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Winner’s Luck

Tom Hiddleston x Actress!Reader

Summary: Tom is called onstage to receive an award from you, the presenter. A congratulations cheek kiss turns out to be something else. (Based on this prompt from thfrustrationprompts)
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
1,371 words

Notes: Just uploading this Tom one that I wrote a while ago while I finish the next request! A silly thing in this sea of wonderful Tom’s fics and its incredibly talented authors. Hope y’all enjoy! <3


Tom let out a small gasp as he saw her sliding down the stage graciously with her wine dress. Her legs appearing way longer and tan than he’d ever saw before with the cut-out right above her thigh.

If he only knew she was the one presenting his category.

When she reached the microphone, one of the stage helpers handed her the so called envelope and she smiled muttering ‘Thank you’. Right there, Tom got lost in his tracks.

All the pictures of her that he had came across the internet didn’t do her beauty justice. She was so way more lovely in vivid eye.

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portrait studies from Only Lovers Left Alive. One of my favorite films. I rewatched it over break and fell in love with it all over again. Truly, being able to listen to the entrancing music of Jozef Van Wissem while painting these made for a fantastic experience (just like this movie)

Looking For Answers—Part Two

Part one is here.

Taylor walked down the stairs slowly, dreading this. Hating this. She took a deep breath in and fixed her bangs one more time—and on shaky legs stepped into the living room.

Tom had his back to her, examining something on the bookshelf, but turned quickly when he heard Taylor come in. She offered him a small smile. “Hey,” she said, walking over to where he was. Tom smiled briefly and reached out for a hug. Taylor stepped into it—and for that brief half a second, for the first time in months, she felt his arms around her. It brought back a million memories, from sadder days in Australia, to the first time they held each other, saying goodbye at the Met Gala in New York. She was reminded of his scent, warm and inviting. Taylor closed her eyes and prayed for strength and clarity. And for her not to do more damage than she had already done.

Taylor stepped out of the hug and smiled. “I forgot—you’re just as much of a hugger as I am,” she said stepping back and settling into the couch, crossing her legs.

Tom half smiled and sat next to her. “Yeah, we like a good hug, you and I,” he said, running his hands down his jeans.

A small silence followed. Taylor didn’t know what to say or what to do really—it was his idea to see her. Tom seemed to have lost his anger on his drive over and now seemed at a loss for words. Finally, he said, “So, are you renting this place?”

Taylor nodded, tucking her hair behind her ears. “Yeah, it just made the most sense, since I’m here so often now.”

Tom seemed surprised. “You’ve been in London? For how long?”

Taylor thought about it for a second. “Well, hmm, I guess…since September? I mean, I travel a lot, but yeah, I’ve been spending a lot of my time…here.”

Another silence before Tom asked “…why?”

Taylor didn’t know how to answer that, what was ok to say, what would do the least damage and what was the most true. But before she could say anything, Tom stood up and strode over to the fireplace. “What am I saying? Of course there’s a man. You…you were always accommodating about moving to wherever your boyfriend was, I remember Australia.” He sighed and turned away from her. In a small voice he asked it. The question. “What happened to us? Why didn’t we…make it?”

Taylor stood up and walked over to him, reached out and grabbed his arm. “Hey, Tom. Look at me. Come on.” He turned and she could see the pain in his eyes—she could see what she had done. “Tom, I’m so so sorry. Honesty. It…there wasn’t anything you did or didn’t do, promise. It was me, my situation.” He looked down at the floor. Taylor whispered, “It was my guilt that broke us.”

Tom head snapped up. “Your guilt? For what?” Taylor sighed and pulled her sleeves down until they covered her hands. “Can we sit?” She asked, pleading really. Tom nodded and they made their way back to the couch. Taylor looked up at him. “Remember—remember in London, when we went to visit your mom? And all those paparazzi came out and scared your niece?” Tom nodded. “And you remember how angry I was when we got back home, how I locked myself in our room for hours and didn’t want to talk about it?”

“I remember,” Tom answered hoarsely. Taylor shook her head. “Honestly, I should have broken up with you then. Before—“

“Before the 4th.”

“Yeah. Before I wrecked it all.”

“But—it was MY idea to wear the shirt Taylor. It was supposed to be a joke. Why—“

“Because it tainted us, it tainted you,” Taylor answered angrily, wiping a tear that fell unbidden from her eye. She stood up and began to pace. “It—it made everyone want to hurt you and I —I couldn’t stand for it, not because of the shirt, ok it was a joke, but—“

“But I meant it,” Tom finished for her, standing up and walked over to her. Taylor finally looked him in the eye, tears dripping out quickly. Taylor whispered, “That night, you told me, you said the shirt had been a joke but that, really you did love me and I—“

“And you said you loved me too,” Tom finished for her, softly wiping her tears away. “Were you lying?”

Taylor crossed her arms and shook her head quickly. “Not lying, but maybe…hoping? I thought I loved you, I thought what I was feeling was love but…” she shook her head and turned away from him. “You must think I’m terrible. Honestly, you have to hate me. But,” she took a deep breath in, “it wasn’t until we were separated, when I was back in Rhode Island and you were stuck in Australia, that I realized.”

