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kang daniel first meeting! AU

summary: in which kang daniel happens to be your boss’ son

length: 1.4k

a/n: omg i keep bringing in parents into my scenarios but nevertheless i hope you guys enjoy this one. i personally enjoy writing it bc daniels my bias (if that wasn’t obvious enough already lmao) but i can see this happening like hes so shy and cute and awkward and beautiful and precious and his relationship with his mum seems really cute~ as per usual pls let me know how you found this and the series! and let me know which member you want next ;) 

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  • during the semester you worked at a pet shop 
  • you adored animals and you enjoyed looking after them during the semester
  • it was a great way to distract yourself from uni worries like exams and friendships and internships 
  • you only worked once a week but you were super familiar with the shop and the owner aka mrs kang loved you and said that you were her favourite employee
  • you loved both cats and dogs and it was impossible to choose which one you liked more because it was equal
  • mrs kang had two cats - rooney and peter 
  • when you first met rooney and peter you couldn’t help but fall in love with them
  • mrs kang had explained that her son had got them from the animal shelter and named them rooney and peter without realising that they were actually females 
  • but it was already too late to changes names bc the cats were already used to their given names
  • you’d already worked for mrs kang for half a year and she was a nice lady but you had been quite curious about her life
  • she had a son but why was he never around?
  • mrs kang was a woman who kept to herself so you didn’t want to pry into her life 
  • she was super sweet to you, paid you well and sometimes baked you cookies so that was enough 
  • meanwhile, daniel was actually on produce 101 s2 and thats why mrs kang’s son was hardly around 
  • you had no idea of course
  • you didn’t even watch the show as you were so busy 
  • occasionally your friends would talk about it so you were vaguely familiar with it 
  • “park jihoon’s wink is such a killer!!!!!!”
  • “kang daniel is like a puppy” 
  • “jonghyun is the nation’s leader” he is fight me if u disagree lmao 
  • so you knew some faces here and there and had seen some clips that your friends had made you watch but that was it 
  • one day, mrs kang asked if you could watch over the pet shop for a weekend 
  • she said that she had personal matters to attend to in seoul and that she needed to pick up his son along the way 
  • you usually worked on saturdays so it wasn’t a big problem for you to work on sundays as you exams week had ended and mrs kang also promised to double your pay
  • time skip to the weekend mrs kang is gone which also happens to be the week of p101 s2 finale 
  • you just didn’t get the link here lmao 
  • that saturday you closed down the shop yourself and went home to eat ramen for dinner 
  • you settled down on your sofa comfortably and realised that the finale for p101 s2 was airing live 
  • your friends were also sending  live updates about the show on the group chat you guys used 
  • you decided to tune in and watch the finale as well 
  • and you couldn’t help but be in awe of how talented all the trainees were and you honestly thought they all deserved to debut  
  • you even unknowingly shed some tears during some parts
  • you watched as boa slowly revealed who the top 11 were and you were pretty happy with the results even though you didn’t know any of the trainees too well 
  • you thought it was cool how kang daniel had gotten no 1 and he was one of your friends favourites 
  • your friends were pretty salty about samuel and jonghyun and youngmin SAME not making it  but you couldn’t feel them too much bc you hadn’t watched the show LOL 
  • so next day you open up the shop and set everything up and feed the pets lmao i have no idea how a pet shop works so forgive me 
  • at around noon you are sitting at the counter when the bell rings and the door opens signalling a customer 
  • “welcome” 
  • it was mrs kang and a tall built male followed behind him 
  • “y/n! thank you for helping me over the weekend!” beamed mrs kang happily 
  • “no worries mrs kang!” you replied
  • “also this is my son! does he look familiar to you?” asked mrs kang in a proud voice 
  • mrs kang stood aside and pushed her son forward
  • the guy rubbed his neck nervously as he chuckled, “mum don’t be like that!” he said cutely 
  • you smiled awkwardly as you squinted at him 
  • why did he look so familiar? maybe he was someone you had walked past on the street? someone from uni?
  • the ash blonde hair, the cute eyesmile, black stussy sweater and the broad shoulders why did he look so familiar?
  • “mum she probably doesn’t know me, it’s okay mum!” said the guy to mrs kang 
  • you looked at him and you tried to recall why the face was familiar 
  • “wait! aren’t you the guy who won on the really popular show?” you blurted out 
  • “ummm” 
  • “YES y/n! that’s my son, he came 1st place on produce 101 and is going to debut very soon!!!!” squealed mrs kang proudly hitting daniel on the back 
  • “muuuuuum” whined daniel cutely
  • you couldn’t help but swoon over how cute he was and how cute his relationship with his mum was 
  • “omg kang daniel right!?” you asked as you finally remembered his name
  • he nodded shyly, “yes i’m kang daniel, nice to meet you y/n, my mum has told me a bit about you!” 
  • he extended his hand for a handshake and you gladly accepted it 
  • “wow i’m shaking hands with a celebrity” you joked 
  • and he laughed
  • and his laughter was like rainbows?? flowers?? you didn’t know but you felt electricity run up your arm when you made contact with his big soft hands I CRY I HELD THEM TWO WEEKS AGO
  • “mrs kang why didn’t you tell me your son was on the show? i would have voted for him every day if i knew!” you said 
  • “it was so hard to keep it from you y/n! i really wanted to ask you about it since you’re young so i thought you’d be watching the show too but i had to keep it a secret” replied mrs kang 
  • “oh i see, i did vote for daniel a few times as i have friends that are big fans of him…they’re going to be so jealous if they find out my boss’s son is kang daniel!” you joked 
  • daniel and mrs kang laughed along with you
  • “well kids i’m going to buy some lunch for us, you guys get to know each other and chat amongst yourselves” said mrs kang and she left leaving only the two of you in the shop 
  • it suddenly got awkward without mrs kang and daniel got quiet even though he had a bright smile on his face 
  • so you broke the silence
  • “so how do you feel about debuting soon?”
  • “honestly it feels surreal, almost like a dream, i’m just so thankful to everyone that’s supported me even though i messed up so much” 
  • and from there daniel talked a lot about how he felt, his experiences filming the show and how sometimes it got tough
  • he asked you about your life and you told him about uni, your friends and the stresses of finding a stable job after you graduated
  • you guys clicked so well and talked about everything and anything
  • time went by so fast and mrs kang came back with takeaway boxes for lunch 
  • after lunch, daniel and mrs kang left to go home so he could rest and catch up with his mum which you understood completely as he had barely been able to see him mum for the past 4 months
  • when he left it was just a simple goodbye
  • a part of you for some reason felt sad as you wondered if you’d ever meet again 
  • time skip to a week later!
  • you walk into the pet shop and mrs kang is already at the counter
  • “good morning y/n! this is for you” said mrs kang while handing you a slip of paper
  • you looked at it and it seemed to be a mobile  number
  • “whose number is this?” you asked mrs kang curiously
  • “that’s daniel’s, he was too shy to ask you for your number so he made me give this to you. he’s busy but he’d definitely be motivated if you texted him,” said mrs kang cheekily 
  • you nodded and smiled to yourself as you safely placed the slip of paper into your jacket pocket 

