Can Black people be racist? The short answer is no, racism is systematic oppression that implies a level of institutional power that black people don’t currently have. When people say, “you’re being racist,” they usually mean that you’re being prejudiced. You’ve said something negative about another race based on stereotypes. “Black people are stupid,” and “white people are evil,” are two good examples.
So can black people be prejudiced? Yes we absolutely fucking can. I am, a lot. But honestly that makes me a shit person. I don’t want to see a white person and automatically assume they’re the devil, but sometimes I do. That’s not ok because I shouldn’t have a level of hate in my heart for someone I just don’t know. Idk I feel like we’ve become so comfortable with prejudice on here, which makes me cringe.

Idk I’m open to thoughts and positive discourse.

Wow I almost feel the need to applaud the people that somehow find a reason to hate on Iris West or Westallen. Like wow you really got some determination there since you’re literally pulling stuff out of your ass that make no sense. I mean a normal person would accept reality and see it’s a super healthy and well built relationship and that she’s a character of growth and strength and embodies so much power for so many women( especially WOC which is so important). But yet you try to hate. I’m amazed. It actually takes a lot of work to do that. And I just can’t relate to that level.
You people think you’re sneaky about why you really dislike Iris/westallen and you’re really not. Nice try though.

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Unpopular Opinion: i'd like it if it turned out that the reason Tom and Star's relationship fell apart was a mixture of both their faults. not just Tom's faults.

Strongly Agree l Agree l Neutral l Disagree l Strongly Disagree

I always assumed it was a mixed bag. 

Tom is a decent dude, you know? He’s temperamental, yeah, but he’s repeatedly been portrayed as a fairly honest demon, if really petty.  Star, on the other hand, is very carefree and emotionally loose. She doesn’t like delving into deep emotions, especially in a personal case. How many talks has Star had with Marco this season? Deep, emotional talks? Three? Four? 

I always headcanoned that Star and Tom were really close friends for a long time. They were delinquent buddies. Finally, Tom asked Star out, and she said yeah, ‘cause they were good friends- why not? But she quickly realized they weren’t compatible on that level, even if Tom was too thickheaded to recognize it himself. They had a messy breakup, making them such distant acquaintances like they are today.

I dunno… they always just seemed like they’d make for a good pair, as friends.

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As a lesbian, I am totally fine with what you said. Biphobia is a huge problem in the gay community and calling us out on it is not homophobic. Anon needs to chill. You're a lovely person and you don't deserve this level of hate.


thoughts on Loss (Soshitsu)

I just wanted to say I loved Loss up until the final episode which really irked me.

Loved the whole digidestined bonding with their partners again.Loved the backstory of Maki and Daigo. Meiko and Meicoomon is interesting but the constant screaming of “Mei Mei Mei!” can get annoying pretty quick. Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon making their comeback was awesome. Sora was amazing in this movie probably my favourite, loved her rekindling her friendship with Biyomon and the introduction of Hououmon was so amazing. I felt they could have left it at that because it was very well done.

The thing that bothered me most was the introduction of Seraphimon, I understand that we’ve seen him before when the golden digimentals were released but I believe his and HerculesKabuterimon’s presence was just so uneeded and downplayed by the epicness that was Hououmon. Patamon has only ever reached the next stage in a time where the current digimon’s higher levels haven’t been enough but I felt Seraphimon was just shoved in the end of this movie because they didn’t feature him in Kohukaku where T.K received a lot of focus. I feel Patamon and T.K deserved better and Seraphimon should have appeared later on, perhaps even at the possible future confrontation with Yggdrasil. Other than that I thought that evil Gennai was extremely disturbing and the dark masters were a bit unecessary but it was clear they were clones like Imperialdramon made purely for fan service so I can accept that. I would also say that the pacing was a little fast. That being said: a gem of the movie was Salamon and Kari being together and happy and Nyaromon not having to grow up alone under the control of Myotismon.

So yeah, a little dissapointed with the evolutions but Sora was amazing and Hououmon was epic, i’d still say this was my least favourite out of the four movies. Love the original digidestined storyline and hyped to see where they take this in the future two movies. Most importantly though, hyped to see Ophanimon Falldown mode in Symbioses and finally some more focus on Kari, really hope to see another Kamiya dark digivolution. Hopefully movie 5 will be amazing, and hopefully Seraphimon gets a more epic fight scene where he is the center of attention and not a random forced filler in a fight. Rant over!

