t in real life

So my boyfriend broke up with me today and I called my therapist crying at 11pm at night but he goes to bed really early and gets up early. So I woke him up and he calms me down after about twenty minutes he’s starting to slur his speech a little. Then in the middle of a sentence about feelings he says “shovel them in a pile and scoop it up” and I’m like wtf? He goes “omg I’m so tired i started replaying my day in my mind and I thought about how I had to shovel snow twice. I’m so sorry”
I swear to god he ate a pot brownie. That or he pulled an all nighter last night. Lol


So daddyo isn’t really my dad. He’s the leader of my prayer group who I have loved as a father for the past 4 years. He’s my spiritual father, and spiritual mentor who is the best in the world! But just the past few months he’s been calling me his girl and his daughter and every time he does I get a stupid grin on my face and so much joy in my heart because I’ve always wanted my dad to say things like this. I love daddyo to pieces. He’s the best and I’m sorry I just had to tell someone and I know no one cares but I wanted to try.

earlier I went down to get a glass of water and I wanted it to last so I spent like 5 minutes looking for the biggest cup in the house. the whole time my mom is watching me and she asks “Why do you need that huge cup?” so I turn to her and say


So I went downstairs real slow and quiet with my cane over my shoulder like a baseball bat. I turned the corner and my moms friend/my brothers nurse was there. We both screamed than laughed. That was interesting. Lol