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Sorry for saying this, but, I like when the genius doesn't know everything. I mean I'm enjoy when Stan or Mabel know something that Dipper or Ford doesn't. It haven't happened to you, when somebody who isn't a genius/nerd knows something that the genius/nerd doesn't and works?

It is nice when other characters are given the chance to help the smarter characters by providing new knowledge to them. It’s good to set limitations to characters that are smart because no one knows everything and it helps make them seem more human. I feel like Gravity Falls does a good job with this.

so last night i was watching random shit on youtube and it ended up landing me on a video of people accidentally breaking their stuff and holy shit, there was this one clip of a guy who, in a bout of drunken stupidity, managed to completely destroy his phone. after his glorious reaction, he had a look of just utter regret and disbelief on his face. it was so perfect that i had to draw it. so i did. with ford.




I started this one on a stream ages ago, some of the animals were chosen by people on the chat room - I can’t remember why Nurse is a penguin?? I still like it!- and I took the time to finish it as a welcome to the fandom gift for my friend @flying-potato !!

(I haven’t included the tadpoles because I think they’re rather boring, and Ford didn’t exist when I sketched it, sorry about that. Have Georgia instead.)

The Ford GT40 of Pedro Rodríguez and Lucien Bianchi storms down the Mulsanne straight to win the 24 Heures du Mans in 1968.

Behind are the #57 and #55 Alpine A210:s of A. LeGuellec / A. Serpaggi and J-P. Nicolas / J-C. Andruet, as well as the Porsche 911 T/R of C. Laurent / J-C. Ogier.