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What is it like to date each member of the Ginyu Force?

Hooo bOY I’m back! Sorry for the random hiatus, but I’m back! I’m also trying out a new writing method that I kinda like!

Captain Ginyu

  • He’s honestly one of the MOST supportive boyfriends to exist.
  • Want to go try something new? He’s already on board with it!
  • Did you give up something you want to do? He’s there by your side, letting you know that just because you gave up doesn’t mean you didn’t do a good job!
  • As long as your not getting in harms way or doing anything that he really isn’t okay with, you’re usually in the good!
  • Since I personally headcanon him as an overall good cook, be prepared for him to bring you personally made meals that he thought you might like.
  • They are usually all made to make a cheesy message.
  • He’s the type of guy who believes bonding over a meal is key in a relationship, so you two eat out.
  • A lot.
  • He has also made a personal dance that only you and him know, it’s a special dance.
  • Also, PDA is a M U S T with this man!
  • Holding hands, kissing in public, hugs, this man is all for that.
  • He likes to celebrate the fact that he has you, and that he loves you.
  • When it comes to people flirting with you, he honestly doesn’t mind it since he can easily wrap his arm around you and cover you in an abundance of kisses and affection to send the message.


  • This man is one of the more confident guys to date of the Ginyu force.
  • He honestly tries to act so cool around you, but instead he comes off as a total dork.
  • Not that you mind, of course. 
  • He would often boast to you about recent missions he completed and tell you about his day.
  • He’s very talkative, if you couldn’t tell.
  • Sometimes he likes to take you out when he has the free time and show you an overall good time. 
  • Now, this man t h r i v e s off of PDA.
  • He loves the more ‘intimate’ scenes of affection, like neck kissing and butt grabs. 
  • You guys get a lot of uncomfortable stares from people passing by, but Jeice often tells you to ignore them or tells them off.
  • Now, when you get flirts thrown at you, by someone who isn’t him?
  • H o o b o y.
  • This man is on them in a matter of seconds, telling them off since he could see through their act.
  • “Oi! You better walk away from my partner or sample a taste of my fist, you bloody loser!”
  • If things escalate between the person flirting with you and him, he’ll just start beating the ever loving God out of him.
  • Usually your the one to pull him off the person, considering you don’t want anyone to die today.
  • He’ll usually apologize, but you don’t mind.
  • It’s kinda nice to have someone whose willing to fight for you.


  • This boy is s h y as hell when it comes to relationships, let me tell you that much.
  • Chances are you were the one to ask him out, rather than him asking you out.
  • You two exercise a lot together and spar, since he likes to show you new techniques he’s made and new moves.
  • It’s overall a nice experience, he’ll often give you pointers of where you might be lacking because he genuinely wants to see you get better at this.
  • Since he can’t cook very well, he’ll often order takeout so you two can eat good meals.
  • Now he doesn’t like PDA all that much, besides the occasional hand hold or the occasional hug.
  • Kiss him or anything really intimate and this man will be lighting up like a Goddamn firework. 
  • He doesn’t like iit when people flirt with you, but he’s not going to do much about, unless it really comes down to where he needs to do something.
  • Usually your the one to announce his presence.
  • “Hey! Glad you’re back, babe!”
  • The person usually takes the hint that blue snake man is your boyfriend and leaves.


  • This dope is so sweet ok
  • Like this man loves letting you know how much he loves you.
  • The best is the cuddling, because this man is a l l for it!
  • He’s a very physical kind of boyfriend, he loves touching you, holding you, whatever.
  • He’s touchy feely ok
  • He usually doesn’t do much besides training or hanging out with his friends, so he usually follows you around and does whatever you want to do. 
  • He can’t cook.
  • But he tries.
  • Seriously it’s easier to count the times he DIDN’T accidentally burn the food.
  • But none the less, he tries really hard to cook you something nice.
  • It’s actually kinda sweet.
  • If you couldn’t tell, PDA is a positive for this man.
  • He honestly doesn’t understand why some people don’t like it, he just loves expressing his love.
  • Seriously you two could be going to a funeral and he would still be kissing your cheek from time to time.
  • When someone is flirting with you, he doesn’t really catch on.
  • He usually thinks the other person is being friendly to you. 
  • If he does figure out the guy is flirting with you, he usually tells them to back off.
  • That your his partner.
  • Considering this man stands around six to seven feet and extremely buff, the flirtatious person tends to walk off.
  • If things begin to escalate your usually the one to step in, and drag Recoome elsewhere.


  • He still doesn’t know why you chose him.
  • He considers himself the least popular in the Ginyu force, considering he was the newest addition. 
  • Not to mention the weakest.
  • So out of everyone in the Ginyu Force, he has to constantly ponder as of why you chose him, the weakest and least popular. 
  • If you can’t tell, he’s very insecure when it comes to his relationships.
  • He’s very clingy and tends to be very touchy when it comes to you.
  • He often just doesn’t want to let go.
  • None the less, much like Burter, he just orders takeout for meals.
  • He doesn’t have many hobbies either, besides reading manga and watching television.
  • So you two often just watch TV together, usually they’re his favorite shows.
  • Now, Guldo doesn’t mind PDA, he just doesn’t initiate it.
  • Your the one who has to initiate it, since he doesn’t want to come off as weird to you or make you uncomfortable.
  • Even then, the highest form of PDA ever received was probably a kiss on the cheek.
  • He usually melts under your touch, just because of how much he loves it. 
  • Now, when it comes to people flirting with you, he becomes very nervous and anxious.
  • He wonders if your going to leave him for them and if he’s good enough.
  • “Sorry, but I have a boyfriend.”
  • Your the one who has to stand up for yourself, and make it clear to the flirtatious person that your not open.
  • On the walk home he usually seeks out affirmation that you’re not going to leave him and that you indeed do love him.

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