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T: Halla! Hey there!
I: First time on the red carpet together, how is it?
H: Very nice.
T: Unbelievably nice.
H: We haven’t gotten the chance to talk about how it is yet.
T: No..
H: But we’re smiling and having fun.
T: We’ll philosophize around it a bit afterwards, but right now there’s lots of stuff, lot’s of interviews, lots of picture, but that’s…
H: Lots of impulses.
T: That’s life.
I: You’re nominated tonight, how do you think it’ll go?
H: Impossible to say.
T: We’re taking a chance on..
H: We’re thankful for all the support we’ve received.
T: It’s just nice being here and being nominated. That’s a huge honour. And I’m taking a chance on zero prizes, so if it’s one I’ll be like “Yes!” and if it’s two I’ll be like “Woah!!”.
I: How have you prepared for tonight?
T: We’ve just..
H: Does it look like we’re prepared? Uh, very little. Uh, we’ve prepared for the show.
T: Yeah. Woke up really fucking early.
H: Meditated a little, had a shower.. Got up a little early today.
I: But you’ve become mega-celebrities very fast because of SKAM, how has all the attention been this past year?
H: What is there to say..
T: No, what is there to say.. I’ve said this before, but it’s overwhelming, very unexpected, on my part, to be a part of something like this, but that’s life now, so I’ll handle it.
I: Do you think your acting career is going to continue?
T: That it..?
I: Your acting career. Is it going to continue after SKAM?
T: Yes, I’ll keep doing that for as long as I can.
H: That’s why these questions are so hard because we do it for the acting and the joy of the scenes we have together, so becoming a celebrity is just about how you handle your daily life. Not about what happens, because being a celebrity is not as much fun as one would think.
I: But you act as boyfriends on screen, how is your relationship become in real life?
H: Really great friends.
T: Good buddies.
H: Good buddies.

While I’m working really hard to pump out a new comic amidst my homework, I’d like to share with you all my favorite picture in existence

sir are you interested in this cup product?? Is that what’s going on here???? could you please decide whether you’re looking over here or looking downward is this some kinda weird morse code sir I don't understandddd and my face is burning sir please

me: im fine

me actually: i love wonho so much hes so talented and so sweet and caring and open minded and loving and hes a mama’s boy and he supports multiple charities and said he doesnt care about gender in a partner but ppl still reduce him to his abs and im tired and i just want to know when he will finally get the love and respect he deserves

there’s. like ts6 is real like there’s going to be new taylor swift music. taylor swift wrote songs and then recorded them and then some fancy mp3 thing happens and we get to listen to those songs. many times, if we want. in real fucking life. i’m w*t

Ellen Page spoke with a man who told her about how he’s killed gay people, both as a policeman and as a man for hire, and she emotionally but firmly, looking him dead in the eye, told him she was gay and asked if he thought she should die 

and I swear I have never been prouder or gayer or more in love with a person.

There are such ugly things in this world and horrible people, but to see her do that was honestly so inspiring and amazing and took so much courage and composure. She faced that with a real awareness that this man was not likely to change or give her a satisfactory answer, but she didn’t let that moment for honesty and dignity pass by.