t h is

Little do you know I know you’re hurtin’ when I’m sound asleep
Little do you know I all my mistakes are slowly drowning me
Little do you know I’m tryin’ to make it better piece by piece
Little do you know I…
I’ll love you til the sun dies…
So lay your head on me…

Keith’s nightmares in S2 got me thinking…

Leoji Week April 12-19 Masterpost

Hello, fellow Leoji kids~!!

You all made the week before last a wonderful one, with so many fics and art posts and I am just really really super duper grateful to you all. THANK YOU! <3

I would have linked each individual post, but they’re too many for me to handle, and I somehow messed up with the name tags, so I’m mentioning everyone who participated. XD 

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Content Creators:

Your posts have all been tagged with your names, so you can find them all in one place!!

I know this is a really pathetic excuse of a masterpost, but this is the best I could do. S O R R Y. If you have the time, check out everyone’s work. It’s all so beautiful!!!!! :D




cuddleinq’s blog showcase!

hello and welcome to my first blog showcase! if you want to apply for the chance to be featured then read below!

So in honour of reaching 64k, I’ve decided to hold a Blog Showcase which will comprise of lots of lovely blogs (no limit) that I love and are perfect in all ways. This means that anyone looking for any indie/fashion/boho/etc blogs to follow can simply look at the showcase page and be in awe!!

r u l e s

  • must be following me ****
  • must reblog this post (likes will only be counted as a bookmark)
  • do not delete the text or self promote- you will be instantly disqualified and it’s just not cool!

p e r k s

  • a follow from me (if not already)
  • your blog showcased on this page
  • promos up to three times a week upon request to 64k+ dashboards
  • queues from me
  • a new bestie that will help with anything (html,advice, etc)

o t h e r

  • the beautiful banner was made by @rehticent & @bannersbyrehticent (thank you! xx)
  • i will be choosing as many blogs as i deem appropriate
  • if you have any other questions, message me
  • i will choose when i’m happy with the notes
  • please don’t let this flop, loves x

good luck everyone! - zoe x