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I'm the same. The spoilers themselves are fine but the flailing always gets a bit unbearable.

Bless you for commiserating. I am not a flaily person in general, and the way this fandom overreacts to pretty much every little spoiler that comes out seriously tests my patience. I try not to harsh people’s squee, so I keep my trap shut (at least here on tumblr), but the way people get spun up about information either good or bad seriously diminishes my enjoyment of the show and participating in fandom. I blacklist a whole lot and I block anyone who regularly uses hyperbole, all caps, or feels the need to “die” at every turn. Still, shit gets through and I find myself exhausted from the bleed through of high levels of others’ emotions.   

I wish those of us who don’t enjoy that level of emotional feedback for spoilers could chill together in a low key way. In the meantime, this is pretty much me during spoiler season:

Anyway, if the new Harry Potter movie that is set in NEW YORK IN THE 1920s doesn’t have any black people in it (like the trailer suggests) I am legit going to throw my Harry Potter books in the trash and never look back.

I don’t care whose fault it is. The casting directors, the producers, j.k. herself. I don’t care. That level of disrespect, historical revisionism via white supremacist fantasy is not to be tolerated.

The Jazz Age.

With no black people.


Accommodations don't remove my disability.

Accommodations don’t completely level the playing field between me and my peers.

Accommodations don’t change the fact this speaking math to a computer is at best half the speed of typing.

They don’t prevent my fatigue or help me stay awake in that early morning class (that wasn’t offered at any other time).

They don’t fix all of the inaccessible computer infrastructure or recoup the time that I spend emailing seven different departments about their inaccessible online trainings.

Accommodations can’t remove the stress of asking for extra help or give me extra hours in the day to study.

Accommodations don’t change the fact that, if my peers sleep eight hours a night while I need 10, my peers get an extra 14 hours per week to study or relax.

Accommodations don’t remove the fog that clouds my brain when sensory stimuli overwhelm me.

They can’t stop pain from breaking my focus on my academic work.

Accommodations are crucial, but they don’t remove the effects of my disability.

Accommodations give me a tiny foothold, a place to start, but I still have to climb a huge, icy mountain myself.


Finding Darkness In The Light: How Vera Rubin Changed The Universe

“Instead, the speeds rose rapidly, but then leveled off. As you moved farther away from a galaxy’s core, the stars’ rotation speeds didn’t drop, but rather leveled off to a constant value. The rotation curves, unexpectedly, were flat. Rubin’s work began in the Andromeda galaxy, our closest large, galactic neighbor, but quickly was extended to dozens of galaxies, which all showed the same effects. Today, that number is in the thousands, and our multiwavelength, advanced surveys have shown that it can’t be missing atoms, ions, plasmas, gas, dust, planets or asteroids that account for the mass. Either something is screwy with the laws of gravity on galactic (and larger) scales, or there’s some type of unseen mass in the Universe.”

When you look at a galaxy in the night sky, it’s easy to imagine that it’s just a system of masses like our Solar System, except on a larger scale. Instead of a single, central mass, you have many stars responsible for the galaxy’s gravitational pull. The stars revolving around the galactic center feel the tug from all the other stars and orbit accordingly, with the inner stars orbiting quickly and the outermost ones – the ones most distant from the gravitational sources – orbiting more slowly, just like the planets. At least, that’s what you’d expect. But when the techniques and the technologies for measuring this finally came to fruition, the result was a colossal surprise: the stars in a galaxy didn’t determine the galaxy’s mass or rotation properties. In fact, if you went out and measured the gas, dust, plasma, planets and everything else we can observe in the galaxy, they don’t explain it either. Something unseen and invisible was influencing the way galaxies behave.

On Sunday night, Vera Rubin passed away at age 88. Here was her most titanic, Universe-changing contribution to the enterprise of science.

