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Hi! Could you indicate any fic that include the exchange of letters or Morse code? Thanks :)

Hi Nonny! 

Absolutely! I’ve made a fic rec list here for Epistolary / Letters / Texting awhile back; here are some additional related-topic fics I’ve finished recently that I haven’t added yet:

Achieving the Together-Coloured Instant by teahigh (E, 20,776 w. || Est. Rel, PTSD, Codependency, Fluff & Angst, H/C, Smut, Demisexual Sherlock, Experiments) – John wonders if this is how it’s going to be: A life speaking in code, because they’re both too stupid to figure out how to say, “I love you.”

Don’t Leave Anything Out by lookupkate (E, 27,422w. || Epistolary, Falling in Love, Misunderstandings, Alternate First Meeting) – The first letter John writes home from Afghanistan is meant to go to a woman he went on only one date with. How it ends up in Sherlock’s hands is completely innocent. What happens next is not. What do you do when you find out the person you’re in love with has been lying about something as monumental as who they are? What do you do when you’re the one who lied? How on earth do you put the pieces back together?

between each beat are words unsaid by darcylindbergh, hudders-and-hiddles (T, 107,998 w. || Epistolary, Slow Burn, Friends to Lovers, Angst, Happy Ending) – On their wedding night, John and Sherlock gift each other with the things they each said when the other could not hear, the things they each put down where the other could not see: a collection of writings that illustrate the way their love for one another has grown over the years. Part 1 of between each beat


And here are a couple Morse Code fics I have tagged in my bookmarks!

Tap by doctorcaseyholmes (G, 896 w. || Fluff, Morse Code, First Kiss, Love Confessions) – Sherlock finds an unobtrusive way to let out his feelings for John.

Extraordinary by queenoftrivia (G, 2860 w. || Fluff, Marriage Proposal, Morse Code, Est. Rel, Violins) – Sherlock’s deduced that John’s going to Italy to buy him a violin. Even the greatest detective alive makes a few mistakes.


I hope these will keep you satisfied, Nonny! Feel free, all, to add your own! I know there are way more out there, possibly I’ve read a few more than this, just haven’t had time to go through my bookmarks! Still categorizing all 1000+ bookmarks I have so I can share the world with y’all!

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Summary: James had just gotten back from his expedition to Kong Island. Just a short inspiration boost i got at 1AM.

Pairing: Captain James Conrad x Reader

Warnings: Sad, Tom Hiddleston (<<<—Should be a warning itself), Trauma…? 

A/N: I was inspired by a gif set @t-hiddles made and the song In The Middle Of The World from Moonlight.

Originally posted by hiddlescheekbones

1973. It was only 1973 and there were giant monkeys on stranded islands somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean. James, however, said nothing about this expedition. I felt as if the whole world crumbled around me when i first saw him leave on that helicopter. 

H-Hello? Uh, it’s been… a few days now, since I’ve last seen you and I, uh, I thought you would be back by now… or at least tell me where you’ve gone besides being on a heli to some monkey island. Just… just call me. Okay? Okay, bye. 

I sighed as I sent the tenth voice mail today, wondering if he’s actually still alive or not. But I indeed was proved wrong as I felt my phone vibrate. I took my phone out of my pocket to see a message from the House. 

I ignored the message and slid my phone back to my pocket, walking to the cafe in order to get my mind of things. I ordered my favorite coffee to soothe my nerves. My anxiety threatened to break the dam of insanity i set for myself until I heard his voice. 

“(Y/N)? Excuse me, have you seen a girl? Unbelievably beautiful, intelligent, smiles all the time?” 

“James?” I saw him talking to a man at the register, describing my features until he turned around and our eyes met. He just stood there, smile slowly forming on his lips and he walked over to me, taking my limp body in his arms.

“My God, love, you’re here. You’re still here. Thank the Heavens above.” I felt his hand run through my hair as I cried into his shirt, not caring of the people’s stares that surrounded us. He was home.

“Lets go outside, yeah?” I heard the deep rumble of his voice echo through his chest and in my ear, loving the feeling it left in my heart.

“Yeah,” I sniffle and cling onto his waist, afraid of letting him go again. We walked out the front door and to the small yard with the view they held at the front of the small cafe. 

James sat down and pulled me towards him, looking into my eyes. 

“Why didn’t you leave?” I felt the question hit me like a pile of bricks. Why didn’t you leave? 

“Why would I?” I saw the way his shoulders went limp and he kinda just fell into my embrace. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed, pulling me closer to him. And cried.

“(Y/n) I’ve seen too much. I-I can’t come back from this again, I-I just-”

“Hey! James, calm. Down.” I pulled him away and took his hands in my face, staring into his eyes that only showed me this man was falling apart beneath me.

“We’ll do something, okay? We’ll get you to someone.”

He looked at me and asked again.

“Why didn’t you leave? You know what could have happened. I could have died or worse: been stranded. How did you not leave?

“Because I love you, Captain. I love you with all my heart and if that’s not a good enough answer, too bad. Cause I, James Conrad, love you to the moon and beyond.”

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