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I was SO READY to watch BTS attend Jin’s graduation and then what happened- omg… I’m hurting when I watched that vlive, bitter sweet IT HURTS OUCH- don’t mind me, I drew this to cheer myself up. But still it’s a once in a lifetime experience and- omg don’t remind me I can’t- //lays on floor

Knock Knock

It has started to rain. Large drops are pitter-pattering against our windows, making the livingroom seem all the more cosy. Like a little bubble of warmth and calm, while the busy street outside is beginning to drown.

Then there is a knock at the door.

John startles, hands quickly clutching his laptop, so it doesn’t fall to the floor. Going by his staggered expression, he is just as surprised to see our early guest, as I am.

J: Oh. Good morning, Mycroft.

My: And what a dreadful one it is.

The older Holmes’s entire body oozes disdain, while he tries to keep his drenched umbrella as far away from his pristine suit as humanly possible.

J: Sherlock’s not up yet.

I’m sure Mycroft is very much aware of it, but he humours John anyway. That simper is giving me the creeps, though.

My: Really? Well, we can’t have that now, can we.

With that he strides towards his brother’s bedroom. He is suspicously considerate in opening the door quietly. That can’t mean anything good.

Not a second later the pregnant silence is filled with the sound of an umbrella flying open and the high screech of Sherlock jolting out of slumber.

S: Mycroft!

My: Good morning, brother dear. I trust you had a restful night.

Meanwhile John is trying to muffle his chuckles behind his fist, but I can still hear him cracking up about their juvenile bickering.

S: Was that really necessary?

My: I’m afraid it was. Now for the love of god, put some clothes on, I don’t have all day.

John’s laugh turns into a cough. Oh. I think up until now he hadn’t known about Sherlock’s habit of sleeping naked.

In 1912 Alfred Wegener proposed a controversial theory about how the Earth’s land masses formed. He said the great continents had once formed a single landmass, which had broken up over time. The idea went against all conventional ideas, and was roundly dismissed.

It took the work of young cartographer Marie Tharp to prove him right.

In 1947, she worked on a team that were running expeditions around the world, mapping the ocean floors with echolocation. However, Marie wasn’t allowed on the missions because women were seen as ‘bad luck’…

But the work she did back at the university was invaluable. Converting endless data into detailed profiles, she realised that the ocean floor isn’t a flat, featureless plane, but a complex, varied landscape.

Most importantly, she spotted a long, V-shaped valley in each of her profiles: a rift valley that supported Wegener’s theory, formed by two land masses moving apart, splitting the ocean floor in two.

But even with this evidence, Tharp’s ideas were dismissed as ‘girl talk’.

She then realised that her profiles tied in with worldwide earthquake maps being developed by a colleague.

The mounting evidence started to convince some sceptics, but not all. Renowned explorer Jacques Cousteau was so unconvinced that he sent an expedition to film the ocean floor and clear things up once and for all. What did his footage show? Exactly what Tharp had predicted.

Tharp’s steadfast determination had paved the way for Wegener’s continental drift theory to gain traction. As the tide of opposition waned, it gave birth to our modern understanding of plate tectonics and secured Tharp’s position as one of the most outstanding cartographers of the 20th century.

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When you are at work on Doubt your new cbs legal drama premiering in 2017 and get flowers and a hand written card from the Queen Bey herself Beyoncé. Thank you Beyonce for such a thoughtful gesture. You didn’t have to but it means so much that you did. I am so happy you enjoyed the Lip Syn Battle tribute to Destiny’s Child. You know I live for everything you do. EVERYTHING!! Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Thank you @dreamadew for thinking to take photos to document my utter shock and disbelief moments after opening the card. Thank you @farmercarla and@theladydeja for holding me up so I didn’t fall to the floor as I lost control of my body. Thank you water proof mascara for keeping this makeup in tact cause I have to head back to set soon. Thank you @spikelsb for making this happen Wow, what a day! God is GOOD!!

jackbitty lush-worker au

this is borne of me going to lush today and the workers being super interactive and talkative to me and then hitting @asexualwhiskey​ going “WHAT ABOUT A JACKBITTY LUSH AU” k here we go (also we are in no way affiliated with lush we just happen to enjoy their products so)

  • background info: bitty is a senior at samwell and jack never overdosed and instead got a bunch of help for his mental health and had a healthy breakup with kent who is now dating Cute Basketball Boy™ (swoops?)
    • jack is already out and proud in this au, he never got hate and is awesome and super gr8 at hockey ok
  • bitty works at lush because he really likes creating makeup and lotions (its similar to baking, right?) and he’s like. super good at this job, like he’s assistant manager and hes awesome and perfect
    • “but bri!” you cry “bitty is an assistant manager, he wouldn’t be working the floor!”
    • “fuck off” i say “its my au”
  • so jacky boy is a professional hockey player for the providence falconers and its may and mothers day is coming up and he needs to get a gift for his mother
  • he has a series in boston and wont have any free time after the series ends so he goes to a local mall that (hopefully) wont have too many hockey fans there because he needs to get a gift for his mom
  • so little ol’ jacky walks into the mall and is in his typical Burger King Robber™ outfit mainly so that he doesn’t get mobbed by fans
  • he and bad bob talked about it and they figured that jack could go to lush and get one of those like, idk $50 dollar moisturizers that are super-overpriced or a bath bomb or a face mask or st (not that alicia needs it like goddamn amiright)
  • so zimmsy walks into lush and is immediately just completely overwhelmed and there’s only two workers (bc its a slow day and also its just a small mall so not many visitors yeah?) and the store is p empty (there’s like.. 2 people in there. v slow day)
  • 2.5k of words under the cut lmao why does this always happen

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Dear girls with body hair:

Don’t think for one second that if you have hairy arms you aren’t adorable.

Don’t think for one second if you have hairy legs you aren’t amazing.

Don’t think for one second that if you have hair on your stomach and/or chest aren’t gorgeous. (I mean seriously girls with treasure trails make me swoon)

Don’t think for one second if you have hairy eyebrows or a moustache or a beard or all of the above that I wouldn’t write NOVELS about how gorgeous you are.

I have never met a hairy girl that wasn’t absolutely fucking flooring. I have never met any girl that wasn’t beautiful.

people are so quick to praise SU for it’s “complex writing, interesting plot, great morals and likable characters” and then turn around and degrade it to “colors and noises for toddlers to look at so they don’t shit on the floor” the second someone points out the flaws within the show