t killa



  • me, a little loopy from lack of sleep: g'oh my god. y'all. gouys. llisten.listenlistne LSITEN @!!!! one of enchantress' symbols is eyes. she's based off the incan goddess mama killa, right. but mama killa didn't ahve any eye motifs as far as i can tell. but haliya and mayari, both philippine moon goddesses, have connections to eyes!! haliya cries silver tears, just like mama killa, (tho haliya does wear a mask to hide her tears). mayari got blinded in one eye because she tried to square off against her brother (who was represented by the sun, and guess who is also represented by the sun? fucking incubus, that's who) for rulership of the world. mama killa had a brother, and so does enchantress. i was right this whole time to use other moon goddesses from different cultures