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why do you ID more with the label 'pan' than 'bi'? i don't really factor in gender or sex with the array of people i'm attracted to, but i'm comfortable with bi, so why is pan more fitting for you? ❤️

Well, when I first learned pansexuality was a thing, the way I had it explained to me was that the difference between pan and bi is that that bisexual people experience attraction to two or more genders, while with pansexual people, gender isn’t really a factor at all when it comes to who they’re attracted to? So that’s why I started identifying as pan to begin with, bc that fits me a lot better!

But since then I’ve heard a bunch of different definitions/experiences of bisexuality, and a few of them sound pretty much the same as pansexuality, soooooo…idk lmao, I’m sticking with pan bc I may as well, and part of my mind can’t let go of that first explanation I heard


A/N: Inspired by the Morse code post by @tea-and-gingernuts

Sherlooock, it’s too early to- John’s eyes flew open, the grogginess that enveloped his body gone out the window at the familiar tender touch and presence of the consulting detective. He didn’t have to turn to know the gorgeous man had him in his arms, back pressed against a firm chest and an arm locked around him to lay a hand lightly on his stomach.

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Спокойной ночи, солнышко!
Живу любовью нашею,
Она была на донышке,
А стала полной чашею!

И я на это чудо
Всю жизнь молиться буду
В песнях, стихах и прозe
Хоть и не религиозен,

Но это не имеет значение.
Жизнь без тебя? Зачем она мне?
Дышу нашей любовью,
Растворённой в груди и в слове.


Good night, honey!
Love was on the bottom of our cup,
It was slowly dying
But now it fills us up.

Listen, my dear girl,
I’ll pray for this miracle
In songs, poetry and prose,
Though I’m not religious -

But actually this factor
Doesn’t matter.
Life without you, dear?
Why do I need it?

Its going to be too rough -
I live and breath by your love.

here’s the takeaway that should have been ridiculously extremely obvious from the getgo: stop making servers, chats, friends, etc, based solely on the fact that you have One (1) social identity that is the same. It’s going to end badly. Whether this is servers and friends based SOLELY on mental illness, or SOLELY on gender, or SOLELY on sexuality, it’s eventually going to go darksided, because not everyone is the same as you! One identity factor isn’t enough for you to know that person! Be smarter!


Jeongguk thinks you’re cheating on him, instead of talking to you, he jumps to conclusions. But you ain’t having any of that. R-E-S-P-E-C-T is the big factor here. After he disrespects you, you decide to break up with him Desclaimer: pictures are taken from weheartit and ©belongs to the original owners

pt 2

pt 3

There’s a universe out there where we are together. One where you’re not with him, you’re with me, and that my actions, my choices didn’t factor into loosing you. There’s an ‘us’ somewhere among the universes. If thats not here. Not now, nor in this world or lifetime I pray that somewhere we’re happy, that in that universe we’re not in the same situation we are in now, one where you’re slipping through my fingers and falling into his arms. That in one life somewhere we end up together. The memories, the idea of you and me live through my stories, in the words I write. We fought so hard to be with one another in this life, and for our story to end up like this is truly heartbreaking my dear. It wasn’t our fault, life just came and took us on different paths. Things like this happen, people change and drift apart. I will always love you my dear, and I’m sorry that in our story, in this lifetime we don’t end up together. There’s a universe out there where we are together, that I’m with you, and you’re with me and we’re happy, that in that universe we didn’t hurt each other like we did in this one, that our choices make us stronger rather than ripping us apart, and fate doesn’t get in the way of our happiness. I don’t know if you believe that but I have too, that in one universe there is an ‘us’, and if the fates allow thats the universe I will always choose, the one I will always dream about, that’s the one my heart lives in, the one where we are together.
—  Maybe somewhere in another universe, another lifetime you’re with me.//t.c

My mom is in her 60′s and has no concept of technology’s value changing as advancements are made. For example; she got a $1600 laptop when I was around 17-18 that at the time WAS very good but I kept it until I was around 24 because I couldn’t afford to replace it. 

