t h a n a t o s

Counterspell Battle
  • Tamiyo: A-n-t-i-d-i-s-e-s-t-a-b-l-i-s-h-m-e-n-t-a-r-i-a-n-i-s-m!
  • Jace: Oh yea? F-l-o-c-c-i-n-a-u-c-i-n-i-h-i-l-i-p-i-l-i-f-i-c-a-t-i-o-n!
  • Tamiyo: O-n-o-m-a-t-o-p-o-e-i-a!
  • Jace: But what about p-n-e-u-m-o-n-o-u-l-t-r-a-m-i-c-r-o-s-c-o-p-i-c-s-i-l-i-c-a-v-o-l-c-a-n-o-c-o-n-i-o-s-i-s?
  • Chandra, just arriving at the scene eating a muffin: Whutisgoingmmmonmm
  • Lilina: Dear, they're having a counter-spell battle. I don't recommend watching.
  • Chandra: *Gulp, swallow* F-i-y-a!
  • Jace: That isn't how you spell.
  • Chandra: That isn't how YOU spell.
  • Jace: Please stop.
  • Liliana: No, continue, this is starting to become interesting.
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        t o
 【 h e a l
                                                                                t    h    i   s
                                                                                P   A   I   N
                                                                                is         just
                                                                                T     O    O
                                                                                R  E   A   L 

anonymous asked:

Do you think in the future,after he matures a tad and stops s h o u t i n g,do you think bakugo would adopt a kid? Probably not a baby cause,,,yeah,but an adolesent of sorts/

Bakugou will never stop shouting


personally i just don’t really see him having a kid

most heroes don’t seem to have children, because their career takes up most of their life. three of the four we know of so far are Endeavor and Nana, and both of those kinda ended in disaster for completely different reasons (Endeavor being horrible and Nana just… not being able to take having a family after her husband was murdered). 

Iida’s family, the third, seems pretty well-off, but Iida’s brother was just paralyzed from the waist down. we don’t know if he ever had a relationship.

Kouta’s parents were killed and he lived a pretty jaded life with his aunt until Izuku showed up.

All Might never married, and he holds most people at a distance. having a family means you have to put a lot of time and energy into caring for them. that’s not even taking into account that some heroes just don’t come back, like Kouta’s parents, or are workaholics.

Bakugou is very much dedicated to being number 1. that is literally his life’s goal. he barely has friends, and that’s after 14 years of not having any at all (all of his ‘friends’ prior to this were just followers. he didn’t see them as friends). and it’s mostly because Kirishima is too kind and stubborn to let Bakugou’s grumpy attitude push him away. 

like…. maybe adopting would be an option. someone who was at least 10 to 13, who would mostly be able to take care of themselves. but… idk

as i understand him right now, i just can’t see Bakugou having kids. maybe Horikoshi will write something later on that changes that view; Vegeta certainly didn’t start out as father of the year. but right now i just can’t really see him putting aside his time and energy into having a kid, especially since we’ve yet to see him fully work through his many personal issues. 

(and that’s assuming he has the patience to deal with kids, even after he grows up and matures…)

(of course, this is just my interpretation and everyone’s free to have their own view of the character)


H e s i t a t i o n pt. 2

Hesitation: (n) a delay due to uncertainty of mind or fear.

The air
Glistens with anticipation.
The leaves waiting for the breeze
The roots for rain
The fingers for warmth
Just a moment of hesitation
And then
Movement. Growth. and Eternity.


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