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On Prompto’s Bar Codes

Disclaimer: I am a scientist. (Neurochem)I know this doesn’t work in real life applications, but I thought it was interesting to see anyways.

So I threw this numbers into GenBank – NIH genetic sequence database just for fun because I was drunk one day. They are associated with some pretty interesting DNA sequences.

The bottom number there is part of a retrovirus.  An ENV protein specifically.  It would trigger a conformational change, allowing for binding of the fusion protein. So what does that mean fro Prompto? Well,  retroviral vectors are the most widely used delivery vehicles to integration genes into chromosomes of affected cells. So he’s a “knock in” animal for sequences that would allow him to change. For fantasy purposes, we could say he’s He’s been genetically programed to mutate.

This 01987 – that’s a fun one. It’s swine IL-alpha. I work with ILs on a daily basis and they are used as markers for “something gone wrong.” For instance, if I take a tissue from a stressed animal vs a nonstressed animal, the stressed animal will have produced more IL-alpha. It is the marker various immune responses and and hematopoiesis (The production of all types of blood cells). This cytokine is released in  response to cell injury, and thus induces apoptosis. (cell death) That is to say, he’s durable. He can regenerate blood cells, including his immune system white blood cells, to ward of disease and infection. Then he has the ability to kill off and clear out the “bad cells” faster too. It’s even been implicated in protection from gamma radiation (meteor anyone?) But this is not without consequence. Its a marker for inflammation, neuro-degenerative diseases, and diabetes. So, he’s sturdy, but he’s also set up for a lot of problems later. Implication? He’s not made to live long. He’s made of pig and virus parts because he’s disposable.

And the best bit? NH. He’s non human. He’s a non human primate. Therefore he wouldn’t be afforded personhood.

Edit: Feel like I should say too that he’s properly coded. As in you put non-human primate codes on their outer wrist so it’s scannable when they grip the bars. He should have had a chip implanted at that age which should be in his right bicep. Maybe it rejected and he covered it with that bandana?

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Who are some cool people that you have met on tumblr?

SO MANY PEOPLE. give their blogs a look and maybe even a follow :^)
WARNING: this is a super long list because i love everyone HAHAHA

@natalieisindistress (she’s actually my real-life best friend, but i can’t not include her)

@thebitrainguy (also a good friend that i knew first in real life)






@peaceful-thoughts-paradise (HUGE shoutout to this one for taking me to sonic…YO ABBY COME HANG WITH ME SOON)














@jonasvasquaz (also friends with her in real life!! have been since 2011)

@lustingforloving (another real-life pal)

















































@volturez (only talked twice ever, but you were a huge help last week and i am beyond grateful)

@confused-mess (same comment right above applies to you)

i have a super long list already and i definitely have forgotten some people so if you feel like you should be on there just let me know :) even if we haven’t talked in a while or you barely know me but just through a group chat i included you too because hey you’re still cool regardless!

Money Obsession

We all know a movie where the hero will pass up the big bucks to do the right thing. Well people in real life aren’t the same. Now there have been posts around were aliens have watched our movies and they notice that all the good guys will pass up the opportunity to get rich in order to save friends/family. This leads them to believe that all humans will react the same way because we as people like to idolize our heroes. That gets us sent to places where space pirates live because they have no fear that we’ll defect. And then guess what happens. A human defects and all of the aliens are tearing their hair out and screaming trying to figure out where they went wrong with humans again.

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Fern trying to be hot = me whenever I see a cute boy 😂😂😂

I’m sorry what? 😱 Does your boyfriend aka real life Jayce know about that? 😱😱 I don’t think you’re getting it right, missy! 😎 I’m on your boyfriend’s side, always. You’re great and such a sweetheart ❤ but he’s real life Jayce 😍😍 so you should stop this 👆 and get back to him, and be sexy only for him 💃 otherwise I’m coming to snatch him!! 😎

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Extra from day 1.

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The naruto fandom is one of the most toxic and sexist fandom I've ever been in.Someone actually said they hoped sakura got brutally raped and murdered.What normal person says these things?You don't have to like her but seriously,what has she done to you?I dislike Karin,I mean really think she's distasteful,but I wish no ill will on a fictional character,I was outraged that Sasuke stabbed her.What do these type of people say to actual people in real life that they don't like?My god the ignorance

Yup, it certainly remains as the worst fandom I’ve ever been exposed to. Disappointing, but watcha gonna do? :)

  • Inuyasha, after getting stabbed: That hurt!
  • Naraku: Hurt?? 😢😩 You don’t know🚫❌ REAL PAIN ☔📉 until you murder the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE 💀🔪🔪🚺 after she gets with your worst enemy 💍💏💔 and now u gotta think of creative ways 🙅⭐ to torture her ex and his new girlfriend ⚡👓 and search for all the jewel shards 💩💨

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you're a real life angel ((and you don't have to confirm this cause it's already #confirmed #source: me)) ily ♥

hdgfdhdjfhfgfhfjgh I want to unconfirm this Kinga !! I’m actually an angel in disguise and so I am more of a devil ! *sticking my tong out* !!! I’ve “killed” a lot of people in this fandom ! lol =p 

Jooheon skipping like a little kid in to his next spot...He's too precious for this world.