When I told her I had finally saved enough to get a new laptop she was LIVID. She couldn’t understand how I could get rid of a $1600 laptop, she couldn’t understand that it was at LEAST 8 years old and was no longer functioning well and that technology had advanced past it’s capabilities and I could now afford a better laptop for a fraction of what she had paid 8-9 years prior. To her if it still turned on it was still valued at $1600, the value of it never depreciated in her mind and she thought I should have tried to sell it for $1k because ‘its a $600 discount!’. It didn’t factor in that this laptop is anywhere from 8-9 years old and no longer carries the same value that it was purchased at. 

It isn’t just this one instance either. It’s multiple computers, scanners, printers, TVs and cellphones. I wonder if this is like a generational thing with Baby Boomers? Because I grew up when schools switched to making you hand write everything in cursive to requiring school work to be printed on a computer.

things I dream about a lot and don’t know why

- Sharks. Not sharks biting me, just sharks being enormous and strange.

- Tornadoes.  Again, personal danger isn’t a huge factor, it’s more of an awe-of-the-elements thing.

- Exploring huge deserted museums and castles. These are good dreams.

- Shopping for apartments, but every apartment has a surreal flaw like there’s no roof, or the roommates are orangutans.

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Loool. They haven't been seen publicly together in 2 years. X Factor doesn't even count cause there were no pics that reached the GP. He couldn't be more bearded right now, with his whole promo being made about her. He still has to pretend to have a kid. Harry now has a beard as well. And in the span of 2 weeks we get 2 Larry denials.... With actual video/audio. Not even during 1D that happened.... How is this normal??

This is all absurd. They got their unnecessary denial. Move on. Promote the song. Make money.

the arya-sansa interraction actually…. made sense lol? like tear arya to pieces all you want. say she’s cold, say she’s confrontational. actually don’t i will defend her to the grave but w/e 

that won’t change the fact that what she said to sansa WAS TRUE. arya doesn’t have the surrounding context, and she saw sansa standing there alongside the lannisters as ned was sentenced to death. the last time arya saw her sister, sansa was standing alongside the people who killed her father. 

arya discovering this letter just confirms TO ARYA that sansa is responsible for ned’s death. so OF COURSE she’s going to go ballistic at her, what else would you expect her to do?! I’M NOT SAYING THERE AREN’T OTHER FACTORS but i’m pointing out that arya being angry MAKES SENSE AND IS CONSISTENT AND I AM GOING TO CONTINUE DEFENDING HER BECAUSE THIS ONE ISN’T EVEN A DIFFICULT ONE TO WORK OUT HOW TO DEFEND BC IT MAKES SENSE


Hello!  I’ve got to save money for general living (groceries, pet care, ect) so I’m opening up commissions ✨ 

Here’s what you can get:

-clean lined, painted chibi for 25$
-chibi sketch, painted, for 15$
-full body sketch, with or without color, for 15-20$ (you can also specify if you want the thicker line style or the thinner, but that doesn’t factor into price)

-oc’s, fanart, furries, & simple mech/robots are OK
-multi-chara’s are OK, but will be priced by negotiation 
-No nsfw

**I am still getting back on my feet art-wise, so there may be some variation in style.  If you’ve been through my gallery and there’s a specific look you want, you can bring that up with me

Contact me at my email (zadra93@yahoo) if you’re interested!  If you have any questions you can send an email, message my twitter, or send me something here (via the messenger or asks).  Please don’t use asks to commission me tho, I don’t trust yours or my own to send

Payment is through paypal, & finished commissions are sent through email

If you aren’t interested, signal boosts are still always appreciated!  Thanks very much for the support :)

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Problem: I'm in relationships with not one, but TWO seriously amazing people. They are genuinely good humans. But the closer I get to them, the more I think about having sex with them. They never bring it up, and they've never done anything that makes me think they'd pressure me or expect it in a relationship. But what if I'm the one who wants to try having sex? What does that say about me? I feel like I'm less Asexual for thinking/feeling this way.

Nah, it just makes you an ace who wants to try or even have sex. Behavior isn’t the defining factor.

Type Spotting Guide

People want to type others for a variety of reasons but when you look around the internet for opinions about famous figures or fictional characters, you will often find very conflicting assessments. Sometimes this is because those doing the analyzing do not know enough or perhaps they identify too closely with the subject, and in terms of fiction, it can be due to complicated writing or inconsistent characterization. When you cannot ask someone for clarification about their behavior, the only thing you can do is look for clues and make guesses, which then opens up the typing process to error and misinterpretation. My approach to typing other people always involves “building a case” by methodically gathering details and analyzing evidence for/against all sixteen types.  

