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jikook @ isac last year: hey everyone *blushes* we’re gay


as an uglie i have to say im ugly before anyone else can in case they think im not only ugly but unaware and pity me this way i have the upper hand i win and i can go home alone and cry proudly

I’m so happy that Rhett and Link are incorporating charity into wheel endings full time - and I’m extra happy that Link seemed pleased about that particular aspect of the new wheel, too.

It’s also great how there’s more opportunity for fan interaction and inter-fandom activity led by the show itself - it’s a great way to advertise the show using social media - have the fans take over tags or be doing something weird and interesting that might have someone go ‘what’s this all about?’

CONCLUSION I really like how Rhett, Link and the crew obviously think about how new changes will help GMM grow. I know there’s always doubts as to how invested Rhett and Link are in GMM after so many years, but to see them change things up and try new things is a sign that they still view GMM as a product worth improving.

reioka  asked:

I love it when Tony gets carried in fics. He should be carried always. His dainty little feet should only touch the ground when he's in the armor. One of my favorite parts of reading your stories is that Tony gets carried and he LIKES IT. So many people write it as begrudgingly allowing himself to be carried for his own good. Not you, though. "This is awesome. I get to experience your muscles and also not have to walk. Can I get piggybacks and direct you like a horse?"

First: OMG! I’m sorry I did not respond to you sooner (life happened). Now that that is out of the way, allow me to flail and scream.

Second: Aaaaaaaaaaah! OMG! OMG! So, listen, I know I already covered this recently, but seriously!!!!! I just cannot help but see Tony as someone who would love to be bridal carried or receive piggyback rides from someone he loves (romantic or platonic). For him, it’s a form of play and affection without it coming off as “sappy/emotionally vulnerable,” but at the same time he can make it that way if he chooses simply by how he reacts. 

If he wants the hold to be playful he can just tease the person holding him, and say things like “Tallyho my faithful steed” “-wistful sigh- Perfect. I needed practice for my wedding day.”

Or he can be really flirty. He can wink at the person holding him and say things like, “You sure know how to sweep a guy off his feet” or “Now this feels comfy. You can hold me all night if you want.” 

Heck he can even be sassy about it. “Don’t think just because you can carry me around that means you can carry my emotional baggage.” 

Or you know, if he is feelings really vulnerable, he can just keep quiet, hold the person back, and rest his chin on their shoulder while they hold him. It’s all up to him.

And I just!!!!! I love it!!!!! This is one of my personal fave headcanons for Tony so I’m so glad so many of you approve. 

some of my friends are finding out that my blog has like….a pretty large amount of followers and they’re asking if i can make them famous but they don’t seem to understand i only got here because i make posts about how much i cry over harry potter and his dead parents like