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 Harry looked upward and saw a velvety black ceiling dotted with stars. He heard Hermione whisper, “Its bewitched to look like the sky outside. I read about it in Hogwarts, A History.”
 It was hard to believe there was a ceiling there at all, and that the Great Hall didn’t simply open on to the heavens.

3 men charged with hate crimes in shooting of transgender woman Deeniquia Dodds

  • A Washington, D.C., grand jury indicted three men — Jalonte Little, Monte T. Johnson and Cyheme Hall — in connection with the killing of 22-year-old Deeniquia Dodds, a black transgender woman, the Washington Post reported. 
  • Dodds was shot during a robbery on July 4 and died nine days later in the hospital.
  • Little, Johnson and Hall were charged in a robbery conspiracy and for first-degree felony murder that prosecutors in the indictment say was motivated by Dodds’ gender identity. Read more. (3/11/17, 12:56 PM)
Invisible - Damian Wayne x Reader

Prompt: Hi sweetie, can I request where the clumsy!reader is in hight school and she have a major crush on Damian but he flirts with everyone but her and it’s like he don’t see her at all and one day she stumble in the hall and all her stuff like fly everywhere and all is laughing and she’s embarrassed and Damian come and help her and she’s like “omg you know my name?” and some super fluff?thank you I love you really really <3 <3 (requested by anon)

“I just wish he would notice me.” You complained to your friend as you walked down the hall.

“Don’t you guys have a ton of classes together?” Your friends asked.

“Yes.” You groaned. “I doubt he even knows my name.”

“Uh … [Y/N] … Don’t panic now but he’s walking this way.” You friend told you hesitantly looking over your shoulder where she spotted Damian, your crush, walking down the hall towards you.

“Oh my god. Hide me!” You cried trying to hide behind your friend. She doged you and patted your shoulders comfortingly.

“Not a chance. Have fun!” She said before ducking into her next class.

“Jerk.” You swore under your breathe. You turned around to make a beeline to your class but in your haste you ran into the one person you didn’t want to. You were absolutely mortified.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry, Damian. I wasn’t watching where I was going. I swear it won’t ever happen again.” You apologized profusely. Damian who usually appeared cold and distant gave you a ghost of a smile.

“It’s fine [Y/N]. Don’t worry about it.” He said.

“Oh my god. You know my name?” You asked, not really intending the question to leave your lips but there it was. You couldn’t take it back now. He chuckled slightly and smiled a little wider.

“Of course I do.” He replied. “See you in calculus [Y/N].” He said before walking in the direction of his class.

“Oh my god. He knows my name.” You whispered to yourself in wonders as you watch his retreating form.


Forty years ago this night, March 10, 1977, T. Rex played Newcastle City Hall supported by The Damned. A fan smuggled in a small portable cassette recorder and taped the concert. He was only six rows from the front of the stage and the band was quite loud. So this recording may not be of the highest sound quality but there is no denying the energy of Marc Bolan and T. Rex on what was to be their last tour of the UK. Fans all said Marc put on a great show, looked really happy and it came across in his joyous performance. He played new songs from the Dandy In The Underworld album as well as the old classics, opening with Debora and later, a punked up version of Jeepster which set the place on fire! Of course, none could know at the time this would be the final concert performance of Marc Bolan and T. Rex before his untimely death.


The Hidden Dimension

By Edward T. Hall

Published by Garden City, 1966

This is a classic reference book for students who study space, but it can be also interesting for everyone who might want to know the hidden language within space around us. Hall said, because it is culture that determines the way humans perceive the world, no matter how they tried, people are inseparable from their own culture. His purpose to publish this study on people’s way of using space is that to promote self-awareness and reduce a feeling of alienation by making people to aware things surround us are not something just given. In short, he wanted to help people to understand themselves better. What I personally found the most interesting is about how we perceive the space using our sight and olfactory.

ECAL / YouJung Jeong


American Museum of Natural History, Part 22: THE FLAPFLAPS

On to the “Vertebrates that aren’t Synapsids or Dinosaurs” hall (aka the “Hall of Vertebrate Origins” which I find rather misleading). Pterosaurs were the first thing to greet us in this hall and it was nice to see some of the Archosaurs not represented much in the two special exhibits! The big cast in photo 5 is Quetzalcoatlus so, friendly reminder that that thing was terrifyingly big. 