“That you weren’t in love with me.”

Taylor turned back to face him. “Please, can you understand it? You were…so sweet and so caring and—so perfect. I needed that, you…you quite literally put me back together, Tom. I’ll never forget it, no matter how many years pass. Especially with the Kim and Kanye situation—I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you.”

Tom sat down, his head in his hands. “So then why?” Taylor slid down next to him.

“Because…because I didn’t love you. I wanted to, so badly. I thought I did, but I didn’t and—and once I realized that, after everything that had happened, to us and to your career I—I couldn’t continue with you, knowing I wasn’t in love. I couldn’t continue to hurt you, your career, everything—if it wasn’t real love on my end. That didn’t seem fair at all.”

The two sat in silence for a while, as they thought. Over every moment of their lives together. Finally, Tom whispered, his voice raw. “Then I guess I can’t be mad about that.” Taylor half laughed, more of a sigh then anything. “You can be mad. If you want. Honestly—you gave me so much and I don’t think I left you with anything but bad press and hurt.” She shrugged and quickly pressed her sleeve on her face, soaking up the tears there. “I would understand if you hated me forever.”

Tom laughed shortly. “I don’t hate you Taylor, I could never hate you. We shared something beautiful for a while, even if it wasn’t a perfect fit.” He ran his fingers through his hair and stood. “I should probably go, it’s quite late.”

Taylor stood too. “Would it be possible…” Tom started then stopped. Taylor looked up at him. “Would it be possible to what?”

Tom sighed. “Do you think—maybe—we could be friends?” He asked sincerely. Taylor stared at him for a second. “Really? You’d…want that?” She asked, incredulous. Tom nodded. Taylor walked over and hugged him tightly. “Yes, please, that would be wonderful, yes, let’s be friends,” she answered him, his arms squeezing her back, just as tight.

Tom pulled back with a half smile. He started walking over to the door and Taylor followed him. He slid his jacket on and then, just as he was about to leave, turned back. “Is he…I mean, I don’t have the right to ask this, but, this new man—do you feel like he’s a perfect fit?”

Taylor froze, not sure what to say. Her mind spun in a million different ways and all the answers she came up with sounded terrible. She finally settled on, “Well, I’ve only been seeing him a few months now, so it’s really..it’s hard for me to say…”

“But?” Tom asked, a piercing look in his eye. “But I guess…Yeah, I guess if it were up to me alone. Yes, he’s a perfect fit. I doubt I am for him though.” Taylor sighed and looked down.

“Why do you say that?”

Taylor smiled tightly. “As you know my life is very…difficult. I find it hard to believe I’d be a perfect fit for anyone.”

Tom shook his head slowly. “Don’t say that, Taylor. You’ll find it someday, I know you will, if it’s not with this guy it’ll be with someone. I know you will.” Tom squeezed her arms affectionately. Taylor smiled half heartedly. “I hope so.” Tom shook his head. “I know so. You take care, all right?”

Taylor nodded and Tom stepped out into the world, and out of her life, probably forever. Well—friends are one thing, maybe he would stick around. Taylor shook her head as she closed the door—she’d never been friends with an ex before. Who knew?

Taylor headed upstairs, back to their bedroom. She slowly slid the door open, expecting to find Joe asleep, but there he was, awake. “Hey! You’re up!” She said, surprised. She leaned over on the bed and kissed him. “Why are you still up? Were we loud?”

Taylor threw off her shirt and jeans and reached around for a T-shirt of his to sleep in. Joe handed one to her and she settled into it before sitting on the bed next to him.

“I listened.”


“To your conversation. With Tom.”

Taylor was silent for a bit. “I told you not to do that.”

“I know.”

“Ok. And?”

“And what?”

Taylor sighed and stood up. “And what do you have to say about what you heard? Are you angry? Are you upset that I could hurt another person like that? Do you hate me? What!?”

Joe stood up as well. And just stared at her for a bit. Finally he walked over to her and pulled her into an embrace, a hug that went beyond intimate, beyond love. He pulled back a bit so he could look her in the eyes. “I just love you, so, so much, ” he said, finally.

Taylor burst into tears and he pulled her back in, stroking her hair, rocking her gently. “Really? You promise?” Taylor said, finally, when she had calmed down. “Promise,” he said, kissing her lips before pulling her down to bed.

Joe spooned her, cradling her body in his, his presence and strength grounding her, reminding her of all the reasons she loved him. “You’re my perfect fit, too” he whispered as she fell asleep. Taylor smiled and pulled his arm around her, so she was surrounded by him, his words, his strength.

Her perfect fit.

Did you miss my “pick your favourite” posts? I hope so, cause here’s another one. Slightly inspired by @devikafernando and her white shirt porn from the 30 Day Idol Challenge.

Pick your favourite - T-shirt edition

1. Is it white?

2. Black?

3. Blue?

4. See-through blue? xD

5.  Dark gray?

6. Dirty blue?

7. Green?

8. Wet? 

9. A T-shirt for a cause?

10. Loki!

I’d go with blue. But black and white are close too. What do you think, guys?

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Feel free to add your own examples of T-shirt porn!