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No Leg to Stand On (1/2)

Note: Well, I can’t believe I finish this thing in a day. This writing streak has been absurd. Like I have just felt an intense need to write all week and hopefully I won’t get burned out over the weekend. Anyway, this was…this one was tough. Though Killian and Emma aren’t be factors into this one, they are constantly brought up and discussed because issues. I think I’ve made some of my feelings about the how Neal Cassidy thing known in this own. So, yeah, some anti-Swanfire thoughts here. I’m really curious to see what you all think of the ending of this one. As usual, thank you @welllpthisishappening for reading a shit ton of text from me. I owe you a shit ton.
Summary: At sixteen, Beth Jones is Killian’s pride and joy. She’s gorgeous, intelligent, clever, witty and possibly the most talented swordsman of her generation. She might also be pregnant
Rating: T
Word Count: 6,900+

It started with a phone call from his stepfather.

Henry Mills was sitting a Starbucks on his laptop after a lengthy conversation with his agent about starting a new book series. His latte (not well made and completely overpriced) had long since been finished, but he was looking to have a moment to himself before he went back home and packed up his and his daughter’s things for when their upcoming weekend visit with his parents. His phone lit up as Killian’s name flashed upon the screen. Henry glanced at the clock in the corner of his computer and frowned. It was Friday afternoon in late July and according to the forecast, it was sunny. Typically, Killian took the Jones crew out on the Jolly and wasn’t necessarily reachable by phone.

A hard feeling formed in Henry’s gut. Something was wrong. Where his mother could detect lies, Henry’s superpower was that he could predict trouble and some strange storm was brewing.

Tapping his fingers against the table, Henry picked up the call while ignoring the dirty looks he gets from the patrons around him. If they wanted peace and quiet, they should have gone to a real coffee shop. There were plenty in Portland.

“Hey. What’s up?”

“Hello lad. I’m well. Yourself?” Killian greeted. His voice was a bit on the gruff side, but Henry attributed that more to his stepfather’s advancing age than any real stress.

Henry could not help but smile. He hadn’t been a ‘lad’ in years, but then again, at his age, everyone was probably a child to Killian. (Henry tried very hard not to think of the implications of that.)

“Just finished a Saturday meeting with my agent. She wants me to focus on something else aside from my Once series. I’ve been thinking about doing something in the same universe though. Might call this one Ever After, you know, to keep the fairytale theme to it,” Henry replied conversationally, leaning back in his seat.

“Thinking of writing about yourself rather than your mother?” Killian asked. If someone else had posed the question, Henry would have thought they were subtly accusing him of being an egotist, but this was Killian and he knew him better than that.

“No,” Henry said with a chuckled. “I’m rather boring. I think there are far more interesting protagonists in the world than Henry Mills. I’m still working out the kinks though. My material is a bit on the young side.”

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My ideas about the sexualities of the mash gang that exactly zero (0) people asked for:

Hawkeye: the pan-est pan to ever pan. I had a dream the other day in which he was trans so let’s add that too

BJ: Straighty McStraighterson, however he is actually the world’s greatest and most supportive ally

Trapper: honestly who really knows with this boy. Is he straight? Is he bi? Who knows? Not me. I personally feel like he’s bi curious but again ????????

Radar: demiromantic asexual, I imagine gender isn’t really an affecting factor when he does feel romantic attraction to someone

Henry: An Enigma™

Colonel Potter: biiiiiiiisexual as heck

Klinger: nb pan klinger is my life. I live for them

Charles: homoromantic asexual as heck

Margaret: too good for everyone, possibly is God. It doesn’t matter who is into her because she’s so much too good for everyone she’s already ascended to the next astral plane where the entire concept of gender never existed

Frank: gay but so deeply closeted and in denial that even if he were to exist in our time he would still be insisting that he was exclusively interested in women

Father Mulcahy: ????????????? Probably interested in men. Might be interested in women. Definitely​ celibate and ???????????????

Anyway I’d love to talk about this more (I could go on for hours) so please share your ideas with me. I think I got everyone but if there’s someone I forgot believe me they’re probably queer too