t his kills the woman

i honestly think the new story for Lotor’s parents is sorta worse than the original. in the original, zarkon kidnapped an altean woman and forced her to have his kid, then he killed her for being too kindly and Lotor has nightmares about his father killing a woman but he isn’t sure who she is (he doesn’t know he’s half altean) but her screaming haunts him. also should point out that haggar was his grandmother and zarkon’s mom.. not his fuckin mother fjff that’s still trippin me out hard that they changed that. she also called his mother an altean whore.

i mean, all that shit is super horrible but in this version literally neither of his parents show him love or affection. At least in the original he had his mother who was sweet and kind, she loved him more than anything.. but in the new one, she’s selfish and horrible, just like zarkon. like it wasn’t bad enough for him to have one abusive parent, they had to give him two.. what’s more fucked up is it seems like she was the one who helped drag Zarkon down??? which i dont like. i mean, the reversal is sort of uncomfortable having the context i do for the series overall.

I’m sure they’ll delve into it at some point but it makes you wonder if Lotor ever experienced love from his parents and honestly why was he banished. in the original lotor was simply away on conquests and was never banished, sure he and Zarkon fought but Lotor was never banished, just belittled. Like how does original, murderer, space dictator Zarkon AND altean slave mother care more about their son than the dreamworks revamps fdjdf