other members: daehwi (x), sungwoon (x), woojin (x), guanlin (x), jisung (x), jinyoung (x) 

masterlist: (x)

reminder that mtl requests are open!

Seventeen Performance Unit Reaction : “Being their First Kiss”

Anon: Hi! I’m the person who requested the reaction that you were just a bet and I absolutely LOVED IT!! I’d like to request another reaction:) When you (their crush) kiss them out of nowhere and it’s their first kiss?? If you don’t want to write separate reactions for the in tire group than I just request for: Hoshi - Jeonghan - Jun - Vernon Thank you in advance, I know you will kill it!👌

You’re so sweet! Anyways! This was such a cute reaction to write for so I hope you enjoy it!! I’ll post the other units as well so keep tuned in ;) lol I’m embarrassing hahaha! <3 Luna

*As per usual! I will state what gifs are mine, credit to owners of the others! And, this is just a reaction it is in no way real and should not be taken as such, and is not meant to offend anyone!*


*gif by me*

Hoshi had been practicing far longer than the others. He’d stayed behind long after they had all left and you had decided to go and keep him company. He was exhausted when you arrived.

He was quiet, lying on the floor, breathing heavily, eyes shut. You’d thought he’d fallen asleep. He looks so handsome, you thought to yourself going over and brushing his hair from his forehead. 

