t j lane

About the T.J.Lane escapee thing

You can’t just compare this to Mike Brown, first off. It’s its own case.

Secondly, this isn’t in any way the American Justice System’s fault. He got convicted to 25 to life. That’s what you’d hope for his acts. The fact that he escaped from prison is another matter.

Don’t get your ideas mixed up.

Okay I’m bringing this up because I think this is so relevant to how scary white boys and men can be. You see this kid? His name is T.J. Lane. He was the shooter for the Chardon high school shooting. Now I’m sure you’ve all heard of this, but I have a point. 

 This shooting happened very close to my own school and one of my friends actually attended the school when it happened (she was right outside the cafeteria where it occurred). He shot 6 people, three of whom died. His trial lasted for over a year and he was sentenced to three life sentences in prison. At the end of his trial he removed his dress shirt to reveal a t-shirt with the word “killer” written on it, while saying to the victims families “This hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory. Fuck all of you”. 

 This sick fucker managed to escape prison in 2014 (with two other inmates) for a total of six hours. 

 People are scared of little boys with toy guns, kids at pool parties, an unnamed teen walking the street. But they should really be more worried about white boys and men like this. Nothing is scarier than these people. He was reported as being very “quiet and harmless” before the shooting. But that’s just the thing, these are the real psychos. If you’re concerned about a 12 year old in a swimming pool, but not the boy shooting down birds in the backyard for recreation, there’s a serious problem. There are more shootings caused by white people, then black people. That’s a fact.

anonymous asked:

Thank you for calling out that kid. I suffer from an intellectual disability (so I get lumped in with mental illness) and during my times in hospitals and support groups and the rest I have never met someone who could do the things Roof did or say the vile shit he said. Don't shit on sufferers because you wanna distance yourself from racists. My thoughts to the families, keep up the good work, and man, just fuck T.J. Lane.

You rule, thank you so much for sharing this.  Seriously.