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nationalportraitgallery: I took this portrait on the set of Manjinder Virk’s short film Out of Darkness in 2012.  I hadn’t actually seen Hiddleston in anything at that point, but I was aware he’d been in Kenneth Brannagh’s Thor film.  He’s turning into a huge star so it’s fun to catch someone near the start of their career, being relatively natural and unguarded.
I’m photographer @PhilSharp, taking over the NPG account for the next few days.
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Return of the reapers

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«O God of battles, steel my soldiers’ hearts.
Possess them not with fear. Take from them now
The sense of reck'ning ere th’ opposèd numbers
Pluck their hearts from them. Not today, O Lord,
Oh, not today, think not upon the fault
My father made in compassing the crown.
I Richard’s body have interrèd anew,
And on it have bestowed more contrite tears
Than from it issued forcèd drops of blood.
Five hundred poor I have in yearly pay,
Who twice a day their withered hands hold up
Toward heaven to pardon blood. And I have built
Two chantries where the sad and solemn priests
Sing still for Richard’s soul. More will I do—
Though all that I can do is nothing worth,
Since that my penitence comes after all,
Imploring pardon.» (William Shakespeare, Henry V, 4.1)


Empire Awards: Tom Hiddleston doesn’t feel he deserves ‘Hero’ Award

Humans : Skull Island if You Squint (2017)

Where to start??? Like??? This movie was so??? EXTRA???


  • So extra!!!

  • Movie write people speak not good. What are words?

  • Incoherent pacing, forced juxtapostitions

  • The forgettable cast of characters chewed and chewed at the scenery. The scenery had been chewed into oblivion. There were no scenery left standing.

  • Unnecessary Romantic Subplot™

  • Brooding Men, SNEAKY STEALTHY GIANT CREATURES, ‘humor’, silent Token Asians™

  • SO!!!!!!!!! EXTRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hiddleston’s shirt was so small it barely passed the PG13 rating

  • After abt 100+ mins of sad people + painful mediocrity you get abt 5+ mins of the scene everyone actually paid money to see, and it did not disappoint

Basically Transformers + 300 if everything were giants = too.much.theatrics. Very self-indulgent; couldn’t let a minute pass without some kind of exhausting closeup/slo-mo. Kept screaming in your face through entire runtime yet left you feeling nothing, caring for nothing; not even Giant Things Punching the Shit Out of Each Other.


Watch if: you think 2014’s Godzilla was a snoozefest/you consider good storytelling a bane on mankind

Don’t watch if: you care about characters and continuity to a certain degree