“You work too hard,” you whispered kissing his forehead lightly. You felt him stiffen underneath you. A smirk appearing on his face as he debated whether or not to open his eyes. “You’re awake…” you said far too loudly, unable to stop the red flush on your cheeks. It matched his own suddenly deeper shade of red.

Soonyoung made a small noise which you took as a yes. “Ugh screw it,” you breathed leaning over and lightly kissing his lips. He smirked against your mouth, not reacting until after a moment. His lips moving slowly against yours, as you grabbed him gently by the collar pulling him up to you. The kiss was electrifying, sparking a chemistry between you that had existed all along but finally made sense. 

Hoshi’s smirk deepened as he opened his eyes to look at you. You both pulled away, breathless, nervously laughing at what had just happened. “Well, if I’d have known you liked me too I’d have done that ages ago,” Hoshi commented winking at you. 

You laughed at the sudden courage he had gained from that kiss, “Of course you would have. You keep telling yourself that. We all know I was your first kiss.” That shut him up, a small confused look spreading across his face as he thought, which one told her!? But he didn’t think it for too long as you leaned back in. “Get out of your head Soonyoung,” you purred planting another kiss on his lips.


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“Y/N why are you looking at me like that?” Jun asked, unable to work out what that look was for. You were smiling widely, a laugh on your lips as you watched him talking to Wonwoo. 

He couldn’t help but become nervous by that stare. His voice breaking ever so slightly as he asked again. You however weren’t nervous at all. Jun had been embarrassing you all day in front of the other members. He thought you hadn’t caught on to his subtle flirts or the hints he was throwing out. 

You knew he liked you. It was easy to tell. No guy puts this much effort into someone unless they like you. So, you decided to get your own back. “Y/N? What are you…” Jun started to say as you walked over, but you quickly silenced him by pressing your lips to his. Standing on your tiptoes you pulled him to you. 

He made a small noise in response, unknowing of what to do. Until you laughed, giggling to yourself as you pulled away. “Jun, if you embarrass me one mor…” 

Jun had this look in his eyes as he kissed you back. His lips moving gently in rhythm to yours. You could feel his cheeks flush against your own, his breathing just that little bit fast but you didn’t care. Smiling against his lips as the kiss deepened. 

“Y/N?” Jun asked, breathless as he pulled away. You glanced up at him, suddenly embarrassed by your own courage to kiss him. Cheeks flushed, hands slightly clammy as you managed a small ‘hmm?’ as your only response. “Are all first kisses like that?” he asked a small smile on his lips.

You shrugged. “I always preferred the second.”

“Wait!” Jun cried as you were about to walk away following the other members who had just left you two to it. “How many people have you kissed!?”

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IM SCREAMING! Blockheads was freaking cute!!!!

Also indoor Olaball! Team Eleteo vs Team Gabomi! It’s so fun, and there’s shippy moments if you squint! Mainly Eleteo and Gabomi.. although the Gabe being ridiculously cute with Isabel was a amazing bonus! I loved this episode!!

And as per usual, Elena can’t keep her hands off our Wizard King!

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Supernatural ask 14

How did I discover Supernatural?

Okay, so I saw it in passing a couple of years ago while channel surfing but I didn’t think much other than “Oh the guys are cute”, but then one faithful day I was skimming through Netflix as per usual and saw Supernatural in there and thought “Oh I might as well” and that’s how I turned into a monster show obsessed trash. The end.

     Whoops I pixeled…again…and yes…it’s ObiRyū…again…*SWEATS*
     Had this sketched like…ages ago…I’m lazy uwu
     I’m not good with having more than one person in a shot. Then again…even one person is too many for me xD But uh…yeah. Here you go. I’m not dead, just…haven’t been drawing lol
     For @abyssaldespair as per usual :3c

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Hello!! Do you have fic recs for very cute canon brittana fics while theyre still in high school?

So I don’t read a lot of canon fanfic, and most of it is pretty angsty because canon Brittana was also pretty angsty, but I recommend @themostrandomfandom‘s mouseverse fics! 

The universe is mostly canon, with the implication that Brittany and Santana were childhood best friends. They’re really cute and some of the best written oneshots out there, and they range from childhood to high school Brittana

And per usual, check out the “Favorite Stories” tab on my ff.net account for all my favorite fics!