I overheard some day care leaders talking about how Pterosaurs were warm-blooded but Dinosaurs weren’t and Max had to drag me away before I corrected them (that they were all warm-blooded). Sigh. 

Also, this is a good post for me to make an announcement:


You read that right! I want this blog - though called A Dinosaur A Day - to cover all of the bird-line Archosaurs (Avemetatarsalia). So I’ll be doing Pterosaur Ptuesday! Going over a Pterosaur every Tuesday and showing this weird and fascinating group of flying reptiles. Avemetatarsalia really is the group of lightweight, active, fluffy reptiles and we have to give all of them their due!

Warning!! This is a semi long post!!


Let’s have a focus on Episode 20, y’know part A with all the Yakuza!Matsu etc, yeah that one! What if the order they were introduced in perhaps said something about them, maybe ranking fighting abilities? Willingness to get into a fight? Strongest? Best fighter? It’s a bit of a questionable answer for myself so i’d take it as self determined but just have a look at the evidence! :0

6. Matsuno Choromatsu

Choromatsu has always come across as a weak character, whether it’s fighting his own verbal battles or just trying to do physical activities. Example: Just look at the Matsu!!! on ice outfits from hesokuri wars! He literally can’t even lift his own body weight. In the cybermatsu scene, he also claims that he doesn’t run in the halls, perhaps this signifies the lack physical activity he does? Maybe his concern of falling like the clumsy boy he is! Fast forward to episode 23 with the Dayon tribe, also another significant time! He’s even weak with his liquor as well! Slipping on his own regurgitation really isn’t ideal haha

5. Matsuno Todomatsu

He only fights battles he can win, this pretty much just includes trash talk. He very much relies on others to do physical objectives for him, take a look at the School Matsu hesokuri outfits from this episode! He has 2 guys to attack whilst he’s in the corner watching this! Let’s not forget that girlymatsu episode when Ichiko was talking shit about Todoko and saying that she only asked if people wanted to go on her camping trips so they could carry her stuff! Yes their not the same person but still, Todoko is a variation of Todomatsu so it still sort of applies? The list could go on but those are just a few examples.

4. Matsuno Karamatsu

Ah the passive aggressive brother, I’ve never seen him resort to violence except for episode 24 but there was a cause for that. Karamatsu’s always been extremely calm and collective throughout the series, yes we’ve seen him get occasionally peeved off but those instances weren’t truly being upset. Even when these moments happen, he’s always talked his way out of it rather then retaliating against them. A lot of times when he’s ‘out of character’, (his normal voice) Karamatsu’s very shy and submissive like the episode with Jigsaw or when it’s Hatabou’s birthday!

3. Matsuno Osomatsu

Ehhhh this one really doesn’t fit alot, but considering the remaining brothers it may actually be considered? I’ve always seen Osomatsu as a great fighter and a really strong character in general, putting him at number 3 seems a bit harsh but the background information sort of convinces? Osomatsu is quite a strong figure in my opinion. One too many times he’s hit, punched and kicked his little brothers(Just watch episode 24 :0), violence probably being one of his main resorts rather then verbal abuse. With his original outfits in Hesokuri Wars, Osomatsu’s attacks are also mainly based off these physical taunts too! Let’s not forget the Matsu!!! on ice, yet again! His attack with Todomatsu mainly consists of him throwing him into the opposition.

2. Matsuno Ichimatsu

To be brutally honest, Ichimatsu’s a scary character. From spontaneous human combustion to just his general aura, I think the reason he was introduced second last is perhaps because his mysteriousness and always portrayed as the dark or bad character in this context. (Hell in most roleplay skits he’s usually the murderer or the ‘bad cop’ character in such) Take notice on how he treats Karamatsu as well, he’s always threatening him some how, hurting him at most.

1. Matsuno Jyushimatsu

I honestly couldn’t agree more. Jyushimatsu has so much energy in him that it’s almost terrifying to think of what he’s capable with such.. energy. Not to mention he can literally swing Ichimatsu and a baseball bat at the same time! He’s portrayed as such a weird and interesting character in the series, some of the things he does has no explanation, even in this skit when he sucked up Totty it sorta gave that ‘what the fuck?’ thought. Pretty self explanatory.