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Vocal & Dance: Sako Tomohisa, Amatsuki & Aho no Sakata

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Ritsu goes intangible while ranting to somebody about how he can't go intangible and still manages to stay completely oblivious

Ritsu: i dont have it, hanazawa-kun…. honestly, though, did Suzuki-kun put you up to this? I swear, hes the one that started all these lies…. why the fuck are you looking at me like that?

Teru: you just walked right through that tree, and seriously didn’t notice? Wow, suzuki-kun was right–

Ritsu: oh my god, he did put you up to this! I swear to god, im going to kick his ass the next time i see him

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Oh Subaru-kun… *blows Subaru a kiss* You're so cute! But seriously, you, me, and Kou would make the best trio! The three amigos! Right, Kou cutie? And Ruki, make M-chan some soup and make her happy!

Subaru: I’M NOT CU-

Subaru: -te…

Kou: I agree with you, Neko-chan~

Kou: Ne ne, Subaru-kun, don’t be so mean~

Subaru: *swearing*

Ruki: But I am making her happy. Right, Poultry?

[MTK: …]

Ruki: Poultry.

[MTK: Yes sir. °v°’’’]


You stop in your pace and look towards her. Recalling Naruto’s words,

“Listen, if you hold her hand… maybe she’ll get the message that y’know…” 

Even though Naruto, of all people, is the worst person to ask advice from, you think to yourself it couldn’t hurt to be a little more bold and hold her fucking hand. It’s not like you’re already trying to be bold but she hasn’t been noticing any of your previous gestures. 

You pause before looking away, holding up your hand to her gaze. 

Sakura’s eyes widen to your raised palm. 

Honestly, it really couldn’t hurt to hold hands, you’ve been wanting to do it for quite a w–

Sakura places her bag of groceries on the palm of your hand and smiles. 

“You didn’t have to Sasuke-kun, but if you insist!”

You then hear her giggle and she walks away.  

Your extended palm holds the groceries that Sakura bought earlier and you think to yourself, 

this is going to take some time. 

-but that’s ok. 

my two favs being bros gave me so many warm fuzzies ~(ꈍᴗꈍ)~

i can’t wait until kun debuts so him and winwin can rule the world and be the power couple they once were… you will all see, you will all open your eyes

Happy Birthday to Qian Kun!

To Qian Kun~ I hope your day today is as beautiful as your souls is. The most selfless person, I hope all your wishes come through and everything falls into place for you. Kun, the one who is always by Dong Sicheng’s side in NCT Life because Sicheng was the shy child who was most familiar with Kun so he stuck by him all the time so that he doesn’t feel left out. Kun, the one who was not fluent in Korean and had a very hard time understanding the Korean members but still laughed along whenever a joke was made. Kun, the one who was always smiling his beautiful smile on NCT Life no matter what. Kun, the one who is constantly spotted with younger trainees and taking care of them and showing them around. Kun, the one who has his wallpaper as NCT because even though he has not debuted as yet, he loves NCT with all his heart to the moon and back. Kun, the one who travelled to an unfamiliar country in hopes of fulfilling his dreams. Kun, the one who silently supports the members by liking posts about them on weibo. Kun, the one who left his family in Fujian and found a new family in the NCT members. Kun, the one who wrote endless songs during his teenage years until now, and has never given up on his dreams. Kun, the one who selflessly volunteered at an elderly home to help those who needed it. To Qian Kun, a humble hearted person with the world of love to give those around him- happy birthday and happy new year. I hope wherever you are, you are happy and smiling that warm smile of yours and feel the love of those around you.

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