About beauty and the beast

What if beast was a woman, and u couldn’t tell til the end of the movie because the beast form was meant to give her a scary, more masculine appearence to scare possible male suitors away, but the curse said nothin abt ladies breakin the curse.

So along comes this pretty, cute, beloved girl (i.e. Belle) that, as per the usual story, gets locked away in the castle with the beast in place of her father. Along the way the two start carin more for each other, and the girl starts seein less scary and more sweet.

But, the beast is nervous because she wants the curse broken, but what if this cute girl that can help break the curse isn’t into girls. Cue the beast lashin out at Belle.

Belle’s reaction being “wtf, i thought we were chill?” and then seein a portrait of the beast as a human and bein like “damn she fine.”

If we add in Gaston’s character, then we can have a bit more fun. During the confrontation between beast and Gaston, he finds out beast is a woman and goes on about how if she wasn’t a “disgusting monster” he would totally bang her (gross) and how Belle could never love her because she’s a woman, and love between women isn’t a thing, blah blah blah.

In a rage, the beast is about to kill Gaston, but stops at the last minute because Belle interferes. Says to beast how Gaston is an idiot and instead of acting out violently to show him, and the rest of the villagers, that they aren’t monsters.

In the end, they live happily ever after and everyone has to fuckin deal with it, because they’re gay and in love.

Bonus: Gaston has to watch as all of his fans, especially the girls, start swooning over beast when the curse is lifted, because not only is she hot but she can hunt even better than Gaston while lookin absolutely fine doin it.

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M!A: Since you think Dave is so cute why don't you try it on for size? You are now an Equine Furry. Lasts 5 days.

> You didn’t think he was cute, per se. But that is apparently irrelevant to the rules of the ask.
> You were working, perhaps daydreaming slightly about the prospect of being such a noble beast, when something felt… Bizzare.
> Your feet began to feel incredibly strange, and your armor began to feel tight in uncomfortable places. Ears flick, significantly more so than usual, and your brow furrows. You sit down as your ankles and knee shift in a way that makes your armor drift into actually painful territory, and you pull armor away with a practiced hand. To find… Mottled, blue-grey fur, with a differently structured leg than your typical.
> The next few minutes are spent taking off your lower armor completely to reveal hooves, and fur, and a tail.
> Finally, you have to look in the mirror. You have been gifted with an adjustmant to your overall visage, to something similar to if a satyr had horse features instead of goat, including a long silvery tail, and your typical black mane being replaced with a similar color. And /ears/.
> You are… Absolutely delighted.

aratona replied to your post “wiz-dice usually has really good dice sold in big groups on amazon. I…”

Yoooo… free dice? From where?

the wish app for ur phone. it’s all like super cheap shit from china but the dice have been awesome and shipping has been like $2-$3 per set. it takes like 2 weeks but it’s a nice surprise because i forget what i have on the way.

there’s a website but my sister says she hasn’t seen any of the free stuff show up on there so idk.

(i also got a super cute apron from there and i’ll be posting a pic of that later this week/next week when im not super tired and sweaty from moving furniture)

Friendly reminder that these are some things coming up soon in the phandom:

•Age of Ultron premier tonight?? (idk if this is confirmed or not, but i hope so)
• a japhan vlog (maybe, we’re not sure if they filmed it yet or not. If they didn’t that’s cool tho)
•a behind the scenes video of the book and the trailer (that will kill me)
•More danandphilgames cuteness (ex. phil’s probably going to play shelter 2, i’m willing to beat they’ll play a board game before 2016, etc.)
•oh hey look they’re probably filming PINOF 7 around september or october per usual
•also, vidcon and SITC
•bO O K A ND T OU R IN O CT O B E R!!!
•dan’s birthday whewwww
•probably more halloween/christmas/general holiday cuteness
• ?????
• ¿¿¿¿¿

Give Away #2: Wolf Themed



1.  One Threadless T-shirt (men’s XL) with the Wild Dog design (slightly rumpled but new and never-worn)

2.  One small pewter wolf figurine

3.  One 5ml bottle of “Edge of Chaos” perfume from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

4.  Three perfume samples from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab “Belladonna”, “Hemlock”, and “Wolf’s Heart”  

I will pay shipping.