I think tonight we reached one of the highest peaks of shadiness around this band, like we hadn’t touched those high levels since that time liam pretend to be sick and they cancelled the belfast concert and you have no idea how much i would PAY to actually know what is going on and WHY

Some helpful Sun and Moon info I’ve learned that I wanted to share:

  • The game is deceptively easy. I haven’t struggled this much with a Pokemon game in a while. I actually blacked out in one of the trials. So I would say it’s absolutely ok to be over leveled a bit. You deserve it.
  • The Totem Pokemon may not seem that bad because of their levels, but they know moves they shouldn’t know at the levels they’re at. Totem Lurantis, for example, knows Solar Blade, a move it shouldn’t learn until level 47. The Totem is level 24. Prepare for this.
  • There’s a surprising number of normal types in this game, and there’s a battle late game (no spoilers I won’t tell you who it is) where you will face an annoyingly powerful Snorlax. So adding a Beware to your team is a good idea. Or at least something with a powerful fighting type move.
  • Solgaleo/Lunala will be level 55 when you catch them. Tapu Koko will be level 60. Still unsure of the other Tapu Pokemon since I haven’t gotten there yet. So don’t use your Master Ball on Solgaleo/Lunala. Save it! (If it wasn’t obvious, I didn’t lol)
  • There are quite a number of powerful “bosses” later in the game. Train up your whole team. Don’t be afraid to grind levels. You’ll need it, these are HARD.
  • I know a lot of people love Mimikyu, I do too, so if you want to add one to your team here’s a tip: be persistent. The area you can find Mimikyu in has only a 5% chance of actually finding Mimikyu.
  • You may have noticed some people around Alola are asking for your help with various Pokemon tasks. Do some of these! They pay you! Sometimes it’s like 5000 Pokedollars and an item, but I got payed 20,000 Pokedollars for one job so it varries. 
  • Seriously grind for levels I know I’m repeating myself but you’ll be thankful later.
  • If you are looking to add a Vikavolt to your team: Chargabug doesn’t evolve into Vikavolt until you reach a certain area later in the game, once you reach the last island. Once you’re in the Vast Poni Canyon area, level up Chargabug and it will evolve into Vikavolt.
  • Salandit will only evolve into Salazzle if your Salandit is FEMALE. If you have a male Salandit you’re sol it won’t evolve (I learned this the hard way).
  • Steenee will only evolve into Tsarnee if you level up a Steenee that knows the move Stomp. Steenee learns stomp at level 29.
  • Fomantis only evolves into Lurantis during the day at level 34 or higher.
  • Kommo-o is surprisingly easy to get. Unlike most pseudo-legend dragons that evolve at really high levels, Hakamo-o evolves into Kommo-o at level 45, and you can catch the first evo, Jangmo-o at level 40 in one area.
  • That Adrenaline Orb you keep finding? That’s actually the shiny hunting tool for this gen! When used in battle it’ll make the wild Pokemon more likely to call for help. The Pokemon it calls has a roughly 1/512 chance of being shiny. Plus you can buy them for really cheap!
  • HM’S DON’T EXIST IN THIS GEN! You can still get them as TM’s, though I haven’t found them all yet. In the library (you’ll know when you get there), there’s a woman who will give you the TM for Fly.
  • You do get a fishing rod, but it’s not an item you can just use. There are specific fishing spots you can use the rod it. It’s actually a really good idea to take a break and fish often, because you can real up Pearls, Big Pearls, and Pearl Strings! You can sell these for a lot of money! 
  • The “final boss” you face has a full team of 6 with diverse typings. Most of their Pokemon are in the mid to late 50′s in terms of levels. This is seriously the hardest main series Pokemon battle I’ve ever had. Bring lots of healing items, revives included, and hope for the best. If it helps, they lead with a rock type.

That’s about all I got for now but I hope this helps people out a bit!

Those of us old enough to remember Bush are having flashbacks tbh. One of my mother’s friends said Bush looked like a deer in headlights when he spoke on TV. He was in many ways a bumbling fool who regularly made gaffs and who didn’t have the competence to be president. Many people claimed his VP, Dick Cheney, the evil ghoul in the background, was not in word but in deed, our president–and in actuality, Vice Presidential powers expanded to incredible levels under the Bush Administration.

I saw a post jokingly wondering what Biden even did during Obama’s presidency. But when the president is competent like Obama or Bill Clinton were, the VP doesn’t have much power. Biden and Gore didn’t exert high levels of influence because they didn’t need to.

The fact Trump has said Pence will “take care of” foreign and domestic policy says a lot–it really speaks to his incompetence. It would be like a college professor saying their student aide is going to write up lesson plans and teach major portions of the semester. It basically means he isn’t doing his job.

That in and of itself may be the worst thing about this presidency–Trump, like Bush, is a red herring. It’s the VP lurking in the shadows with an ultra-conservative agenda that we have to worry about.