t h i s scene

“What happened back there, where’s the rest of the team?!”

“This is all my fault, I followed him right into this trap. Everyone warned me, but… I didn’t listen. I put the entire team in jeopardy.” 

“Yeah you kinda did.. But now we gotta fix it.”

“…You’re right. Let’s go.”

Things That The Spongebob Musical Have

-Three (THREE!) Main POC females

-They have people playing guitars on skateboards holy s h i t

-A literal juggling scene

-A tap dance scene

-A song by Brendon Urie

-A song by the holy father, David Bowie

-Ethan Slater

-Bouncy balls as rocks

-My evil parents rapping and destroying the entire Hamilton franchise

-And Gary the shitty skateboard prop

What more can you want from a musical tbh

Okay but let’s be real for a moment: Phil Coulson is a man you just have to love. Not only is he someone who admits to collecting cards of a super hero like a child or vintage cars like what youngsters would probably call a ‘nerd’, he is someone who frowns at you when you say “a man your age”. To him that (as canon depicted it) is something ‘you say to an old person’. In his own mind he is not old at all. He defies age by the way he presents himself despite the fact that his job couldn’t be more adult.

I’ve admired this from the moment I paid attention to him. A character like that is rare in the MCU if you ask me. I mean a man who has both qualities: the quality of convincing you he is serious when he is serious with you and the quality of making you smirk when he’s acting like a total manchild. Usually the heroes in the MCU are being “made more funny” by showing traits that are unlike their usually stern character. Others are only created to be humorous and when they get more serious you don’t really buy it. But then there is Phil Coulson who really personifies both and I sit here thinking “This is right. It has to be like that.” because otherwise it wouldn’t be Phil.

I love that in his own eyes age is nothing you see on people. And I love that they brought it up towards a younger member of SHIELD. For her to feel like maybe what she said wasn’t really smart. It’s easy for young people to look at older people and say ‘a person your age shouldn’t do this’ or ‘a person your age shouldn’t act like that’ yadda yadda, but even I - as I write this - want to still feel and do the same things I do right now in 30 years from now without looking in the mirror and thinking “Are you even allowed to do that being so OLD?” No way am I ever gonna conform to this stigma of aging. 

I absolutely love Phil Coulson for not seeing himself as an ‘age’.



・。゚ Green .*・

Green, mixing the serene aura of blue and the brightness of yellow. Associated with care, subtlety, nature, harmony, uniqueness, attention, growth, fertility and has strong emotional correspondence with safety, kindness, and inspiration.

Ye, this one may seem Jungshooking™ but it really isn’t. Jimin has a protection drive and always looks out to see if the others are doing well. He also makes sure everyone is eating properly. Our lil’ mochi should be doing the same for himself too ;-; He is always thinking deeply of others and making sure they’re not alone. Jimin, having the ability to execute graceful moves and breathtaking high notes, symbolizes harmony very well. Repeatedly saying he must improve in his vocal and dancing skills lie.mp3 proves to show that he wants to give each performance his all. He may not be growing physically, (I’m sorry kek) but he has grown to be very mature and ~sexy~ huehue. *Clears throat aggressively* not to mention the amount of disrespect he’s made us choke upon…Ofc, he still has the quirky, smol, soft, and shy part of him that !we all love so much!

~ I’m aware that I ~succ~ at drawing. ~


Bellamy Blake Appreciation Week Day 3: Favourite Scene - 3.15

This plan will work.