They all look badass and sexy and simple chic in those dance practice videos but Jooheon…
He’s something else entirely.
His dancing is impeccable for someone not officially in the dance line. I really don’t get why his dancing skills are underrated. It shouldn’t be. Have you watched him move?!
He looks cute and hot at the same time.
He’s full of charisma but overflows with aegyo.
He’s not even my bias but I can write pages of love letter for him.
He helped in making their albums and has one of the most number of songs under his name despite debuting just a few years ago.
He even composed songs for other artists like Boyfriend.
He’s a monster on stage but a sweet cinnamon roll in real life.
Don’t sleep on him. He’s worth the love and attention.

One of my many reasons for being a picky bitch with who I associate in the DL shitstain​ of a fandom is the following:

As a former psychologist I am fucking disgusted with this Therapy Sue bullshit some people love to force on other fans as if it’s law. (Ohhh he has traumas and obvious psychological issues lets get him a GIRLFRIEND. *sarcasm*)

I really hope to fuck these dumbasses don’t try to apply this to real life or don’t advice other people to do it. Keep it fictional at least without this unrealistic policing crap because some people know your healing pushing is offensive bullshit and it pisses them off to have you shoving it in their faces as if you’re better than them.

Trust me, you ain’t better than anyone by enforcing your fucking fairytale on other people. Stick to your shit and don’t bother people for doing things differently and bursting your stupid bubble.

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Are you an only child?

No, not at all  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡! I have 3 siblings, and I’m the youngest. I have big brother (18, ENFP), a big sister (21, INTP) and another big brother ( 23, ISFP), though he doesn’t live at home, and I’m 14, so I’m the kinda the baby of the household (>///<). I’m very close with my siblings ( especially my sister) and we all share a lot of the same interests ( cartoons, Studio Ghibli movies, art, ect)! 

I’m super, super, super shy and withdrawn, and I’m too sick to physically go to school ( I do online school instead, but I only do a couple of classes, and even struggle to do that ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻), so I don’t actually have any friends in real life :( , so I’d be very lonely if I didn’t have my siblings to keep me company. Perhaps that’s not a very healthy lifestyle, but I suppose it’s better than nothing  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

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Why are people desperate to let sj//m off the hook?"She's a sweetheart!" Ok? Maybe she is. None of us know her. What we know is that she has never discussed the criticisms of her books, she blocked people on twitter who asked questions re diversity (even the polite ones) then disappeared entirely, that she and her publisher delete comments on instagram, that in all of her long newsletters she has never addressed any real issues, that she continues to write stereotypes. Facts only.

Exactly. I personally always criticise her as a writer, but everyone seems to act like saying she is a bad writer is basically “she’s so rude!!! she kills puppies!!!” and no. I have no idea of who she is in real life, but as an author I don’t like her.

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Do you have any pictures of Orchidstar? Cause she sOUNDS PRETTY???

NO i haven’t drawn her yet she’s so gorgeous i don’t wanna fuck her up!!! i do have a real life reference???? i was perusing the google once and saw a cat and went “GASP it’s HER” so i can post that to give you the general idea!

i need 2 draw her,,,,,,,, but this is close to her design!!

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i think u're that blog we all secretly follow but don't talk about

Don’t talk about in real life? XD lol even i try to not talk about it…cause if people knew how thirsty and nasty i am they would be shook XD only my close friends know of my true nature on this blog XD

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nah get outta here if the baby daddy is white then the baby born could be quite light! And how have they been racist? things happen to all races every single day in real life. So if I don't like a black person it makes me racist for example? I'll use this...Mya wasn't murdered because of her skin colour.

Sweet fucking crickets. 

1) the baby would be white passing, however, that is not necessarily how genetics work. The dominant gene is, more often than not, the … you know. Dominant gene. 

2) As a white person, I’m not going to get deep into the race stuff but I’ve talked about this before, and I’ve had black people come into my inbox and talk about how there has been a lot of racism in the show because non-white characters are treated vastly different.

3) “if I don’t like a black person it makes me racist” is probably the worst argument you could ever use and I beg of you to just stop

i can get easily overwhelmed by tumblr drama but i try to keep in mind that like…. half of the things people argue about on here aren’t even really relevant in real life

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your blog run it how you want. people act way too entitled these days sometimes, you couldn't ask someone in real life to match every word to your preference so you should not do it online. i'm so glad a lot of the anon's were nice to you and for those who weren't well it's their lack of self esteem or insecurities being pushed onto you and that is not your issue sweetheart. you're a very kind person, focus on the people who support you and are nice. keep rocking

Aw, thanks, Nonnie! It’s really nice to have so many people rooting me on. However, i think you guys fail to remember that I’m just an RP Meme Supply Blog. That’s… Really it.

However, it’s still INCREDIBLY NICE of you guys to go out of your way to send all these nice messages, despite just writing Memes for Roleplay! > <