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Aph America’s had some strange scenery changes in hetalia like in the first 4 seasons, he lived in a mansion, In the Scary movie episodes it was a HUGE chique apartment with abstract chairs, and in the episode where he was room-mates with Japan, it was a reasonable sized house/townhouse(?)? Where’s he gonna live in season 6? ??? a baseball stadium? A trailer? stay tuned kiddos

i just remembered how i went to a dr who convention last yr and the first thing that happened was i accidentally ran into john levene in the hotel snack store and he started talking to me about how much he didn’t like american chocolate. that happened. he said “that mr hershey makes bad chocolate bars luv”

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One of my favourite facts about Dickens: He hated visiting the US, mostly because he couldn't stand Americans. So this one time he's on a tour of the US and part of tour requires him to travel by boat down a river. As you might imagine, this is torture for him being cooped up on a boat with a bunch of Americans he can't escape. So instead of stay put and mingle he literally jumps off of the boat to the shoreline and walks alongside, being an avid walker he can keep up. His wife was mortified.


i’d like to think Soldier would EVENTUALLY get that like ½ the team is not american, because of Zhanna sounding different fft

here’s the joke in case you guys dont get it: in one of the issues of TF2 comics, for some reason the team doesn’t want Soldier to find out some of them aren’t american, and he’s too stupid to figure it out himself. Later in the comics he starts to date/fiance to Heavy’s sister, Zhanna, who has a russian accent like her brother and sisters. I think only then would have suddenly have a “wait a minute” moment like this :P

Miles & Miles

Big in Japan, Tokyobike Gets a Permanent New York Home

He just wanted to buy a bike. That’s the short answer to the question of how Dean Di Simone, the founder of the New York digital agency Tender Creative, and his wife, the model-slash-marketer Juliana Rudell Di Simone, became the Stateside keepers of Tokyobike.

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Why did I just see someone say Seb doesn't count as a romanian and that he has probably forgotten about his heritage because he's been living in the US for too long? What kind of logic? Didn't Seb say he is americanized but he still thinks in Romanian? Lmao I can't.

Omg I’m yelling you don’t just.. stop being romanian lmfao the boy could never utter a word of romanian for the rest of his life but he’d still be a romanian

So @nerdythangs I saw your tags for my Bard photoset: 

and I have to make a PSA and inform everyone who doesn’t know because this is Very Very Important.

This is so cute btw. Specially because 100 chapters later, he keeps calling him superman. And they say Sebard is crack. 

why do you have to bring the states into the dicussion Bard? Homesick? Adorable. 

Where are all the fics about Bard in Arizona?? where?? tbh this doesn’t proves he’s american, just that he was in Arizona, but you know, his country is the homeland of superman so…

Bard being american is super canon my pals. Like idk how are you guys reading him but he’s clearly american.

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Teen Wolf Preference #100 What You Do On The Fourth Of July (Sorry to those who aren't American)

Aiden- He brings you to an open field and you do your own fireworks and sparklers.

Derek- You go out on a boat on a lake and watch the fireworks people put on from your boat.

Isaac- You two spend the whole night cuddling and watching movies indoors.

Liam- You go to the fireworks your town organized and set up a blanket while your lying on his chest and his arm is around you. 

Parrish- He is setting the fire works off in town so you go behind the scene and even get to light some yourself.

Scott- You hang out with the McCall’s all day then go outside and catch whatever fireworks you can from their front yard.

Stiles- You go to the  beach and sit in the jeep together kissing as the fireworks go on around you.

Conservatives LOVE the troops. Unless that troop is a Black woman winning Miss USA then she doesn’t represent “American values” and was just using her military status to gain attention.

Conservatives LOVE the troops. Unless that veteran was an unarmed Black man shot by the police. Then his PTSD doesn’t matter, he should have listened to the cops in his state of distress, and his military status is just being used to gain sympathy.

Conservatives LOVE the troops. Unless that troop is a Muslim who died in combat. He didn’t represent “American values” and his death isn’t comparable to those who made “real sacrifices.”

So, I feel like the first time Sousa met Thompson, he hated him. Because Thompson was everything he wasn’t. He was that all-american golden boy. He had that jawline. Those baby blue eyes. He had that overconfidence, cockiness that people found charming. People listened when he spoke. He basically demanded attention. And Sousa hated him. Hated. But mostly, I think he envied him. He seemed invincible, untouchable. Even though he used violence as a means to an end, even though he had little patience and didn’t know how not to be a condescending ass most of time. With that stupid little smirk.

But I think what drew Sousa to Thompson was the fact that there was never any pity there. Maybe a little mocking. Maybe a little teasing. But I don’t think Thompson ever really looked at Sousa and got all weepy and teary eyed and wanted to treat Sousa like he was some sort of fragile thing. And maybe that’s why he taunted him all the time. At first, I feel like maybe it got Sousa all hot under the collar. Because he felt like Thomspon was being cruel, malicious. Was demeaning him. Spitting in his face. Maybe one day he even brought it up. Got in Thompson’s face, his eyes wild. But he learned that Thompson was doing it to let Sousa know that he didn’t give a damn about his leg. That Sousa was normal. That he was never going to get any sort of preferential treatment. That Sousa was a real human being, not some charity case, not some sob story. And Thompson saw how capable he was, saw the sarcastic humor and self deprecation. Thompson never saw a crippled leg, barely ever mentioned it. And so, Thompson sort of gained his begrudging respect.

Because really, Thompson is the only one who hasn’t given him those sad, pity eyes. 

Unbreakable Captain America