1. Contest runs until 11:59 on 16 June 2014.

2. Please follow me (I don’t post often, so I won’t clutter up your dash - and when I do post it’s usually poems or pictures of cute dogs)

3. One entry per day (so 14 entries total).  Don’t spam your followers please!  If you miss a day and want to enter twice the next day, that’s okay, but please no more than that.

4. No give away only blogs.

5. You need to have ask open, or some other way for me to contact you and get your address.

6. I reserve the right to cancel the contest or pick a new winner for any reason.  At the moment I can’t think of what those reasons would be, but I never know what the internet is going to throw at me.

7. United States entries only (I’m pretty sure I can’t ship the perfume oils overseas).   (ETA: If you live outside the US I am willing to ship to you, provided you understand that I may only be able to ship you the t-shirt and figurine.)

8. I’m not responsible for anything that happens once these items leave my possession.  I can’t replace them if they’re lost in the mail.  None of them are for ingesting!  Do not eat them!  Perfume oils may cause skin rashes or respiratory issues.  Again - I am not responsible for anything that happens once these leave my hands.

I think that’s about it.  I’ve probably forgotten something, since I’m a tumblr n00b.  Please be nice :)

PS:  I don’t have that many followers atm, so if my current followers would reblog so more people can see this (even if you’re not interested in entering) I’d be grateful!

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do you have any really cute stucky fics you could recommend, just fluff?

HEY FRIEND sorry about the late answer, its been a busy few days

these are, as per usual found with the help of meghan caroldancers because i am truly awful at remembering fics + it’s been a while since i read any so i hope these are alright :>>

Upload Your Video by poe (T, 27.8k)

It’s Youtube Match Making Month and big name Youtubers have been matched based on location and interests, and assigned the task of making videos for one another. At least two videos a week, for a month, for a complete stranger. No other communication is allowed. When Steve and Bucky are matched, will it be a disaster waiting to happen?

sometimes everything is touch and go by santanico (E, 14k)

Bucky and Steve’s mission is to infiltrate a suburban neighborhood as a married couple. In theory, it should be difficult, but it also kind of isn’t.

Bucky hesitates. “It’s undercover. We’ve done undercover before.” He shrugs.

Steve laughs again. “This isn’t exactly the same as infiltration under the guise of being regular civilians. What is it again – what did Fury’s email say?” Steve pauses, tapping his chin with his index finger. “ ‘Mr. and Mr. Rogers are a couple who have recently moved into a neighborhood in northern Colorado. You are to maintain an image of high-standing and societal grace.’ That’s not exactly your scene, is it, Buck? Especially the part about being Mr. Rogers.”

it won’t be a stylish marriage by lazulisong (G, 1.9k)

There’s no way even Steve’s subconscious is screwed up enough to come up with ‘and then I went shopping for a ring to marry my best friend with Howard Stark’s son’s ladyfriend helping me pick one out at Tiffany’s while Howard Stark’s son lurked behind us pretending not to be deeply interested in the proceedings’.

You’ve Got A Friend In Me by twerkinshield (M, 5.6k)

In which Steve is fed up with the antics of the Avengers, epic prank wars are waged, scarves are knitted, and Bucky throws his metal arm at people.

if ye be worthy by hitlikehammers (T, 1.9k)

“Do you know what that is?” Bruce asks, voice low, but that’s not really new, for him.

“It’s Thor’s hammer-thingy,” Bucky shrugs. “Look, man, I know it was shitty to give it a swing without him knowing, I’m sor—”

“You swung it?”

Your Kind of Idiot by dirtybinary (T, 4.5k)

In which Bucky doesn’t fall from the train, Steve has company when he wakes up in the twenty-first century, and neither of them knows how to talk about their feelings unless they’re about to die.

Let your heart be light by relenafanel (T, 21k)

Bucky looks like he’s had a difficult month, what with the eviction notice and all, but that’s not the reason Steve gives for allowing him to stay on his couch.

“You have somewhere to go?” Steve questioned, crossing his arms and attempting to look casual, not like he was worried for Bucky. He stepped into the apartment, ignoring how bare it was.

Bucky paused and gave him an exasperated look. “I’m not completely hopeless.”