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I’m really sick of misunderstandings of Russell T Davies’ characterization of the Doctor being used to treat basic aspects of the character present since the beginning as out of character.

The Doctor was never a perfect hero who loves every little person. Not even in the Davies era, no matter what some claim. He can be shortsighted and selfish and condescending, and has had those aspects since the beginning. Even in The End of Time, Ten seriously contemplates not saving Wilf. The Doctor’s not pure and good. He just strives to be, and on a good day succeeds in helping and learning however he can. And both Davies and Moffat explore that tension in really interesting ways.

I love the formal outfits of K18 in the new jigsaw puzzle box but it irks me to no end that Marron gets omitted almost ALL the time! So i had to quickly doodle formal chestnuts with her included!

Don’t mind mistakes pls, just a doodle!