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rain, huh… doesn’t this situation make you think of manga? rain. school… no one else in the school building. two people trapped inside by the rain…
          [ th- they get to talking and grow closer… or something like that? ]
… after that, no one ever saw them again.
          [ a ghost story?! ]

“Hansol’s saesang…”

“…she followed his personal vacation..“

”…followed him in Busan…“

”…chased him in front of SM..“

“Same saesang followed Winwin to china”

”…winwin looked uncomfortable…“

“…tracked Winwin’s phone…


Vocal & Dance: Sako Tomohisa, Amatsuki & Aho no Sakata


i think about this video every hour of every day.


Screw the uniform! Everyone ended up in t-shirt!
Deku-kun, Todoroki isn’t a portable sauna…

I got inspired from one of those BNHA smash! comics. In one of them, Kaminari points out how poweful Bakugou could possibly in a sauna since his quirk is related to how much he sweats, as Kirishima was like “wtf”… I thought that Midoriya would be interested in that theory and find a way to power it up…

And before i went to sleep, this stupid thing poped up in my head, had to get rid of it!

I was really tired ok? :c

Also I really enjoy how Bakugo and Todoroki are interacting with each other since the sport festival, I hope I get more occasions to draw these two (noshipplztyvm) in another short comic or a regular fanart (waiting for more manga content to get released):

  • <b> Genie:</b> I will grant your three wishes<p/><b>Dazai:</b> Okay. First, I want to die elegantly, without suffering, and peacefully, like right now. Second, I want a beautiful lady to die with. Third, I want you pay all of my debt. I don’t want Kunikida-kun dragging me out from hell because I haven’t paid my meal two days ago …<p/><b>Dazai:</b> Also don’t forget to make Chuuya suffering everyday :)<p/></p>

K, mut for real onks suomella mitään hienoi (t)urbaanilegendoi?? Kun joillain USA:lla ja japanil on kaikki mothmanit, slendermanit, mitkä lienee jänisdildot ja japanil kuolleita muijia vessoissa ja juna-asemilla jotka tappaa sut jos et oo saanu kokeesta hyvää numeroa?
Kuvittelen et suomen turbaanilegendat on semmosta settii mis kävelet Puotilan metroaseman päästä päähän kolme kertaa ja kolmannella kerralla juot kossu pullon ykkösel alas niin seuraavalla metrolla tulee kusen hajuinen Väinämöinen ruoskimaan sua vihdalla perseelle ja voit häätää sen heittämällä salmiakkia sen silmille.